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Thursday, 4 April 2019
Become a Tattoo Removal Technician with Tattoo Removal Training
Topic: Arts
As there is a change in people lifestyle, sporting a tattoo has become a common thing for every person. But as more people are getting inked there are customers who want to get rid of their tattoo. There are aspirants who are into the creative field but have the passion to make a career in the tattoo industry, especially a tattoo removal technician. However, many tattoo removal training ( ) schools offer training courses that you can get confused easily for choosing the best institute. Here we will be discussing how to choose the right one.

Certification – The first thing is the school you will be chosen must provide a certificate after completion of your course. This is required because unless you gave legal authority for practicing, your training has of no value. Having the certificate will help you land a job in a tattoo studio and work under an experienced tattoo artist. You can also expand your present business by adding one extra feather to your cap. After your training is successfully completed, the certificate you will get must hang on your office so that clients feel that they have come to the right person.

Training Curriculum – Check the institute’s website to have a detailed look of the syllabus. Generally, the courses include hands-on training, monthly newsletters, online training video courses, extended support by tattoo artists and sales brochures. The extended support provided to you by the artists is crucial for you as most of the problems you will not encounter during training rather when practicing on the clients. In that situation, you will not search online for a solution. You need someone whom you can trust and ask your queries without hesitation. Therefore, make sure your tattoo removal training school has collaborated with industry experts so that you do not face any problem in the future.

School – Please do your research and find a reputed institute as all schools are not the same. When checking their site look for the contact information, name of the institute, course details, license, certification, total cost, address, student’s testimonials, privacy policy, and student portal. There are various online career portals where students are providing honest reviews about the school. It will give you an idea about the training quality of the school. Do not blindly trust the testimonials provided on the school’s site. A reputed school will always be having consistent client’s recommendations and positive reviews.

Cost – After going through the training program, you need to compare the fee structure of different schools that are providing the same training. Never ever go towards a school that is offering the course at the cheapest price. Usually, these programs will cost you approximately 500 to 2000 dollars. Another thing is all schools do not have the same program. Some offer laser tattoo removal training ( ) while others offer different methods. The popular schools are costly that does not mean they provide the best training. Take your decision smartly after comparing every aspect.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:17 AM EDT
Tuesday, 2 April 2019
Removing Your Tattoo – Some Points to Keep in Mind
Topic: Arts
Tattoos are in existence for thousands of years and love towards them is not showing any signs of showing. Although ten years ago, tattoos came with a certain stigma but nowadays, it has become a fashion symbol. This does not mean every person loves his or her tattoos. For some souls there comes a moment where they wanted to find parlors for tattoo removal in Miami ( ). Are you living in the Miami area and want to remove your tattoo. Before making an appointment for removing your tattoo there are few things that everyone should know.

Taking Months – Tattoos just don’t vanish after a while with the laser technique. Six to eight seasons are required for complete removal of the tattoo. It takes a longer period for completion as each time the laser is focused on the skin, particles are broken down, and they are digested by the immune system. The regeneration period takes up to two months and while visiting next time, the laser will be breaking down new particles of pigment.

Expensive – Tattoo removal in Miami is more expensive than being inked. The cost of removal depends on the complexity of the tattoo. However, the top dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend that the average cost per session will be around 500 dollars. But, it is worth doing it.

All Ink can be Removed – An old belief that light colored ink was difficult to remove, but due to the cutting edge technology, even the greens and yellows can be removed which were earlier difficult to get rid of.

Ready for Needles – Prepare yourself mentally that tattoo removal in Miami ( ) is more than just an easy and quick moment. It takes close to one hour for the whole procedure for a single session. Photos are clicked, areas are cleaned, for freezing the area is injected with lidocaine, icing them ad finally bandage the area. Sometimes you can also feel a sensation when the laser hits the lidocaine and it is normal. So, no need to worry about that.

Pain – After the treatment, there will be a pain for several days. After some days blister will appear on the tattooed area, cover it with a salve, and bandage the area for a few days. After a few days, the skin will start depuffing, scabbing, peeling, and regenerates. The truth is if you are opting more several treatment session then there will be less aftercare (since there will be less ink reacting with the laser).

Lightening the Ink – If you are not interested in fully removing the tattoo, one can simply lighten the ink and have some good cover-ups that will complement the previous tattoo.

White Scars or Patches can be seen – If you want that the ink is totally removed from the skin, then you must know that the skin you will get after treatment may not be flawless like the natural skin. If you are going to be treated by an expert then the skin pigment can be lightened.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:05 AM EDT
Wednesday, 13 March 2019
Offbeat Careers – Tattoo Removal Technician
Topic: Arts
Whether you have experience as a makeup specialist or a tattoo artist or a professional in the medical field, becoming a tattoo removal technician is the best way to start a new career path or expand your career. A survey conducted by a leading firm that a quarter of Americans who have tattoos regret at least one of them which means there are plenty of people who are regretting about their tattoos and want to get them removed. With tattoo removal training ( ), you will learn the right methods and help the people in removing their tattoos safely and effectively.

