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Thursday, 22 August 2019
WeChat Marketing Agency: A Solution to Your Social Media Marketing Success
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Outfitted with consumer-appealing services, WeChat (works similar to Facebook and Whatsapp of the West) boasts of being the most demanding social media sites in China. Integrated with mind-blowing features allowing users to book air/train tickets, check the weather, book a taxi, order foods, share documents, transfer money, and explore e-wallet services, as of today WeChat has nearly 610 million users. Very naturally, the high market potential of the social platform has attracted millions of corporate to SMEs from the west to acquire a share of its gigantic consumer market.

It is, however, unfortunate that plentiful companies invested a lot in WeChat marketing find the smallest amount of viewer with an incredibly low increase of followers list causing an absolute collapse of their marketing endeavor. According to market research, this happens simply because of poor marketing strategies that don’t apply in China. To avoid this kind of frustrating experience, before stepping in China, you should consider hiring an experienced WeChat marketing agency ( adstochina.westwin/WeChat-Marketing-Agency ) which will make the entire roadmap of your marketing plan and help you fetch the best outcome of your SMM in China.

An outline of their whole marketing plan usually includes

  What is your objective of WeChat marketing?

  Who is your target audience?

  What is your marketing budget?

  Which advertising campaigns will be productive for you and will result fast?

  What will be the overall strategy of attracting the target market and get new followers?

  How to customize your content type and handle a conversation with followers?

5 Effective WeChat Marketing Strategies They Follow:

Customize your QR Code

Similar to all global brands, now with WeChat marketing agency you can start operating with QR codes on packaging of your product and other promotional tools. This appeals users to scan it enabling them to know more about the offers, discounts, promotional bonus, lucky draws, WiFi pass and more. Once it’s scanned, they happen to be the valued members and get through the contents. Aside from black and white, your agency can prepare your QR code more appealing to expert customization.

Posts Quality Content

The success of WeChat marketing depends primarily on how the content quality can boost the desire of customers who share your content. Here comes the expertise of a Wechat marketing agency which is specialized to include great ingredients to contents making them attractive to readers. Some of these include

  Appealing with entertaining hot topics;

  Making readers-engaging informative contents that inspire them to share their ideas on the topic within likeminded channels;

  Using awesome headlines with images, videos, etc

  Posting Q&A, ‘Know-How or ‘How to’ session explaining various customers solutions;

  Posting content on a timely manner and sharing ideas;

Customer Appealing Campaigns on WeChat

Since the Chinese community enjoys joining various events like online games, polls, quizzes, etc, putting them on Wechat are likely to make your market booming on social sites. With their long experience, your WeChat marketing agency ( ) implements best campaigning strategies to connect more followers that help boost sales.

Promotes WeChat Account in Parallel Platforms

While working with WeChat marketing, your strategy should be aimed at increasing the visibility of your company and product profile. Accordingly, a professional WeChat marketing company suggests and promotes your WeChat account in equivalent social platforms such as Weibo with a view to driving more prospective traffic to your WeChat account.

Initiates Loyalty Programs

In order to gain customer loyalty and make them as your regular business customer, the agency works together with you to launch various loyalty programs including:

Offering VIP cards via different apps;

Presenting e-coupons which can help get discounts in big stores;

Granting fee gifts; and more

Posted by brucem231 at 3:45 AM EDT
The Key to Online Visibility in China is Search Engine Marketing
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
There are over 700 million internet users in China and the country boasts the highest internet penetration rate in the world that is over 50 percent. With a lot of consumers shifting into the digital landscape, the role of search engines will only become more crucial to your marketing strategy in China. So, here are a few tips worth looking for.

Engaging in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In China, SEO is the key; the first thing a Chinese user will do is entering certain keywords on search engines. Users will look for the top results that show on the search engine (below the sponsored advertisements). You have to ensure that you are visible in the top search results. When properly implemented, SEO will help in increasing your presence and the chances are likely that your brand will be displayed on the first page. This is essential as the Chinese will be following these initial links thereby generating huge traffic for your website.

