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Wednesday, 13 March 2019
Buying Sectional Sofa- Here’s What to Look For
Topic: Furniture
In this article, we look at the things you need to consider while buying a sectional sofa.


This is the first thing you need to decide. There are basically three types of sectional shapes: The U shape, the L-shape, and the Curve shape. Depending on the space available, you can choose the shape and size of a sectional sofa ( ).

L- shaped sectionals can include a combination of two sofas merged together at the end to form a right angle or one loveseat and chaise. The main difference between regular sofa and chaise sectional is that chaise sectional have chase at one side of the sofa. L-shaped sectional is a great option for small spaces

U-shaped sectional is a three-piece sectional sofa best-suited for large spaces. This type of sofa has one center sofa and two equal sofas on either side. This sofa gives you plenty of sitting.

Curved or semicircular shape sectional gives curb appeal to your home and acts as a centerpiece of attraction. But, it is not a good option for small spaces.

Arm Facing

When you are buying a sectional sofa for your room, you are most likely to buy a chaise sectional because it fits easily into the limited space of rooms, and usually the preferred choice of buyers. While buying a chaise sectional, you have to decide whether you want an RAF sectional or LAF sectional. RAF stands for right arm facing and LAF for left arm facing. Right arm facing (RAF) means when you are looking at a sectional, arm is at the right side. Left arm facing (LAF) means the arm is on your left as you look at a sectional.


When you are buying a sectional sofa, it is one of the key factors you have to consider. You have two basic upholstery options: Fabric sectional and leather sectional. Fabric sectionals are the most commonly purchased sectional sofas ( ) due to their soft feel, a wide variety of colors and easy maintenance.

In a leather sectional, you have two options. First is a faux leather sectional, and second is genuine leather sectional. Faux leather sectional is cheaper than genuine leather sectional. Faux leather sectional is a mix of one or more upholsteries. It replicates the looks of original leather but not as good as original leather in quality.

On the other hand, genuine leather sectional is made of animal hide. Genuine leather upholstery is durable, last longer and look beautiful for ages. But, it requires little extra maintenance.

So these are the three key things you need to consider while buying a sectional sofa.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:03 AM EDT
Friday, 15 February 2019
Five Tips to Choose the Best Stand Up Office Desk
Topic: Furniture
But choosing a good stand up office desk ( ) is no easy task. Don’t worry; through this article we are sharing some points that will help you choose the best out of all available options.

1.  Size

Before you start to look around for a stand up table, you should determine exactly what it will be used for. Don't forget to measure the dimensions of your office to determine how large a desk will be possible within the space. Measure the average height of employees who will be using the desk. You will need a desk with a vast range so the majority of employees can use it comfortably. Try buying the one that meets your exact specifications.

2.  Hardware quality

Never ignore the hardware quality while buying a stand up an office desk. Look for a desk with durable hardware that can easily handle the weight of regularly use devices like laptop, smartphones, and monitors. Also, there are people who love leaning on the desk, to avoid all such issues, stand up desk must be strong enough to deal easily with 150 lbs to 300 lbs of weight.

3.  Budget

How much do you have to spend plays an important role in making a final decision? Stand up office desks are available in a wide range of price options. But before looking for the cheapest option, remember that these desks are an investment in long-term health. Consider the quality of the desk and for extra security, get it covered with warranty because different individuals use things in different ways. Having a warranty will protect you financially if desk malfunctions.

4.  Noise factor

As you are looking for an office desk, never compromise with the noise factor. No one wants to work on a desk that causes loud and disruptive noise. Also, the noise will stop employees from utilizing the desk for fear of disturbing colleagues. To make it simpler for you, we recommend buying a desk which creates noise of less than 40 dB. It makes the transition from sit to stand almost silently.

