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Monday, 13 January 2020
Baidu PPC - Five Tips to Make Your Endeavor a Success
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
With more than 75% of digital market share in China and over 600,000 websites, Baidu is undisputedly the nation’s largest search engine and advertisement platform. Thereby, when marketers from the West think of entering in the huge Chinese market, Baidu is considered as the most potential marketing channel, especially when it comes to paid search marketing. In order to do well in your Baidu PPC ( http://adstochina.westwin/baidu-Pay-Per-Click ) endeavor, follow five tips as stated below

Go for localization

The procedure of localization talks a lot more than merely presenting your Chinese website in Baidu. In fact, your entire marketing campaign and promotional strategy should be prepared, considering how the Chinese audience prefers to see you on Baidu. If you’re intended to penetrate the Chinese market, you should customize your business policy according to the culture of this nation. Specifically, when it comes to pay-per-clip campaigns in Baidu, you need to prepare your advertisement, research your keywords, and understand the competitor behavior in China completely from a different point of view rather than depending on the market research done for English-language readers.

Real-time support

If you spend some time to study different Chinese websites, you can notice how Chinese audiences love sharing their experiences with their community people through chat boxes! Among the most common ways of communication include chatbox, QQ messenger, as well as phones. Chinese Internet users prefer using real-time chat to get information, and thereby when adding real-time support to your marketing campaign, you can expect to find an increase in the conversion rates by three to four times.

Be strategic

Most foreign companies that enter China are facing competitors having much more experience than them. You cannot beat them with muscle power so, let them enjoy the top-ranking position for the time being. Meanwhile, get you prepared and strike them intelligently. Hire a digital marketing company registered with Baidu and create a superior mobile friendly Chinese website, a better landing page, as well as more appealing ads that can drive an increasing number of Chinese audiences in your Baidu PPC ( ) marketing plan. Choose keywords expediently and place bids strategically. Continuously go on reviewing your ranking in Baidu PPC and emerge as one of the major competitors of your rivals.

Maintain your quality score

It’s worth nothing that each keyword used in the Baidu PPC campaign is assigned with a quality score. Keywords with higher quality scores are most likely to appear on the left side and draw more attention to Baidu visitors, whereas ads with low quality score ads typically show on the right side and bring less traffic. Thereby, advertisers should make sure that their ads specifically on the left side of the Baidu search.

Show-off your foreignness

When it comes to any foreign or western brand, they are considered as a superior product in China. This perception can be advantageously used for your market promotion. Boast your foreignness and include it in the ad copy or website. Thus, adapt your marketing campaign according to what is expected in China but present your foreign brand image.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:06 AM EST
Baidu Advertising- Things You Need to Know
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
With a huge dominance on mobiles and desktops, Baidu has claimed the entire market share in China. No doubt, entrepreneurs choose to advertise on Baidu ( ) to gain maximum exposure for their products and services. It is also the most effective method to reach out to the target audience. Baidu has a wide and varied advertising platform with several display ads and in-feeds that bring forth optimal results. The western brand needs to use Baidu as an advantage to penetrate the Chinese markets which is otherwise nearly impossible.

Important Benefits of Baidu Advertising

Greater exposure for brands

Baidu, the biggest Chinese search engine in the world, offers a vast exposure to both local and international brands. With more than 95% of the penetration rate, this search engine receives billions of queries for products and services every day. It undoubtedly has a huge prospective audience for products and services with more than 700 million users.

Best advertising platform

Although Baidu can seldom be compared to Google Adwords and other online advertising platforms, it is the latest and most effective advertising platforms in China. Baidu functions effectively by using targeted keywords to garner the interest of Chinese consumers. It utilizes the technique of placing keywords strategically at the right time and place, which has a huge impact on the target audience. It attracts customers with the intention to buy and therefore ensures a higher conversion rate.

Affordable and effective

Another advantage of advertising on this popular Chinese marketing platform is that it is relatively affordable. There are no specific charges for impressions. The ads are chargeable only when a prospective customer clicks on the link. Moreover, the cost per click is also low compared to other advertising techniques in the West. However, this Chinese advertising platform does include a stringent initial payment requirement if it is a foreign entrepreneur. Nevertheless, the comprehensive cost of the advertising campaign is low compared to other marketing platforms.

