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Wednesday, 26 September 2018
Three Tips to Choose Perfect Kitchen Ceiling Lights
Topic: Lighting
Kitchen lighting always comes at the last in kitchen remodeling project. And, choosing the right kitchen ceiling lights is no easy task. You have the whole world of kitchen light fixtures ( ) available to choose from. Pendants, chandeliers, sconces, mount flushes or lamps; all can be used to give elegant look to your kitchen. So, what will work best? Let’s find out.

Tips to choose right kitchen ceiling lights

1. Layer lighting design

Layered lighting design means that you are choosing light fixtures separately for each task. You need task lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting, and decorative lighting for the kitchen. There might be light fixtures that multitask their lighting duties, but you cannot find one that does all.

Here are the four layers of the kitchen's layer lighting design:

Task light

Task lighting illuminates countertops, workspaces, and pantry closets of kitchen. Cabinet lights are used for illuminating countertops where you have to prepare foods and do the chopping work.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to display the special touches, special features, and artwork of the kitchen. Wall lights, track lights, and other decorative lights are best suited for this purpose.

Decorative lighting

Here comes the role of chandeliers and pendants. These lighting fixtures add a warm feeling to your kitchen and dining space. Chandeliers are best suited for decorative lighting of dining tables. Pendants light your kitchen in such a way that you want to spend your time over there.

Ambient light

You need sufficient illumination in the kitchen for the safe movement and avoiding any accidents. Kitchen ceiling lights ensure the sufficient illumination of the kitchen space. You can use the mount flush LED lights or Torchiere lamps for the ambient lighting.

2. Right size

You do not want people bumping their heads into light fixtures. If you are opting for pendants, make sure they are at least 32 inches above the table countertop. Your dining area lighting fixtures should be placed in such a way that it does not restrict movement. Also, make sure the specification of lighting fixtures should be in accordance with the size of the kitchen. Too large or too small fixtures will make things mismatched.

3. Right style of kitchen ceiling lights

Choose the style of kitchen light fixtures that resonates with the rest of the light fixtures of your home. Especially, if you have an open kitchen ( ), make sure there is flow among the space. Kitchen light fixtures have to be in tune with the theme of the rest of the house.

These are the few tips that can help you to choose the right kitchen ceiling lights.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:49 AM EDT
What are the Different Types of Living Room Lamps?
Topic: Lighting
But when you are out in the market for purchasing living room lamps ( ), you will find that it is not that easy to choose a lamp. There are so many options are available in the market that you will get confused easily. So it is good to first know about the different types of lamps first.

Types of Living Room Lamps

Table Lamps

Table lamps are used for the purpose of task lighting and accent lighting. Table lamps come in the variety of design, shape, and style. The most popular style of table lamps includes buffet, arc, piano, novelty, ceramic, and swing arm. Table lamps work with ambient lighting fixtures. They cannot be used for the purpose of the ambient lighting because their illumination range is limited and designed to provide the light in the downward direction.

Floor Lamps

These are tall, slender lamps which are used for the ambient lighting. Illumination range of these lamps makes them the perfect choice for the ambient lighting of the living rooms. Torchiere lamps are one the most popular type of living room lamps. These floor lamps have tall body and lampshade that faces upwards to provide ambient luminescence.


Sconces or wall lights are the lanterns that are mounted vertically on the walls. They can mount on any vertical surface. Sconces can be sued for both indoor and outdoor lighting. These lighting fixtures are used to enhance the appearance of the house. Wall lights are best suited to display the artwork, pictures, and special touches of the home.


If you are looking for living room lamps that make your room environment pleasing and romantic, pendants are the best choice. Pendants are the type of ceiling light fixtures that are hanged to the ceiling. They direct the light in the downward direction and provide the decorative lighting to the living room. They enhanced the beauty and style of the room significantly.


Chandeliers are the light fixtures that add royalty to the living room. They are made of glass pearls and used for the purpose of decorative lighting. Size of these light fixtures is huge as compared to the other light fixtures. They are the center of the attraction of room and add curb appeal to the room.

