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Monday, 17 June 2019
Four Tips to Choose Reliable Locksmith Services in North Hollywood
Topic: Home Improvement
Choosing reliable locksmith services in North Hollywood ( ) require little efforts. It can get challenging because of the large number of locksmith services out there. One can easily get confused which locksmith services to choose. So, today we will learn a few tips to choose reliable locksmith services.

1. Check license

The first thing you should look for is the credentials of the locksmith. Ask your locksmith to show the proof of license. A valid license gives the necessary assurance that locksmith you are interested in hiring is registered with the local security department and have gone through a background check. Do not hire a locksmith if he fails to show the proof of licensing. Check the validity of license by contacting the concerned department. It is important that you hire a licensed locksmith because unscrupulous locksmiths may sell your private information to burglars.

2. Ask about bond and insurance

Make sure your locksmith services are bonded and insured. Being bonded means that the company is financially covered by a third-party insurance company. If damage occurs to your property, you can file for a claim. An insured company means that the company’s staff has insurance from the company. You will not be liable for claims in case any worker gets injured on the site. Request your locksmith services to show the copies of bond and insurance.

3. Read reviews

Once you have verified that locksmith is licensed, bonded, and insured, it is time to check the reputation of the locksmith. The reputation of a locksmith will give you a fair idea about the quality of workmanship of a locksmith. Read the online reviews of customers on Yelp, Google, and other online directories. Check the local online directories for reviews and ratings. Check the BBB’s rating, and visit BBB’s website to find out if any complaint reported against the locksmith. A well-reputed locksmith will have positive reviews, lower volume of complaints, and high client's recommendations. You can also get referrals from your friends and family. Ask them if they know any reliable locksmith services in North Hollywood ( ).

4. Get quotes

Last but not least; get quotes from different locksmiths. You will get an idea of how much the job will cost. There are many incidents of locksmith overcharging because there is no regulation by the government in the locksmithing industry. Getting quotes will avoid any last moment surprises, and you will get an estimate for the costs up front. Do not fall straightway for the cheapest price out there. First, verify their credentials and reputation, and then start comparing prices. Get quotes from at least three locksmiths, and choose the one that offers the best value.

So these are the four key suggestions that you can follow to choose the reliable locksmith services in North Hollywood.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:21 AM EDT
Thursday, 6 June 2019
Signs that You Need AC Duct Replacement in Houston
Topic: Home Improvement
As ductworks are hidden away in our walls and ceilings, we often tend to forget about it. What we seldom fail to realize is that ductworks function efficiently to transfer both cool and warm air from the HVAC systems to different corners of your room. However, as these ducts age, it begins to develop leaks and cracks, making it less effective than normal.

You will know when it is time for an AC duct replacement in Houston ( ) when you experience the following signs.

Dusty home

Are you experiencing respiratory problems or unexplained allergies recently? This may be caused due to excessive dust and dirt that is circulating through your AC ducts. High level of dust in the ductwork can affect the indoor air quality adversely and cause health issues. If it has been a while since you have last cleaned your AC duct and you are experiencing poor air quality and allergies, it may be time to call an HVAC professional to inspect your air duct.

Noisy HVAC unit

Generally, the HVAC systems function quietly and if you seem to notice any kind of unusual sounds from the unit, it is a sign that the ducts are not functioning properly. You can also expect a noisy unit if the ductwork is too small. In this case, the HVAC system functions harder to push air through the duct, which affects the system and increases the utility bills.

Smelly indoor air

Humid climatic conditions lead to the growth of mold inside the ductwork when it starts to blow cool air. Leaking ducts can also cause the development of mold and blow unhealthy and smelly air into your homes. Therefore, if you smell mildew, call a professional HVAC technician to inspect the ductwork thoroughly for mildew.

Inconsistent temperature

Are you experiencing inconsistent temperature in some parts of your home? This could indicate that you have a leaky duct system. If there is an imbalance in the ductwork, it could also cause the inconsistent interior temperature in your homes.

These are some of the most common signs that you need an AC duct replacement in Houston ( ). Replacing your AC duct by hiring an HVAC professional is relatively beneficial as you can expect a sharp decrease in the energy bills as the system will now function efficiently. Properly sized, clean, and sealed ducts are essential for healthy and efficient functioning of the HVAC system. It also enhances the lifespan of the heating and cooling system.

