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Thursday, 19 December 2019
Buy HVAC Takeoff Software from a Technically Perfect Software Company
Topic: Software
Why HVAC Takeoff?

A winning HVAC contracting requires a perfect HVAC estimating. Listing the materials needed for the HVAC installation and overhauling is grueling. Software such as HVAC takeoff ( ) software will be of great help during such situations. As far as this software is concerned, one will need less effort, time, and money for the estimation of HVAC installation and repair.

The major benefits of HVAC estimating software include the enhancement of the quality of work, swiftness in the application, and overall precision. One can use the same anywhere, and by using any device. Moreover, there will not be any time restriction; one can make use of the effectiveness of the software at any time.

HVAC estimation software gives the practical leeway for the user to access all matters related to the HVAC estimate such as the connected plans, pricing, etc., all through the day and night, and that too all through the week, irrespective of the holidays by using just any kind of a device in which there is an internet facility. Proper installation of the ductwork is essential to keep the temperature within the building cozy; bear in mind, an imperfect installation will lead to inevitable snags very soon. If there is air leakage, then that will make the system faulty, and there will not be proper air circulation. Besides, the HVAC system will stop working soon, and you will have to spend money again to repair the system. HVAC estimation software will be practically handy to you for getting a precise estimation for performing the related works.

Benefits of HVAC Takeoff Software

  HVAC Takeoff software facilitates the user to track down the takeoffs accurately and swiftly. You will need just a few clicks on the keyboard.

  As the software will be incorporated with the names of all the materials needed for HVAC functioning, it will have the faculty to point out the requirement of even the minute parts, and thus, the estimation process becomes straightforward and trouble-free.

  One will be able to calculate the material and the entailed labor costs within a few seconds, and this will be of much help to the HAVC contractors practically.

  There will be an on-screen digitizer, and the takeoffs will be precisely in tune with the digital job plans, which will give the results on the dot.

  Calculating the various meters, such as the volume, length, area, etc., will be quite simple, and the bill generation will be spontaneous.

  The user will be able to obtain the required material list and the cost calculation instantaneously.

Buy from a Professional Company

Check through the internet and find out some of the leading companies that sell HVAC Takeoff ( ) software. Discuss with them and explain your requirements and get quotes from them. Compare the website details, including the functionality and the related price. Thus you will be able to pick the best option, which will satisfy your practical needs.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:28 AM EST
Monday, 21 October 2019
Benefits of Using Plumbing Estimating Software
Topic: Software
Today’s plumbing industry has gone a drastic change. Since digitization is overtaking every business and plumbing is no exception. By reaping the advantages of digitization, you can able to transform your plumbing business into an agile, flexible enterprise. This helps you to act fast when market conditions change rather than being stuck in a cycle of adapting to new aspects of the industry. A specific area where plumbers are seeing good profits is using plumbing estimating software ( ) in their business for economizing and streamlining the process. But what is this software all about, the benefits of investing and how can incorporate it into your business. All the answers are mentioned below.


Plumbing estimating software helps in improving your estimate time and accuracy and ensures you are bidding new projects in a profitable manner. The latest estimating software digitizes your plans or imports them into the system, where you perform your takeoff and record your measurements and counts without switching windows. Pricing databases are updated daily by the software firm, so when you are searching for a specific product, the price will also be displayed at the same time. When you are having specialty products that require specific rates from your suppliers, your system will be automatically mailing the supplier to update the pricing.

What next after the estimate is complete?

A minor mistake will cost you a lot. One of the common mistakes is getting the wrong cost as you will be switching windows frequently, messing up a formula on a spreadsheet accidentally, or entering a piece incorrectly. The estimating software will be protecting the formulas that are used for calculating your total costs, updating the pricing database automatically, keep everything on the same page so that there should not be any mistake on the estimate.

