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Friday, 18 October 2019
Few Facts to Know Before You Want to Apply for a CR1 Spouse Visa
Topic: travel
For potential immigrants to the United States, the CR1 spouse visa ( ) can be difficult to understand. But, it is important to understand the meaning and the process of acquiring if you want to apply for residency in the United States.

CR1 Spousal Visa

This visa is an immigrant visa issued to people who want to live in the US with their spouse, who is a United States resident. The CR means it is a conditional resident visa that is applicable to a couple who have been married for less than two years. If a couple has been married for two years or more, you need an IR1 spousal visa.


You need to fulfill three basic requirements to be eligible. First, your spouse should be a permanent resident or a legal U.S. citizen. They must prove they are a green card holder or a citizen. Second, one should be married legally to their spouse. If your marriage was a religious affair, make sure that it is registered legally. Third, there are specific income brackets that one must fall into. These depend on factors like number of households and other members as well the particular state you are applying. You need to show documents like federal tax returns and if you are unable to meet income requirements, you can get it done by a financial sponsor.

Time Taken

Timeline to grant CR1 spouse visa was much less last year, but, due to new administration and immigration policies this year, the timeline has been increased. On average, the expected period is to wait for 7 to 10 months, although the waiting time can vary depending on the circumstances. Your timeline depends on the current workload of the NVC and USCIS, your home country, human or natural disasters and problems with your petition for the CR1 spousal visa.


Visas are costly, with the government fees around 1200 dollars in total and the addition of other variable costs. Government fees include USCIS and NVC fees of about 535 and 445 dollars and immigrant fees of 365 dollars. For extra expenses, you need to pay for your travel to the US, a medical test that costs 340 dollars and any legal help with your CR1 spouse visa application process.

Embassy Interview

At the end of the application process, you have to appear for an embassy interview that is intended to make sure there is no immigration fraud. In your home country, a consular officer will be taking your interview at a US embassy or a consulate that processes visas. In the interview, few questions will be asked and if you qualify, within a few days, you will get your visa.

Overall, the CR1 spouse visa ( ) grants you conditional residency in the United States provided you fulfill all the eligibility requirements, pass the embassy interview, pay the required money and have time to wait for getting approval for your application.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:20 AM EDT
Monday, 30 September 2019
Seattle: Through the Eyes of a Local
Topic: travel
Seattle- the emerald city truly is a sight for sore eyes; tourists come pouring in left and right to witness the many sights it has to offer. But is it enough to see the most iconic landmarks and visit the most sought-after attractions? How about all the other historically relevant yet not-so-popular sites you might be missing out on?

Getting To Seattle’s Roots

Let’s say you have only but 24 hours in Seattle ( ) and wish to see everything it has to offer. For sure, the sights that come to mind are Space Needle, Seattle Centre, and Museum of Pop Culture. But what about the attractions that truly make Seattle a place you can relate with?

In this article, we shall cover some of the must-visit attractions when in Seattle, which are most likely to take up your entire day. Some of these attractions are only a couple of hours long, so feel free to mix and match depending on your schedule: try to fit in as many as you can while you’re in town because you’re not going to want to miss out on any of these!

1.  Walking Food Tour of Pike Place Market (3 Hours)

Now, we’ve got to talk about the Pike Place Market, a place that is so special to Seattle that everyone who visits feels the need to tour this place. If you’re a big foodie, the 3-hour Walking Food Tour through the Pike Place market would be highly recommended. That’s right while walking through the bustling chaos of the market, find time (and energy) to sample some of the finest local and international produce at this market.

2.  Pike Place Market with a Chef (2 Hours)

If you are uncertain about where to go and would like a professional to navigate you through the busy corners of this market, we recommend the guided tour of Pike Place with a qualified chef! This is a culinary tasting adventure like none other, where you will stop at various artisanal vendors and try local and international productions.

3.  The Eerie Underground Walking Tour (1 Hour)

For all you history buffs out there, we’ve got just the thing. Learn about Seattle and its history by venturing through three distinct underground passageways and view Seattle from a unique vantage point. Go below Pioneer square and learn about Seattle’s forgotten yet cherished history.

4.  The Unbeatable Underground Donut Tour (2 Hours)

And we are back for the foodies- this is the only official donut tour in all of Seattle! Make stops at some of the best donut shops in the city and sample away! Find out what Seattle has to offer by devouring samples at each location and learning about the history of donuts in this city.