Cost – If you are a licensed tattoo artist with some experience, you can become certified by taking a few days training from a reputable institute. The total cost would be two to three thousand dollars.

Background – One needs to have a proper background for becoming a tattoo removal technician. In many states, you need to be certified and trained for performing laser tattoo removal. However, some states have different requirements that we have stated below.

New Jersey – You must be a physician

Florida, California – Must be a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse or a physician

Illinois – before a technician starts the procedure, a physician or their delegates need to evaluate the patient.

Learning in the Tattoo Removal Training Program – There is online training that is required for trainees from all backgrounds. In the course, one will learn how to use a tattoo machine, setting up the machine properly, learn treatment contraindications, pre, and post-procedural care, tissue interaction, hands-on training with real tattoo clients and exposure to different tattoo and skin types. Besides these, you will also learn wavelengths and laser selection, clinical observation on real clients and clinical experience within a retail medical spa environment. Lunch will be provided during the course and outstation candidates will enjoy discounts while staying at local hotels.

Learning Materials – Besides the on-hand practices, one will have access to the training manuals that will acts as a reference during the training as well as in the future when needed. People trying to open a new business can get benefit from the course. For any business, marketing plays a crucial role, and one will have access to various amazing graphic artwork so that one can strategically market his/her business. Before a client commits in removing their tattoos, they want to ensure that they are getting a genuine service. Therefore, you will get plenty of before and after pictures to understand how the process works. You can also place these images on your website or marketing materials. The newsletters one will receive will help being updated on the latest industry news, as it is necessary for knowing the latest techniques and equipment as well as remaining competitive in the business. One will get an official certificate that is helpful for the clients that they have come for tattoo removal ( ) at a certified clinic.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:33 AM EDT
Tuesday, 12 March 2019
Five Tips to Choose the Best Tattoo Shops in Miami
Topic: Arts
So how to choose the best tattoo shops in Miami ( ) when there are so many options out there and everyone claiming to be the best? In this post, we will find out an answer to this query.

Here are the five key tips to choose the best tattoo shops in Miami.

1.  Get real recommendations

Getting real recommendations from people you know is a great place to start. Ask your family, friends or relatives for references. Ask them if they know any reliable tattoo artist in your area. Or if you spot someone who has a great tattoo, you can also ask him or her for references. People having great tattoo usually love talking about it. There are probable chances that you will find some good references.

Even if you don't, at least you might be able to know about the artists to avoid.

2.  Look for experienced artist

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to art. Tattooing is also an art. More you practice it, more you learn it. Look for a tattoo studio that has a team of experienced tattoo artists. Experienced tattoo artists are most likely to charge you little extra but worth spending. You can easily see creativity and perfect detailing in their work. Look for a tattoo artist that has a few years of experience.

3.  Check portfolio

It is almost criminal to choose a tattoo artist without looking at his or her work. Check pictures in the work portfolio of an artist. Have a thorough look at the artist’s work. Check the artist’s website and social media accounts and have a close look at the artist's work. Check the lines. Make sure that lines are smooth, solid and drawn in one stroke. It should not be jagged or shaky. Have a look at the color and shading of the tattoo. Make sure there is consistent color work with no blank areas.

4.  Read online reviews

Read online reviews and testimonials of past clients. It will give you deep insight into what they think about the artist’s work. Do not rely only on testimonials. Check online reviews on various online business directories. Have a look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. You will find the best tattoo shops in Miami ( ) have consistent positive reviews and clients recommendations.

5.  Visit studio

Visit the tattoo shop and then make your final decision. Check the cleanliness and hygiene of the tattoo shop. Meet your tattoo artist and ask questions on hygiene and safety practices. Make sure they use sterilized tools and single-use needles, wear gloves and follow proper hygiene and safety measures to avoid infections and diseases. Do not go to an unhygienic and disgusting place just for the sake of saving a few dollars.

So these are the few tips that can help you choose the best tattoo shops in Miami.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:20 AM EDT
Saturday, 9 February 2019
Finding Best Portrait Tattoo Artist in Miami- What to Look For
Topic: Arts
Do not sure exactly how to pick the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami? Need not to worry. In this post, you will get some very useful tips on how to choose the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami ( ).

1.  Check the license and experience

It is one of the best ways to address your concerns about the safety of the procedure. Make sure your tattoo artist is certified and have a valid license. These credentials are usually displayed at the artist's office wall. A valid license to operate ensures that the studio has met the minimum requirement and passed the regular inspection test. Look for a portrait tattoo artist that has some hands-on experience apart from training because portrait tattoos are not easy to create. It demands a lot of practice and skill to master the art.