Rapidly expanding

With over 800 million internet users in China, Baidu is the most popular search engine that is utilized by most of the people in the country for various purposes. Apart from that, Baidu is constantly evolving and developing various tools and mobile search applications for its users. Baidu derives a large share of the income from advertising and online marketing services, which is another reason for foreign companies to use this platform for advertising products. Baidu is growing at an exponential rate with more Chinese users who live overseas. With the inclusion of many online services, this popular Chinese search engine is expected to grow rapidly in the coming future.

Advertising on Baidu ( ) is not as easy as it seems, as it includes several laws and requirements that must be carried out before getting started. Foreign companies can advertise on Baidu with the assistance of a local agency.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:57 AM EST
Tuesday, 17 December 2019
Why Wechat Marketing is Essential for Your Business?
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Wechat has evolved from being a simple messaging app to a multipurpose tool with the ability to connect with several other apps. With more than a billion active users, this Chinese app, which supports more than 20 languages, has made its way into the UK and US markets. Wechat marketing ( adstochina.westwin/WeChat-Marketing ) is indispensable for entrepreneurs that aim to expand their businesses in China. Contrary to the popular belief that Wechat is another popular messaging app, it encompasses of several other functions such as paying bills, online shopping, playing online games, and sharing videos and photos. In short, it is one of the most versatile apps, which influences every aspect of life.

Wechat has several interactive features, which enable entrepreneurs to interact with potential customers and increase brand awareness. Wechat is an essential marketing strategy when foreign entrepreneurs plan to grow a huge consumer base in China. Some of the most important reasons to use Wechat marketing to grow your business in China are as follows.

The perfect way to connect with your target audience

Wechat provides the right type of platform to create content in the Chinese language to target the right type of audience based on location and browsing history. Most of Chinese consumers share posts or interesting content, which increases brand recognition among prospective consumers. In this way, your content will reach millions of consumers all across the world, leading to a huge fan base.

Wide exposure

This popular app has more than one billion users, which is the reason it is considered the perfect platform to connect sellers and buyers in China and other markets. Marketing on Wechat is an effective tactic to enter the Chinese market and reach out to the target audience; a majority of the urban Chinese are internet users and wise buyers. Therefore, advertising on Wechat becomes essential to garner the attention of Chinese buyers.

Direct communication

Wechat allows real-time communication where sellers can interact with buyers through direct conversations. Personalized communication makes it easy to gauge consumer satisfaction. It is also possible for entrepreneurs to alter products and services according to the demands of buyers. The platform also allows sellers to display new products and capture the impressions of potential buyers.

Wechat is expanding

According to recent surveys, Wechat ( ) is expanding beyond China to other countries such as Latin America, South East Asia, and India. As the app supports more than 20 different languages, it is the perfect tool to gain maximum product exposure for products on several markets all across the world. As the app can be utilized to communicate with potential customers in their own language, it works efficiently to generate new leads and sales.

Wechat is undoubtedly an effective marketing tool with immense potential to deliver results within a short period. Owing to its powerful penetration rate, it works wonders for international brands seeking to expand their business in China and other countries around the world.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:15 AM EST
Monday, 16 December 2019
Step by Step Guide for Effective Marketing with Baidu Advertising
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
If you want to expand your business in China and become popular among Chinese consumers, you need to depend on Baidu that you cannot ignore. It is China’s largest search engine, and it is worth investing in Baidu advertising ( adstochina.westwin/Baidu-Advertising ) to make sure your brand is visible to more and more customers, but before starting in Baidu, there are few things you need to know for making the most out of your marketing efforts.

Creating an account in Baidu

Having a Baidu account is quite costly and complicated. When you are creating a Baidu PPC account for your Baidu advertising, you need to provide several documents because of the strict laws for the Chinese internet. Go through the guide provided by Baidu to make sure you have all the required documents and also you meet other requirements, especially as a foreign firm. After you got the approval of your Baidu PPC account, you need to deposit a fee into your account before the account becomes functional. All payments for advertising that you need to pay to Baidu has to be deposited manually, no automated method is applicable here.