5.  Outdoor Rock Climbing (All Day)

Designed specifically to suit the outdoor-loving individuals, this tour is a day dedicated to rock climbing. It is also suitable for first-time rock climbers and aims to guide people towards pursuing this beautiful sport.

6.  Seattle’s Best with a Localhost (All Day)

You can now book a local guide for a day of sightseeing and fun through the marvelous city of Seattle ( ). Cover iconic sights such as the Seattle Aquarium, Pioneer Square, the Seattle Centre (Space Needle, Seattle Opera, the Pacific Northwest Ballet), and the Pike Place Market, amidst many others.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:11 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 9 October 2019 2:06 AM EDT
Tuesday, 30 July 2019
Obtain SRRV to Plan Your Retirement in Philippines
Topic: travel
As human started traveling, migration and immigration became an essential part of most nations across the globe. Where there are people who do not come back to their land, there are people from foreign land and nationality who want to settle here. Some nations are therefore promoting their land as a favorable place to settle down after retirement for both the natives and foreigners. The Republic of Philippines is doing this with retirement visa Philippines ( ). The country is promoting SRVV to encourage both foreigners and overseas Filipinos to prefer Philippines as their retirement country.

What is SRRV?

It is a retiree’s visa in Philippines, which encourages foreign nationals and overseas Filipinos to retire in Philippines. SRRV is expanded as ‘The Special Resident Retiree’s Visa’ that entitles qualified applicants to live in Philippines for an indefinite period after they retire. The Philippine Immigration Act of 1940 defines the visa and aims to attract former Filipino and foreign nationals currently working in Philippines.

Depending upon the age, nationalities, and investors SRRV is of four types:

•  SRRV smile

•  SRRV classic

•  SRRV courtesy

•  SRRV human touch

SRRV application and required documents

To apply for retirement visa Philippines, the PRA application form, along with the fees, photographs, and required documents, is submitted either at PRA office or at the Philippine Embassy. The documents that are required while applying for SRRV are as follows:

•  Passport with the current visa

•  Certificate of medical examination, which may be either issued by PRA after medical examination performed by a licensed physician in the Philippines, or authenticated by Philippine Embassy after medical examination performed by the licensed physician abroad.

•  The contract of marriage, in case of a married applicant

•  Birth certificate

•  Bank certificate of dollar time deposit

Benefits of SRRV

•  Retirement visa Philippines allows the holder to live in Philippines for an indefinite period.

•  The visa holder receives the privilege of multiple entry and exit.

•  Once issued SRRV, the holder is exempted from:

  ACR-1 card annual registration at Philippines Bureau of immigration

  Customs duties and taxes on household goods, pension, and annuities

  Travel taxes in case of no stay for a year from last entry

•  SRRV entitles its holder for PHILHEALTH benefits and privileges

•  They can avail discounts from PRA accredited merchants

In addition to the benefits, the retirement visa Philippines ( ) has certain obligations and limitations:

•  All SRRV deposits should be made in the Development Bank of the Philippines.

•  Any change in the information such as name and address must be informed in writing within the 30 days of the change.

•  If the deposit is withdrawn for investment, the visitorial or monitoring fee should be paid.

•  Deposit must be kept in the bank unless it is invested. It cannot be withdrawn without written permission from PRA.

•  A spouse can inherit the deposit after the applicant dies and must pay the inheritance taxes to get access.

•  In case the applicant wants to terminate the PRA program, 30 days notice must be provided in writing.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:35 AM EDT
Friday, 19 July 2019
Visit the Exotic Places in Seattle with a Half Day Tour
Topic: travel
Probably in Seattle your travel agenda is totally packed. If you arrive at early morning for catching an Alaska cruise in the afternoon or getting off the cruise in the morning to board an afternoon flight, there is perfect half-day tour in Seattle ( day tour ) for you. You can go for an excursion in Seattle that covers the main sites and you can easily manage within 4 hours.


With a comfortable vehicle and a great guide and several sites to explore around Seattle, you will be having a wonderful time. After your guide picks you from any of the Seattle’s hotels, cruise terminals or Sea-Tac airport, the first stop which is most popular among all landmarks – The Pike Place Market. You will be taken to the major attractions in this market where you will have 30 to 45 minutes for browsing different stalls for delightful delicacies or watching the fishmongers tossing their slippery merchandise or visiting Starbucks or looking for the perfect book that you will be reading during your flight home art one of the bookstores. The next is the most famous landmark in Seattle, the Space Needle. If you have time, please visit Observation Deck to get a magnificent view of the city or visit other attractions situated in the Seattle Center like Pacific Science Center, the Chihuly Glass Museum, the Seattle Children’s Museum or the Museum of Pop Culture. You will be getting an hour to exploring the venue of your choice.