The efficiency of the HVAC system depends on the ductworks and therefore it is important to maintain and clean it regularly so that your system functions smoothly and competently all year.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:06 AM EDT
Looking for 24 Hour AC Repair in Katy- Here’s What to Look For
Topic: Home Improvement
But choosing professionals to do so is a daunting task. There are so many AC repair services out there in Katy that one can easily get confused which one to choose. To make it easy, we have listed down the few things that you need to consider while choosing a 24 hour AC Repair in Katy ( priorityacpro/24-Hour-AC-Repair-Katy ).

Start with Basics

Start your search looking at basics like location, availability, and address. Look for a local company which provides services 24/7. There are many companies that claim to be 24 hours AC repair companies, but in reality, do not operate in wee hours. Check the website of the company, and find out whether it works 24 hours seven days a week.

License, Insurance, and Bond

Look for AC repair company with a valid license because only those companies get a license from regulating authorities which are capable of doing the job. A valid license proves the knowledge, skill, and experience of an AC repair company. Also, AC repair is a risky job, and accidents can happen at the site. Look for an insured and bonded company so that you can financially protect your home from damages and protect you from any claims made by workers in case of accidents.


Look for an AC repair company that has some prior experience in the AC repair industry and worked on all type of air conditioning system. Make sure your company has a team of experienced technicians. There is no benefit of hiring an amateur technician for complex repairs. It will do more harm than good. Hire an experienced AC repair in Katy to fix your AC system. It will save both your time and money.


Consider the reputation of the company before hiring it. A well-reputed AC repair firm will have positive reviews, low volumes of complaints, satisfied clients, and recommendation from past clients. Read online reviews and feedbacks of past clients. It will give you a fair idea about the quality of workmanship of your firm. Check the Better Business Bureau website to find if any complaints reported by consumers against the company you are interested in hiring.


Last but not least; compare the cost of services. Get a detailed written estimate from two to five different AC repair companies with the same level of expertise. Because substandard AC repair services are often priced at lower prices than standard market rates. Obtain bids from companies to determine the cost of work. After getting estimates, choose a company that offers the best value, not the best price. And make sure your AC repair company provides warranty for its work and will get back to you if something goes wrong.

So these are the five key things that you need to consider while choosing 24 hour AC repair in Katy ( ).

Posted by brucem231 at 2:19 AM EDT
Wednesday, 5 June 2019
How to Choose the Best Grease Trap Cleaning Service
Topic: Home Improvement
But, how to select one out of so many options out there? Well, it is not a difficult task if you use the following suggestions to choose the grease trap cleaning service ( ):

1. License and insurance

The first thing you need to look for when choosing a grease trap cleaning firm is license and insurance. A valid license ensures that grease trap cleaning company you are interested in hiring is knowledgeable, skilled and certified, and passed the state’s licensing test. And an insured company means that you are protected from being held responsible in an event that their staff gets involved in an accident while on your property. Ask your grease trap cleaning to show the copies of license and insurance.

2. Experience

Look for a local grease trap cleaning company who has few years of experience under its belt. Ask your company about their experience in the industry. For how long they have been working at the current location. Do they have proper knowledge about how to deal with collected waste? Hiring an experienced cleaning company gives you the assurance that they’re knowledgeable enough to give you a quality service.

3. Reputation

Usually, best grease trap cleaning services ( ) have positive reviews, better BBB rating, and clients’ recommendations. It rarely happens that a good cleaning company has a bad reputation. So check the reputation of the company. You can read the online reviews and testimonials of clients and check the BBB rating of the company. It will give you an idea about the reputation of the company. You can also ask your grease trap cleaning company for references. By calling these clients references, you can ask about the quality of the work performed by the company.

4. Customer service

How your company communicates with you plays an important role not only before hiring but after the job as well. Check out their level of customer service. Do they respond to your queries? Do they provide assistance if something goes wrong after the cleaning? Do they back their work? These are the few questions you need to ask. Make sure you hire a grease trap cleaning service that values their customers and provide an exceptional level of customer service.

