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Friday, 2 November 2018
Liquid Painting- What it is, How it Works and What are its Advantages and Disadvantages?
Topic: Business
That’s why manufacturers often get confused whether to invest in liquid painting service or powder coating services. There is no distinct answer to this. In some situation, wet paint easily beats powder coating ( sun-glo/liquid-painting-service ) and a far better option whereas in some situations nothing can match the powder coating.

So we are not going into the debate of which one is best instead of that today we will discuss the three things you should know about liquid painting.

1.  What is liquid painting and how it is applied?

Liquid painting or wet paint is a process of application of the layer of paint on the metal substrate using a spray gun. Paint is sprayed on the surface of the metal with high pressure.

Surface to be painted is first thoroughly cleaned and prepared for receiving the paint. Preparation of surface involves filling, sanding, and removal of existing layer of the paint. After cleaning and preparing the surface, wet paint is blasted on the surface of the workpiece. It forms a uniform layer of the paint on the surface of the substrate and left to dry. The thickness of the paint coating is approximately 15-20 micrometers.

2. What are the advantages of liquid painting?

Before you hire a liquid painting service, you should know what advantages wet paint offers.

•  It increases the corrosion resistance of metal substrate and protects metal parts against extreme weather conditions. It forms a uniform layer on the substrate which provides better protection to metal substrate against corrosion.

•  It can be used for a vast range of materials. Ferrous and nonferrous metals both can be coated uniformly. It is also a preferred choice for the coating of the materials that cannot be heated. Also, it is an economical method of metal finishing.

•  It forms a very thin layer of the paint on the surface of the metal that provides quality finishing. Also, the color range for liquid painting is unlimited. You have unlimited color choices. Also, the finishing of liquid painting is more vibrant and alive.

3. What are the drawbacks of using wet paint?

Wet paint has few drawbacks as well. So before making a final decision of choosing liquid painting service, it is important to know drawbacks to evaluate your options better.

•  Wet paint finishing is not as durable as powder coating finishing. It starts chipping and cracking after some time in tough climatic conditions. Hence, it requires little extra maintenance than powder coating ( ) and refinishing from time to time.

•  It is not easy to get the even thickness of the coating in the first time. Multiple coats are required for unblemished and even finishing. Hence, it adds up to the cost of the finishing.

These are three things you should know about the liquid painting. So make your final decision of hiring a liquid painting service keeping these things in mind.

Posted by brucem231 at 8:26 AM EDT
Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Five Important Sip Trunk Features Businesses Need to Look For
Topic: Business
It’s a no-brainer that Sip Trunking can reduce business communication expenses which is why many businesses are opting for Sip Trunking services. However, there is no advantage of using Sip trunk service if it does not have the necessary features to meet your business needs. Here are popular Sip Trunk features to look for when selecting a provider.

1.  Tier 1 Redundant Network

Uninterrupted internet connectivity is an important factor in Sip Trunking. Network faults are a common occurrence that can affect business communication dearly. A redundant network will ensure there are no downtimes and the service provider can switch your communication channels ( ) whenever required to maintain uninterrupted communications and Internet connectivity.

Also, only Tier 1 network connects directly to the Internet. This is important to ensure high-quality audio and video calls.  Tier 2 and Tier 3 networks are plagued by quality issues which affect the quality of calls.  In absence of redundancy, Tier 2 and Tier 3 clients also face downtime issues that are a killer for business.

2.  Platform Interoperability

There are wide varieties of PBX systems, and your customers might be using PBX systems that is completely different from yours. The Sip Trunking system you choose should offer excellent platform interoperability that will ensure it supports a wide variety of PBX systems including open source solutions.

3.  User-Friendly Control Panel

Sip Trunk solutions use some kind of software for management. As a business, you would want software that does not have a steep learning curve. The software should have a user-friendly control panel that gives access to all main features.

With a user-friendly control panel, it would be easy for our staff to provision new customers, generate quotes, manage your clients, and handle invoicing.