These are the five most popular types of the living room lamps.

The Bottom Line

Lighting of your room plays a very important role in creating the pleasing environment in room and option to do so are enormous. So choose the type of living room lamps that you love most ( ), and which adds to the beauty of your room.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:24 AM EDT
Tuesday, 25 September 2018
Five Tips to Choose Right Bedside Table Lamps
Topic: Lighting
But for that, first, you need to choose the perfect bedside lamp. Any bedside lamp will not work. You have to find a one which has the right size, shape, and color so that it complements the looks of your room. There are few things which you need to keep in mind to find perfect bedside table lamps ( ) for your room. Let’s have a look at it.

Height of the lamp

You need a lamp that can provide lighting without striking glare into the eyes. Neither it should be too close to the surface of the mattress, nor should it shine over your head. The height of the bedside lamp should be equal or two-three inches extra of the height of the bedside table. Generally, the top of the bedside table and the mattress are on the same level. The height of bedside table ranges in between 22-26 inches. So if the height of the bedside table is 23 inches, choose a bedside lamp of 26 inches.

Width of the lamp

The width of bedside table lamps depends upon the width of the bedside table. Too narrow or wide bedside lamps look odd. The wider the nightstand is, the wider should be the lamp. To be a more precise width of the bedside lamp should be one-third of the width of the nightstand.

Lamp style

There is an enormous range of bedside lamps out there that you can get confused easily. To keep it simple, choose the style which attracts you. You have the variety of options such as pharmacy lamps, ceramic lamps, candlestick lamps, glass lamps, and novelty lamps. Choose the design of the lamp as per the theme of your bedroom.


Match the color of your lamp with the theme of the bedroom. If you need calmness, soft grey and varieties of white will work best. If you are creative enough, you can also deliberately mismatch the color of your lamp. If you have a simple bedside table, then choose a colorful lamp. And if you have a colorful bedside table, a simple bedside lamp will work best.

Single or Pair

How many table lamps you need? As a basic thumb rule, if there are two people, you need two lamps. And if you are single, you need a one. However, if you have a king-sized bed ( ), then you have to purchase a pair because one lamp will look quite odd. And obviously, both the lamps should be identical.

These are the few tips to choose the perfect bedside table lamps.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:28 AM EDT
Tuesday, 28 August 2018
Five Unique Ideas for Nautical Outdoor Lighting
Topic: Lighting
The outdoors of your home isn’t just a space that visitors notice from far away. The many spots like the patio, porch etc. are also ideal hangouts for entertainment and relaxation. Proper outdoor lighting ( ) can not only brighten up these spaces but also set the mood right while imparting a warm and homely feel. Nautical lights are a great choice for outdoor spaces in homes. Here are five unique ways in which you can use them in the exterior parts of your abode.

Convoy light sconces flanking garage doors

The elongated convoy lights with metal cages and hanging metal accents remind you of a seafaring adventure and are an ideal choice for ambient lighting in an outdoor spot like the garage. Convoy lights are commonly used as wall sconces and can be set flanking garage doors to illuminate the entry to this storage space.

Bulkhead light at the entry way

The circular bulkhead lights cast a subdued glow in outdoor spaces and are an apt choice for illuminating the entryway to your house. These ship-inspired lights feature metal grids set over hemispherical glass shades that house incandescent bulbs within. are available in a choice of light and dark finishes to suit different exterior color schemes. While lampshades in clear glass exude a bright glow, those in etched glass lend a frosted feel. Use nautical bulkhead lights as a pair, on each side of the door, or as a single large light directly above the entry.

Cargo light pendants in the patio

Cargo lights in warm metallic finishes command attention in any setting. Their conical design makes them a great choice for hanging needs as they can be suspended using cables or chains to illuminate covered outdoor spaces like the patio. Large cargo light pendants, when hung in such outdoor areas, provide sufficient general or ambient lighting that illuminate everything in its vicinity. These fixtures can also be hung low, directly over a seating spot in the patio, for focused lighting needs.