5.  Desk Surface

Desk surface becomes really important as it will determine how you want your office to look like. A plastic finish lamination is affordable, durable, and looks great. For a quality laminate which can withstand daily use, go for a desk with a thick, high-pressure laminate. You can opt for standard colors such as white, gray or black for your desk's top. Always invest in premium quality tops.

So these are the few key tips that will help you buy the best stand up office desk ( ) for your office.

Are you ready to order a few for your office?

Posted by brucem231 at 7:06 AM EST
Wednesday, 2 January 2019
Top Tips to Buy Height Adjustable Desk
Topic: Furniture
Being a responsible businessperson and employer, your thought of replacing the dated tables of your office with adjustable height desk is greatly appreciable. Remarkably, more and more business groups these days prefer investing in sit and stand desks to attain a healthy business environment with the fit and activated workers ( ). The desks are designed backed by ergonomic mechanism prepared with highest flexibility and support tools enabling employees to put their best efforts without having any physical complication like neck pain, back pain, headache, etc.

Notably, as the popularity of the desk has inspired numbers of average manufactures to produce cheap products that display beside high-quality products in stores, always consider buying great brands online that helps you to do needful research before buying. To ensure quality, the presence of features as per your need, budget, and office space should be considered before making a deal. The points you need to judge are stated below:

7 Points to Consider


Considering the needs of individual users and type of jobs, it is ideal to go for a range of desk heights available in 22.6″ to 48.7″ models. Since they’re made adjustable, before use, every employee should adjust the desktop level while sitting and standing according to their personal need.


The recommended depth of a workstation should be 30″, which is considered as a minimum standard. However, depending upon the space available, a number of employees and their job profile, you can consider desks with smaller or huge footprints too.

Ease of Adjustment

If you wish to present your employees with easy, smooth desk adjustment facility, always consider electric motor controlled lift-up systems instead of hand cranks that are noisy, time killing and finally not appropriate to modern setups.

Weight Capacity

Aside from wooden quality, thickness, and endurance of desk, the type and number of motors placed in each leg of an adjustable height desk determine its weight-lifting capacity. Before buying, note carefully that desks with single motors have minimum capacity; which is way, most buyers consider duel motor desks given their high weight acceptance capacity.

Noise Considerations

An electric height adjustable desk fitted with dual motors is quieter, while manually operated single motor units are extremely louder as well as disturbing in any standard office environment. Whether it’s a small or big corporate floor, consideration of noise factor for adjustable desks should be a major concern for its buyers.

Leg Fatigue

Especially, for people having shorter height use of sit-stand of height adjustable desks often become overtiring as they work in a seated posture. This problem can be effectively discarded with a footrest fitted with the desk.

Programmed setting

Designed on the ergonomic concept, an adjustable height desk should have a number of programmable setting tabs that help to adjust the level of tabletop ideal for people working in a sitting or standing position ( ). Consider buying models that offers more setting advantage that helps more than one person to share the same desk in different times. This helps especially when you have employees working in different shifts like day and night.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:18 AM EST
Friday, 16 November 2018
What are the Main Benefits of Using a Height Adjustable Desk?
Topic: Furniture
Majority of us spend a greater part of our waking hours sitting which has a huge negative effect on our body in the long term. Although a good quality office chair offers all the support and comfort that you require ( ), it is essential to understand that sitting for a prolonged period causes more harm than good. Sometimes you are so engrossed in your work that you often end up sitting longer than recommended, ultimately leading to back pain and other ailments.

A height adjustable desk can help you to work in comfortable postures as it gives you the opportunity to move around as you work. Movement increases blood circulation and energies your muscles. According to recent surveys, your health deteriorates when you sit for an extended period.

Important advantages of working with a height adjustable desk

Office workers find a wide range of benefits using a height adjustable desk and some of these include the following

  An increased level of energy

  Ability to stay alert and active all through the day

  More flexibility and increased productivity

  Reduced backaches and neck pains

  Keeps obesity in check

Alternating Between Sitting and Standing Position

Height adjustable desk allows you to alternate between sitting and standing position, which paves way for regular body movement. Studies reveal that you can burn 340 calories a day by standing two hours a day at work, which is impossible when you sit all day. Prolonged sitting causes spinal shrinkage, unhealthy cardiovascular system, and weakened muscles. However, when you stand, the weight of the body distributes evenly to the ankles, knees, and hips, thereby reducing physical ailments.

