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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
Choosing a Good SIP Trunk Provider for Your Business
Topic: Business
Searching yourself for SIP trunk providers for your organization can be quite troublesome. The definition of SIP trunking varies from company to company – some have their own facilities where others will only have hardware where installation can be done on your own premises. Without any standardization when it is about VoIP phone systems will confuse the subject even more. So, how to search for the right SIP trunk provider for your business? Basically, you need to be armed yourself with the right questions when you are evaluating the SIP Trunking provider ( ) that you want to work with.

Does the Provider have its own facilities?

You will get some SIP trunk providers in the market having their own facilities, and others are just resellers of trunking services. Providers that have their own facility will have voice switching technology and session border controllers. They will also be designing their infrastructure with redundancies for minimizing downtime greatly due to any crisis or equipment failure. When you are dealing with a third-party reseller, you are actually dealing with a firm that does not have any control over the hardware and may result in poor voice service quality and you will be subjected to any price change of their provider. Check a few providers having local facilities if they are within your state or city which will provide you lower latency rate and much better performance when they are available at far-off places.


When you are switching from the old telephone system on copper wires to services provided by these providers, make sure the provider you will be choosing has proper redundancies. If there is no power in your area, then the voice lines need to be operational, especially during any crisis. Your provider should be having a high-redundant IP network with fiber-optic network pathways into their facility so that there is no interruption of call routing. During a disaster, there should be offsite backups, secondary power sources, and secondary software. It is also necessary to have multiple servers for creating a load-balance as when hardware gets overloaded, the quality of voice services will get reduced and services can be disrupted temporarily. These providers must have an auto-routing facility, as when a SIP trunk fails, it can automatically be rerouted to operational equipment for minimizing service delay.

E911 call routing feature and a pool of numbers

For your business, it is crucial to have direct inward dial (DID) numbers, and the SIP trunk providers ( ) must be providing a pool of numbers to you. You may ask if they can able to localize the phone numbers or provide numbers from different area codes from your business. Another necessary feature is e911 call routing, as it allows emergency response personnel to locate a caller from the registered location data of their line. The provider you are choosing must follow all FCC rules for 911 and e911 services.


Just like any other service provider, ask if they can able to provide some client lists so that you can inquire about their experience with a particular service provider.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:16 AM EST
Tuesday, 12 November 2019
Guide to Small Business Phone Systems
Topic: Business
Nowadays, there is a buzz about the small business phone system ( ). Basically, a business phone system is an advanced calling network that is designed for improving communications for large and small companies. As business phones are designed in such a way for handling the complexities of business like call routing to get calls to the right person and customer service calls, office telephone systems have endless capabilities that typically you will not find on residential telephone service.  Here we have listed some of the useful capabilities of business phone systems.

Multiple Lines – Allow your business to communicate with several clients at once

Automated features – It is like auto-attendant that answers the phone for you and help in directing the callers to the right extension

Voicemail – Stores messages and also retrieve it when you are not in the workplace

On-hold messages or music – This option let callers know that they are still on an active line

There are some types of telephone systems suited for small business or office use – PBX, VoIP, and Multi-line based phone systems. These phone systems are differentiated by the cost, the service provider and the technology used.

Multi-line phone systems

These phones have multiple lines that run through the same unit and allow the operator for answering every phone number individually or sending calls to voicemail. These small business phone systems are basic that makes them a perfect fit for many small businesses. Simple two-line phone systems consist of separate telephone units that allow multiple people to be on a call, such as a manager and a receptionist at the same time. More complex four-line phone systems allow more staff to make or take calls simultaneously. With either phone system, you can easily handle a toll-free number or local line.

VoIP phone systems

They operate with broadband internet connectivity instead of traditional phone lines that have multiple advantages such as scalability, ease of installation, cost, and advanced features like setting up a virtual receptionist for handling calls and forwarding calls to employee smartphones with a mobile app.  With this business phone system, you can have access to unique phone numbers, just like a traditional phone system, handling toll-free numbers and routing calls to extensions for specific workers. One of the biggest advantages is it can connect with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that allows automatic logging of interactions. The biggest downside is the reliability – you need to make sure that you have high-speed internet connectivity at all times for smooth functioning of this system.

