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Friday, 22 July 2016
Top Six Specifications Considered by Corporate Event Planning Companies
Topic: Weddings and Events

Are you planning to organize a corporate event? Plan your checklist carefully and ensure that everything can be done on time and in the right manner. The specifications may vary depending on the type of occasion. However, some basic things are common to all. Make sure that everybody working with your company gets a copy of the checklist and knows his or her key responsibility. The checklist facilitates the job of a coordinator and ensures that the event can bring maximum impact for your company.

Let’s now have a look at the checklist mostly considered by corporate event planning companies ( ) :

1.  Make a detailed financial plan – Make a detailed financial plan before arranging your event pertaining to what you will spend on supplies, venue, food, beverage and decor. It will help you to plan the rest of the event and will determine the right amount to be spent on each area, reducing overspending. Add 10% to 20% more to your budget for taking care of any emergency situation arising out of any concern or vital change.

2.  Determine the purpose of the occasion – Focus on the purpose of the occasion and use it as a theme. If your celebration is meant for attracting new clients, design it in a different way for getting prospective customers. If the focus is clear, you can determine the right type of handouts and displays.

3.  Develop a list of guests – Make a list of the number of guests attending your event. Moreover, you should not forget to consider the type of speakers and guests attending the celebration. It will help you to make the perfect plan for marketing.

4.  Establish a marketing strategy to attract other companies – In order to attract other companies as participants, set up displays at your event. If you want, you can even charge organizations to exhibit at your event ( ) and can utilize this income for balancing the cost of setting up the event.

5.  Advertise to target audience – After making the list of the number of visitors, guests and participants, advertise to target audience. If you plan your advertising and market your campaign effectively for six months, it will get the maximum exposure to the target audience. Besides, you can make use of any social media networking channel available free on the Internet. Furthermore, you should create a dynamic website to spread the message of your occasion.

6.  Create a timeline with milestones – If you want to organize your event in a proper way, ensure the fact that you make a timeline with milestones. Start the timeline four months before its occurrence with the right budget. Remember that if you have more time, you can get maximum opportunity to advertise your occasion. Set targets for activities like confirmation of speakers and event-display participants. If your timeline is ready, you can arrange your resources and can set up your event correctly.

Follow these tips for planning a corporate social event and make it a successful occasion. However, if you are confused, you can appoint one of the best corporate event planning companies in your town.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:48 AM EDT
Wednesday, 13 July 2016
Essential Tips to Use Floral Arrangements for Weddings
Topic: Weddings and Events
From bouquets to table settings, flowers are an indispensable part of your wedding decor. Floral decoration is the traditional way to set the plush tones for your wedding and couples opt for colorful flowers to make it totally adorable. When arranged with stunning flowers, every theme in your venue be it the aisle, stage, reception tables, cake, and bride’s bouquet offers an awesome environment for this special day.

Weddings are always a special moment for every couple and they plan for years to make it memorable forever. While planning floral arrangements for weddings ( ), it is necessary to go through certain points. Few changes and customization will certainly make a big difference in your event.

Tips to choose floral arrangements for weddings :

Floral arrangements are mostly restricted to centerpieces settled around reception table and dining table. Try to use flowers that have vibrant colors to instantly grab the attention of visitors. Make an arrangement of 2-3 color combinations which easily blend with the theme of your wedding. Other significant tips for a beautiful floral décor include.

Opt for Local Flowers :

Accept the reality that last moment glitch do occur in floral decoration, especially when you choose imported flowers. Weather conditions, transport facility, unpreserved nature, and other risks can cause last minute disturbances in your wedding decoration. Hence, take an option of flowers that are available locally. This not only eliminates such glitch but also offers freshness to your party. On the other side, imported flowers are more costly than local flowers. Hence, you can save lots of money while going local in floral arrangements for weddings.

Focus On Color Theme :

While choosing flowers for wedding decor, you must envision a beautiful color combination. Color of flowers must blend well with the theme of your wedding. Too vibrant colors in a white wedding theme can certainly pull out the elegance of event. Therefore, look for ideal color mixes in various blooms that can offer stunning decorations for your most precious occasion.

Don’t Mix Scented Flowers :

Sometimes couples add too many scented flowers in their ballroom to make it aromatic and pleasant. But in contrast, this floral arrangement becomes disaster for them. Choosing two different fragrances in flowers of a centerpiece or bouquet may cause an unpleasant scent. Hence, select minimal amount of perfumed blooms when it comes to floral arrangements for weddings. Instead, go for different color combination and long green stems to make them appear awesome.

Listen To Your Floral Decorator :

While choosing floral decoration, couples must keep their mind open for any changes. Sticking to unrealistic imagination or plan can hamper your budget as well as create panic. Listen to the planning of wedding decorator before giving the final verdict on decoration. They are more knowledgeable and familiar with situations as they have to tackle such events regularly. They know more regarding the flowers’ availability, their costing, nature of preserving, and other facts.

They can give some wonderful advice in terms of floral decorations for weddings ( ) designed on different themes. Even small tips can save money as well as make your presentation much ahead of others. Choose a professional and reputed floral decoration stylist and discuss your entire plan of flower decoration for your wedding.

