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Monday, 18 February 2019
Social Media Marketing in China – A Guide to Build Brand Reputation
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
Even with the noteworthy differences in terms of its social media platforms, language barrier, community culture, and government policies, it is good news that Social media marketing in China ( ) is not very different from the countries in other parts of the world. While the core concept remains the same, all you need to modify it in your marketing strategies considering the scopes of its leading social media platforms, consumer behavior, and market competition while sticking to the governmental rules and regulations is mandatory.

In view of the blockades in front of you, it’s recommended that while advancing to China, consider hiring a social media marketing agency specializing in the Chinese market. However, having an overall idea about the nation’s social media market can appear handy not only in your needful homework but also to ensure that the agency is well-versed about the market.

SMM Alternatives

You must be aware that Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are banned in Mainland China, which implies that you need to adjust the whole set of your marketing approach before penetrating in China. For brand building, consider working with two major platforms namely Weibo and WeChat, which are the most popular Chinese alternatives. Remember, without having a presence in those sites; you’ll never get recognized by your valuable Chinese audience.

Gigantic Market Size

Consider, Features of WeChat enables its users to send text/ voice messages, watch videos, play games, hire taxi, shop, and pay digitally and more. Similarly, Weibo that functions like Twitter, a microblogging site allow you to send 140 characters per post while you can equally add photos, videos, and links with them. For marketers, WeChat offers great advertising opportunities from creating an official account to post contents together with text, video, and audio, offer promotional schemes and more to potential customers, with a base of 580 million active users. Likewise, you can brilliantly use market promotional features designed by Weibo and enjoy a market size of 537 million Weibo fans.

World’s Highest Mobile Users

By way of market assessment, opposed to 300 million internet users in the United States, you’re now targeting a market hub with 810 million internet users which is its 57% of population ( while the number of users are growing day by day, just estimate its market potential! ) Furthermore 788 million people of Chine are mobile users, which is 97% of its total base. Well, in 2013-14 the number of Smartphone user rate was 53% of the mobile user which is growing like anything, as of day. Accordingly, it’s the high time for you to produce your Chinese site mobile-friendly, which is a primary precondition to make your social media marketing in China a success.

Understand Your Audience

Unlike, the West’s social media ( ) users who are basically considered as ‘ readers’, Chinese audience is different in the sense that they’re more likely to pass their comments on social sites. In different surveys, it has been found that Chinese social site users are more possible to react as well as involve in posting reviews, experiences, or responses. Considering the scenario, it is recommended that you should adopt productive digital marketing tools and procedures to effectively promote your brand image via social media marketing in China.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:56 AM EST
Saturday, 29 December 2018
How to Choose a Reliable SEO in Lubbock
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
Today a large of businesses resort to SEO techniques to expand their business prospects. However, do they understand the importance of choosing a trustworthy and honest SEO company ( ) to create an online presence and establish their brand? Majority of the businesses are unaware of the power of the internet and seldom know how to take advantage of it as the SEO consultants lack the necessary skills and knowledge.

Finding the services of a good SEO company is indispensable for the growth of your online business. Choosing an SEO in Lubbock might seem complex as the concept of SEO itself, but you can find a good company when you consider the following things.

Define Your SEO Goals

Before you choose an SEO company in Lubbock, first understand the reasons why you need to hire an expert in the first place. You can use a digital marketing analysis to know if you need a new website or SEO to improve your online presence.


Search Engine Optimization is a slow ongoing process. The results take 6-7 months to manifest, and no agency can control the search algorithms. SEO companies that make unreal promises are not reliable or trustworthy. Stay away from promises, which are too good to be true such as overnight ranking or first-page ranking in Google.


An SEO company with several years of experience in SEO tactics and techniques proves exceptionally helpful to improve online presence. It is also wise to choose an SEO company that serves multiple companies as this indicates their proficiency.

White-Hat Practices

A good SEO company adheres to certain rules and ethical practices. Therefore, before you choose to work with an SEO agent, identify the type of strategies the company uses to improve your website ranking. Ethical companies will have no qualms explaining their strategies and answering your questions. Some SEO companies use black-hat techniques, which is detrimental to your website and it, may take years to reverse the effect. Therefore, any promises and guarantees for quick results should raise an instant red flag.