The software aims to deliver convenience. Digitization includes supercomputing power, cloud-based software, pervasive network availability, and mobile technology. Instead of visiting the site office for blueprints, you can get on your phone and go through the notes you made when estimating the project. You can easily interact with crew members with any question when you are at any other place. Rather discussing over phone, mails, or paying office visits, you can easily assign tasks or make notes or ask questions on the portal.

How to Use Plumbing Estimating Software in your Business?

Today is the era of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that improves the accessibility of this software to even the smallest plumbing shop. Due to the aspects of digitization mentioned above, you will be getting the software on a subscription basis that allows you to use the software for some weeks or months. The software ( ) will work on desktop, laptop, and smartphone. You need not have to buy a license for every machine, but need to buy for every user. Backups and updates for the software happen at regular intervals. The software has analytical tools for accounting compatibility for exporting your prices to your accounting software and automated marketing mails for keeping in touch with your clients.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:25 AM EDT
Friday, 12 July 2019
Five Benefits of Email Encryption Services that You Can Not Ignore
Topic: Software
Modern businesses face a wide variety of data security issues. When an email travels on an open network, you have less control over it and it can only be intercepted with advanced tools. Hence many businesses use email encryption services ( www.Securence/email-encryption ) to protect the confidentiality of emails. Here are 5 key benefits of using email encryption.

1.  Protect Sensitive Information

The business email communication contains lots of sensitive information that pose a risk if discovered by the public or competitors. An unencrypted email can be accessed by a stranger by using advanced hacking tools. When you encrypt email communication, it ensures only the intended recipient can access the information. Even if your email is intercepted, the hacker cannot access the email contents.

2.  Cost-effective

When you use email encryption services, you don’t have to purchase hardware or software to encrypt your email communication. The email encryption service is integrated into your server that ensures every outgoing email is automatically encrypted before it travels on the open Internet. This saves lots of money for organizations.

3.  Saves Time

When you use email encryption services, you don’t have to take additional steps to secure your email communication. For example, some companies spend a hefty amount to secure their networks and use multiple programs to protect sensitive information.

4.  Eliminates Message Replay Attack Possibilities

Access to sensitive information is not the only risk associated with unencrypted emails. There is a possibility that the email content is altered after an interception and then sent to the recipient. These kinds of practices are used with malicious intent.

In many cases, the recipient would not be able to know the changes made to the email content. Also, the recipient would never know the authentic message of the email causing confusion or misunderstanding. When you use email encryption, it is impossible to alter the mail content thereby eliminating message replay possibilities.

5.  Avoidance of Identity Theft

Today, businesses send the username, passwords, and other personal information to users through email. Without email encryption, this information can easily fall into the hands of miscreants who can take undue advantage of it.

Hackers who get access to such information can send false messages on your behalf or read your email without you knowing it. You can avoid this kind of identity theft by using email encryption.

6.  Regulation Compliance

According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, organizations that deal with protected patient health information (PHI) need to have network, physical and process security measures in place to protect sensitive information.

If your business falls into the category requiring HIPAA compliance, email encryption can ensure the sensitive PHI would remain accessible only to intended parties/people.

The journey of encrypted email is exactly the opposite of unencrypted email. If you use email encryption services ( ), you don’t have to worry about sensitive information being accessible to others.

Did we miss any important benefit of encrypting email communication? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Posted by brucem231 at 8:18 AM EDT
Thursday, 11 July 2019
Best eFax Service: How Wonderfully It Benefits Your Business
Topic: Software
Those who consider that the use of fax has been obsolete will be surprised to note that more than 17 million enterprises in the US still use fax machines and they send nearly 20 billion faxes every year. The basic reason is that fax is still cited as safe, legally binding, as well as convenient. Well, let’s face that fax is back in the scenario however, in a different form and that is e-fax.

Thereby, businesses no longer require so-called bulky, big devices to send and receive vital documents whereas, with best e-fax service ( ), you can now send and receive your faxes online connected with internet through email within seconds. No wonder, with the emergence of e-fax services, more and more businesses are switching over to online fax since it comes with multiple advantages and makes business beneficial in all terms. So, if you’re still having traditional fax, keep reading the article to evaluate how its use can be advantageous for you.