Posted by brucem231 at 11:55 PM EDT
Thursday, 30 June 2016
Things You Must Know and Remember About Wedding Dress Preservation
Topic: Weddings and Events
You always wish to maintain your wedding gown in an immaculate condition. Though it may sound intimidating but you can get it done easily with proper cleaning and storage techniques. Wedding dress preservation bags are the best option to store your lovely trousseau safely. However, there are many other things that you must know for proper storage of wedding dresses.

Why you need wedding dress preservation ( ) techniques :

Preservation of a wedding dress ensures a longer life span for such valuable possessions. It can protect your dress from severe threats like mold, moisture, discoloration, mildew, insects, etc. Also, it prevents ozone and sunlight from reaching to your outfit causing damage to its fabric and color. However, you must take your gown immediately to the dry cleaners after wearing it. Timely cleaning is essential to ensure its better preservation.

How to preserve your wedding dress :

Once you know the advantage of preserving your wedding gown with proper cleaning and storage, it is important to find the perfect solutions for the same. Get your dress dry cleaned at a reputed laundry service. After cleaning, it is time to store it properly for years to come. Instead of traditional boxes and plastic bags, experts recommend using acid free and moisture-free storage bags. These bags are designed with advanced techniques to offer complete protection from damage of any kind happening to your wedding outfit.

Why Use Bags for Wedding Dress Preservation?

There are many reasons that will induce you to store your dress in a high-quality storage bag. Bagging method of garment preservation is commonly used in museums to prevent antique fabrics from losing their sheen. It protects the dress from direct light and dirt along with several other advantages like :

•  Preservation bags are made from quality breathable fabrics. Materials like cotton, non-woven polypropylene, muslin, etc. allow the garment to breathe and also prevent it from moisture and acid attacks.

•  They have waterproof inner material that saves your precious outfit from moisture, mildew, and mold. Also it prevents any spill from reaching to the garment and damaging its looks.

•  Wedding gown preservation bags are easy to inspect at regular intervals. It is lesser cumbersome since it does not require refolding of the dress as required in boxed storage. The gowns remain unfolded in these bags. As such, you need not worry about the creasing risks that may hamper the design of your wedding dress forever.

•  These bags can be customized as per your requirements. If your dress has wide bottom or train design, it has to be stored in a properly shaped bag. Similarly, these bags can be tailor-made for different sizes and personalized with embroidered initials to enhance their looks and functionality.

However, before using any wedding dress preservation bag, always remember to remove your outfit from the plastic packaging offered by the boutique and keep it stored in a dry and cool place like your wardrobe.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:04 AM EDT
Monday, 6 June 2016
5 Tips on Floral Arrangements for Weddings
Topic: Weddings and Events
Floral arrangements beautify the wedding venue like no other. They add a fresh feeling and their radiant color uplifts the mood, encouraging the people to actively participate in the joy of the couple. While there are millions of ways to arrange flowers for decoration, here is a few tips on floral arrangements for weddings ( ) to make them stand out.

1.  Use Variety of Flowers

A flower backdrop with a wide variety of flowers can be a good background for amazing wedding ceremony photos and you can decorate from floor to ceiling. Besides color-coordinated blooms, this flower arrangement also includes some green natural elements that contrast the bright colors of flowers. Such statement-making flower arrangement always catches attention. You can have lots of pink roses, white hydrangea, and peonies tucked in the lush greenery.

2.  Use Unlikely Pairings

Have you thought of using Kale in your floral arrangements? Well... if you haven't then you should. This super food is a beautiful choice when making weddings bouquets that can be placed across the venue or lined up to decorate the aisle.

The Kale outshines other greens and you can pair them with any light colored bloom. The purple hue at the center leaves acts as a beautiful contrast to the light colored blooms to make a unique floral arrangement.

3.  Fruit Accents

Fruits can give an extraordinary look to your flower arrangements of weddings. Grapes being small in size are easy to incorporate as nonfloral accents in floral arrangements. Their soft green hue goes well with dark and light colored blooms in any decoration setting.

You can either use full bushels to create a cascading effect or you can use just small bundles of grapes to get them noticed. Whatever your choice of their arrangement, they won’t take away the beauty of blooms in the floral arrangements

4.  Inverted Gardens

The idea itself gives out the uniqueness of the floral arrangement. This floral arrangement can be put anywhere at the center of the venue or on tabletops. One good thing about this floral arrangement is you can suspend it from the ceiling. You don’t have to sacrifice any table top space or floor space. You can play with the placement of the inverted garden floral arrangement. Keep it bar area, sweetheart table or any place you like.

5.  Floral Chandeliers

If you want to bring an essence of outdoor in your wedding venue, floral chandeliers work right for you. If you want a glamorous dash to the floral arrangement, you can have lush greenery draped around these floral chandeliers. You can use soft roses to give the space a romantic feel or you can use bigger and bold colored flowers to give it a surreal look.

The above-given tips help you to be creative in wedding floral arrangements by incorporating other elements that are not traditional. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to infusing elements in flower decorations at the wedding.

Which is your favorite tip in the flower arrangement for weddings? Please feel free to comment.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:16 AM EDT

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