Office workers who use adjustable height desks have reported a decrease in pain and other illnesses associated with prolonged sitting at work. Today modern offices have incorporated the use of variable height desks to reduce discomfort and injuries.

What Makes Height Adjustable Desks so Popular?

Sit- stand desks give employees the flexibility to move from the workstation, which is otherwise not quite possible. True, variable height desks are different from the conventional workstations, and it takes time to adapt to the new work scenario. However, recent surveys prove that 5 out of 6 people enjoy working on sit-stand desks due to its beneficial features.

Another notable advantage of using these desks at workplaces is that it promotes team building. Employees can move freely and connect with one another, creating an interactive work environment.

There are so many benefits associated with the use of sit-stand desks, which explains why it is becoming increasingly popular in most of the modern office scenarios. You can find a plethora of height adjustable desks with different attractive features to complement your requirements ( ). Some of the top-notch sit-stand desks make a perfect transition to standing and give you the time to adjust to the new work scenario.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:41 AM EST
Tuesday, 23 October 2018
Tips to Buy Best Wood Vanity Top
Topic: Furniture
Unsurprisingly, wood vanity top is a cozy addition to any bathroom owing to their natural look, distinct color concepts, and great texture. With an extensive range, they can go abreast with your vanity cabinet ( ) nicely especially when you buy countertops for replacing them with an old one.

One of the astonishing contributions of the industry is reclaimed wooden furnishing concept, which has taken the domestic to industrial buyers by storm. Whether you buy the entire vanity or only the top as a standalone part, reclaimed solid wood offers the antique feel and even being sleek and elegant; their naturalness adds a special dimension to modernized bathrooms. However, if you are intended to buy wooden products online, reaching a genuine product can be rather challenging and tricky. Therefore while buying a countertop, consider the following points with diligence.

Don’t Go-by Images

Just as said above, the majority of buyers are habituated to certify a product once they have an eye on the spectacular varieties of online stores. Mind well, that you are not buying outfits, gadgets or household accessories but wooden fixtures. Even a product of inferior quality can be displayed wonderfully with great finishes online when it comes to wood product, in this advanced world of technology, and fake companies are spread all over. So, it would be the nicest choice to go for reputable houses dealing in wood vanity top whereas you can ensure quality, customer service, and competitive price pairing to the industry standard.

Buy Solid Reclaimed

Always go for wood vanity top that are engineered out of hardwoods including teak, oak, maple, cherry, pine, etc. often they don’t come in a single piece or board of lumber while artisans assemble various parts of cut pieces, which then glued and kept tightly with needed mechanisms. Depending on the necessity, you can get them in the right thickness for your kitchen, bathroom, working desk and so on. Whether or not you are passionate of antique furniture, have a look to the profuse variety of rustic vanity wood top which are built to last, aesthetically unbeatable and offers the great natural feel and aroma. Reclaimed solid wood are aged, and their weather-beaten nature makes them best choice vanity tops for wet bathroom condition.

Moisture Control

Wood vanity top is porous that absorbs moisture that makes them prone to possible water damaging. Even though you buy hardwood and solid reclaimed wood top, you should make sure that they’re attributed with moisture control feature. An advantage of buying rustic furniture from specialized online shops is that their online support team is attentive to respond your queries for 24x7 hours. Thus, before buying and after having research of the product ( Foxdendecor.Com/blog ), you can interact online to ensure if they offer the highest class of the desired level of treatment and finishing with a view to retaining the natural moisture level of woods that acts as a shield to control moisture damage. Usually, they apply non-hazardous sealants to generate non-porous edge and equally offer the finishing of natural texture.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:20 AM EDT
Five Tips to choose Single Bathroom Vanity
Topic: Furniture
Choosing the right single bathroom vanity is not an easy task. There are so many decisions to be made that one found himself in Catch-22. So, let’s make it easier. Here are the five tips to choose single bathroom vanity.