Next visit is Queen Anne Hill, famous for its 19th-century homes along with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the Elliott Bay saw below. Here you can witness the mesmerizing beauty of snow-capped Mt. Rainier, a sight always cherished by the residents of Seattle. Next, we will be heading to a very unique and cool place, Gas Works Park, situated on the Northern Shore of Lake Union. This city converted the remnants of the sole remaining coal gasification plant into a park. Its ladders, gears, storage tanks, and rusty pipes have been renovated into a giant work of art. This place is even registered on the National Register of Historic Places. Witness the beauty while watching seaplanes taking off and landing as well as enjoying boats sailing on the lake. From this vintage location, you can get a glimpse of Seattle’s houseboat communities. After this exciting half-day tour in Seattle ( ), your guide will be dropping to any of the locations that you have started during the day. If your plan is to go somewhere outside of Seattle, arrangements can be done.


•  Professional Guide/Driver

•  Bottled water during the tour

•  Storage and transfer of luggage up to 20 pieces

•  Private half-day transportation in a cozy high-roof van


•  Entry fees to the Chihuly Glass Museum and Space Needle Observation Deck.

•  No requirement of gratuities but always appreciated for efficient service (typically gratuities are about 15 percent of your tour cost).

•  Pick –up and drop at Sea-Tac Airport, any of the Seattle hotels or cruise terminals.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:56 AM EDT
Monday, 10 June 2019
K1 Visa- Eligibility and Immigration Process
Topic: travel
With a K1 visa, a US citizen can sponsor his/her fiancé to enter and stay in the United States for a period of 90 days. However, the sponsor and the fiancé must be married within a period of 90 days. If marriage and other legal formalities are not possible within the stipulated period, it becomes necessary to apply for an extension.

The K1 visa ( ) is one of the best possibilities of obtaining permanent residency status legally in the United States. After a legal marriage ceremony, the spouse can apply for a Green Card or permanent residency. You can also apply for an AOS or Adjustment of Status and obtain a green card after marriage. All green card holders can live and work in the United States permanently.

Visa Eligibility

While the K1 Visa allows the US citizen to sponsor his/her fiancé and allows them to enter and stay in the country until a period of 90 days. However, both the partners who are engaged must be married within this period. Only a US citizen can sponsor his fiancé and apply for a K1 visa. Another important requirement for applying a K1 visa is that both the partners must be unmarried during the period. It is also important to end any prior marriage legally before applying for a K1 visa. In case the previous marriage is not annulled or the divorce process is incomplete, the sponsor is not eligible to apply for the fiancé visa.

The relationship must be legitimate and the fiancé must be above 18 years of age and not related by blood. You can prove the legitimacy of the relationship by providing photographs, written statements from relatives and friends, wedding engagement photos and so forth. Both the partners should have met in person at least once in two years before applying for the fiancé visa.

Both partners must also sign a statement, which indicates the authenticity of the relationship by intending to get married within a period of 90 days when the sponsored fiancé enters the country. When the visa is approved, the fiancé can enter the country and remain for four months from the approval date of the visa. However, it is to be noted that the fiancé will lose the K1visa ( ) status if the marriage is not legalized within four months from the date of visa approval and the sponsored fiancé will have to leave the country with immediate effect.

Sponsored fiancés can seldom apply for another temporary visa during this period. Once the marriage is legalized, the fiancé can apply for a permanent green card. The sponsor can apply for a marriage green card after the wedding and it needs to be sponsored by the same person who sponsored the K1 visa.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:19 AM EDT
Thursday, 9 May 2019
All That You Wanted to Know About Mt Rainier Tours from Seattle via Helicopter
Topic: travel
Your trip to Seattle, Washington will remain incomplete without collecting a lifetime experience of Mt. Rainier tours from Seattle ( ) via helicopter. Sounds amazing! Well, choose a reputable service provider out of the mass and enjoy the spectacular bird’s eye views of the highest peak of Mt Rainier, with a rock-strewn spanning of 369 miles and bejeweled with profuse waterfalls, glaciers, wildly rivers. The tour has been designed in a unique combination of 35 minutes flying in addition to hiking through the Mt. Rainier National Park. Those who attend full day trip of 8 hours can also enjoy visiting some of the popular tourist spots located in Seattle downtown in addition to 50 minutes flying.