Metrics and Reports

There is hardly any need to believe anyone blindly anymore, as everything in the internet is measurable. You can measure and monitor incoming visits of your website, the time a user spends and many more. If an SEO company is unable to bring in more traffic after 6 or 7 months of work, it is wise to terminate the contract and hire another company.

Before hiring the services of an SEO company, ensure that you know how much you need to pay and the type of services they are willing to offer for the price ( ). Be wary of over or underpriced quotes. A good internet presence is essential for any kind of online business to thrive. Therefore, it is essential to take advantage of various digital channels in a professional manner.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:16 AM EST
Ask These Questions to the SEO in Fort Worth Before You Finalize the Deal
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
Before you hire an SEO in Fort Worth make sure that you ask them the following questions so that you know that you have partnered with the right agency ( ). It will also make it clear to you what you can expect from the service provider.

What philosophy does the company follow to get results?

SEO comprises of three facets and the effective SEO companies consider all three to be major components for a comprehensive SEO. They could be using technical SEO, on-page SEO or off page SEO. Make sure that the SEO in Fort Worth that you hire are doing all three and that they use strategies to balance them.

How does the SEO company plan to adopt these strategies to the business?

SEO is not something that is universal and can fit all. Every business has to be approached differently as per the requirements of the industry and the business model. An SEO agency that has prior experience in your industry is good. But apart from that, you need to check that the SEO agency has the ability to adapt and approach to cater to the business niche. The company should be able to highlight what it plans to do differently for your business.

What metrics does the SEO company use?

The SEO companies will have some goals in their mind, but the success metrics should be in line with yours. No SEO company can guarantee you the first rank on the search engine page, and those that promise the same are surely using the black hat techniques. The professional SEO companies will have strategies as per your goals.

How long will it take to show results?

It takes time for the SEO to show substantial results, but that does not mean that the SEO agency should not give you a timeline for the results to show. In most cases, six months is the ideal time for the SEO to show results. If the content of your website is good, then you will be able to see results faster ( ). If the SEO company offers to show results quickly then understand on what basis is it promising you the same. If they point out only to some technical factors that needs cleaning up then that is good else the company may be using illegal methods that could put your website to risk.

SEO is complex. You need to thus ask the above questions to the company that you wish to hire to determine whether the policies and practices that they follow would be able to deliver long-term success for your business.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:02 AM EST
Thursday, 22 November 2018
Know the steps of how Search Engine Marketing in Houston works
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
The Search Engine Marketing in Houston uses many tools. These are:

•  Search engine optimization or SEO – This helps to maximize the search results by driving the traffic to the website and in turn increasing the sales. The vast majority of the results on the search page come from the organic search that is also known as the unpaid search ( Brazosvalleymarketing/Search-Engine-Marketing ). The SEO helps to optimize the website so that it is reflected in the top rank.

•  Social media marketing or SMM- This tool focuses on enhancing the reputation and branding of the business. It helps to enhance the customer service through social media sites. Some of the basic efforts to market through this channel like using paid advertising also helps to reach a number of customers because of the popularity of social media.

•  Paid search - These include the links that are sponsored like banners, sponsored links and ads where the ads are based on the search results that are generated organically.

The steps that are involved in the Search Engine Marketing in Houston are:

•  Defining an effective strategy to market the business- This involves defining the target audience and identifying what their requirements are.

•  Making the right keyword choices-  The Search Engine Marketing in Houston looks for the right choice of keywords as well as the keywords that the searchers are highly likely to search for

•  Optimizing the website content-  It is important that the site is well structured and simple and optimized for search engine

•  Submitting the website for indexing-  This lets the website to be visible to the online clients

•  Adding good quality links to the website – This is an important step and the SEM needs to build the links to other websites from the valued links of some site that is normally visited by the prospective clients

•  Managing the paid search advertisers to optimize the practices of SEM – It is crucial to bid for the keywords that are the most relevant. It is also important that the product that you are selling is useful for your clients

•  Measure the success of the ad campaign- This is an important step to measure  how successful was the Search Engine Marketing in Houston

The main aim of the Search Engine Marketing in Houston is to improve the website visibility in the search engine and achieve a higher SERPS ranking or get a top ad placement position ( ). The higher is the position of the advertisement and the higher is the ranking, the more is the traffic to the website and this increases the sales and the revenue of the business.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:04 AM EST
Here is why it is time to hire an SEO expert
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
SEO is crucial for the success of an online business. With SEO, the business will not show up on the search engine results. Many think that SEO is easy and can be managed by themselves. In reality, SEO is complex and there are certain aspects that only an expert can handle. If you are considering hiring an expert for SEO ( BrazosValleyMarketing/SEO-Expert ), here are 5 compelling reasons why you should not delay the decision.