Highly Cost Effective

Equipped with best e-fax service, you don’t require using any physical machine or buy papers or ink cartridges. Simply from your mobile device, laptop, or tablet you can send your message to your clients by clicking your mouse and eliminate all expenses toward maintaining the machine, buying papers, cartridges or phone line rentals and other allied costs.


Living in the age of digital age, we are quite comfortable and well-familiar with sending and receiving emails and web communication devices. Integrated with mobile apps, you can easily sign or receive/send series of documents from your smartphone or tablet with no more hassle of paper jamming, unreadable messages, and replacement of ink toners, etc. In the age when staying competitive demands you to keep on updating with changing technologies, equipping your business with e-fax services takes your enterprise to the next level.

Well Secured

One of the basic reasons why businesspersons still use conventional faxes is that they’re absolutely safe. Even though e-mail data infringe is quite common, however, best e-fax service is provided through a private and secured communication line that takes care of your privacy and security. Many people often confuse with internet faxing and email, however, these two technologies operate quite differently.

It’s Time Saving

If you’re still using the conventional fax machine and worried due to the low productivity of your employee, using best e-fax service should be your first choice. While sending a fax message through a traditional machine takes a few minutes depending on the condition of the device, once your message is ready, e-max requires merely a few seconds to send a huge message with attached documents and thus saves lots of time of you and your employees.

A Green Endeavor

Not only will you be able to save the space and time by replacing your fax device with e-fax benefits but also support the environment by going green. While fax machine uses lots of papers, with paperless e-mail fax you can cut down quite significantly on the usage of paper and store all your faxes digitally which can be printed out as per necessity.

A Flexible Choice

Best e-fax service ( ) offers monthly contracts designed for businesses and therefore depending on your business volume and need you can choose the type of fax services that suits you best. You can always alter your plan or come out of the contract as you feel.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:09 AM EDT
Monday, 10 June 2019
Weigh the Pros and Cons before Switching Over VoIP Systems
Topic: Software
What is VoIP all about? What are the cons and pros of using an internet-based phone service? To start with, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol – a phone service that is used through the internet. Rather using a separate telephone company, if you have good quality internet connectivity, you can make calls over the internet. As you are paying for your broadband connection, you can make unlimited calls from one VoIP ( ) phone to another for free even if the number is not in your country.


Save money – Typically VoIP providers have different plans including pay as you go option so that you have to pay for the service only when you need it.

Portability – Built up with potable hardware, if you work in an organization that uses the intranet, still you can access your office from home through VoIP phone service. There are many VoIP providers who allow you to access your VoIP phone system using a smartphone app.

Multiple features – People using a standard telephone company often have to pay extra for specific features but in case of VoIP there are a wealth of features that are included for free like call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting and conferencing.

No requirement of extra hardware for switching to VoIP – It is preferred to buy VoIP phones but VoIP providers provide devices that will convert the signals from your previous telephone to VoIP.

With one access line multiples, calls can be handled – VoIP phone services ( ) allow for setting up a conference with other members. It compresses data packets so that more data can be easily managed by the carrier. These phones can be used for conducting video conferencing thereby reducing travel costs and time. You have the luxury to keep one telephone number ring on multiple devices at the same time which helps the employees to stay connected to the clients as well as each other.

Efficient usage of bandwidth – An estimate of fifty percent of our conversation goes without uttering a word. With VoIP, an user do no gets bandwidth when s/he is not talking and so this saved bandwidth is efficiently used for other users.


Calls during Emergency - No doubt, portability is a big boost for VoIP, calling an emergency number from a VoIP line will only be transmitting the address that you have provided during emergency services. Additionally, emergency calls can fail if there is a power cut or failure of broadband connectivity, so for a back-up keep a mobile phone.