Mt Rainier Tours from Seattle – Highlights

Helicopter Flight

The pilot will take you to fly over the rocky range of Mt. Rainier while having the panoramic close view of the snowy shiny peaks, waterfalls, glaciers, thunderous rivers, and rainforests for nearly 35 minutes before landing for a naturalist hike and ground tour to explore the amazing natural beauty of Mt. Rainier National Park. In Mt. Rainier tours from Seattle, while rising over the world of clouds get your digital camera, ultra resolution video cameras, and smartphones ready to collect the best aerial snapshots of the landscapes stretching over the miles that are just breathtaking.

While soaring, the pilot will narrate pointing to all major landmarks including the highest peak of Mt Rainier, the West face, the Paget Sound, Pacific Northwest, the snowfield areas as well as while being closer of the great Snoqualmie falls and Cascade mountainous range. With a clear sky, you can have incredible sight of Mt. Baker, Mt. St Helens, Mt. Baker, or even the highest peak of Pacific Northwest Organon-5.

Naturalist Hike

During hiking en-route Mount Rainier National Park, you will experience that nature has adorned the land with endless resources. While walking through the subalpine meadows you will view glittering snowfields, glaciers, hilly rivers, striking flora and exotic fauna life and the great rainforest. The whole woodland landscape is surrounded by steep rocky ranges and you will be guided to the astonishing Sun Rise point. Cascade foothills, Ice-fed rivers, etc. All through the trail, you will have myriad photographic opportunities.

Catered Meal

For those attending a full day trip is entertained with a delicious meal while guests joining a half day trip in the morning tour will enjoy their lunch in the midst of the park before returning to Seattle via helicopter. Those who prefer joining Mt Rainier tours from Seattle ( ) in the afternoon session will be treated with a fantastic dish of canapés and tea before starting for Seattle via private luxury transport.

Tour plans are designed for a morning or afternoon session.

Typical duration

Morning tour - 07:45 to 5:15

Afternoon tour - 13:00 to 20:30

Full day tour- it’s extended for 8 Hours and guests can enjoy more comprehensive trips to Waterfront, Seattle city, the Space Needle, Ballard Locks as well as Lake Union in addition to 50+ helicopter tour.

Pick-up/ Drop-off

•  Usually, your Mt Rainier tour organizer prefers pick-up services for guests attending the morning trip from Seattle hotels before 7:45 A.M and you will be taken to Mt Rainier by private transport. The returning trip is organized via helicopter that concludes at Boeing Field at 15:15 hours. It’s around 10 min. drive from Seattle.

•  Those attend afternoon session will be picked up from Boeing Field sharp at 13:00 hours and will be taken via helicopter to enjoy Mt. Rainier. The return journey is set by private luxury transport. The tour concludes nearly at 20:30 and you will be dropped off at your hotel or any location in downtown Seattle.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:35 AM EDT
Friday, 26 April 2019
Five Tips to Choose the Reliable Immigration Consultant for CR1 Spousal Visa Application
Topic: travel
CR1 spousal visa is the immigrant visa issued to the foreign citizen spouse of U.S. citizen to immigrate to the U.S. If you meet the entire eligibility requirement, your foreign spouse can easily get the CR1 spousal visa ( ) and permanently reside in the U.S.

But the whole process of CR1 spousal visa application is too complex and overwhelming. There are several forms that have to be submitted at different times to different government agencies along the way. So it becomes quite daunting and cumbersome to do-it-yourself, and you need a qualified immigration consultant to assist you. And choosing the right immigration consultant requires some research. There are many fake and unregistered consultants out there who just want to cheat you and flee with your hard earned money. Above all, it wastes your time.

So, here are the four key suggestions that can help you avoid these scammers and find a reliable immigration consultant to apply for CR1 spousal visa.

Check license

This is the first thing you need to look for. If you are looking for immigration consultant in the Philippines who can help you out your Filipino spouse, first check out the state licensing requirements and find out whether your immigration consultant meets that requirements. Every country has different licensing requirements. Make sure your immigration consultant is licensed to provide services.

Read reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials of past clients are very important. Look for reviews on Yelp, Google, and various other online platforms. It helps you avoid fraud consultants. Check the consultant website and look for information like office address, certification, services and testimonials of the clients. A well-reputed immigration consultant will have positive reviews and all the necessary information on the website.