1.  Get professional assistance: SEO is about using different tools and tricks that will help increase the reach of your business. You might not be aware of the same and you might also not understand the algorithms of Google. This is why you need an SEO expert in Houston to help you with the same. The professionals have thorough knowledge of the techniques and tricks that can help achieve excellent results. A trained expert will be aware of the changes in the algorithm and will make the necessary changes in your SEO campaign as well.

2.  See great results: When you hire a creative expert to manage the SEO of your company, you ensure that the results will be seen in no time. With proper SEO, the website will rank in the top of the search engine results and you will gain a higher exposure on the internet. This will lead to higher visitors on your website and an increase in organic results.

3.  You can focus on the primary business : SEO requires time and effort. If you are not aware about the different aspects of SEO, you might need a lot more time to understand and handle the same. With an expert SEO firm doing it for you, it will leave you with more time to handle the areas that you are an expert in. You will be able to focus on the primary business while the SEO will be handled by professionals.

4.  Generate higher revenue: Online businesses run on the website and when you have created a strong SEO plan, you can achieve a higher rank on the search engine results. An optimized website will generate more income for the business and the clients will be searching more of your products and services. It will boost the business in more than one manner.

5.  Enjoy comprehensive services with a firm: The SEO expert in Houston offer complete digital marketing services for your business. They not only assist you in creating an SEO plan but will also help you with online marketing ( ), content management and pay per click. You can enjoy additional services at an affordable rate.

There is no excuse to not hire a professional firm for the SEO of your business. If you have not joined the digital marketing bandwagon yet, you could be losing out the business to your competitors.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:53 AM EST
Tuesday, 23 October 2018
Why Should You Invest in Baidu Advertising for Advertising in China?
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
So if you want to advertise in China, you have to advertise on Baidu. And when it comes to online advertising in China, nothing can beat the Baidu advertising.

Baidu advertising is a term used for Baidu PPC advertising. It is a paid form of advertising. Its basic principles are similar to Google PPC. SEO rules search engine marketing on Google. But with Baidu ( ), PPC ads are more preferred than SEO. Baidu PPC offers a wide range of advantages. Let’s have a look at these.

Better Visibility

Baidu cover 95% of the Chinese netizens and boast of 5 billion searches per day. No other online platforms have such deep penetration into the market. Baidu PPC ads have better visibility and allow you to achieve your business goals.

More Control

Baidu advertising gives you the luxury of customized promotions. You can choose the audience according to demographics such as location, age, device, and language. You can also customize the location and time of ads. With the right keywords and showing ads at the right time, you can effectively target your audience. You can easily control the target audience of the ads as well.

Easy Tracking

With PPC advertising, you can easily track your campaign performance. You can use the advanced tools to track the performance details such as clicks, impressions, conversions, and bounce rate. Baidu advertising efforts are measurable and trackable. You can easily evaluate your efforts and results. Depending on that you can make a further strategy to achieve your business goals in the decided budget.


One of the major perks of the PPC ads is that you will get charged only when someone clicks your ads. You will pay only when someone reaches your website. If you choose the right keywords, PPC advertising can enhance sales significantly. No other form of advertising offers you such benefits. However, conversion rates depend on a lot of other factors. To get, maximum out of your Baidu advertising efforts, it is advised to use it with other marketing strategies.

Quick Results

Results of Baidu advertising can be seen immediately. You do not have to wait for months to make a difference. It can meet your urgent needs and allows you sufficient time to implement SEO tactics. And especially on Baidu ( ), SEO efforts take more time to show significant results. Hence, when you are planning to launch the product in the Chinese market, you cannot wait for so long.

There are the five key advantages of the Baidu advertising.