4.  Real-Time Call Data Records

Sip Trunking generates lots of customer data(recorded calls). It is necessary the Sip Trunking solution can record conversations and provide real-time access to call data records. This feature is useful to analyze customer issues by hearing recorded conversations and take a note on inefficiencies in communication.

Call data records can also help your business to assess CSR performance and optimize staffing. In some states, businesses are required to maintain records of all communications with customers.  The call data record features will ensure your organization is compliant with any laws governing your industry.

5.  Toll Fraud Protection

VoIP Toll fraud is a situation where hackers take control of part of our VoIP phone network and use it to route their call. Toll fraud is a serious and growing threat for Sip Trunking services. You need to select a Sip Trunking service provider ( ) who used advanced monitoring technologies to detect Toll Fraud.

Some of the preventive measures to reduce VoIP attacks are dedicated firewall for Sip protocol ports and set up a protocol to disable all calling features outside business hours.

Migrating to Sip Trunking services is a smart business move. If you find a service provider providing these critical Sip Trunk features, you will find your business on the quickest route to increased revenue.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:32 AM EDT
Tuesday, 30 October 2018
How CARC Paints Makes Defense Force Beneficial?
Topic: Business
Developed and deployed by the US Armed Forces, CARC paint is broadly employed to coat tactical vehicles, trucks, and equipments used by the army, marine forces, and military helicopters. Since the right of the coating is owned by the U.S. government, only license holder coating and plating companies can produce CARC for defense use.

Significantly, being absorbent, common paints are vulnerable to seep the lethal biological agents, and extremely toxic chemicals used widespread in battlefields ( ), subject to attacks on them. This could be equally harming for equipments, vehicles, and personnel boarding them in the war fields. Precisely, CARC is an outcome of need-based tiring research and development endeavors convened by scientists with senior Army officials for years.


The three-tier painting concept of CARC begins with a pretreatment process, subsequently which a primer of epoxy is used. Typically, the topcoat is made of aliphatic polyurethane while depending on the types of vehicles; an extra layer of epoxy-polyamide enamel is often used before the top layer and after epoxy. The painting technology is simply brilliant to ensure and enhance the safety and wellbeing of the troops from an attack of all sorts of biological and chemical agents and radioactive elements.

The Benefits of CARC

Highly Resistant Coating

The enduring coat of CARC paint offers an umbrella of protection for military troops, tactical vehicles, and war weapons against all potential attacks and damage caused by biological and chemical warfare. Aside from being a highly resistive painting solution, it is made non-absorbent, which makes it unique especially because toxic chemicals can pass through the entire body of vehicles that get exposure to them. As it saves the vehicle, tanks, helicopters, equipments and also the personnel who use them, due to its non-absorbent nature, they can be easily neutralized.

Great Camouflage

One of the great outcomes of CARC paint that comes exceptionally handy for defense force is its camouflage feature. The pigments used in the paints can amazingly deal with infrared technology-based mechanisms by making them weak to detect the troops and vehicles in the war field. A variety of pigments are used to camouflage vehicle and equipment in a different environment.

Ease of Cleanup

As said above, with the non-absorbent property, CARC paint offers greater ease while cleaning the tactical vehicles and equipments being exposed to harsh chemicals. Once exposed to biological toxic elements, vehicles should be denominated for further use. Thankfully, with CARC ( ), that restricts the seepage of those hazardous chemicals onto the body of vehicles, the cleanup process becomes easier, cost-effective, and time-saving.

Save Costs

Camouflage feature of the coat defends high-cost vehicles, tanks, and equipment from damaging in the battlefield by making them non-detectable by enemy forces and thus helps save a lot from further expenditure on buying new ones. Equally, the non-absorbent paint of layers make cleanup procedure easy resulting in less labor cost and neutralizing expenses which are some great attributes of CARC paints.