Ask for references

Don’t rely on licensing alone. Ask your immigration consultant for one or two references. A reliable immigration consultant would never mind you give contact details of past clients. Contact the references and ask questions about the reliability of a consultant. Ask any questions about immigration consultant that is in your mind.

Check experience

Ask your consultant about the experience in the immigration industry. Ask about how many CR1 spousal visa ( ) cases they have handled. What is their success rate? Look for an immigration consultant who has at least two to three years of experience in the immigration industry and some tough cases under their belt.

Meet your consultant

Meet your consultant before filing a petition. Is he or she comfortable speaking in your language? Ask questions about the visa process. Does he answer your question right? Does he seem knowledgeable? Make sure your immigration consultant have professional ethics, and you can trust them to share your private information.

So these are the five suggestions you can follow to find the right immigration consultant for your CR1 spousal visa application.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:44 AM EDT
Tuesday, 23 October 2012
How Greece Vacations Compare with Other European Vacations
Topic: travel

A vacation to Europe is an adventure that everyone should get the chance to experience at some point in life. The history and culture that are waiting for you there will change your life. The problem is that there are so many countries in Europe, all of which have their own unique culture, history, art, and cuisine, so it can be really tough to choose exactly where you want to go. If you have several weeks off, you can afford to visit several countries, but if you have only a limited time or a limited budget to go on vacation, you might want to choose one country to visit. You should base your choice on what you want to see and do and look for choices—such as Greece vacations—that cover just about every possible vacation activity.

There are many possible things to do on European vacations: trying exotic food and wine, taking in art, learning about history, and much, much more. If you are looking to take in a lot of ancient historical sites, Greece vacations are definitely the way to go. Greece is unique because it is a country with a thriving, modern culture, though it is still completely entrenched in its rich, ancient history. If you are hoping for a beach and a resort, perhaps a country like Spain might be a good choice. Is food what draws you to Europe? You may like France, with its wine, cheese, and delicious pastries. It should be noted, however, that Greece has many beach resorts (the country is, after all, made up of several islands) and that Greece vacations also include delicious food unmatched by any other country and wine and ouzo that is produced there too. Whatever you are looking for on your European vacation, you are likely to find it in Greece.

Of course, there are many aspects of European vacations that are available in many European countries. If you are looking to take in some art on European vacations, you have many countries and many options to choose from. France vacations allow you to see famous art museums such as the Louvre, where you can see some of the most famous pieces in the world, including the Mona Lisa. Italy, too, boasts many famous art museums. Greece vacations, though, once again take the cake, as you won’t find a better combination of modern and ancient art anywhere in the world. The ancient art in Greece isn’t limited to museums either. Many ancient pieces of architecture are still standing.

A European vacation will be a fantastic experience regardless of where you choose to go. Each country has its own specialties and provides pleasant vacation options. But Greece vacations really have it all. It might seem overwhelming to decide where exactly in Europe you want to go, but with a little research and an idea of what it is you would like to see and experience, you will realize that Greece should be part of your perfect vacation plan.

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Posted by brucem231 at 4:38 AM EDT
Tuesday, 28 August 2012
Discover Greece Vacations
Topic: travel

Ah, the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. Warm white sand, sunshine, and bliss. This is Greece. Although, Greece has suffered a major economic crisis, it remains one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason. Greece vacations offer a glimpse of ancient history, rich vibrant, culture, and endless sun and beauty all in one stunning locale.

On the mainland, you will find relics of an ancient civilization everywhere.  It is common to see ancient ruins alongside modern buildings. Athens is home to the Acropolis, a citadel perched high on a rocky ridge overlooking the city. Acropolis literally means “upper city”, and holds many ancient buildings including the temple to Athena, the Parthenon. Those that have not visited Greece are surprised to learn of the many temples on mountain as the Acropolis is the only one visible from ground level.  A trip to the Acropolis also affords you a wonderful view of the Plaka (old Athens) as well as a bird’s eye view of ongoing excavation close to the site. Many Greece vacations offer tours of the Acropolis, however, pedestrians are free to wander the grounds as they wish. Let the ruins take you back to an ancient time of gods and goddesses.

Tourists on Greece vacations are often drawn towards the coastlines, seeking warmth and relaxation from the beaches and the warm Mediterranean Sea. Islands such as Corfu, Mykonos, and Santorini are well-known as having some of the most beautiful coastlines on the planet. Yacht tours and cruises of the islands are abundant on Greece vacations; many people believe it is the only way to truly see the Greek Islands. It is easy to work seeing these amazing islands into your visit.  Be sure to visit during the summer or early fall as some of the smaller islands close up for the winter.