Delay and Quality

The call may drop if there is tight bandwidth or the sound can get scrambled. Due to network congestion, the result can be a delay which means the person you are communicating will take a few seconds more to respond to your answer. In the majority of the cases, these are temporary problems and can be solved by rebooting your router.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:06 AM EDT
Monday, 27 May 2019
How a Filtering System Can Safeguard Your Business from Hacking and Malware Attacks
Topic: Software
An onslaught of spam can turn network administration into a real challenge and even keep you from noticing legitimate email messages. Moreover, the spam could compromise both your online security and your overall work productivity. To avoid this, it will help to install or use an email filtering ( www.Securence/Email-filtering ) system that can effectively monitor your inbox.

With this system in place, you will no longer have to deal with unwanted messages, junk mail, and spam in your inbox. It will, thus, free up your time. Additionally, it will protect you and your business from malware and other online threats.

For the most part, you can visit your email settings to configure the email filtering system as per your requirements.

How Email Filtering Works

Every time you receive an email, it arrives first at the email server, and the server then forwards it to your inbox. If you have applied email filtering, the server will sort the email according to your specified filters and send it to the appropriate folder.

The filtering system will send messages from unsorted email addresses to the regular inbox. If there are any messages that the system finds unfamiliar or suspicious, it will send them to the spam folder.

Use an Email Filtering System to Organize Your Emails

The email filtering system can sort your email messages into different folders according to your pre-specified criteria. You can organize the folders into personal, work, priority, newsletters, read, unread, and other categories. You can also classify the messages according to sender name, email subject, content, conversation, chat, address, blocked address, attachment, keywords, and more.

Such sorting can help you to control incoming emails and keep your inbox uncluttered. So, when the emails that you have defined ‘Personal’ arrive, they will go right into the Personal folder. The system will also automatically sort the other emails in this manner. It will make it easier for you to access and check the messages you need to read.

Protect Your Online Communications with an Email Filtering System

With an email filtering system in place, you can prevent almost 99% of spam and other malware from reaching your inbox. Due to this, there is no question of compromising your computer, and your online privacy will remain well-protected.

An Email Filtering System Allows More Flexibility in Your Network Administration

You can decide if, how, and where you want to store the email messages you receive. Also, you can track the messages you send. When necessary, you can send large files without any trouble. Furthermore, you can change the settings of the filtering system to reflect changes in email addresses and domain names.

An email filtering ( ) system can be a powerful tool for keeping track of and managing your email communications. By sending emails into specified folders, the system can save your time, bring important messages to your immediate attention, and improve your work productivity. Whether you are using the system for personal as well as business use, it can make an invaluable contribution.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:49 AM EDT
Friday, 29 March 2019
Why Businesses Need Email Archiving Solutions?
Topic: Software
In this digital era, there is a fundamental shift in how people communicate and interact with one another. For a small and large business, this change is sweeping, however, there are different ways for easily tracking important communications and messages through email archiving ( Securence/Email-Archiving ). Nowadays businesses have a plethora of eco-friendly, cheap and convenient ways for cataloging their correspondences. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), texting and chat messages have all become popular forms of correspondence but email still remains king. Whether it is used for keeping in touch with customers, clients, or colleagues, email is the go-to messaging platform for businesses. In fact, 281 billion emails were received and send each day in 2018 and by 2022, the figures are expected to increase over 347 billion emails daily. That is a staggering number of emails for keeping track and mails always contain some of the most vital information that a business needs for running smoothly. With the increase in the methods of digital communication, most of the businesses archive their mails on a daily basis.

Problems solved through Email Archiving – It is crucial for businesses to archive their emails. Without an email archiving ( ) solution, companies tend to face various difficulties such as the inability for receiving or sending new mails due to large volume of emails slows down the mail server, inadequate number of mail records for procurement in the event of any legal issues and if crucial messages are deleted it gets difficult in procuring them. By archiving the mails, one can save the hassle of shifting through tons of mails if any important mail is deleted accidentally and aids in preparing for any potential discovery requests. For this reason, one should use an archiving solution from a reputed brand for better managing your mail storage.