So, if you are eyeing to the Chinese market, investing in Baidu Advertising seems to be a sensible choice for advertising your business.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:48 AM EDT
Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Benefits of Search Engine Marketing
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
SEM is a for of marketing a business through paid advertisements which appear on the search engine pages. The advertisers bid on the keywords which the users of services ( Brazosvalleymarketing/Search-Engine-Marketing ) like Google enter when they are looking for a service or a product. This gives the advertiser an opportunity for their ads to appear at the top of the results and it could lead to website clicks and more traffic. The ads are known as pay per click ads which are available in a variety of formats. They can be small, visual, product based ads which allow the consumers to take a look at important information in a glance. Only SEM allows the business owners to place their ads at the top of the search engine results. No other form of marketing or advertising will allow this.

Benefits of search engine marketing

1.  Brand awareness: SEM is instant brand awareness for your business. Anytime a consumer searches for products and services related to your business, he will notice the ad at the top. You will be positioned at the top of the search engine results from day one. You have high chances of turning the consumers into paying customers.

2.  Grow revenue: As more and more consumers see the ad on the search engine, they are going to click on the same and increase your website traffic. With the right ad, you will have able to grow your revenues and increase the number of loyal customers. The ultimate aim of every business owner is to increase the revenue and search engine marketing in Houston allows you to achieve the same.

3.  Reach right people at the right time: Search engine marketing is easily scalable. It is easy to start small and see how it works. You can keep the costs low in case of a low budget. With a rise in revenue, you can increase the ads on the search engine. You can also remove the ads which do not work. SEM is easy to manage. You can also hire professionals for search engine marketing in Houston who will help develop your campaigns and increase the visibility of the ads.

4.  Reach right people at the right time: Most consumers tend to use search engines to search for products and services. When you place an ad on the search engine ( ), the consumer is going to look at your product first. This allows you to reach the right people at the right time and in the right manner.

Search engine marketing is an important part of marketing if you want to reach out to a wider audience and to achieve higher growth. You can stick to your budget even with the best campaign.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:32 AM EDT
Five Things You Did Not Know About SEO
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
It is important to stay in the loop if you have a business you want people to visit. You need to change your SEO tactics with the latest Google rules.

Here are a five things you did not know about SEO

1.  Viral contact is not as valuable you might think: There are numerous content pieces published every single day but only unique content stands out. Viral contact is rare and random. It is difficult to predict what content will go viral and catch the attention ( BrazosValleyMarketing/SEO ) of the people. It in undoubtedly good for global businesses and many advertisers have the ability to hit just the right notes when producing content. It can boost your business and help establish your brand. However, no company can promise you viral content. It cannot be predicted or estimated by any SEO company.

2.  Bad SEO exists, and it is bad for business: Google constantly changes its rules and algorithms and if you do not remain updated with the same, you will end up doing SEO practices that are actually bad for your business. Google’s goals are unchanged, only the rules of the game have changed. Hence, as long as you understand that the end result is to deliver quality numbers to your website, you do not have anything to fear. You need to fill up your website with quality content and link high quality sites for good results.

3.  Duplicate content does not always hurt you: There was one point of time when duplicate content was very bad. Not anymore. As long as you use the right tags when you republish the content, duplicate content is not as bad as you might have thought.

4.  Incoming links are not always good: Using incoming links in your website is the best way to boost your ranking but if you use links from questionable domains or websites that are not related to your industry, it will hurt your ranking. SEO in Houston is about high quality content and quality links which will help grow your business.

5.  Everything should be relevant: All the content that you put up on your website should be relevant to the focus of the website. Even the sub headers, images and HTML tags should be related to the purpose of your website.

If you are looking to change the SEO strategy of your business, it is advisable to hire professional services for SEO in Houston. The professionals understand the intricacies of the Google rules and the way your website should be optimized. Their services will ensure that your website reaches out to the target audience and achieves the number of clicks that you desire. When you are putting money, time and effort in SEO ( ), it is obvious for you to expect high results and top quality services. Only professional experts can do the same for you in an efficient manner.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:22 AM EDT
SEO in The Woodlands - The Many Benefits of SEO for Businesses!
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
In today world of technology, as the technology evolves, the way used by customers to reach your way has also changed. These days, if one wants to buy any product or services then they enter a keyword in the search engine sitting at their home ( ) and make a purchase online. Thus a company needs to make its presence online.