Using Online News

Generating informative and engaging stories about your services and products will increase your presence further. Showcase interesting content and press releases about your brand that journalists will be re-writing and using in their articles. Primarily search engines are concerned with fresh content. Creating stories and narratives is a method of generating news and elevating your brand. You are more than just a product and consumers like to read stories they can relate with. Disseminating positive stories or news about your brand, the more writing about your brand, the more effective will be your search engine marketing in China ( adstochina.westwin/Search-Engine-Marketing-China ).

Initiate Q&A Sessions and Use Forums

Users spend much of their time in reading forums for reviews than people do in the west. Here people trust other consumers and specifically their social circle. Promote positive comments and incentivize users for posting their reviews which in turn will help you have to a good reputation in these forums. For facilitating conversations with Chinese users, you can create accounts. It is also a great idea to start Q&A sessions where you can start conversations about the brand and interact with consumers directly by answering their questions. Consumers must fee that you are engaging and trustworthy with them in popular forums and that will create a positive impression.

Branding yourself

Organize promotional events like these will be displayed in the search engine results based on the content’s popularity and try to be creative in how will be marketing yourself in engaging people’s attention. As Chinese consumers prefer shareable and interesting content, viral campaigns can be very effective. The trick is encouraging conversations around your brands which will have a direct effect on your presence on search engines ( ). Your brand must be visible on various digital platforms, share innovative content to video sharing websites and create accounts on different social networks in China. This helps you to stay ahead than others that do not have a proper digital strategy in China.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:17 AM EDT
Monday, 12 August 2019
What to Look for in an E-sports Agency
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
E-sports is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. What started as a pastime for people in arcades has become big money, worth millions, if not billions, of dollars. From video game leagues to online poker and fantasy sports, there is plenty of opportunity in the business, but also plenty of competition. That is why more and more e-sports businesses are turning to e-sports agencies ( ) to help them cut through the noise and make memorable impressions.

E-sports agencies are marketing agencies that have experience and success in helping e-sports companies grow and adapt. They offer more than simple ad campaigns. They offer unique and memorable ways to connect with existing and potential customers to help your e-sports business grow. If you want your e-sports business to grow, here are just a few things to look for in an e-sports agency.

1. Experience

As you know, e-sports is an extremely large and complicated industry with multiple facets. Gone are the days when it meant people competing over Pac-Man arcade boxes. Today, it comes in many forms, from online poker to world-class tournaments. For that sort of industry, you need an agency who understands the industry and how people connect. From already knowing the most important influencers on Twitch to messaging that resonates with your audience, your e-sports agency should already have the experience you need to take your business to the next level.

2. Innovation

Five years ago, e-sports marketing looked entirely different. The platforms that people were using to play and even connect were different. Laws and regulations were different, too. And with each change since, there have been e-sports agencies that have made significant innovations to adapt and push the envelope. Without innovation, without unique ideas, your e-sports business will not make waves and get attention. That is why you need an e-sports agency that can help you garner that attention and turn the curious into dedicated customers.

3. Results

At the end of the day, if your e-sports agency isn’t helping your business grow in tangible ways, then it is time to move on. While there are many ways to measure success in a marketing or PR campaign, from website traffic to social media impressions, the best metrics will be related to your bottom line. Never settle for millions of impressions if you aren’t seeing an increase in business, transactions, or conversions. Sure, campaigns can take some time to get going, but overall, they should contribute to your success more directly than likes on an Instagram post. If an agency offers you simple vanity metrics, they are probably not worth your time.

When it comes to success in the e-sports agency, you have to be willing to make waves, innovate and create new experiences. Without that, your brand and business can get lost in the many voices competing for attention. But with an experienced e-sports agency ( ) that understands the industry and how to generate attention, your e-sports business can get the views and impressions it deserves, and that will drive you to greater success.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:42 AM EDT
Thursday, 18 July 2019
Reasons to Hire Professional SEO Company in Houston
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Many people have this question in mind. Why should we hire a professional for SEO when we can do it yourself? Well, in this post, we will find an answer to this and look at the reasons to hire professionals for the SEO of your business.