Advantages of Email Archiving – In addition to enabling employees and end-users for quick access to email messages, an archiving system makes it easy for meeting quotas as well as conserves server speed while preserving vital information. We have listed some of the additional benefits below.

Immediate access to all the mails received and sent.

Have the freedom from creating personal folders (PST)

Has a search functionality option for searching for any particular attachment files and content of email bodies.

A user mailbox with unlimited storage and access to simple tagging mechanism

Automatic backup feature of calendar items, contacts, email communication, and other important data

Now, one can understand that archiving mails provide the companies a boost in effectively communicating with colleagues and clients. Several archiving solutions have an auto-tagging option that can be based on general criteria or customized to precise granular tagging and criteria.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:32 AM EDT
Friday, 8 February 2019
Why Your Business Needs Email Archiving
Topic: Software
Whether it’s communicating with clients or partners, email is the most used communication tool by businesses. Email communication contains critical information that needs to be preserved for various reasons. The answer to this problem is email archiving ( www.Securence/Email-Archiving ). Here are the top five reasons why you need to archive email communication.

1.  Protect Intellectual Property

Intellectual capital is one of the most important assets for every organization. The knowledge of how plays an important role in the company’s success. At a time when most business communication is done through email, securing and retaining the conversations, files, and contracts becomes very important.

Electronic mail archiving solution can protect the integrity of your data and also secures its access.  Companies offering archiving services use industry-leading protocols and safeguards like WORM-compliant immutable storage to safeguard your email communication.

2.  eDiscovery

eDiscovery is an important tool for businesses. It enables organizations to search, locate, access and produce electronic records for audits, litigation, and record requests. No matter what email system your organization uses, it does not provide eDiscovery features by default. Archiving email gives your organization a way to perform eDiscovery. Relying on your email system alone can make thing difficult for your organization if your company is involved in any litigation or legal issue.

3.  Regulatory Compliance

A dedicated email archiving solution can help your organization meet various state and federal regulatory compliances. For example, all companies need to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act which requires organizations to store business records for “not less than five years.”

Similarly, there are various other acts and regulations like Federal Rules of Civil Procedure(FRCP), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPPA), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority(FINRA, Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) that require businesses to store business records for longer periods.

4.  Improve Mail Server Performance

One of the reasons for degraded performance of email server is the mailboxes become too large. The mail server performance can be improved by de-cluttering email inboxes and reducing the amount of data that the server needs to process.

Archiving of email communication shifts the older email communication to the cloud thus reducing the data in mailboxes. The archived mail is stored securely on remote servers and can be easily accessed when needs arise.

5.  Business Continuity

Organizations need business continuity solutions to ensure business operations remain unaffected by any natural disaster or software/hardware failures. Majority of the service providers also offer business continuity solution as a part of mail archiving services. In the case of a network outage or natural disaster, employees can continue to send and receive mail from a web-based console.

Data is important for every business. Email archiving ( ) is an easy way to handle email communication and deal with storage issues while enabling easy access anytime.

Do you know any other reasons for archiving email communication? Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:04 AM EST
Wednesday, 2 January 2019
Manage Your Mails with Exchange Mail Hosting and POP
Topic: Software
People have choices for email security services, but many users overlook the significance of filtering the spam that is the most crucial part of your hosted mail services. We will be presenting an overview of POP and Exchange Email Hosting so that you can understand the importance of email security ( ). Majority of the users are unable to understand that the choices of email boil down to more than just the mail service providers. The cost, pros, and cons, as well as the services, are also very vital especially as email frauds and spam are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated. However, what are the various types of email options and how can they provide you with security. Generally, email types are classified into three categories namely exchange mail hosting, IMAP and POP. Nevertheless, it is essential in having security protocols for both outbound and inbound emails, no matter the types, for keeping your data secure. Here we will be discussing each type in a detailed manner.