Highly Durable

Opposed to common paints, CARC is made quite resistive to extreme climatic conditions. Vehicles having CARC paints thus can remain protected from all harsh environmental states like extreme heat. The topcoat is already prepared with anti-corrosive properties.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:42 AM EDT
Three Most Important Things You Need to Know About Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas
Topic: Business
And when you turn 65, the frequency of visits to a doctor bound to increase. That’s why the government has initiated a medical care program for the U.S. citizens known as Medicare.

Medicare benefits can be availed through Medicare Advantage plans in Texas or Original Medicare. So before you purchase Medicare Advantage plans from your independent medical insurance agent ( harringroup/medicare-advantage-plans ), here is the list of five things that you need to know about Medical Advantage plans:

1.  Difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

If you choose original Medicare, the federal government pays directly for the health care services you receive. On the other, in Medicare Advantage plans, your private insurance company paid by the government to cover your medical benefits.

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by the private companies which are in contract with Medicare. Whether you avail medical benefits through Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas, first you have to become eligible for availing Medicare benefits and get enrolled for Medicare.

If you are 65 years old or older, you can enroll for the Medicare. However, in special cases, you can also enroll for the Medicare under 65 years, such as receiving Social Security Disability Insurance for a certain time or with the End-stage Renal Disease.

2.  Medicare Advantage plans cover Original Medicare benefits and more

When you invest in Medicare Advantage plans (Part C or MA Plans), you get all the medical benefits of Original Medicare Program. Original Medicare program of federal government provides beneficiaries Part A (hospital coverage) and Part B (medical coverage) medical benefits. So your Medicare Advantage plans must include Part A and Part B medical services. Apart from this, it can also include Part D (prescription drug coverage) medical benefits.

3.  Different types of Medicare Advantage plans

Medical Advantage plans are of four types- Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plan, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan, Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plan, and Special Needs Plans (SNPs).

HMO Plans

In Health Maintenance Organizations plans, you can only visit the doctors and other healthcare providers who are included in plan’s network. Also, you need to get a referral from the primary doctor to see a specialist.

PFFS Plans

You can visit any doctor, any specialist, any hospital, and any other health care provider as long as they accept payment terms of the plan ( ). These are mentioned in your Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas.

PPO Plans

In Preferred Provider Organizations plans, you have to pay less to use a doctor, laboratory tests, and other hospital services. However, outside plan’s network, you will be charged normal rates.


Special Need Plans focuses on people in certain severe circumstances. It covers people who live in nursing homes or have certain chronic medical conditions.

These are the three things you need to know about medical advantage plans.

If you have become eligible for Medicare, you can avail extra medical benefits by purchasing Medicare Advantage plans in Texas.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:46 AM EDT
Tuesday, 9 October 2018
CARC Paint- Things You Need to Know!
Topic: Business
This paint is different from other paints in its properties and characteristics. Hence, it is used for specific purposes such as painting military vehicles.

Now you might be thinking what is different in CARC paint as compared to other paints ( ) and why it is used for military vehicles? Let’s find an answer to it.

Properties and Use

CARC paint is a non-porous paint which is highly resistant to chemical and biological warfare agents. It makes vehicle surface nonabsorbent which repels the chemical agents. Hence, vehicles can be decontaminated easily with decontamination solutions without damaging the paint.

Non-porous surface of the paint makes it easy to clean the vehicle with a decontaminating solution. While other paints lack these characteristics. They are porous and absorb chemical agents that make it very difficult to decontaminate the vehicle. There are several other benefits of CARC paint as well which make it a perfect choice for painting military vehicles. We will discuss those later in this post.

Application of CARC

Military equipment is camouflaged with the CARC coating. Application of CARC paint is a three-step process. First of all, a surface is thoroughly cleaned and pretreated. Then, the primer is applied to ensure the maximum bondage of paint with the surface. And at last, a top coat of epoxy base is applied for interiors and polyurethane coat for the exterior of military vehicles.