Ethical SEO

You can easily go wrong with your SEO strategies. It is not a big deal. All it requires is a little misunderstanding of Google algorithms or following a wrong DIY SEO guide. You may be following unethical SEO strategies and not aware of it. It could damage your website’s performance so much that you may never recover from it and your website may get removed permanently from search results. Wrong SEO is more harmful than not doing SEO at all. Professionals have the right training, skills, expertise, and experience to do the right SEO. They follow white hat SEO practices and use ethical SEO strategies and other accepted methods to help your business do well.

More than SEO

SEO is far more than just stuffing your website with keywords. And experts make sure every aspect of SEO has been looked after. They work on technical aspects of your website essential to make website SEO-friendly. They improve the website's user- interface, navigation, loading speed, site structure, and fix website errors. Improving the technical aspects of the website is something that DIY SEO experts are not skilled enough to do.

Result-oriented SEO

SEO is a dynamic process. What worked a few years ago doesn’t mean it will work now as well. Search engines keep updating their algorithms, formulas, and ranking criteria. Professional SEO experts have a thorough knowledge of SEO tactics and up-to-date with the latest SEO trends. A professional SEO company in Houston ( BrazosValleyMarketing/SEO-Company-Houston ) has a team of SEO experts who understand what works for your business and what doesn’t and are up to date with the latest trends. They use the best SEO tactics and follow the data-driven strategy to achieve the best possible results for your business.

Better decision making

Navigating your Google Analytics to determine conversion rates, tracking keywords rankings, split testing landing pages, evaluating bounce rate, and tracking down the results is not an easy task. It requires patience and concentration to deal with analytics, and professionals know how to deal with it. Professionals prepare the reports for you in a simplified manner without technical jargon, which will allow you to easily understand SEO and prepare a further plan of action.

Save your time

The most obvious benefits of hiring professionals are it saves your lot of time. Your SEO firm takes the whole responsibility for the project and allows you to focus on the core activities of your business.

So these are the five key reasons to hire a professional SEO company in Houston ( ) for SEO.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:38 AM EDT
Business Marketing Made Simpler with SEO Firm in Houston.
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Ever wonder what makes search engines to find the best match for users’ needs when they search for something. It is SEO at its best that makes business marketing simpler and faster. The SEO firm in Houston ( www.brazosvalleymarketing/Houston-SEO-Firm ) follows various different techniques and practice to optimize the content of the website in the form of text, images, and videos, to improve its ranking in search results.

With the increased use of the internet and social media, SEO can help in business marketing in the following ways:

Brand awareness

With improved ranking in search engine results, the increased visibility also increases the awareness about the business brand. When a user searches for something and a business shows at the top of the result page, it is not just the product or the service that user finds out but also about the brand and the brand of that business.

Conversion rate

SEO helps in improving the conversion rate, which is the ratio of users visiting the website to the number of users who turn into a potential customer of the business. The SEO firm in Houston increases the organic traffic of the website, which are genuine visitors with a genuine interest in the product or service of the business. Once there is a pool of potential customers is created, the chances of converting them into the repeat customers also increase.

Customer engagement

SEO works on the website to improve its experience for the customers. When customers are diverted to a website, they expect a user-friendly and easy to navigate webpage. In addition, when customers are asked about their opinion and feedback about the product and service of a business, they tend to feel connected, which reflects on business revenue.

The approach of a good SEO firm

The right approach of the SEO firm plays an important role in marketing the business. An experienced and good SEO firm approaches business in the following manner to achieve the best marketing results:

•  The firm learns about the business, company’s goals, products, and services, it's brand image and message to its customers.

•  Data and research is the foundation of SEO and therefore, the SEO firm performs the keyword research based on the content of the website, user’s intent, and search volume.

•  SEO strategies are constantly monitored for their results and are even altered if required.

•  An experienced SEO firm also keeps check of algorithm updates of renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, which make SEO strategies work in compliance with them.