Character Limits

The write-up that you want to place into your Baidu PPC ads, has more character limit as compared to Google AdWords. With more space, you can write more for your Baidu advertising. For ad titles, you will be getting 50 characters of space and 80 characters of space for each line of the ad. But the catch is, only the first “Like” of your ad description will be showing immediately on the search results page, so it is important to write an appealing message in your description so that it can able to attract consumers.

Analytic Capabilities

After setting up your Baidu PPC account, you need to do proper research about the keywords that work in the Chinese marketplace as they will be totally different than the Google environment. Baidu, having its own keyword research tool, helps to research your competitors to get an idea which keywords will be the best to use for Baidu advertising ( ). The platform also has several tools for managing your marketing campaign.

Localizing your Advertisement’s Copy

Please avoid creating an English version as not a single user will be clicking on your ads. Make sure that everything is written in Chinese and has been properly tailored to work with the latest trends and local markets. Ensure that the site lading page must also be in Chinese as if users notice that you have an English page, it will surely hurt your quality score for positioning of ad placement.

Baidu Ads for Mobile and Desktop

You need to know that on desktop screen, a maximum of four ads can appear at the top of the search result followed by organic results, and two other paid ads will be displayed at the bottom of the search page. The ads that are displayed on Baidu are more profound but the reference of being a PPC ad will be less noticeable, so people will not be realizing that they have clicked on an advertised result.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:43 AM EST
Why Would You Want an Ad Agency that Specializes in Financial Services?
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Marketing is important for any business, but when you are a bank, insurance agency, investment firm, or any other form of financial services company, you may benefit heavily by hiring an ad agency that specializes in financial services ( ). You need an agency that you can trust, and that can help you build up your image with new clients and maintain good relations with current clients. So, why exactly would you want an ad agency that specializes in financial services?

Building Up Customer Trust

Customer trust is important in business, but when it comes to financial services, it can be even harder to gain and maintain trust with your customers. Your advertising needs a creativity and panache that can bring in new clients—and convince them that you are the one they should be going to for their financial service needs. Old, boring advertising isn’t going to bring in clients effectively anymore, and hiring an ad agency that specializes in financial services will give you access to a creative team of people that have experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to thinking outside the box with advertising in order to build customer trust enough to come to you.

Ad agencies specializing in financial services also have experience in developing long-term relationships with customers. Your long-term customers are often your most important customers, and coming up with advertising that keeps them interested in your services, and away from competitors, can be often difficult (especially when many companies use special deals with new customers.)

Bringing Financial Services Marketing to the Digital Age

Traditional marketing is still around on billboards, television, and print media; but digital advertising is where the big success comes from now. Your financial services business may already have a competent and extensive marketing team, but if they are not trained and experienced in taking advantage of new social media platforms, you could fall behind your competition. With ad agencies specializing in financial services, you will often get access to a marketing team that is constantly training and analyzing the digital market in order to discover the latest trends to latch onto for effective marketing campaigns, especially for the younger adults.

Knowledgeable in Regulations

The financial services marketplace has a large number of regulations related to everything, including advertising. If you use a standard ad agency, they may not understand the restrictions there are on financial advertising and the rules related consumer targeting. Your advertising needs to be compliant with all the laws and regulations, and the proper disclosures must be made in your ads (the powerful asterisk.) Hiring ad agencies specializing in financial services means you are hiring a company that you can trust to produce effective marketing campaigns that are also regulation compliant, ensuring you don’t get into hot water with the regulators.

Cost Efficiencies

The benefit for any company hiring any form of ad agency is the cost benefits. When you hire marketing experts at an ad agency, you will get professionals that understand that you must stay within a budget, and they can help optimize your marketing costs in order to increase your overall revenue beyond just attracting new customers. You are a financial services company, so being efficient at earning money is part of the game.