The first decision you need to make is, choose the right size of vanity. If you do not get it right, even the most expensive of vanities will look flat. Size of the vanity depends on the space available in the bathroom. You do not want your bathroom doors to keep hitting the vanity cabinet. Neither have you wanted bathroom vanity ( ) to be an obstacle in navigation in the rest of the bathroom. So, choose the size of vanity ensuring all these things. Generally, the width of single bathroom vanity is less than 60 inches for a single bathroom. However, it can vary from 20 inches to 60 inches depending upon the size and space available in the bathroom.

Mounting Style

The next thing you need to decide is the mounting style of the bathroom vanity. A single bathroom vanity can either mounted on the wall or free stand on the floor. Wall mounted vanity is mounted on the wall and consumes less space whereas freestanding vanity stands on the floor with legs. Choose the mounting style that you love, and it should resonate with the rest of the design of the bathroom.


This is a very important decision to make. Various materials are used for manufacturing vanity cabinet ranges from rustic wood to particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF), solid wood, and acrylic. Rustic wood vanity or solid wood vanity is built to last for the lifetime and easy to maintain. On the other hand, vanity cabinet made of particle board, MDF or acrylic is less durable and prone to moisture but cheaper than the rustic vanity cabinet. So the choice of material depends on the budget. More you put in, more quality you will get.

Sink Style

There is no wrong choice in this section. Choose the style of sink that you love the most. Various sink styles include under mount, vessel, drop-in, and integrated sink. Each style has its unique charm and characteristics. However, the vessel sink is quite often seen in modern bathrooms.


Choosing a right countertop is as important as choosing the right design, color, size, and material of the vanity cabinet. Stone countertop gives the perfect finishing to the vanity cabinet. Granite and quartz countertops are the most popular ones because of its strength, durability, and looks. But, as they are porous stone, they need the occasional application of sealant. Cheaper alternative like Acrylic countertop is also available ( Foxdendecor.Com/blog ), but they are very rarely used because of its artificial looks.

So, these are the five tips that can help you to choose the right single bathroom vanity for your bathroom.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:52 AM EDT
Monday, 22 October 2018
The Top Six Interior Decorator Trends for Autumn and Winter 2018
Topic: Furniture
The days are getting shorter, the air is growing colder, and whether you like it or not, fall is here! It’s time to enjoy all the comforts of spending a little more time indoors. So why not transform your home into a cozy oasis that you can’t wait to retreat to after a hard day of work. With the help of an interior decorator in Los Angeles ( ), you can incorporate the top six decor trends for autumn and winter 2018 into your home.

1.  Oversized Florals

Floral prints are no longer reserved for just spring and summer. Instead of gravitating towards a sunflower or daisy print, have your interior decorator in Los Angeles choose an arrangement of flowers that are little more romantic. Think roses, tulips, Japanese quince, and winter jasmine. It isn’t just about the type of florals that you feature, but also about the size of the print. This autumn and winter, we recommend going big with large-scale floral prints in rich jewel tones.

2.  Gold

Gold is another big trend that interior decorators in Los Angeles are loving for this season. Although there is definitely a focus on gold during spring and summer, it pairs beautifully with the dark and sultry color palette of fall and winter. Make a statement by incorporating different forms of gold into your home. Instead of focusing on accessories, branch out and choose something a little more unique like gold carpet or a gold couch!

3.  Bold Shapes

This fall and winter, look out for different shapes in bold and loud colors. This trend is very playful and happy, and is perfect for boosting your energy during the winter months. Mixing stripes and spots with geometric prints and blocks makes for a unique and loud statement. While there are no rules to this trend, ensure your interior decorator in Los Angeles takes a modern approach by incorporating clean lines and neutral space.