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems

It is a private phone network for the office. It routes outgoing and incoming voice calls by sing business phone line and provides multiple features like conference calls, routing to extensions, and call holding which are important for running a business. This small business phone system ( ) is different than standard multi-line phone systems where the routing and the call switching do not take place directly through the phone unit but rather are centralized. This makes a PBX more cost-effective and scalable than a key system. This system can also be hosted in the Cloud and can handle VoIP calls.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:23 AM EST
Tuesday, 15 October 2019
The Four Must-Attend Boston Biotech Conferences
Topic: Business
Biotech conferences offer platforms to interact with the most inventive scientific minds and business leaders all across the world. In Boston, there is a “biotech week” where they host a week-long conference filled with leading events spanning the drug development value chain! But since Biotech Week is over this year, we figured we’d sum up the other terrific biotech conferences in Boston ( ) that were not to be missed.

Before we move on to the 4 Boston Biotech Conferences, note that these conferences are dedicated to accelerating biotechnology through innovative ideas, science and technology, and partnerships to bring about improvement in patient health. Attending these conferences can only benefit your practice, as you’ll get to interact with thought-leaders and potential partners from all walks of life, driving you closer to success.

1.  BioTech Breakfast Briefing (October 15th, 2019)

This biotech conference focuses on the Wallonia life science cluster, and all discussions involved are Wallonia-related. This conference offers an in-depth insight into the life-science cluster of Wallonia while backing it up with the various advantages it offers, making it a very competitive market for businesses in the life-science industry! It offers various presentations by experts from varying professional backgrounds, leaving the attendees feeling satisfied with the critical information they receive about the science-related business in Wallonia. This event is designed to bring focused groups to the same platform to exchange ideas, so there will be many networking opportunities here.

2.  Biotech Fundamentals (October 19th & 20th, 2019)

Don’t miss this glorious hands-on biotech conference in Boston that gives you insight into the very fundamentals of biotech. The best part about this conference is that you feel like you’re back at school, learning the basics and practical skills to get working on a fascinating molecular biology project at BosLab! If you’re new to the world of synthetic biology or bioengineering, stick around and learn how to make bacteria glow! This 2-day workshop involves developing laboratory skills and conducts many discussions on how bacteria are being used in biotech that affect everyday life (such as bacteria in insulin to the bacteria used in detergents).

3.  2019 Advancing Drug Development (December 12th, 2019)

This Boston biotech conference focuses on discovering new solutions and technological breakthroughs in the world of drug development. While shining light on how the industry incorporates advanced approaches in drug development, the program bolsters discussions between all medical professionals. With an opening and closing keynote and heated panel discussions, this conference is all about finding ways to address complex manufacturing methods and formulation development of complicated molecular compounds.

Find out how various consultants, pharma and biotech executives, and CDMOs work together to address this issue while understanding the criticality of investing their resources to make strides in developing higher quality drug products and solutions.

4.  Xconomy’s Boston Life Science Disruptors (October 17th, 2019)

This unique Boston biotech conference ( ) was all about having open conversations: innovators were given a chance to present their experiences with biotech and the wisdom gained over the years, the ideas they pursued, and the battles they overcame. This conference spoke about biotech being for risk-takers: people who pursue their ideas even if they don’t seem promising at first. Investors at biotech startups, pharma executives, and mid-size companies are the ideal audience for this!

Posted by brucem231 at 2:01 AM EDT
Monday, 30 September 2019
Benefits of Joining Biotech Conference in Boston
Topic: Business
With a whopping market for biopharmaceuticals globally crossing over $200 billion and with its consistent growth rate@18% annually, a series of pharmaceuticals to high-profile investors and series of other establishments are running after the high potential market to gain its market share.

Remarkably more than 43% of high-level pharmaceutical executives like CEO’s, COO’s, directors R&D and major investors among others are attending biotech conferences in Boston ( ) to initiate partnership or investing in licenses, and accordingly transforming from conventional drug development to biopharma products. More and more companies are planning to include protein therapeutics in their product lineup because they enjoy more than 18% of prescription medicine and boasts of having over $132 billion global markets. Working with protein therapies is a major doorstep to have access to the biopharma market, and it has been proved successful to alleviate the criticality of cancer and brain-based disorders.

With the rising demand of such medications as pharmaceutical houses can increase their potential to earning profit more than $1 or even more sales yearly turnover, correspondingly global investors find it as a great opportunity to enjoy continuing royalty via partnership and outsourcing. It’s worth mentioning that establishing new research cells with the workforce, process development with state-of-the-art machinery leads to extra overheads, which is why many companies’ also partaking in biotech conferences in Boston to find outsourcing partners to get specialized package services from biotech companies. Aside from this, new partnership, mergers, and acquisitions are becoming more popular all over the world.