2.  Look at the past work

Look at the work done in the past by a tattoo artist. It will give you some idea about the quality of the work of a tattoo artist. Check photos on the website of a tattoo artist. Also, nowadays the majority of tattoo artists love sharing photos of their past work on social media accounts. So, you can check their Instagram and Facebook account to look at their past work. You will find the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami has a huge following on social media. If you like tattoo artist’s work, you can consider him or her for your portrait tattoo.

3.  Read reviews

Online reviews are quite helpful in making decisions. As reputation plays a huge role, tattoo artists are quite worried about their online reviews. So check online reviews of customers. Find out what they have to say about the tattoo artist. If there are reports of infection, unprofessional behavior or bad quality of tattoo, look for another tattoo artist.

4.  Visit the studio

Do not make the final decision without visiting the studio of a portrait tattoo artist ( ). Check the cleanliness and hygiene of the studio. Ask your portrait tattoo artist about the safety measures adopted to avoid infections. A well-reputed tattoo artist will never get hurt by your questions on the safety measures followed by the studio. Instead, he or she will explain the sterilization process used for tools, safety and hygiene measure followed and might show you the safety certifications as well. This will ensure at least you will not come out of the studio with some infection or blood-borne disease.

So these are the four key tips that you can keep in mind when choosing the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:18 AM EST
Friday, 11 January 2019
The Ultimate Guide for Buying the Best Tattoo Removal Machine
Topic: Arts
Whether you are an experienced medical practitioner or planning to enter the aesthetics field, one must consider several factors for purchasing the best tattoo removal machine ( ). Equipment differs based on capabilities and features. Some machines are great for treating various tattoos while some are ideal for specific tattoo inks. This guide will help you to understand in a better way before purchasing a machine.

Will the equipment suit one’s needs?

This is the most crucial question one should introspect before buying. You need to find the right equipment for specific needs that includes  Does the machine can able to treat the ink colors you want or plan to use the equipment for additional applications or want to begin with the best equipment available in the market? You should look for the efficacy, reliability, and functionality of the system.

Buy your equipment from established manufacturers

Before buying it would be best if you discuss your requirements with the leading practitioners in this field. As these people have been in this field for decades and have numerous clinics, treat large patients of different skin types, have a good reputation in the market as well as upgraded their system over the years. Before looking for the best tattoo removal machine, check for the brands and the manufactures they are using so that you do not have to repent later.

The type of training you would get

Check for the trainer’s experience whether the person has in-depth knowledge for tattoo removal. How much time would the company commit for training? Does the company have enough expertise in the tattoo removal field or new technology for them? What are the topics are included during training and do the trainer teaches the buyer with hands-on practice?

Waiting time for service calls

The tattoo removal machines are complex devices, which require maintenance at regular intervals for peak performance. Your equipment needs to be serviced by experienced technicians with the right tools that make you dependent on the expertise and the responsiveness of your company’s service department. Ask your manufacturer how long a client had to wait during an emergency service and the average system downtime every year. Talk to the existing clients about the quality of the support they had received from the service department.

Various options for upgradation in the future

The equipment comes with various capabilities and features with different price ranges. If you were practicing with an entry-level or mid-level machine, then it would be wise to upgrade once you have to build a good pool of patients and have the revenue to buy a sophisticated system. The benefits of upgrading include faster treatments ( ), removal of resistant ink colors effectively, better usability and functionality as well as newly warranted equipment. It would be best to consult your manufacturer about the upgrade options available for you.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:04 AM EST
Tuesday, 4 December 2018
Black and Grey Tattoo Artists Near Me- How to Find the Best One?
Topic: Arts
But, from where I should get inked? How do I find the best black and grey tattoo artists near me?

These are a few questions which might be popping up in your mind if you don’t know the good black and grey tattoo artists in your area ( ). Today we will look at the five steps to find a good black and grey tattoo artist.

Step 1: Begin your search

The best way to start your search is getting recommendations from your inked friends, cousins, and family members. Most probably, you will get some great recommendations of tattoo artists in your area, and you can also ask about their experience with artist and collect useful information about the artist. Never forget to search online for tattoo artists in your area. Search for the phrase ‘Black and Grey Tattoo artists near me’ on Google. It will show the list of top black and grey tattoo artists in your area.

Once you have the list of tattoo artists in your area, narrow down your options using below four steps and make the final decision.

Step 2: Check Licensing

Check the licensing of tattoo artist you are interested in. State and local authorities are responsible for granting the license to tattoo artists in the state. Make sure your tattoo artist had a valid license and authorized to work in your state.