Onion light post mounts for the driveway

The electric version of the globulus lamps that once protected whale oil flames in ships are now a hot favorite for nautical outdoor lighting. Newer designs of the portable lamps retain features like the metal loops and cages for aesthetic purposes, while some others drop these features altogether. Onion lights can be set atop posts to illuminate long driveways, walkways, gardens, and even boundary walls. They are available in a choice of clear, etched, or colored glass shades to add beauty and a riveting coastal cottage charm to outdoor areas.

Brass anchor lanterns by the poolside

Brass anchor lanterns are yet another class of light fixtures that bring home the nautical feel. Warm metal combined with incandescent light bulbs and clear or seeded glass adds a nautical touch to outdoor spaces ( www.Crescentharbor.Com/ ) irrespective of the locale. These lamps are perfect for poolside illumination as either post mounts or boundary lights. Their mild, fuzzy glow lends a relaxed feel as you take a dip in the water after a tiring workday.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:23 AM EDT
Saturday, 25 August 2018
Tips to Consider Before Buying Picture Lamps!
Topic: Lighting
Lighting plays a major role in selling your art work, it is probably a high end investment but it definitely pays you well. So, if you are not a budget conscious artist ( ), the point below will help you to choose the pocket friendly picture lamps for your art pieces.

Choosing perfect picture lighting for your paintings and masterpieces is not an easy task. There are many artists who made a wrong decision by opting a bad lighting for their art pieces. However, if you wish to lit up your art gallery or fair booth, you must consider lightweight picture lamps or modular bulbs that gives a contemporary and classic look with a special lighting effect that is not to flashy nor too subtle.

Points to be considered before buying a picture lamp:

â—   Size: the formula is picking up a correct picture lamp has always been like choosing the half size of the image. So if your image is 10 inches wide, then your picture light should be 5 inches. It depends on artist to artist if you wish to focus on the center of the image then you must select the half size of the picture lamp. But choices may vary, if our artwork has more of abstract paintings and doesn’t require any focus in the center, than you should opt for same size of light.

â—   Color: there are basically two ways to pick a picture light. The first one is obviously to pick the color that goes with your frame. Gold, brass, metallic, silver, bronze and black. The second option is to pick a color that compliments your artwork, the color scheme and the environment.

â—   Style:

ầ”  Contemporary: the first one if contemporary style of picture lamps. This light has a round shape which is neat and symmetrical. It is used to not overwhelm the image in its own special style, but to provide light by not disturbing the focus.

ầ”  Classic: second is traditional or classic style of lighting. This light has a forward bended shape that gives a angled look. This particular style is used with large size of oil paintings. Both contemporary and classic are interchangeable. It is just a matter of choice and preference.

ầ”  Slimline: this style is mainly used with traditional images. It has a curved swooping armature that rise just above the shade. This particular style looks amazing over drawings, photos and prints. It has contemporary look which looks great over artwork. It is very much beneficial over wide paintings.

So, there are several factors and standards when choosing a perfect picture lamp for your masterpiece. Each and every artwork is unique and beautiful and thus requires a different type of lighting lamps. To find the best for your artwork ( www.Crescentharbor.Com/ ), you must keep these points in mind to emphasize your work in a unique and aesthetical way.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:34 AM EDT
Saturday, 28 July 2018
Four Interesting Outdoor Pendants by Hubbardton Forge for Your Home Renovation Project
Topic: Lighting
Pendant light fixtures can adorn indoor as well as outdoor spaces. They are a great source of general lighting in areas that are dark and can also be used as accent lighting alongside chandeliers and other fixtures to enhance the ambiance of a living space. Hubbardton Forge ( Crescentharbor/Hubbardton-forge-pendants ), popularly known as the modern American blacksmiths, offers a splendid lineup of pendants light crafted exclusively for outdoor spaces. These damp rates light fixtures can brighten up porches and patios while also mesmerizing visitors with their beautiful designs. Check out four such magnificent Hubbardton Forge outdoor pendants for your next home decoration or renovation project.