Biotech Conference in Boston – Who Can Join and Reap its Benefits

Leading innovators, research professional, and biopharma academics

•  In their presentation session and interviews, they allow industry known innovators, research professionals and key leaders of biopharma researches concerning their latest developments in R&D procedures and formulation of the chemistry of new generation medications to efficiently deal with life-threatening diseases such as cancer, mental and cognitive conditions including Autism, Dementia, ADHD and ADD.

•  Participate in 1 to 1 meeting with global class pharmaceutical houses and prospective investors’ desirous of entering into healthcare industries and appealing for acquiring the license of the research formulae. This kind of face to face discussion is prearranged exclusively by organizers of biotech conferences in Boston ( ) before or in the continuation of the conference.

Industry key players like Presidents/ MD/ CEO or COO of top pharmaceutical companies.

•  Be aware of the new standards of in-house R&D, Quality Control procedures, and process techniques that enable the healthcare industry to focus on the biopharma sector.

•  Initiating business partnership and other collaboration with biopharma establishments and support of industry investors


Investors can come to know the cutting-edge advancements in healthcare about product inventions made by biopharma industries, having across the table discussions and thus collaborate with leading companies. If you’re interested to know more, speak and like to present your desire before its forum members and attending the conferences, get your place reserved for which you need to have online registration.

Leading physicians, renowned doctors, and professionals under training

You can learn about professional cods and medical standards and opportunities to bring advancements in healthcare quality care and management. The conferences educate them on how to accept leadership challenges in medical services currently and in the coming days. Equally, its platform helps learn great lessens from global experts on improved leadership.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:57 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 4 October 2019 5:04 AM EDT
Friday, 27 September 2019
Five Reasons Why You Need Fax to Email Service
Topic: Business
In today's digital age, you don’t need a fax machine to send and receive faxes. You can use online faxing services that require minimal on-site infrastructure. Here are the top 5 benefits of fax to email service ( ).

1.Saves Money

Fax to email technology cuts down unnecessary office expenses. You can reduce costs related to the maintenance of fax machines, ink, toner, paper, and other fax machine consumables.

You also save valuable office space and time required for fax machine maintenance. You don’t even need a dedicated fax line that adds to savings. The cash that is generally spent on procuring fax machines and other consumables can be channeled elsewhere.

2. Improves Productivity

With traditional fax machines, you need an employee to be physically present at the fax machine while sending and receiving faxes. This can be a time-consuming task and a factor interrupting productivity.

With online faxing service, there is no such requirement as the faxes are sent from the computer and received in your email inbox. In an online faxing service, you get fax messages instantly whereas in traditional fax machines you are dependent on a person who operates a fax machine.

There is always a possibility that the person might forget to deliver urgent fax you are waiting for, resulting in an interruption in the flow of your work and hampering your productivity.

3. Easy to Use

The online faxing service is easy to use. You get a fax number immediately after you sign up for a fax to email service. There is no waiting time like traditional fax numbers, and you can start sending and receiving faxes right away.

With an online faxing service, you can send and receive faxes anywhere in the world. If the online faxing service has a mobile app, you can also send and receive faxes from your smartphone.

Problems with paper also put the traditional fax machine at a disadvantage. Paper jams are frequent in printers, copiers, and fax machines. If the paper jam is severe enough, it can render the transmitted document unusable. This is true in both cases- sending and receiving faxes.

In an online fax service, the document is scanned and converted into a digital document that can be quickly sent through fax to email service.

4. No Additional Software Required

Online faxing service operates through the cloud. You don’t need to install any software or hardware on your computers to send and receive faxes. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection to start sending and receiving faxes.

Since you don’t have to install additional software, there are no licensing fees or any other costs related to software.

5. Get as Many Fax Numbers You Need

With an online fax service, you can get several fax numbers for different departments. Many service providers provide them for free while some charge a nominal one-time fee for new fax numbers. Whatever the case, you don’t need to get several phone lines for additional fax numbers.

These are some of the benefits of fax to email service ( ). Do you've any questions?

Posted by brucem231 at 4:52 AM EDT
Wednesday, 14 August 2019
Medical Conferences in San Francisco – Why Your Participation Is So Vital!
Topic: Business
Medical conferences in San Francisco offer a great opportunity for all levels of professionals specializing in the domain to gain knowledge of different topics, grow technical know-how and for networking with like-minded professionals. Depending on your specialty area, in order to make you more specialized, consider spending time to research upcoming medical conferences chiefly organized by acknowledged medical societies, and accordingly participate in one that appears most suitable for your professional development.