5. Price

Grease traps should be cleaned after every three months so look for a company that provides quality services at affordable rates. If you find a company providing cleaning services at a too cheaper rate than standard market prices, there are greater chances they are not good. Compare the prices of the best cleaning companies in your area, and choose one that offers value at affordable rates.

So these are the five tips that can help you choose the best grease trap cleaning service.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:40 AM EDT
A Detailed Guide to Choose the Best Septic Cleaning Firm
Topic: Home Improvement
How much knowledge you have about the working of your septic tank? How frequently you should clean the septic tank? What is the procedure for cleaning? What information you should gather when choosing the best septic tank cleaning companies ( draneranger/Septic-Tank-Cleaning-Companies ) ? First things first, always remember there is a septic tank in your house. If your tank has not been cleaned for a while, do not wait. It is very crucial for the environment and if something went wrong, definitely you will regret it and so would the community. It is not required just for the cleanliness of everything around you if your tank is not pumping properly but for the overall functioning of the household plumbing as well as keeping the surrounding environment clean. When you are searching for the best firm for cleaning your septic tank, here a few questions that you need to ask.


How popular the septic tank cleaning firm in their area? The best firm will be doing the job efficiently and correctly, so make sure that the company is trustworthy.

Do they have the right skills and knowledge?

A septic tank is not that complicated but there are many things one must know. Therefore, having experience in the cleaning services, the best septic tank cleaning companies ( ) will be familiar with various septic tanks be it old or new and how all parts work separately or together.

Are they able to perform multiple services?

Septic tank does not work alone, there are different other systems like the grease trap and sump pump that also requires cleaning. For the most simplicity and efficient service for you, one question that you must ask the experts whether they are able to work on all parts of the system at once so that you do not have to find other contractors for same work. Once you have zeroed for the best cleaning company, make sure to dial this firm for your similar requirements.


You want a firm who provides quick service when the need arises and comes promptly for the regular maintenance. The best company must follow up on their appointments and do their task efficiently.

Does the firm have positive reviews?

The best and trusted place for getting all the answers and recommendations to all these queries is asking your friends and neighbors. Do not forget to check the reviews online about the firm’s reliability, quality, professionalism, and pricing. If others have high regards about a specific firm, it is likely that a particular firm will also provide you the best services.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:34 AM EDT
Tuesday, 28 May 2019
Rodent Control – Benefits of Hiring Experts Instead of a DIY
Topic: Home Improvement
The appearance of rats and mice in your home is not only irritation but once settled, these rodent species can typically transmit diseases and cause catastrophic property damage. So, once you guess, they’ve arrived your premises from findings like black and soggy droppings near kitchen trash bins, food sources, in AC vents, sewers or attic; noteworthy damage of chewing over food containers, furnishing; or their scampering noise, prior to they choose their home as their habitat; get in touch with professional rodent control ( ) team to make your home rodent free.

Well, even if you try with rodent trapper or poisons available across-the-counter, mind well, that is not a permanent solution to get rid of these dreadful creatures in long term whereas expert services can hand you an absolute solution. Let’s see how differently you can be beneficial with professional assistance.

Specialized Solutions

With their well-trained technicians, know-how and methodical approach that involves inspection, source identification, rodent control, proofing, neutralizing pheromones, clean up and decontamination, they offer an integrated solution to deal with the situation for a longer period. A professional company specializing in the domain typically has all technologies, tools, and mechanisms which are essential to take care of the issue which ensures you that the pests are eliminated safely and effectively.

Personalized Services

One of the biggest plus points of working with a professional team is that depending on the amount of infestation and its gravity after evaluation of the setting, the size of your home, possible risk factors with the initiation of the control/attack method, they formulate a custom made plan, which is ideal fit for your home. They’re not aiming to bring you any short-term solution, instead undertake different proven measures to install a long term result that you should be looking for.


You must be aware that rat-killer elements that you buy over-the-counter contain extremely harmful chemicals which can lead to life-threatening health issues if not properly handled. Nonetheless, professional rodent control companies perform their job based on EPA’s safety guidelines and their technicians know well how and where to use those pest control products in your home which is equally safe for your home as well as for the environment. In fact, with more advanced research products, now almost all specialized companies work with green, non-hazardous products and sprays which are effective and especially designed noxious for rodents only.