The process of painting the vehicle with CARC is very complicated. Inhaling the CARC paint during its application can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, it is better to leave the job in the hands of professionals.

Benefits of CARC Paint

Chemical Resistance

CARC coating is impervious and highly resistant to chemical agents. It repels chemical and biological warfare agents. Hence, it protects the personnel using the vehicle. It also protects against radioactivity.

Confuses Infrared Technology

Camouflaging of military vehicles with non-porous, low-reflection CARC pigment makes them undetectable even to infrared cameras. It means military vehicle hide easily and blend with the environment much better.

Ease of Decontamination

Decontaminating the vehicles is an expensive, difficult, and time-consuming process. But CARC coating ( ) can be neutralized easily because it does not absorb chemical agents. Also, it is more durable than ordinary paints. It will not get damaged easily during the decontamination process.

These are the key benefits of the CARC paint.

So this is brief about CARC paint. In the U.S a very few manufacturers are authorized to produce CARC paint. Hence, find a licensed service provider if you are looking for the CARC paint producers.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:53 AM EDT
How to Choose Right Powder Coating Services for Your Business
Topic: Business
And powder coating is the pinnacle of the industrial painting. It lasts long, decorates work piece and protects work piece from corrosion. But all powder coating services ( ) are not created equally. How long your powder coating will last; depends heavily on the how well it is deposited and what quality of polymer is used.

Therefore, it is necessary when you hire powder coating services for your business, choose the right service provider. But it is not an easy task, as it seems. So we have laid down the few tips for you to choose the right powder coating service for your business. Let’s have a look at these.

Licensing and Credentials

First of all, check the credentials of the company. Are they authorized to offer services in your state? Ask for the licensing received from local authorities. This is to make sure that you are hiring a certified company. Also, not all companies are authorized to offer every type of powder coating. So ask what type of powder coating services they are certified to offer.

Experience in the Industry

For how long they have been into the powder coating industry? This is the must-ask question because in the powder coating industry experience matters a lot. An experienced company has a large number of jobs under his belt in various industries. Hence, they can understand your needs better and come up with the best solution. It is good if they have some prior experience of working in your industry.

Equipment and Technique

This will decide the quality of the powder coating. Ask what type of process they used for powder coating? Does their equipment are up to date with the latest technologies? What quality of products they use? Get a fair idea of the quality of equipment and technique your contractor is using.

Reviews and Testimonials

Clients’ reviews and testimonials give you some idea of how truthful your company is to whatever it said. Read the online reviews and testimonials of the previous clients. If you found something consistently reported, move over to another company.


Last but not least; get free quotes of powder coating services. Make sure there is no hidden cost involved in the process. Do not choose the cheapest contractor in the market but definitely ( ), compare it with other quality service providers and choose the best.

So, these are the few things that you should keep in mind to choose reliable powder coating services for your business.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:50 AM EDT
Thursday, 4 October 2018
Choosing a CNC Machining Services
Topic: Business
CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines are being used for a variety of applications in business and manufacturing nowadays. The CNC technology is mostly used anywhere in automated embroidery equipment that works by making speedy work of embroidery designs ( sun-glo/CNC-Machining/ ), apart from this it is used as robotic arms in automobile manufacturing. Due to its precision, perhaps the best application of CNC machining services is to produce precision parts no matter what the volume.

CNC machining services can also be used to produce anything from engine apparatus all the way up to tiny and multi foldable bolts that work on oil rigs.  Their application area is huge; they can also create custom parts, providing aid from the prototyping stage to the last production.

How to choose a right CNC machining service provider

Many industries make use of a diversity of precision equipment. Thus this need of industries has made CNC so relevant in today's market. However, it is very essential to be careful while choosing CNC machining service provider as not all services are equal, and some service providers are not professional, and they do not have the capabilities to manufacture the parts you need, this can lead you to waste valuable time, so be witty while searching for a company. Therefore, being well-informed about CNC machining services is essential.