One of the great benefits of attending these conferences offers high value through learning from experts and keep you updated with the latest healthcare industry trends. The article is focused on the key reasons that medical professionals from different areas should consider to attend such conferences.

•  Medical conferences in San Francisco ( ) are exceptional platforms for professionals to be up to date with the latest healthcare standards and modernizations in their respective areas. Most of these conferences focus on various areas, aspects, successes, and challenges concerning your area. Similarly, you come to know about the recent changes and upcoming healthcare legislation as formulated by the federal authorities as well as the viewpoints from top leaders and their activities to protect the interest of medical professionals involved in different areas.

•  It offers you the scope to learn about the most up-to-date healthcare reformation and restructuring in your field. Ranging from top-notch executives from healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biopharma sectors, and investors present their speeches about the developments and what roles they are likely to play in the coming days while encouraging other leaders to collaborate in those promising missions and endeavors.

•  While having continuous education (CE) has been mandatory to make you familiar with the latest changes in healthcare and medical field, partaking in medical conferences in San Francisco is obviously not compulsory. Nevertheless, with a view to enhance knowledge level and boost your professional qualities through different workshops led by industry leaders to help you stay at the forefront in the areas you specialize in. While attending these conferences, you can interact with top-level lecturers, ask questions or even meet in an across the table discussion before, or in continuation of the conference, which is set by the scholarly folks of the organizing committee.

•  Unsurprisingly, networking is one of the great outcomes that you can achieve while attending a conference. As you can exchange your great ideas and gain knowledge from other medical peers, such a gathering offers invaluable scopes for investors, biopharma institutes, and pharmaceutical companies to enter into cross border business collaboration and go ahead in the enormously growing healthcare industry. Equally, top-level job seekers can explore the chances of having a high profile job while meeting with potential recruiters. This kind of networking with likeminded has high importance toward professional development in future courses.

•  Mental relaxation is a great benefit of participating in medical conferences in San Francisco ( ) to enjoying a breathing space while having group tours arranged by the organizing community. Explore the great sights of the globally renowned metropolis, cities, and places of attractions with your professional peers. By and large, all such conventions are arranged in notable cities and organized brilliantly incorporated with all facilities and amenities that hard-working professionals like you deserve to break from your tedious occupational life and revive energy.

Posted by brucem231 at 8:59 AM EDT
Wednesday, 31 July 2019
VAT Consultancy in Dubai - Take Experts Help, Avoid Mistakes and Thrive
Topic: Business
Understanding the principles of VAT registration or its overall rules and regulations have been quite complicated for many businesses in Dubai. While it has been mandatory for most businesses operating in the UAE to henceforth complying with the VAT regulations, this misunderstanding, especially among SMEs, has caused a delay in having registration and mistakes in tax filing. If you’re one of those business houses still struggling to understand the principles of VAT, considering the high penalty, it’s the high time for you to get in touch with an expert VAT consultancy in Dubai ( Ethicsplusuae/vat-consultancy ) which will do everything for your business from business evaluation to VAT registration and VAT filing to guidance.

Avoid Common Mistaken About VAT Filing

Meanwhile, it has also been noted that many businesses are trying to get registration, computing taxes, and filing VAT on their own and consequently making lots of mistakes in the process. Never take the issue so lightly and mind well that making mistakes in TAX matters makes you legally obligated, penalized, and thus tolls on your business quite seriously.

Outfitted with a VAT consultancy in Dubai, you can effectively avoid some common mistakes in VAT registration or tax filing and reap the best benefits of VAT.


In general, the percentage of VAT which has been newly introduced in the UAE is 5% while some companies are taken under 0% also. Companies with an annual turnover of 375,000 AED or it's more must-have VAT registration. Some businesses are given exemption such as health, food items, bicycles, education, and social services, etc; however, companies that come under 0% must get registration. At the very first place, businesses with minimum or no knowledge become confused whether or not they are supposed to get registration. Here the support of a VAT consultancy in Dubai appears handy because they evaluate your business type, its volume of sales turnover, profitability and some other factors and accordingly suggest you if having registration for you is mandatory or not.