4.  Retro Scandinavian

Mid-century decor has really been in the spotlight during the last year, and the nostalgia of the 1950s isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, interior designers in Los Angeles are blending vintage decor and modern Scandinavian design together. Vibrant pops of color, like yellow and deep aqua blue, and light shades of wood are being combined with post-war designs for a simple yet classic look.

5.  Feature Walls

When your interior decorator in Los Angeles says “feature wall”, they don’t mean color blocking. This season it’s all about taking it one step further. So instead of painting one wall in a room a vivid color, add a textured element to your space with wood, tile, or stone. You can even work with your interior decorator to create a stunning one-of-a-kind mural.

6.  Black Cabinetry

Kitchens are undergoing a major change as more and more people steer away from the traditional uniform style of matching units, countertops, and backsplashes. If you are a fan of monochrome looks, than you are sure to adore this trend. Black cabinetry makes a dramatic statement ( ), and it is a trend that falls under a much larger decorating scheme. Work with your interior designer in Los Angeles to mix and match different textures, colors, and styles to create a kitchen that is totally your own.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:13 AM EDT
Saturday, 22 September 2018
Things to Consider Before Purchasing Dual Motor Standing Desk
Topic: Furniture
So, today we will look at the key things to consider for choosing a right dual motor standing desk for your workplace.


How much weight do you want to put on it? This is the first thing you need to figure out. Is it just a laptop or a complete desktop ( easyergo/dual-motor-standing-desk ) that you want to put on it? Depending on that you can choose the capacity of the desk. Generally, desk frame is designed to hold 150 lbs. But if you want little extra protection, purchasing a desk that can hold up to 300lbs is not a bad idea.


Every standing desk makes some noise while making adjustments to the height. But the question is how much noise it should make? If you are purchasing a dual motor standing desk for your office, choose a one that creates noise within the range of 40-50 decibels. Make sure the motion control technology of your standing desk is ultra-smooth and nearly silent.

Minimum and maximum height

Choose the minimum and maximum height of standing desk as per your requirements. Generally, minimum and maximum height varies in between 24-52 inches. Also, standing desk can be adjusted to different height elevation within this range. Make sure you are able to work comfortably while standing.

Desk Top

For most of the people how the desk's top looks matters most. A wide range of tabletop materials and colors are available to choose. For office use, white desktop fits best. You can customize the design and pattern of your desktop. You can also customize the size of the desktop as per your specific requirements.


How many years of warranty your manufacturer is offering? Never forget to ask this question. As your desk has a motion mechanism, there are chances that it can break down. However, it happens rarely. Most of the reputed manufacturers offer 5 years of warranty. Standing desks are the costly item. So before you make a final decision to purchase, make sure your manufacturer is providing you the warranty.

These are the five most important things you should keep in mind to choose the right dual motor standing desk.

The bottom line

Standing desks lasts for years ( ), and used regularly. So it is necessary that you should choose the right one. It is always good to have a talk with an expert and let him know your specific needs before making a final decision to purchase.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:35 AM EDT
Tuesday, 10 July 2018
Why Rustic Furniture is a Great Addition to Bedrooms
Topic: Furniture
The rustic trend is one that catches your attention everywhere – on home décor magazines, social media pages, home interior blogs, and many more. Though not a new trend ( ), it has managed to stay extremely appealing to designers and users for a long time. Just any part of the home can be decorated using the rustic theme and one of the easiest ways to do so is by adding rustic furniture. Here’s a look at why adding such furniture to your bedroom is an interesting choice.

#1 - Rustic furniture adds warmth and liveliness

Rustic furniture, adds warmth and coziness to bedrooms. In myriad shades of brown, these wooden pieces complement modern and minimalist spaces and add a welcoming feel. Such furniture can also be used in a standalone manner – pairing wood with metal and topping it with vibrant colors or worn-out finishes imparts a unique twist to the aesthetics of the personal space.