One thing you must need to make a decision right away is the kind of components you need to have manufactured. Determining the kind of manufacturing parts you want helps you to narrow down your choices at the start of your search.

The next point you should always keep in mind is the volume you need to have manufactured. If you only want to be manufactured a small size of simple components, then go for smaller firms specializing in CNC machining services, so long as they are skilled enough to manufacture the parts you want and also will charge you least.

Apart from this, if you need a high volume of complex parts such as pipe taps, also numbering in the tens of thousands, then choosing a larger machining service will certainly be a better choice. Also, ask about the costing. They are capable of producing a high volume, but sometimes they can limit contracts on per batch basis, and not per piece, so must be clear at these points.

One of the best ideas to speedily narrow down your search for machining services is by choosing them are nearby. This makes it easy to go for quick inquiries, pick up orders, or also cut shipping costs.

Besides, enquiring about their capabilities and proficiency as a machining service provider ( ), you should also inspect their quality control. Make sure if they meet official approval by standard regulation organizations such as ISO. These are just a few tips that can help you to choose the best CNC service provider for your needs.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:54 AM EDT
Saturday, 22 September 2018
VoIP Reseller - Things to Consider While Hiring One!
Topic: Business
If you are a business person, then it is very important for you to know all the possible ways in which your business can be benefited. And the VoIP service is one of those. And before knowing the best ways to get appropriate VoIP service providers ( ), it is very necessary first to know all about their work and how they assist in the growth of the business. With the advancement of the articles the readers will be described in brief all about the VoIP resellers and their work, and by the end of the article, readers will come to know how can be the best VoIP service providers hired.

Some basics about the VoIP services-

The VoIP stands for the Voice over Internet protocol. They provide solutions to the customers regarding the servicing of a company. If one hires the VoIP service providers, then there have to be some payment procedures for this like one has to pay for his or her subscription in the monthly, quarter yearly or yearly process.

The hosted services of the VoIP is also quite widely preferred by the people. To hire the best VoIP reseller, one has to know all about the works that they do as well as the latest software which are used by the VoIP service providers as well as the applications they use. And apart from this, you have to know how they react to the voice switches and the process of creation of the integrated voice packages.

This has been considered as the best assistance for the newly starting business, and this has been preferred by many to date, and it was found that there is considerable growth in the business. But this cannot be denied that there are various VoIP service providers in the market, and so are the number of fraud cases of the VoIP service. A careful search is required for hiring the best VoIP resellers. Just the attractive advertisement cannot handle the growth of the business single-handedly.
Some tips on getting the best VoIP services-

Following are some of the tips that have to be taken into consideration while choosing the VoIP services :

â—   Quality services:

VoIP services are all about the services it provides. Make a secret research about the reputation of the company and know whether the company can provide services without any quality issue or not.

â—   Cost-effectiveness:

One must always check with the cost-effectiveness as this provides satisfaction. If you are paying more for a service which is not worth it, then you will feel discontented. Get the VoIP reseller with the lowest price and the best efficiency that can be availed.

â—   Check the wholesale price of the VoIP resellers that is to be hired:

The customers deserve to get the products at an appropriate rate ( ), and thus the whole rates of the VoIP service providers have to be checked well before hiring them.

These are the few things which are needed to be taken care of so that one can hire the best VoIP service.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:56 AM EDT
Tuesday, 4 September 2018
Here is What You Must Know to Understand CARC Paint
Topic: Business
There are a number of benefits of using this paint on the heavy vehicles owned by the Government.

Prevents penetration: CARC paint has designed with a purpose to protect the military troops from biological and chemical warfare. It helps survival in case of troubled times. This coating can withstand the agents ( ) which are used against them and it will not absorb any toxins like the traditional paint does. Hence, this paint helps in warfare and increases the chances of survival.