POP (Post Office Protocol) – It is a standard and simple method to deliver emails. A POP mail server receives the mails and filters them in the suitable folders of the users. When someone connects to the mail server for retrieving the mails, the messages are automatically downloaded from the server to the users’ disk storage. We will be looking at some of the utilities of POP.

•  As all mails are residing on your system, users can read the mails in offline mode.

•  Without having access to the internet, you can create messages that you want to send. These messages are stored in the hold folder, and before posting, you can edit as well as allocate different priorities for each message with a scheduled time and date to get posted according to your convenience.

•  Opening any attachment is quick as they are already stored on your system and there no fixed limits on the size on the mails you will be sending or receiving.

Hosted Exchange Email – This is specifically designed for businesses who require reliable and powerful mail solution but does not have the resources or skill sets for running their own mail servers in their datacenters. The benefits that exchange email hosting provide are highlighted below.

•  It lets you in renting space in the service providers’ datacenter, which is very cost-efficient for small businesses.

•  There is no requirement of technical knowledge, as you will be renting space in other’s data center that means you need not to worry about the technical features for managing an exchange mail server ( ).

•  The hosted mails allow you to run the mail accounts with customized mail addresses. With mail hosting, you can use your personal website’s domain name in your mail address like

•  Unlike IMAP and POP, the exchange protocols give you permission to sync your shared contacts, calendars, and tasks from any device, which is very easy to coordinate with your friends while you are traveling.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:18 AM EST
Thursday, 6 December 2018
Looking for the Best POS System for Your Restaurant –Check this Guide
Topic: Software
Point of sale system in the restaurant is the hardware and software used alongside or with the credit card terminal or card reader for accepting payments from customers ( ). Many restaurants add a barcode scanner and a kitchen display system or a kitchen printer. To manage a restaurant one requires overseeing and managing multiple tasks. From housekeeping to accounting to food, various tasks that need to be organized and here, the POS systems become a boon for streamlining multiple tasks for a smooth operation.

The Top Restaurant POS Systems help in creating a faster billing process for the customers and staff, accepting various types of payment for orders, getting a detailed report about expenses and sales, offering loyalty benefits for improving customer service. Other tasks include checking calculation errors, managing the tables with the restaurant layout, integrating online reservation, and ordering software, track performance, and activity of the employees, etc.

Without a doubt, cash management is a vital feature in a POS, but there are other factors for choosing a Top Restaurant POS Systems. The interface of the system should be easy to use and provide an API key for customizing some features according to your future needs. The system should run seamlessly in handling customer volumes and has an offline option to operate at the time of network problems. There should be round the clock support with quick response, as each second matters during your restaurant’s business hours. Proper training must be imparted to the staff for setup, credit card payment integration, and upgrading the software. It is best in opting for a hybrid architecture that will enable the software to run via a network or offline mode. Choose the systems that are EVM compliant thereby protecting customers and the restaurant from credit card fraud. The security of the system must have point-to-point encrypted payment feature and should be PCI-compliant. Different restaurants have different needs for setting up a POS. While some restaurants are focusing on quick services and others opting for full services. Some people are looking for enterprise management to manage a series of chains. While, others looking for something specific for convenience stores, gas stations, and pizza. You will find many vendors providing an all-in-one solution that has its own pros and cons.

Simply put, opt for the POS system processes and tools that fit into your requirements and workflow not for a shorter period but for a few years. There are dozens of POS systems available in the marketplace, but we will discuss a system from one of the top brands. Many consider it as one of the Top Restaurant POS Systems as it provides quick service and full service, works smoothly in bars, nightclubs, breweries, etc. There is no need to install software, as it is a cloud-based software and has a backup option for accessing your reports from anywhere and anytime. It is compatible with third-party hardware, and you can view the device on the company’s website.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:19 AM EST

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