If you want a cost effective way to bring in new customers in this digital age, while also building further trust with current customers and ensuring that marketing regulations are being followed, then you should consider hiring an ad agency specializing in financial services ( ) for your next marketing campaign.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:13 AM EST
Thursday, 12 December 2019
How a Voice Marketing Agency in Austin Can Help?
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Voice marketing is still an emerging market option for advertising because more people have devices with voice assistants, either on their person or in their home or workplace; in fact, the number of voice-activated devices hit the over one-billion-sold mark in 2018. With these new voice assistants, like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant, comes a new way you can interact with your customer base in order to inform them about the products or services that could help them. But, how exactly do you take advantage of these new assistants for your brand? Do you train new staff in these new marketing areas? Your first option with a new emergent marketing medium should often be to hire an agency to assist you—in this case an agency that has teams specialized in voice marketing agencies in Austin ( ). So, how can these voice marketing agencies assist your business’s marketing campaigns?

Experience in Building a Brand on Voice-Enabled Devices

The number one reason you want to hire an agency for voice marketing in Austin is the fact that they already have experience in building brand recognition in the voice-enabled devices marketscape. Your internal marketing team, if you have one, has likely been certified and will have experience with other forms of marketing, but unless they have gone for training courses in voice-marketing, they are going to be lacking in the specialized skills and knowledge for voice-enabled devices. With experience comes unique viewpoints that can help steer your marketing campaigns in new and effective directions to take full advantage of voice assistants.

Cost Savings

Like mentioned before, if you want to get into the voice marketing scene with an internal team, you are going to need to invest in training for your marketing team. Hiring an agency that is specialized in voice marketing in Austin, however, would save you money because an internal marketing team often isn’t going to be able to be the best choice for every type of marketing; they often specialize as well. When dealing with internal marketing teams’ budgets, needs often balloon; but with a marketing agency, they have to work within the budget that is agreed upon in your contract, and that gives you more stability in your bottom line.

Creativity through the Meeting of Minds

With the right external team from a voice marketing agency working with your internal marketing team, you’ll be able to create a synergy that gives you a much more diverse marketing campaign. An agency that does voice marketing agencies in Austin ( ) is going to have highly creative teams that can analyze your current company along with the marketing campaigns in order to devise a creative way to break your brand out into the voice-assisted marketing scene. Voice-assistant marketing also, in many cases, introduces a new level of interactivity with your customer. Although the big names in voice-enabled devices haven’t explicitly said they are ready to launch voice ads on their devices, they do have other methods to create organic interactions with customers. This requires clever ideas to be able to creative apps or “skills” to produce brand-related activities that can draw in customers and act as gateways to your products and services.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:02 AM EST
Wednesday, 20 November 2019
Basic Things You Need to Know About Baidu PPC
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
And when it comes to advertising on Baidu, there are two pillars of effective SEM campaign- Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this post, we will learn about Baidu PPC ( adstochina.westwin/baidu-Pay-Per-Click ).

What is Baidu PPC?

Baidu PPC is a form of the paid advertising system. In this advertising method, advertisers bid for keywords in order to display their clickable ads on Baidu's search results. It is similar to Google PPC. You have to bid on the keywords you want to target, and your ads are displayed on Baidu's search results page, and you have to pay to Baidu only if your ads get clicked.

Baidu paid ads are displayed at both the top and bottom of the search results. Previously 11 ads were allowed, but now only four ads are displayed at the top, followed by organic results. And, a maximum of two ads are displayed at the bottom of the search engine result page.

How Baidu PPC works?

If you know how Google AdWords work, it will be easy for you to understand how Baidu advertising works. Baidu PPC includes following steps:

1.  First of all, create a Baidu PPC account.

2.  Start extensive keyword research.

3.  Bid for the list of keywords.

4.  If you win the bid, your ads are displayed on Baidu's search results. The actual position of your clickable ads is determined by many factors, including the Quality Score, bidding prices, Baidu Trust Score of your business entity, and the user behavioral data of the searchers.

Baidu PPC ads can bring a large volume of customers to a business and effectively raises sales, boost brand awareness, and establish brand recognition.