•  SEO techniques are broadly divided into White-hat and Black-hat practices. The practices following the search engines’ guidelines are referred to as white hat. Whereas, black hat SEO practices use loopholes and weaknesses in the guidelines to improve the ranking of a business. Although black hat practices seem to work equally well as white hat practices, they attract penalties because they fall against guidelines of search engines. It is therefore important to make sure that the SEO firm in Houston ( ) is using white hat practices.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:01 AM EDT
Wednesday, 17 July 2019
Search Engine Marketing in China - Four Expert Tips to Become a Winner
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
With a gigantic 834 million internet users in China, the world’s largest digital market hub demonstrates an unbelievable internet penetration rate as high as 56% on the planet. There’s no denying that the number of internet users and their penetration rate on the web is increasing day by day with its huge population and the rise of e-commerce trend. With more and more consumers are joining into its digital landscape, having an effective search engine marketing in China ( adstochina.westwin/Search-Engine-Marketing ) should be one of your priority marketing strategies to attain remarkable market success. Here are four expert tips for you to achieve your goal.

Efficient SEO

When considering search engine marketing in China, first you should be aimed at optimizing your page in organic search results, or in other words, having efficient SEO is the key to persuade both your Chinese audience and the largest Chinese search engine like Baidu. The common instinct of consumers is first to search things or services with relevant keywords in the ‘search box’ and they will naturally prefer knowing about the companies that appear on top ‘natural’ results found on SERP. In this regard take the support of a Chinese agency specializing in SEO to ensure that you attain one of the top results in SEO and thus increase your visibility, traffic, as well as CTR.

Great Contents, PRs, Interviews

Having a good understanding of consumer behavior is critical because Chinese buyers are much different. As they like good contents, informative stories or spend time to get through worthy interviews available online, equally, they love sharing their opinions and feelings with their relations and friends as well as with the marketing company. Apart from generating high-quality contents, motivating press releases, consider arranging road shows and take interviews of customers based on which journalists are likely to publish about the features of your products and benefits of services. With more people sharing about you or searching your page, automatically, your search engine marketing will be a hit.

Join Forums/Q&A Sessions

The significance of taking part in forums has great importance, particularly in China. Consumers here habitually spend considerable time checking forums for having reviews because they trust the opinions of like-minded buyers in their social circle. So, think of incentivizing the potential of joining forums or arranging live Q&A sessions to manage reputation or your company and product. Having a live conversation in Q&A gatherings and answering consumers on their various queries makes the audience feel confident about your reliability and yields positive result in search engine marketing in China ( ).

Have Unique Approach

When it comes to brand building, get started with a different approach that makes you stand out in the mass. While viral campaigns tend to be highly effective since Chinese consumers love sharing interesting online contents, in the same way organizing promotional events will have a positive and productive impact on search engine results. Mind carefully that more and more discussions about your brand on the web will help you have a higher and greater presence in Chinese search engines. Equally, have a presence on most popular social sites like WeChat or Weibo; upload unique engage videos, content, blogs that make your brand distinct in the industry.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:31 AM EDT
Tips to Find the Right Digital Marketing Agency in China
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
But choosing the right digital marketing agency in China ( ) is crucial for the growth of your business. If you find a wrong one, it can quickly drain your budget, waste your time, and negatively impact your advertising campaign.

So, here are a few useful suggestions for you that can help you find a reliable digital marketing partner in China.

Define your needs

The first thing you need to do is define your business needs. Find out what exactly you are looking for. Digital marketing is a pretty vast field. It includes SEO, SMM, PPC, email marketing, and various other online marketing techniques. Define what exactly you want from your digital marketing campaign and decide how much and for how long you want to invest in digital marketing. If you are looking for short term investment, PPC will be your go-to option. However, if you want to stay long in the market, nothing can be better than SEO. So depending on your needs, decide what you want from your agency.

Ask about experience

Once you have decided your business goals, start looking for agencies. Explain your needs to the agency. Make sure your agency clearly understand it and have relevant experience and staff to work on it. Look for an experienced digital marketing agency in China that has specialization in the services you are looking for. As you are targeting the Chinese audience, make sure your agency has native Chinese professionals. Without local staff, it is difficult to create a strong impact, and you could lose potential customers as a result.