Portico Drum

The Portico Drum is a modern take on the classic drum shade. A bare-it-all design, this light pendant showcases a drum-like metallic structure that surrounds upward facing metallic arms. The latter in turn, holds candelabra lights housed within opal or seeded glass tubes. The Portico Drum pendant is available in six finishes specifically formulated to resist some of the harshest environmental conditions – Coastal Black, Coastal Natural Iron, Coastal Mahogany, Coastal Bronze, Coastal Dark Smoke, and Coastal Burnished Steel.

Modern Prairie

Modern Prairie is a large outdoor pendant inspired by the architectural elements of the Arts and Crafts movement. The design features a metallic roof-like top from which extend vertical metal strips that adorn and hold the glass shade. The coastal finishes on the metal combined with a choice of Pearl, Opal, or Stone Glass lend this pendant light a warm, endearing feel that uplifts any outdoor space instantly. Plus, the minimalistic elements add to the beauty without being overwhelming.


The Banded pendent is a medium-sized outdoor light fixture with a clean and sleek design. The pendant features metal bands connected by four aluminum bars rising up through square metal plates. Housed within this structure is a cylindrical glass shade covering an incandescent lamp. Like Modern Prairie, the Banded pendant evokes a warm feel and is available in a choice of six Coastal finishes - Black, Natural Iron, Mahogany, Bronze, Dark Smoke, or Burnished Steel. The glass shades are available in Opal, Pearl, and Stone variants.


Here is an outdoor pendant that’s worthy of all the attention in your outdoor space. This six-light pendant features metallic, rod-like arms connected at angles to each other for a distinct geometrical look. Each arm ends in a frosted globe or Edison tube bulb, which provide distinctly different looks. The Divergence outdoor pendant like others is available in a choice of Coastal outdoor finishes and can fit seamlessly into any theme from contemporary to industrial.

The beauty of Hubbardton Forge outdoor pendants lies not just in their designs and aesthetics but also in the fact that they are not mass produced but handcrafted to order. Skilled artisans in Vermont, USA put in painstaking effort to ensure that they create unique and enrapturing pieces that fetch you praises galore. So, the next time you want to choose a light fixture ( www.Crescentharbor.Com/About-us ) for your outdoor space, browse through the collection by Hubbardton Forge.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:32 AM EDT
Thursday, 26 July 2018
Use Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps to Amplify the Ambience Beauty
Topic: Lighting
Benefits of Floor Lamps

You can find varied styles of floor lamps having different designs ( www.CrescentHarbor/Hubbardton-forge-floor-lamps ), sizes, shapes, and colors. Picking the right one for making the interior spaces more attractive will not be difficult.

•  Floor lamps are handy for providing extra brilliance across the space. Precise augmentation of the indoor beauty is possible by using them.

•  You can fix the same in all areas of a residence. For example, the lovely nature of the living room becomes all the more perceptible when you place an appropriate floor lamp. Likewise, it is possible to augment the existing attractiveness of places like the dining room and bedrooms. You can control the light within the dining room so that the area is even more pleasing. The soothing light that flows from a floor lamp will make bedrooms more tranquil and cordial.

•  The adaptability is another key benefit. You can move the lamp from place to place; this gives you the leeway to change the position in line with the requirement or your own will.

•  By using a floor lamp, one can add the visual beauty of the related space greatly. The only thing that you must make sure is to buy the suitable one.

•  If it is a bit dark in any corner of the room, you can cut off that dimness by placing a floor lamp at a suitable position.

Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps

These are marvelous floor lamps, which will be enough to create a mind-cooling brilliance within the interior areas of all types of buildings. Because they are hand-forged, all of the pieces will be highly unique in appearance and no two pieces will look alike. The base material used for the creation of Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps is wrought iron, and hence, the design will look extremely beautiful. These lamps come into the market with a cute-looking finish, which is so alluring. You can phase in an exciting exclusivity wherever you want. Moreover, wrought is tough by nature and will not succumb to smash ups soon. One will be able to use wrought iron floor lamps for a long time that can stretch to decades.