How to open a Baidu PPC account?

To open a Baidu PPC account for foreign business, one has to go through a long and complex procedure. You have two options to open a Baidu PPC ( ) account: to set up an account directly with major Baidu branches or register with a Baidu listed partner.

You have to provide a long list of documents to open a Baidu account which includes: your business license (One copy translated in Mandarin Chinese), proof of your website in Chinese, a screenshot of your homepage, your company’s information on a government website, business bank account statement, and photos of your office building.

Once you have prepared all these documents, you can contact the Baidu and apply for an account. After you fill all the details, Baidu will review your application process and get back to you. If Baidu approves your request, you have to deposit an initial fee. Once payment is made, Baidu will sign a contract with you and send the login credentials within 4-5 days on your email. And you can start your Baidu PPC advertising campaign.

So these are a few basic things you need to know about Baidu PPC.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:14 AM EST
Monday, 18 November 2019
Why Baidu SEM is the Ultimate Destination for Every Brand?
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
When it is about marketing in China, the most successful one who has a larger market share is search engine marketing on the national search engine platform, Baidu or Baidu SEM ( adstochina.westwin/Baidu-SEM ). And to understand in detail, you need a guide like this post that will help you to know the best practices for working on your SEM campaign in China.

But first things first: what is SEM all about? This term refers to the marketing and advertising that comes from the search engines. In the United States and other parts of the globe, the top place for SEM is Google and Google AdWords for SEM. This forms the basis of any strategy that used On Google and its different platforms. So if you notice ads will be using AdWords as sponsored search results. Since China restricts using Google, marketers need to go through Baidu SEM for advertising and marketing.

You must understand that Baidu SEM works differently than all other major search engines found all across the globe. But, for the majority part, it operates in a similar fashion, mostly in three ways – text and display ads, geo-targeting, and pay-per-click advertising. Let us discuss each of them in detail.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

It is often termed as PPC advertising. Here you need to set up a campaign where you have to agree for a certain amount of money based on the number of clicks the ad will be receiving. This means you have to pay only when the ad is effective. Another side is the keywords you will be choosing will be up for auction. So the better keywords you will be choosing, there will be more money and eventually lead to higher clicks.


You may be thinking that geo-targeting is not relevant at all if you are going after a single market, but actually this is not the case. Baidu SEM provides you the option to target a few specific areas that you advertise quite well to the people in the area. After all, it makes sense to target people in Beijing if your store is here rather than advertising it to people in Houston.

Text and Display Ads

These are types of ads that you will always see as sponsored searches when you will be typing something in your favorite search engine. They operate in the same way as Baidu SEM. These ads also display as text on various Baidu services and apps, proving you better integration with China’s largest and most popular search engine.

So, the question is how Baidu SEM ( ) is different from other search engine marketing? That lies in accessibility. Not only Baidu restricts access to certain content and sites, but companies and advertisers are also vetted before given full access to advertising. So in this situation, consulting an experienced and professional Baidu SEM agency will be of great help. With the right professionals working for your campaign, you can make sure that that the choices you are making will certainly work on the Baidu platform, and that will help you to earn more bucks.

Posted by brucem231 at 11:45 PM EST
Thursday, 14 November 2019
Everything you need to know about esports agencies
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Last year, a fifteen year old esports professional became a millionaire and the world’s first Fortnite champion. For many people who live outside the world of video games and esports, this came as a surprise. For those in the industry or for fans of the game or the tournament, this was hardly news. It was business as usual.

The fact is that video games have become one of the world’s leading industries. Billions of dollars are spent and made creating and selling them, and millions more are made in the circuits of tournaments and matches that surround these games. In fact, someone playing professional Starcraft has the potential to make as much money as some professional athletes in more traditional games. The difference is that they hone their skills at a monitor instead of on the field.

With the rising tide of esports and video game related content, companies have been struggling to find ad agencies and marketing companies that can actually create content for the industry. After all, for many people, esports is still seen as a niche market, despite the majority of people in North America identifying as gamers to some extent. Many traditional marketing teams simply do not understand the industry, and that means many esports businesses run the risk of putting out irrelevant material.