Check credibility

There are endless marketing agencies are out there and everyone claiming to be the best. Therefore, make sure whatever your marketing agency is boasting of is backed by data. Check the website for your agency. Look for testimonials, blog, client list, case studies, blogs, and business information. Make sure these are present on their website. Look for reviews on sites like Yelp, Clutch, Glassdoor, and Google. It will give you a fair idea about the company’s past record. You can also ask your agency to share two to three client references.

Look for effective communication

Communication plays a key role in making your final decision. Look for an agency that is easy to reach. A good agency has multiple channels for communication and dedicated staff to address client’s queries. Make sure your agency is able to understand your needs and have English speakers helping you out with everything from translation to original marketing strategies. Find a marketing agency that maintains effective communication with clients and explains how they work on their implementation in order to achieve the business objectives.

So these are the four key tips that can help you choose a reliable digital marketing agency in China ( ).

Posted by brucem231 at 5:33 AM EDT
Monday, 8 July 2019
What Exactly Does a Lifecycle Marketing Agency Do?
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Those who work for in the field of marketing have one job to focus on - acquiring new customers. Whether they focus on branding, social media, or emails, all of these different aspects of marketing are focused on attracting people and holding their attention. According to Adobe, companies’ spend 80 per cent of their marketing budget on growing their audience. If you can turn 1 per cent of your mailing list into repeat customers, you can increase your revenue by up to 10 per cent! But to effectively grow your business’s audience, you need to do more than write and schedule emails. A lifecycle marketing agency ( ) is about taking an in-depth look at every aspect of a customer’s journey and creating interactions unique to their experience. But how exactly is that done?

The 5 Stages of Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing is all about tailoring your organization’s message according to the customer, subscriber, or member. A lifecycle marketing agency will explain that by creating a genuine connection with your clients that focuses on what they want instead of mass-messaging them, you can keep them engaged for longer. But to do this, each phase of this form of marketing requires a completely different message than the last. Here is a quick rundown:

1.  Acquisition phase: this is where you try to identify all of your different prospects

2.  Consideration phase: once they are identified, you then try to turn them into a customer or member

3.  Customer excitement phase: if you make it to this point, it is because you have successfully sold something to your customer

4.  Retention phase: but don’t get too excited, now you have to try and get them to do that again. This is one of the most difficult phases of lifecycle marketing. You need to figure out what the customer wants and how to create loyalty between the two of you

5.  Win-back phase: when a prospect stops engaging, be it not opening your newsletter or unfollowing, you must try to win them back

Implementing Lifecycle Marketing

In order to properly reap all the rewards of lifecycle marketing, you will need to map out what every stage looks like for your company. What does gaining a new prospect look like for you? Is it following one another on social media or joining a mailing list? There are many avenues in which you can gain new prospects so don’t feel limited to one medium. A lifecycle marketing agency can help spell out all your options too.

Remember, the focus of this specific marketing tactic is to pay attention to how your customers are interacting with you. This means noticing when something is working and what gaps begin to arise. You must constantly evaluate when you are holding your followers attention and where and when they start to disengage. It is natural to drop in numbers, but you need to keep your eyes open for opportunities to win them back. Perhaps it is with a new product, promotion or newsletter segment. Maybe it’s with a personalized email or phone call. This will take a lot of trial and error to figure out, but it is definitely worth the payoff. Just remember, lifecycle marketing is a constant state of ebb and flow so the ideas your lifecycle marketing agency ( ) uses need to continue to evolve.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:36 AM EDT
Saturday, 22 June 2019
Top Benefits of SEO for Small Business Enterprises
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
SEO is undoubtedly a solid marketing strategy for all types of ventures including small, medium-sized and even large businesses. A viable marketing channel, SEO in Lubbock ( brazosvalleymarketing/lubbock-seo ), can generate huge website traffic and bring qualified leads. It helps small sized businesses to create a user-friendly website, which ranks on the top of search engine pages.