Wrong Calculation of Tax

Unlike direct tax VAT refers to a general consumption tax should be implemented and collected incrementally on every stage of the supply chain whereas the consumers pay the taxes. As a businessperson working in the UAE, you should be aimed at paying taxes on your purchase bills and equally collecting taxes on your sales bills. The taxes you pay are considered as input tax and that you charge against sales is output tax. If input tax is less than output tax, you’ve to pay the balance to tax authorities, but wherever input tax is higher than output tax you’ll get a tax refund after filing of the tax return. This is a major area of confusion, where most businesses those who avoid VAT consultancy in Dubai make mistakes in proper understanding and calculation and face a hefty penalty.

Miscellaneous Types

Not checking proper TRN number of the customer often leads to false information. Similarly, if you use wrong or insufficient tax codes, this will a major mistake and you will be charged. Surprisingly, it has been found that many businesses deal with exempted product items are also changing VAT which is not going to be accepted by tax authorities. often people are forgetting the due dates of filing VAT and failing dates is liable to be punished which may come in various forms. Thereby, it would be the best practice to leave the tax issues on VAT consultancy in Dubai ( ) since they are experts enabling you to focus on your business better where you are needed.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:58 AM EDT
Thursday, 27 June 2019
Buy Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas for Precise Financial Assistance
Topic: Business
Customize Your Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans, which is a realistic insurance policy, is also known as Medicare Part C and is privately managed. Nevertheless, the policy has the support and sanction of Medicare. Here, in addition to the primary Medicare (A & B), policyholders will get extra services and advantages. That said, some of the Medicare Advantage Plans carry the benefit of Medicare Part-D. The inclusion of Part-D in the Medicare Advantage Plans will give extra benefits to the policy-holders.

In a nutshell, the holder will be able to gain high benefits by buying a Medicare Advantage insurance policy, as he or she will get all the advantages of the original Medicare policy. However, for getting a perfectly suitable customized Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas ( ), it is vital that one should get the assistance of a professionally managed insurance company.

Different Options Available

The availability of different Medicare Advantage Plans will make your choice easy; nevertheless, you must get them customized. Some of the popular schemes are PFFS (Private Fee-For-Service), SNP (Special Needs Plans), POS (Point of Service), HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), MSA (Medical Savings Account), and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). Although such diverse options are available, you must always remember that the expertise of an experienced insurance agent is imperative in tailoring the options to suit your specific need. The best part of contacting an experienced insurance agent is that the firm will give you a free, comparative estimate, as regards the various available policies that different insurance carriers offer.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas

Buying any predetermined policy will not be helpful to you at times of emergencies. To reap all the possible advantages of Medicare Advantage, it is vital that you must buy the right policy, which is suitable for your age and financial position. Only reliable and established insurance companies would be able to provide you the precisely tailored plans. The insurance company must have practical experience in dealing with the diverse Medicare possibilities and necessities. The insurance agent assigned to you must hear your practical requirements and create a tailored policy that will perfectly fit your financial needs. The premium amount should be within your payment capacity. It is vital that you must approach an experienced insurance company that caters the insurance needs of the local population for getting a tailored Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas ( ).

How to Find a Reliable Insurance Company?

Of course, you can take the tips from your relatives or friends. However, in our time, internet search is the best option for finding anything. Lots of information passes through the internet every second. You will be easily able to locate the addresses of various insurance companies. Even so, you must be prudent in selecting a company. For all practical reasons, working with an independent insurance agent will be highly beneficial for you, because of the personal attention you will get.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:09 AM EDT
Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Juice Bar in Houston: Essential Factors to Consider to Reaching the Best
Topic: Business
These days, you’ll come across numbers of juice bars that are popping up like anything and every day in shopping malls or in food stores and obviously along the street. However, while opting for juice cleanses to revitalize your health systems rather than having a caffeinated beverage; it never means what you’re getting in the juice shop is good for your health. In fact, most of these juice bars use ingredients that include excessive sugar or create cups with unwanted calories that actually overpower your healthy organs and do nothing more than harming your wellbeing. Therefore, while choosing a juice bar in Houston ( ) to give your stomach a rest, eliminate toxins from your body and feel a healthier tomorrow with a juice cleanse course, consider the following points with diligence.

The Root

Yes, before planning to make a visit to a juice bar in Houston, you need to know their background simply because preparation of juice cleanse is not anyone’s cup of tea. With long experience in the specialty area, the community should have in-depth understanding about the benefits of plant-based foods, veggies, dairy products and other ingredients used in order to prepare the healthiest smoothie blend for you. They should be equally dedicated to offering their clients the best juices made from the highest quality and the freshest class of ingredients that offer them great health benefits.