A study says that 75 % of people make a purchase using the internet thus making the online presence in Google has become prominent. But who will help you to make your presence online? Then it is an SEO firm which will help you in getting a great ranking on the search engine.

So, what is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, a marketing technique used to accomplish success online.

Here is a list of a few benefits which you will get in SEO -

1.  Increased number of visitors:

SEO in The Woodlands helps you to enhance the number of visitors to your website by using techniques such as high - quality keywords, good point linkage and much more. SEO helps your business website to make its presence online thus is a person enter keywords in Google then your business will be shown in the listed results thus visitors will be able to reach to your business.

2.  Low cost, great results:

Making the presence of your business online with SEO is really very cost-efficient. You will get great results at a low cost. SEO in The Woodlands will help you in analyzing the market and work accordingly to make your business to get rapid growth.

3.  Establish your brand awareness:

SEO helps you to establish your brand awareness. People will start recognizing your brand name gradually especially when your business get a higher ranking on the search engine.

4.  Accessibility to more visitors:

SEO can make your website mobile - friendly thus more and more visitors are able to reach you. These days, 85% of people made a search using their mobile thus if your website is mobile friendly then you will able to have more visitors to your webpage.

5.  You will become ahead of your competitors:

SEO enables you to become stand out from the crowd and helps you to become ahead of your competitors. SEO will help you to get higher rank online after analyzing competitors as well as online market.

These are the various benefits of using SEO. These days, if you want to gain rapid growth then having an online presence is necessary.  Online presence of your business is only the way makes you get more and more visitors to your website and those visitors will become your potential customers. The digital world is continuously changing thus the trend of searching is also changing ( ), only an SEO in The Woodlands can help you to remain up to dated and makes you reach more and more customers.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:53 AM EDT
Monday, 3 September 2018
Why Your Business Needs White Label SEO Services
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
The increasing online competition and the ever-changing search engine algorithms have made search engine optimization difficult and you need to bring experts who offer White Label SEO services ( ) to achieve online success. Here are a few reasons that show why your business needs SEO specialists.

Reliable SEO Services

White label service providers have a skilled team of professionals only dedicated to SEO. Their expertise help in developing methods and strategies needed to strengthen the online presence of your client.
The SEO experts at white label service providers monitor your website performance, track the industry trends and competitors strategies, and also check for targeted keywords. All this is critical to improve the search engine ranking of your client’s website.

Address Your Client’s Requirement

White label service providers try to understand your client’s business and its SEO requirements. They can implement right SEO strategies that build up the online reputation of your client’s business. The white label SEO services also understand your business reputation is at stake in case any errors happen on their side.

If your business does not have in-house competencies to provide comprehensive SEO services, the white label SEO services can ensure your clients don’t go searching for other SEO companies offering comprehensive SEO services under one roof.

Allows You to Concentrate on Important Aspects of Your Business

When you partner with white label services providers, you are free to concentrate on important aspects of your business and get new clients. While you focus on your business operations, the SEO Company takes care of all digital marketing strategies of your client. When your clients are happy and satisfied with the SEO outcome, it would give a positive push to your business.

Saves Costs and Time

SEO is an ongoing process. The SEO agency is required to try and test different SEO strategies to find which one works for your client. If you are doing SEO in-house, you would be spending a lot of time and money on SEO activities to get good results.

When you work with white label service providers, they take complete responsibility of the SEO activities. This results in saving both time and money for you.

Offer More SEO Services

White label services providers offer a wide range of digital marketing services that can complement your SEO strategies and give better results. When you partner with an SEO Company, you are relieved from the burden of developing and executing a functional comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your client.

In most cases, your white label services partner would be already offering additional digital marketing services like PPC, email marketing, display advertisements that would make your marketing campaign more powerful and give your higher ROI.

Whether you run a digital marketing agency, web design agency, or an SEO company, partnering with white label SEO services ( ) can help you add extensive SEO offerings in your product lineup without the burgeoning cost of additional employees.

Do you know any other reasons for partnering with white label SEO Company? Please feel free to comment.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:53 AM EDT

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