Why SEO is Essential for Small Businesses?

Provides credibility

Search Engine Optimization techniques aim to rank your business website higher on Google pages. Higher ranking on search engine pages such as Google is invariably a vote of confidence for potential customers. Your credibility increases manifold when your business website ranks high on SERPs. Building credibility and trust for a brand require strategic planning which can be achieved through SEO techniques.

User-friendly websites

SEO is not just about optimizing your website content for search engines. It is also about creating a user-friendly website that compels users to stay longer and find products and information easily. Search engines value well-structured websites with good informative content. When your website begins to show continually on all the search results, chances are high that it will increase your conversion rates and eventually sales. Blogs, articles, and sales pages keep your readers well informed and happy, as they are able to find the information they are searching for on your website.

Affordable marketing strategy

SEO is by far one of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies which is why it is essential for small sized ventures for business expansions. Businesses that have SEO optimized websites are likely to grow twice as fast as businesses without one. Search Engine Optimization tactics focus on the target audience who search for your products and services. Therefore, it will bring in more qualified leads to your website than any other marketing technique.

Better conversion rates

Websites that are SEO optimized are compatible with most of the devices including mobiles, laptops, and tablets as it is easy to read, surf and navigate through these websites. Well-structured websites with relevant and informative content grab the attention of readers and are likely to become potential customers. One of the most attractive aspects of SEO techniques is that there is hardly any need to convince potential customers to buy your products and services. SEO tactics convince them that your business can meet their demands or requirements perfectly when they search for products.

Apart from generating traffic to your website, SEO in Lubbock ( ) also allows you to track this traffic through a tool known as Google Analytics. It gives you valuable information on your customers- their browsing language, time, region, type of products and services they search and so forth. This information can be extremely productive as it helps you to steer your business strategies according to the needs and requirements of your customers.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:58 AM EDT
Five Key Reasons to Hire SEO Expert
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Well, like any other profession, SEO produces better results when practiced by professionals. Hiring experts for SEO of your website has many advantages. Let’s have a closer look at a few of them.

1. Expertise

SEO experts ( ) go through training and certification. They have knowledge about every little aspect of SEO and years of experience in SEO. They know what works and what doesn’t, but you don’t. You may read a few DIY SEO guides and start doing SEO, but it will not produce results. When you hire experts, they will give you a free audit and keyword research report for your website. They follow the approach that produces results not just traffic.

2. Right SEO

Getting wrong in SEO is not difficult. All it requires is a little misunderstanding of Google algorithms or a wrong DIY SEO guide. You may be following the strategies which are unethical, and you are not even aware of it. Wrong SEO is more harmful than not doing SEO at all. It can get your website permanently banned from Google. Experts ensure they do the right SEO for your website using white hat SEO techniques.

3. Get Results

SEO is a vast field. More importantly, Google keeps updating its algorithms from time to time. Methods and tricks that worked six months ago may not work today. SEO experts not only have knowledge about what works in the past, but they are also up to date with the latest trends and changes. They know what can get you results and follow the strategies that produce desired results.

4. Focus on Core Activities

SEO is a long process. When you hire an SEO expert in Houston ( BrazosValleyMarketing/SEO-Expert ), your SEO company takes the whole responsibility and accountability for the project. It allows you to focus on the core activities of your business. You don’t have to worry about whether content on your website is updated, the website is optimized, and so on. You can focus entirely on your business.

5. Save Money

It may seem odd at first, but hiring experts can actually save you money. To do SEO, you need various analytics tools, keyword research planner, and other tools. Some tools are free, and some are paid. You have to buy these tools to do effective SEO. Don’t forget about the time invested in learning SEO and doing it, which can be used for other important activities of the business. And in the end, if you are not able to achieve desired results, you have to hire experts for SEO. Hence, you will end up paying more. So, it is better to hire SEO expert firsthand and get the job done.

So these are the five key reasons why you should hire an SEO expert in Houston.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:11 AM EDT

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