The Process

First of all, make sure you acquire the great benefits of cold-pressed the juice from a juice bar in Houston and it’s not a processed bottle of juice that you typically find at the stores. Mind well, that best class of juice cleanse is one that is cold pressed. Why So? Because cold pressed means, the ingredients had gone through minimal exposure to air during extraction and not stored or stabilized that basically deplete the innate qualities of the nutrients due to oxidation. Even the products that are marketed claiming as non-processed are mostly pasteurized backed by HPP (High pressure processed) to increase their shelf-life. Typically, juices that are stored and processed are not at all healthful for you.

The System

A specialized juice bar in Houston should be geared up with an array of a juice cleanse plans for 1-day, 3- day, 5-day, 7-day and 10- day cleanse courses. Out of them, the 3-day juice cleanse is the most preferred and ideal for every individual to break down their craving of processed foods, consumption of over-caffeinated beverages and alcohol, eliminate toxins that undermine health systems. The service staff should be trained and well-informed to formulate cleanses and smoothies considering your specific wholesome needs. Depending on the type of short or long cleanse way you opt for, initially for a few days you’re likely to experience light headache, vertigo and obviously a sensation of hunger. However, soon after, you will feel good with improved vigor, energy, and overall health. You’re guided throughout the session of the community.

To conclude, choosing a reputable juice bar in Houston ( ) benefits you to reset your digestive system and get rid of many health complications like IBS, obesity, pain or inflammation that overwhelm plant-based daily life and accordingly let you restart with a long term health balance and wellness.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:44 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 19 June 2019 7:20 AM EDT
Tuesday, 4 June 2019
Why Working with a Vat Consultancy in Dubai Is the Best Choice?
Topic: Business
Starting from 1st January 2018, VAT (value-added-taxes) has been implemented by the UAE government with an objective to reduce its over-dependence on oil and petro/hydrocarbon products as a steady source to generate national income. By nature, VAT comes under indirect taxes or general consumption tax which needs to be collected incrementally according to the valued added on every stage of production phase or sales. In UAE, VAT is imposed on almost all goods and services that are bought, sold, and consumed. Now it has been compulsory for all businesses operating in the UAE region to apply for registration for VAT immediately prior to its impending deadline.

Why Hire VAT Consultancy in Dubai?

  No surprising that VAT is a more complicated tax approach and similar to most businesspersons it might appear quite confusing or even intimidating to you. Don’t sweat! To help you out throughout the process, get in touch with VAT consultancy in Dubai ( ) that will take care of everything related to your VAT obligations from business evaluation to VAT registration and submission of needed documentation, tax computation, to return of VAT and more. They are specially trained and registered tax professionals who will understand your type of business, its volume and accordingly perform the needful joint efforts depending on whether or not you will require having a VAT registration with a pre-assessment.

  While sales tax is mainly implemented at the end part of closing a sales deal and consumers pay that tax, the basic difference of VAT is that it’s imposed on every step connected to the production chain. Even though the tax is eventually paid by consumers, however, in this case, the business or production companies collect the taxes for the government as their tax collectors and pay to the tax authorities. The standard tax is levied @ 5% on nearly all goods and services while a few are being exempted. If the revenue of your business is AED 375000 or more, you are supposed to get immediate VAT registration in Dubai. According to the Federal Tax Authorities UAE, that all businesses fall under VAT registration should submit their financial transactions in the prescribed format while applying for VAT registration to avoid penalties.

  Whatever taxes you pay on all your purchases ( for production or sales) that are called as input taxes and after production of the goods, as you sell them to consumers, the tax you collect from them is output tax. Thereby, there is a provision of tax refund also which applies when it’s found that you’ve paid excess tax to your suppliers. The team of vat consultancy in Dubai will compute all your input tax and output tax that you have paid and received from your invoices. After computation, if it’s found that input tax in more than output tax, you’re eligible to get a tax refund and they will take the responsibility to carry out the things as per the regulations.

  A professional VAT Consultancy in Dubai ( ) will undertake the responsibilities such as submission of relevant documents, filing of previous year business revenue, calculation input and output taxes and preparation of final documentation. Importantly, some businesses come under 0% tax also such as medical devices, healthcare services, crude oil, and others. And depending on the business types, the procedure of documentation varies.

  Even though VAT is completely a new concept and every business is not accustomed to its formalities, however, never take your obligation to VAT lightly, since avoidance of VAT return filing is likely to attract hefty penalty. Therefore, to assume all hazards of your VAT obligation, obtain immediate support of VAT consultancy and carry on your business peacefully with full concentration.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:17 AM EDT

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