Components: The form of application of this paint has three layers, the first is primer, the second one is paint and the last coat is enamel. After the entire process is complete, the coating is ready to go ahead with any biological agent. It is important that the entire process is complete after the coating through these three layers. The paint is durable and will last for a long period of time.

Decontamination: Once the vehicle has been exposed to an attack, it is essential that it passes through a decontamination process. This process will prevent the harmful agents from traveling with the equipment and the chemicals that are used in this process are very harsh with the capability to damage the vehicle. But when it comes to CARC paint, no chemicals can have an impact on the coating. The chemicals used in the process of decontamination ensure that CARC remains strong throughout the process.

Infrared signature matching: This is the most important feature of CARC. The paint helps survivability with camouflage. There is no other method that can help accomplish the same. Hence, it is important to blend with the surroundings through this paint. When an item is being scanned through infrared, CARC reduces the efficacy of the weapon and the colors are designed to match with the surroundings to achieve the same.

It is important to note that CARC should not be welded and the unusable material should always be treated as chemical waste. When the formation is wet, it can damage the human skin and cause trouble to the respiratory system. It is important to wear respirators until the paint has completely dried.

These are some of the main reasons of using the paint on heavy military vehicles. The paint has been used for many years and has helped achieve the desired results. There is a systematic process of application which needs to be followed every time the paint has to be applied on a vehicle. Before you decide to use the paint ( ), you need to understand its effect on the vehicles and use all the safety measures to ensure that the paint does not harm your skin. You will not have to apply this paint again and again as it will last longer than any other paint available in the market and used on vehicles.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:41 AM EDT
The Cadmium Plating Process - An Overview!
Topic: Business
Cadmium is a byproduct of Zinc. Until the 1920s, the use cadmium as a metal for electroplating was not very popular. Cadmium Plating is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It is a technical process which helps protect the material underneath it even in highly corrosive environments. By itself, cadmium is a soft white metal ( sun-glo/cadmium-plating ), but when it is mixed with other metals such as powdered copper, cast iron, steel and malleable iron; it becomes a sturdy metal coating.

Advantages of Using Cadmium Plating:

There are several advantages of employing cadmium plating to protect your machines and tools. A few of them are:

1.  A cadmium plate provides an excellent adhesive surface; whenever cadmium plating is used, the adhesive properties of the material that it is protecting are improved. It can bond more efficiently with the typical adhesives used in the manufacturing process. It is frequently used in the construction of airplanes.

2.  It is highly resistant to corrosion. Hence, any object that is covered with cadmium plating is becoming more durable and does not corrode even in harsh environments. Even during harsh and challenging weather, cadmium plating is well - equipped to protect the object which it is coating. This is why such type of plating is utilized in the fields of aeronautics and military defense.

3.  Cadmium plating also improves the lubricant properties of the material. Hence, it is highly suitable for those parts of the machine which move. Its high lubricant surface means that it can also effectively reduce friction in those places where the moving parts touch each other.

4.  Cadmium is also resistant to the growth of bacteria or mound. So, you can be assured that even in the presence of moisture and an environment which is conducive to the growth of fungus or bacteria, you object will be well - protected.

5.  Cadmium plating improves the electrical conductivity of the object which it is coating. Its ability to conduct electricity is high and thus, it offers zero resistance to electrical conduction.

6.  Cadmium can also work well as a paint base. Hence, cadmium based paint is able to secure the object which is used to paint from corrosion as well as fungal growth.

To summaries cadmium plating:

â—   Excellent corrosion resistance

â—   Low electrical resistance and exceptional conductivity

â—   Resistant to bacteria growth

â—   Favorable galvanic compatibility with aluminum

â—   Superior solderability

â—   Works well as a paint base

â—   Acts as a good bonding surface for adhesives


In order to take good care of your tools and machines ( ), it is essential that you prevent them from wasting away due to corrosion as a result of time or harsh weather conditions. Cadmium plating is an effective way to combat this problem, and it helps you make your tools more durable as well as sturdy.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:02 AM EDT

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