Online Purchase Is Recommended

Various models of Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps are available, and it will not be possible to see all the models in a traditional shop. On the contrary, by visiting the online portals of reputable merchants, you will be able to see all the models, including the old and the latest ones, under one roof. You may need different styles and sizes of floor lamps ( CrescentHarbor/Hubbardton-forge-outdoor-lighting ) for placing at different locations within your residence. Online stores offer you this possibility. You can select in line with your actual requirement. Besides, you can do the shopping at your own convenience. There will not be any need to travel; the ordered floor lamps will reach your house before the agreed final date.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:21 AM EDT
Minka Aire Fans are Popular for Functionality and Fashionable Designs
Topic: Lighting
Why You Need Ceiling Fans?

Proper ventilation and flawless air circulation are extremely essential within all types of buildings, whether it is a residence or a commercial structure. This is a must for healthy living. The significance of ceiling fans arises here. Ceiling fans will spread out air evenly within the space ( ) where they are fixed. However, the fans you install must be functionally efficient and must consume only very little power for proper functioning. Only by fixing such practically utilitarian ceiling fans, you can phase in these two factors inside buildings. In short, it is imperative that you must buy quality fans like the Minka Aire Fans. Moreover, you must look for the latest models that have a technological edge over the earlier versions. This is possible only when you shop from the stores of established merchants. You will get an opportunity to choose from a plethora of the most recently launched models.

Minka Aire Fans Are Popular

You can see a matchless blend of shape, size, functionality, and designing efficacy in Minka Aire Fans, and this makes them truly special. As regards the style, customers are sure to get the specific style they want. Whether you would like to have the classic style, which will project the distinctive royal elegance, or the current all the rage models that will make the space stylish in the modern way, there will not be any problem at all in obtaining them. Besides, you can also find the captivating designs that belong to the transitory period. Just visit the website of a reputable merchant who deals with Minka Aire Fans and search for the item. The selection process will be rather easy, because, this company launches varied sizes of fans. This includes petite-sized hugger fans, which you can install in the small areas.

The Research & Development wing of Minka Group works hard and diligently, in order to create innovative fans with unparalleled functionality. They try to fix the working-efficiency level at the topmost level so that the air circulation becomes very much effective, regardless of the size of the room. Hence, you can find perfectly fitting fans for the smaller rooms and the larger rooms.

Use the Online Portals of Leading Merchants

In our time, you can find a lot of online stores that sell lighting fixtures. Hence, you must find out the reliable nature of the merchant before buying from them. If you find that a particular merchant has vast experience, then you can take him as a dependable trader. Only trustworthy traders will be able to receive the approval of customers, and only when they get this, they will be able to continue in business for longer periods. Moreover, you can find even the latest model fans of all brands ( ), including the Minka Aire Fans in their professionally maintained online stores, which gives you the chance to pick the hottest designs.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:36 AM EDT
Monday, 25 June 2018
Determine the Class, Elements, and Size of Minka Lavery Chandeliers Fitting to Your Space
Topic: Lighting
When it comes to the selection process of highly sophisticated chandeliers adored from the historical era, for the vast majority, it becomes challenging to decide on the exact set which would go with their entryways, living room, dining area or kitchen seamlessly. No wonder, the attention-grabbing lighting fixture ( Crescentharbor/Minka-lavery-chandeliers ), whether dangling in the foray, bedroom or drawing room, it happens to be the focal point for your visitors and guests boasting your class and taste. With radical modernizations in element, tools, and features, incorporated now in Minka Lavery chandeliers, it tends to be confusing to determine the right piece for your home. To overcome this, go through the following tips stated below:

The General Décor of the Setting

In order to make it complementing to the entire design of the room, its geometric shape, wall color and accessories spread across the set, consider all aspects wisely and creatively. If you feel important, it is the best choice to obtain suggestion from interior designer experts. Remember, you are investing adequate to own this much-desired asset of your home, so if paying something to experts helps get the right product, that’s always wise.

If the room is equipped with ceiling fans, scones, or pendants, your chandelier should definitely match with them in terms of color, elements, and stylists. So, when buying Minka Lavery chandeliers, always look for one-stop shop, rather than buying them from different places.