Introducing the Esports Agency

As the market changes and moves, however, there always comes a company or style of company to fill the gap. And in the instance of esports, that is the esports agency ( ), a marketing or advertising firm that understands the world of video games and esports in a way that other agencies simply do not. They are the agencies who have already run campaigns with influencers on Twitch, not desperately Googling it before pitches. Esports agencies are pumping out campaigns that target the right demographics with content they crave, and they are bringing new levels of success to esports companies around the world.

It’s true that many esports agencies don’t actually do video game or esports work exclusively, but then again, neither does any marketing or advertising agency. They will still do work for other clients and, along the way, bring new ideas and synergy into their work in esports. Many of the main tenants of marketing, after all, will apply to any and all industries. Ideas like good design, clean strategies, executable deliverables and data to drive every decision. Without these basic concepts, no agency will be able to keep up with the fast-paced world of agency life, much less the even faster world of esports.

So why are esports companies turning to esports agencies? The answer is simple: they want great work from people that understand their industry. And if you are looking for something that will help your business grow and succeed, why wouldn’t you head to people with experience in doing exactly that? After all, with the right esports agency ( ) behind you, you can make a campaign that will drive results and help you reach new levels of success.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:57 AM EST
Thursday, 24 October 2019
The Rules and Regulations of Alcohol Marketing
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
As a product, alcohol is widely accepted socially, reasonably cheap, easily accessible, and a legal mind-altering substance. Many adults (and some adolescents) will have drunk alcohol at some point in their lives. Due to its wide acceptance, and large consumer base, alcohol marketing ( https://batteryagency/ ) is a very important tool for alcohol companies to utilize. These advertisements can range from TV commercials, newspaper print ads, magazine ads, and even digitally promoted ads on social media platforms. In fact, according to a Business Insider article written by Seth Archer, the alcoholic-beverage industry spends up to $421 million dollars in advertising, and 89% of those advertising dollars go directly into television ads! Additionally, the increase in spending may be attributed to a more competitive environment, according to Nicholson (an analysts at Citi), and she believes that this trend of increased alcohol marketing spending will only continue as sales in the industry grow. However, there are certain rules and regulations that alcohol marketing must follow; after all, it is a mind-altering substance that is illegal to individuals under the legal drinking age!

The Rules and Regulations of Alcohol Marketing:

A lot of the rules and regulations that surround alcohol marketing are self-imposed and voluntary on the federal level; although, different states may have particular rules. As a rule, the majority of the regulation of alcohol marketing surrounds underage drinking and the illegality of marketing alcohol to individuals who are unable to legally drink it. Generally, there are standards for alcohol marketing which are designed to discourage underage drinking based on content or ad placement. The majority of alcohol advertisers agree to not target ads towards underage consumers! These limits on alcohol marketing are, in fact, one of the few things that the federal government can regulate in regards to advertising. This is due to the fact that freedom of speech is difficult to govern and regulate, and this can limit the extent to which the federal government can interfere. Although, one general rule of thumb is that alcohol marketing must be without deception and must provide adequate information about the product’s identity for the consumer’s benefit, which allows them to make educated decisions about the product. Some alcohol marketing ( ) practices that are prohibited include:

1.  Deceitful statements!

2.  Saying disparaging or negative things about competitors!

3.  Indecent designs, representations, or statements!

4.  Misrepresenting analyses, standards, or tests!

5.  Misleading guarantees!

6.  Statements that falsely herald health benefits of alcohol!

7.  Claims that alcohol is made, sold, or marketed under federal or state regulation!

8.  Claims that malt or wine beverages contain distilled spirits!

9.  Statements about distilled spirits being more distilled unless they really are!

10.  The word pure when advertising distilled spirits (unless it is referring to a specific ingredient)!

11.  Statements that aren’t consistent with approved labeling!

12.  Words that insinuate that alcohol is made under government supervision!

Follow these rules, and alcohol marketing will have no issues in the public sphere!

Posted by brucem231 at 3:39 AM EDT

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