While paying for certain package fee to the service provider as per the service contract, you might be spending some hundred dollars annually, whereas the worth of what you save could be even more than thousands of dollars by preventing your property from disastrous damage and family loved from severe diseases. Don’t get surprised to know that rodents have the capacity to even smash up the foundation of your home starting from damaging of interior décor, costly furniture, valued books, and documents or electrical cable lines causing a fire hazard. So, just by spending merely a few pennies, the service you get from experts is simply priceless.

Expert Advice

Not only specialized rodent control services make your home rodent- free, but with a view to making it completely rodent proof they expect your contribution too that leads to a successful mission. Knowing about the pest behaviors, the places they typically prepare nests and thrive, and follow certain dos and don’ts suggested by them are equally vital for you to protect your property from rodent invasions in future.

Get Guarantee

Can you guarantee on your Do-It-Yourself effort to rid your property of rodents in long-term? ‘No’ and ‘Never’ that you know quite well. Working with a rodent control ( ) expert house appears worthwhile because they offer you ‘Guarantee’ for nearly 3 years on all their package services.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:43 AM EDT
Tuesday, 14 May 2019
Why Should You Look for Commercial Plumbers in Los Angeles and Not a Residential One?
Topic: Home Improvement
Even though residential plumbers are quite familiar with all types of household plumbing jobs, however, those are not typically equivalent to the jobs handled by commercial plumbing companies. This requires commercial plumbers to obtain more comprehensive training, licensure and adhere to commercial and industrial codes of compliances and work with more sophisticated tools and apparatus that differentiate them from residential plumbers. Commercial plumbing projects are larger, extensive, and more complex than residential plumbing and therefore, you should essentially look for a commercial plumber in Los Angeles ( HonestPlumbing/Commercial-Plumber ) and not residential plumbers when the job is of commercial nature. Why it is so? Let’s have a look.

Considerably Extensive

When it comes to commercial plumbing, by and large, its project operations involve multiple stories, loads of pipes, sinks, toilets, drainage systems which may seem perplexing to any plumber specializing in home-based smaller low-impact plumbing jobs. The nature of commercial operation automatically makes commercial plumber in Los Angeles more specialized, hard-hitting, and weathered to deal with more extensive plumbing concerns that are beyond the capacity of residential plumbers. Secondly, plumbing companies focused on commercial plumbing jobs are partnered with large-scale stockiest or manufacturers of plumbing accessories and can perform any kind voluminous commercial projects without any hassle.

More Complex

Aside from having a high level of expertise to deal with all general plumbing matters, your commercial plumber in Los Angeles needs to be suited for handling major site sewer lines, lift stations, large boilers, and other industrial plumbing works. Often commercial plumbers require performing their plumbing services on the outside of the building which means they should have needed license, insurance and ability to deal with the job while working suspended from a rope which a general plumber just cannot think of. In multistoried, gravity plays a major role and without needed water pressure the water supply lines cannot function properly throughout the floors in a steady manner. A good commercial plumber understands that things are much better and equipped with needed mechanisms, tools, and techniques they perform the jobs with great proficiency keeping no question of any glitch. The comprehensiveness and intricacy of the jobs often demand more inspection, assessment, and testing and time to time liaison with the management to get final approval.

Strict Deadline

A professional commercial plumber in Los Angeles is required to be more schedule conscious than residential ones. When a sewer line has been scheduled to be completed within 36-hour timeframe, no matter how big or complex the job is, this has to be finished within the set deadline since numerous people and contractors are depending on it to carry forward their specific jobs. Basically, often commercial plumbing becomes a part of large development work as happens in constructional projects of buildings, children’s park, pump stations and more.

Time Factors

Other than emergencies, residential plumbers work for 8-10 hours a day and perform 5 days a week. However, often commercial plumbers need to carry out their jobs on the holidays or weekends when workers are not on their jobs and the workplace is vacant. When working on public streets, equally commercial plumbers are supposed to work in a more pre-planned way keeping in mind that the normal community life is not disrupted. Thus, when looking for a commercial plumber in Los Angeles, you must ensure that they are quite familiar with the city codes which are absolutely not applicable in an apartment building.