Get the Room Dimension

Keep in mind, the collection of the appropriate size of Minka Lavery chandeliers suiting to the measurement of your room is the key to get the best outcome. Therefore, always go with the universal thumb rule to determine the chandelier size.
Add the length and width of the space (in feet) to derive the size (diameter/width) of the chandelier (in inch). For instance, whereas your hall measures 18 ft long and 14 ft wide, you should ideally go for a chandelier having diameter of 32’’. (18ft + 14 ft) = 32 ft and should be simply converted into inches.

Dining Hall or Bedroom

If your target area is beautifying your dinning place with Minka Lavery chandeliers ( Crescentharbor/Minka-lavery-flush-mount-fixtures ), the lighting system should be centered based on the seating space while you must not focus on the room size. In that case, what you have to judge is the length and width of the table top. An alternative ways is to find the gap among the walls in ft from the table both in length and width and to multiply the outcome by 2. With this, if the gaping from one wall is 10 ft and another is 8 ft, the fixture diameter should be (10 ft + 8 ft) x 2 = 36 ft, now convert in inch so 36 ‘’ should be the ideal diameter of the chandelier. This applies to bedroom also; however, considering whether you like to hang the light over the bed or in the middle of the room, you should find the size. In fact, both styles are in vogue.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:56 AM EDT
Four Great Ideas to Illuminate Your Home with Exclusive Seagull Lighting Pendants
Topic: Lighting
Simpler and cost-effective than chandeliers that come with numerous outspread arms,  pendant is a small lighting accessory which functions similar to any average bulb covered under a special kind of shade ( CrescentHarbor/Seagull-Lighting-Pendants ), within globes that hang at the end of a string. Available in a widespread variety of styles, shapes and sizes, Seagull lighting pendants come in ranges from 4’’ span small cylinders types to huge 30’’ domes. With a bigger domes and shades as well as inner lighting tool, you can expect lighting over a big area, ideally for your entrance area, staircases, or balcony.

Equally, when you need a small area to focus, go for pendants that work like task light that offers brighter beams onto a specific spot including a kitchen island, sink or over the reading table of your library. Since the light containing shade is the specialty of pendants, you can find them in varieties and accordingly choose them considering what matches your space the best. To name a few among the varieties includes colorful glasses, flute drums, ribbed globes of shiny multicolored metals etc.

Seagull pendent lights are a great way to include personal touch to your business place or home while the options of illuminating with pendants are limitless. Following are four great ideas for you

Consider Group Pendants

Buyers can access exclusive range of group pendants off the rack or can make them personalized by adding at least three pendants in a chain. Unsurprisingly, when suspended in clusters they turn into a bold statement. Whereas it is no mandatory to use similar color, light or even dimension in the array of pendants, by making difference in their types, you can effectively boast your creative talent, vision and style sense. You can try grouping and featuring Seagull lighting pendants in your bathroom, over the kitchen prep area or above the dining table.

Use Seagull Lighting Pendants Everywhere

Remarkably, Seagull lighting pendants unlock the way to let you shine your style, personality, and taste all through your home with its varieties perfectly going with the place. Unlike chandeliers, which are rather an elaborate lighting accessory, the best part of pendants is that they are made and accessible for each and every space of your home. Right from your kid’s room to rustic sunroom, bathroom to kitchen, or bedroom to foyer, you can light up everywhere with its sets or clusters complimenting to it.

Include Globes and Domes

Globes for pendant lighting are becoming popular like anything. Aside from shades ( CrescentHarbor/Seagull-Ceiling-Fixtures ), never forget to feature them with globes of domes that come in wide variety of patterns, shapes, and style. You can get them prepared with modest industrial elements, shiny trendy features, rustic steel finished fixtures and others.

Illuminate Your Stairs

Stairs are an immense opportunity in every home which can be amazingly illuminated by Seagull lighting pendants of small or large sizes enclosed inside a chain. Since staircases need to be well lit to reduce the risk of slipping, always consider pendants that are not diffused.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:08 AM EDT

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