#2 - It can be used a little or a lot

Rustic, though casual, is never understated. In smaller bedrooms for guests or kids, a basic rustic wooden table, chair, or dresser may be all that is needed to give the room a finishing touch. In nooks and corners that lack space, a mini shelf or a reclaimed wood stool can add unimaginable beauty and appeal. You can also never go overboard with rustic. Even if you were to use simple wooden chairs, desks, beds, headboards, armoires, or dressing tables, your bedroom would never look ostentatious or over the top.

#3 - Rustic is easy to mix with other styles

If you aren’t a hardcore fan of the rustic style, never mind. You can still mix and match this casual theme with others like industrial or contemporary for an interesting, crossover look. For example, a reclaimed wooden bed can be placed against a white or pastel colored wall. A barn wood dressing table can be given the edge with a pop of bright paint or distressed finish.

#4 - Rustic wooden furniture boasts of a unique texture

Texture, like color, is an integral part of the aesthetics of a room. Rustic furniture, especially those made from recycled, upcycled, or reclaimed wood, has a very distinct texture brought about by the grains on the wood and by its exposure to changing weather conditions. The beauty of such furniture is hard to beat and can elevate the design of a room manifold.

#5 - Such furniture brings in character and personality
Rustic furniture often boasts of unique and interesting design elements. This makes such objects a favorite among people who like to show-off their prowess at collecting and curating distinct furniture pieces. If you are a lover of things with an antique, historic, or rudimentary touch, this kind of furniture such as armoires passed down generations, or large headboards made using barn doors may be just the right pick for you.

Using rustic furniture in bedrooms ( ) can liven up this space and give it a warm, welcoming feel, even when used in conjunction with other décor styles.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:20 AM EDT
The Most Vital Points to Consider While Buying Wooden Bar Stools for Bar or Home
Topic: Furniture
While planning to procure wooden stools for kitchen or bar, as selection of quality wood, locating a consistent company specializing in wooden bar stools is vital; never overlook measuring the level of moisture, room temperature ( ), as well as ease of maintenance and ways of handling them to ensure their permanence with color and liveliness in place.

•  Consider Temperature and Humidity Level

Depending on the state you live in the US, as the climatic condition in terms of moisture content in air and temperature varies, and you also, consider maintaining the right atmosphere within the home or bar, equally, choosing the right lumber types is also vital. Every wood category has its innate moisture content level and thus, wooden bar stools to be used next to kitchen oven table or inside the restaurant cooking room are likely to deform or even split within a few days, if not chosen properly. Talk to the experts of the shop online or offline and get their guidelines to buy the most weathered wooden quality pieces.

•  Choose the Right Wood

By their characteristic, while many woods absorb or impart moisture faster, others boast extra capacity to hold needed moisture that keeps them sparkling for longer period of time. For example, wooden bar stools made of maple, walnut, or ash with smaller veins are not likely to bend in adverse condition similar to oak, which are more porous. Equally, even if pine is an excellent wood but they might not be suitable for certain areas due to its softness, whereas teak is extremely popular and widely employed when it comes to home or commercial bar stools.

•  Decide on Traditional or Trendy Stools

You can get wooden bar stools in traditional and trendy designs. Combined with high class timber and blackened steel structures they look great in pubs, restaurants, domestic kitchens. While choosing them for your home setting, consider whether your kitchen boast a traditional look in terms of its architecture, lighting accessories, or prep table etc, whilst conventional type wooden stools will be the right fit. Trendy wooden stools are available in wide range, and like many others ( Foxdendecor.Com/blog ), you can definitely try contrast of industrial or country type lumber seat on metal base. Wood legs with cautioned seat with or without arm back also feel comfortable for bartenders to serve customer for long hours with smiling face.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:44 AM EDT

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