Often but not always commercial plumber in Los Angeles ( ) requires performing their jobs in conjunction with service providers from different specialty areas like heating and cooling experts, carpenters, constructional engineers, grease trap pumping professionals and so on. This requires them to possess a great sense of teamwork since the entire project work continues on cohesion and reaches a final outcome.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:18 AM EDT
Monday, 6 May 2019
Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning – Why It Is So Essential?
Topic: Home Improvement
Having one or more grease trap integrated with the plumbing system is mandatory for every restaurant that prevents grease and solid oily matters from entering the drainage system of the business as well as a public sewer system. This has been mandated by states all over the US since rotten grease build up is extremely noxious not only for the sewer systems but tolls severely on overall public health as well. Restaurant grease trap cleaning ( www.draneranger/grease-grit-traps ) services recommend everyone involved in the food business to consider cleaning their grease trap once in every three months with experts with a view to avoiding grease from accumulating up in the inner pipelines resulting in an absolute drainage system collapse.

In fact, the gap between the cleaning sessions varies widely depending on the type of food products it produces, it's business volume, season time of the business while personal preference also plays a major role. Thanks to the inventors of grease interceptor which is a brilliant device to separate and seize FOGs from wastewater and thus keeping your sewer system smoothly functional. However, users need to remember the complex device has a certain capacity to keep the FOGs accumulated in it, and once that capacity is over, their efficiency fails causing you to face a number of problems. Just have a look at the potential consequences

Stinking Smell

While a grease interceptor continues accumulating FOGs in it, over time the buildup (since they’re all food byproducts) starts rotting and diffuses a putrid foul smell. Anyone can understand how foul-smelling that becomes airborne and spreads throughout the establishment can be bothersome for the customers while disrupting the reputation of the business.

Intense Cleanup

A regular cleanup keeps the interceptor 100% hygienic, however, it remains untreated for a longer time, the more you delay in cleaning, the more intensifying it will be for restaurant grease trap cleaning company to serve you. They need to scrap and clear the extremely hardened grease from the base of the device employing a more advanced device which will make the job more comprehensive, time taking and naturally cost you more in all terms.

Costly Replacement

More surprise is waiting for you. FOGs and chunky food waste contains chemical compounds when left untreated, they break down into hydrogen sulfur gas and eventually turns into sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid is extremely hazardous and damages the steel internal body walls of the trapper. Thus, it may end up with costly replacement too.

Blockage and Backup

Without having restaurant grease trap cleaning on a timely basis, as the trap goes beyond its capacity of grasping FOGs, they flow down the sewer pipes freely with wastewater. The remaining parts in the lines eventually settle down and clog the pipelines in addition to the drainage system. This will finally result in sewer backups and overflowing the sinks, wash basins and all other plumbing systems. This needs to be included that clogged pipelines with FOG build up equally damages the inner walls of the water pipes and other plumbing systems since they are all made of steel.


Every municipal authority has imposed strict rules and regulations for food businesses to maintain the standard of health and hygiene in the establishments. Not having a grease trap, or untreated grease trap with restaurant grease trap cleaning ( ) will be panelized with heavy fines including suspension of operation to revocation of operating license and so on. Finally, you cannot stop the market rumor which spread like fire while throwing you out of your business.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:17 AM EDT
All About Septic Tank Cleaning
Topic: Home Improvement
Those who are having a septic tank installed at their residence understand the vital role that the tank plays in treating the wastewater generated at their properties. This also made septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas ( www.draneranger/septic-tank-cleaning ) as vital due to a poorly maintained system will do more harm than good. The septic tanks deposit the solids at the bottom for some time and every system has the capacity for holding the liquid waste.

Why you should clean the septic tank?

The time period when a septic tank needs to be cleaned depends on the tank size and the waste volume generated by the house members where it is installed. Septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas ( ) is done by a team of experienced technicians who provide commercial cleaning services. The team will be examining the whole system and inspects the deposit levels that get accumulated at the bottom of the tank. After that, they will be preparing a report where the next cleaning cycle of the tank is mentioned for smooth functioning. In the report, it is also mentioned that where and how the waste will be disposed of.

Process for septic tank cleaning

•  After the cleaning cycle of the septic tank is finalized, now get your septic tank cleaned every time before it is due. Let us look at the steps for the cleaning process.

•  When your tank becomes full and due for cleanup, the field above the tank needs to be cleared from any unwanted thing.