Greece vacations include some of the tastiest food on the planet. Souvlaki can be found just about anywhere, wrapped in a thick, chewy pita, and drizzled with Tzaziki sauce. Locally grown tomatoes and olives are found in every restaurant. Greek wine flows like water. A well-known Greek dish known as Saganaki, a salty, fried cheese appetizer is a must try. Saganaki is often covered in brandy and flambéed at your table.  The fire is put out with hearty squeeze of lemon.  The result?  Delectable. On Greece vacations, expect to sit for hours on verandas, sipping wine, dining and watching the world-renown sunsets.

When the sun goes down, the party begins. Most of the coastal resorts have a vibrant club scene. Mykonos is particularly known for its nightlife. Many of the bars have open porches for night-clubbers to enjoy the sunsets. Get ready for a long night because the parties tend to carry on to the early morning. Then sleep in and let the sounds of the Mediterranean surf wash over you.

Turkey neighbors Greece to the east. Excursions to Turkey are common during Greece vacations. Explore all the culture that Turkey has to offer while exploring Greece. If you venture into Turkey, be sure to take in a Turkish carpet demonstration.  The skill and history of the famous Turkish carpets is not to be missed.  In most locations, carpets can be shipped to your home free of charge.

Greece vacations are popular for very good reason, but there is only one way to truly enjoy them – don’t just read about them; book one and experience Greece first hand.


This guest post was written by Anya Strefeler, on behalf of specializes in Greece vacation packages and Turkey vacations. For more information on travel safety tips for seniors, you may visit


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Posted by brucem231 at 2:52 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 28 August 2012 3:03 AM EDT
Thursday, 17 May 2012
Relive History with Greece Vacations
Topic: travel
Do you wish you could travel back in time? Don’t have access to a DeLorean or a reasonable supply of plutonium? Don’t worry! These days, there is another vehicle that can assist you with your time travel needs. You might have heard of it. It is called an airplane. It has the power to turn run-of-the-mill Greece vacations into a journey through ancient history

When arrive for your Greece vacations, you will indeed see many modern sights and sites. Men and women wearing jeans, people driving cars, shoppers flocking to stores with electricity and modern plumbing – but do not let these things fool you. Be assured that they are all just smoke and mirrors, and that you have indeed reversed through the space time continuum and are back in time, with the ancient Greeks. Still don’t believe me? Just take a look at the Parthenon over at the Acropolis. The massive stone columns are breathtaking, and truly more magnificent in their simplicity and precision than any modern architect could dream of building. The famous temple, built between the years of 447 BC and 432 BC, is still standing, strong and mighty. Surely it could not be more than a few years old. This must mean that you have indeed traveled back through time, making possible ancient Greece vacations.

Let us now head into the city of Athens, where we will find the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Zeus, the leader of the gods, and the ruler of Mount Olympus, is paid honor and worshipped here. The temple was built in approximately 100 AD and much of it still remains, as well as other temples and a defensive wall in the area. Above all, the spirit of ancient Greece remains here, in this cultural landmark.

Now let us continue our trip to the past to Delphi, a popular stop for ancient Greece vacations. We can visit the Tholos, a circular building surrounded by beautiful Doric columns. Once you are finished there, you can head over to Delphi’s Treasury of the Athenians, which is only a short distance away. Built in the fifth century, the building once housed sporting trophies. Though you will find it empty now, as you walk through you can still hear the victorious cries of the first Olympians, bringing home the prize for their homeland of Greece.

No ancient Greece vacations are complete without a visit to the original Olympics. Olympia, located in West Peloponnesus, was the site of the original Olympic Games in the year 776 BC. Every fourth year, an athletic competition is still held in the same location in honor of the god Zeus. We know that now, in modern times, Greek gods are generally thought of as mythological, so if games are still being held for Zeus, surely we have traveled back in time. What tradition could stand the test of time over almost three millennia? Not many.

When you arrive home from your Greece vacations, your friends might not believe that you actually traveled back in time. Your family might not believe you, and neither will your coworkers, but you know the truth. You took in the sights, the feeling, and the spirit of ancient Greece. You saw the temples, the statues, and the stone buildings with your own two eyes. You know you were there and that is all that matters.

Posted by brucem231 at 11:33 PM EDT

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