•  For pumping out the water from the tank, a high-pressure pump is used. It is crucial for properly disposing of the pumped out water and not leaving in an open area as the area can get contaminated that is harmful to the surrounding community.

•  Once the water is drained from the tank, the solid waste that gets accumulated on the walls of the tank and at the bottom is cleaned with scoops.

•  As the water flows through the tank pipes, few solids get accumulated inside the walls of the filters and pipes. So, other parts and the pipes are also cleaned. If it is necessary, then the team will also replace the filters.

•  Like the drained water, the solid waste also properly gets disposed of and then collected in heavy-duty plastic bags and then it is disposed of.

•  After the cleaning is completed, the tank undergoes a run test and water is allowed through the whole tank before declaring fit for next use.


•  Blockage and clogging can be avoided or else there will be permanent damage.

•  The foul odor is prevented that causes due to leakage or overflowing.

•  Protects your property from any harmful contamination

•  By cleaning at regular intervals you need to shell out less money than the emergency repairs during the breakdown.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:31 AM EDT
Friday, 3 May 2019
Six Ways Commercial HVAC Companies Help You Cut-Down Energy Consumption
Topic: Home Improvement
In different studies, it has been revealed that HVAC systems solely account for more than 40% of energy consumption in commercial buildings in summer in the US. Consequently, with an aim to lower the energy consumption, cost and greenhouse gas emissions both the government agencies and commercial establishments are now activated to improve the efficiency level of their HVAC systems with expert commercial HVAC companies ( ). Since HVAC systems consume the largest part of energy usage in any commercial place, it’s vital for business owners to avail improved energy with significant cost savings on utility bill by needed analysis and improvement of their HVAC operations in the setting.

Let’s have a look at how differently a well-versed commercial HVAC service provider can maximize the efficiency level of your workplace HVAC system with superior planning, maintenance, and control devices.

Accurate Planning

No matter, whether you’re equipped with a centralized, packaged, or decentralized system, mind well that its structural plan goes hand-to-hand with the building or floor architecture. Thus, deciding on the exact design with professional commercial HVAC companies ensures that the set of laws imposed by the Department of Energy have been met to stop energy loss. Remember, that efficiency of your commercial HVAC system is intimately related to your employee's comfort level, safety concern, and wellbeing. On the contrary, with needed modification of your faulty outdated HVAC designing, an expert can help you save a lot on utility charges every month and lessen its greenhouse emission.

Tuning/ Maintenance

It is highly recommended that you should maintain a bi-annual maintenance plan for your commercial HVAC system which is fairly complicated and large-scale device and needs to be maintained by licensed commercial HVAC companies. Make sure that the maintenance team adheres to the most essential maintenance tasks as stated below:

  Replacement of compatible air filters;

  Inspect, cleaning and repair of fan motors and air ducts

  Checking ducts and entire pipeline works to avoid potential damages and leakage;

  Regular cleaning of transfer coils present in air conditioners, heat pumps, and chillers;

  Inspection of furnace systems;

Efficiency Settings

Commercial HVAC companies know the best techniques to optimize the system operation which is the best way to reduce your energy consumption on HVACs. During the periodical maintenance, they adjust the temperature set up points as higher set-point during the summer and lower in the winter time leading to a substantial saving.

Programmable Thermostat

Typically, in a commercial place where load distribution of HVAC system varies in different parts of the floor all through 24-hours, use of a programmable thermostat has been proven worthwhile to avoid energy loss. With automatic control mechanisms and sensors, it will automatically switch on and supply air in departments or rooms which are occupied and equally switch off or set to the desired point depending on the need of supply after office hours or during recess time.

Installation of Energy Management System

More and more commercial establishments now consider equipping them with Building Energy Management Systems or BEMS as recommended by commercial HVAC companies. It’s a unique computer controlled device that monitors and controls the entire building’s HVAC systems. While controlling the heating and cooling systems, it alerts if the HVAC system is not running efficiently or any fault is detected.

System Upgrading

In case there is considerable energy loss due to the ageing of the heating and cooling system, commercial HVAC companies ( ) can support you by upgrading your HVAC system, instead of its complete replacement, whereas possible, with latest energy efficient mechanisms and tools as a long-term solution.

Posted by brucem231 at 8:43 AM EDT

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