Step 3: Check Experience and Portfolio

Find a tattoo artist who has a few years of experience in the tattoo industry. The best way to ensure this is to ask for the portfolio of the artist. An experienced tattoo artist would love to show his or her portfolio of past work. This will give you the fair idea about the skill, range, and specialties of the artist. You can also check the Facebook or Instagram profile of the artist. Tattoo artists often post pictures of their finished work there.

Step 4: Read Online Reviews

When you make up your mind that ‘I will work only with best black and grey tattoo artists near me,’ then the reputation of tattoo artists matters a lot. Read the online reviews of tattoo artists you are interested in. Make sure tattoo artist you are choosing has positive recommendations.

Step 5: Ask Questions about Safety and Hygiene

Visit the tattoo studio and ask questions about the safety and hygiene measures adopted by the tattoo artist ( ). Have a look at the cleanliness of studio, and eye out the safety and hygiene procedures used by tattoo artist and other staff. Once you are fully assured about safety and hygiene, then make the final decision.

Hope you can find a good black and grey tattoo artist in your area using these five steps!

Posted by brucem231 at 12:25 AM EST
Monday, 8 April 2013
How Interiors Photographer in London Take Fascinating Pictures
Topic: Arts

•    Indoor photographs are necessary for marketing  real estate projects and hotels to advertise how the project will look like  to the prospective customers. From your own home to the public library or museum, building interiors have always made fascinating pictures. Interiors photographer London find it rewarding to work with natural light, however many opportunities exist under the glare of artificial lights. Some of the ways by which interiors photographer in London and in other parts of the world create a great portfolio for their clients are mentioned below:

•    Interior photographers in London and in other parts of the world take scintillating pictures arising out of natural settings. For example, sunlight pouring through a window. The idea behind this exercise is that one can make interesting pictures by focussing on the smaller things. In addition, other pictures such as a pale shadow falling out from the windows, makes for a great shoot. In the words of Bill Brandt, “Photography has no rules, it is not a sport. It is the result which counts, no matter how it is achieved. “

•    Interior photographers, shoot a small room in its entirety. They do this by moving to a corner and angling their lens to include the interior space available. Interiors photographer from London and other parts of the world use wide angled lens and 35 mm focal length to shoot such type of pictures. It is important to use the camera and tripod effectively for a great shoot. Having a DSLR camera and tripod does not necessitate a great shoot. It should be accompanied by skilful application and timing, both of which are critical for creating a great portfolio for a client. In the words of a renowned architecture photographer, “Buying a Nikon does not make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner”.

•    Another instance is, taking a picture from the bottom of a stairwell, looking up. You can do this in your home or a public building that has a circular rotunda. A spiral staircase that climbs through a large open space makes a great picture.

•    Interiors photographers in London and other parts of the world take  pictures from the inside to the outside through glass. If you capture the reflective nature of glass, you can come up with multiple pictures contrasted into a single picture. This is done when making a portfolio for a real estate client to market his project.

In the words of Ken Burns, “I treat the photograph as a work of great complexity in which you can find drama. Add to that a careful composition of landscapes, live photography, the right music and interviews with people, it becomes a style”

This article was written by Christopher McGowan on behalf of Toby Carter. Toby Carter is a professional photographer based in Marlborough, Wiltshire proficient in shooting contemporary interiors, brochure shoots and specialized engineering assignments. To know the history of architectural photography, visit Wikipedia.

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Posted by brucem231 at 3:46 AM EDT
Thursday, 21 March 2013
Ice Carving is Cooler than Basket Weaving
Topic: Arts

Humanity can make art with anything. Clay, stone, metal, water, ice and one can be certain that there is art made of feces somewhere out there. In the future, humans might use the sun itself to create art, or frozen water spinning through space. If a person could make art with space itself, I am sure one of us would. Right now, we have to be content with ice carving, metalworking and basket weaving.

Though the latter is probably the safest of the three mentioned above, it is certainly one of the most boring. To be fair, as an art, basket weaving is good because it is also highly useable: one may have their pretty, woven basket to carry things in. One can sell the millions of baskets made per year and make a tidy profit. It could be a good business. But ice carving is much cooler - literally. Imagine going to a fancy dinner with a pretty ice sculpture centerpiece. Going near it might be a little chilly, but if your drink needs some cooling, one can always just grab an unnoticeably small amount from maybe the swan’s wing or beak.

Where metalworking involves high heat, heavy and sharp objects and dirtiness all around and basket weaving one has to put up with splinters, with ice carving, one has to deal with the cold. Talk about suffering for one’s art, eh? Numbness will be second nature to ones extremities and given time, the fingers will be able to operate without feeling. Because hands are fundamental to carving ice, one should always layer-up the other parts of one’s body. Thy feet do not need to be cold, nor does thy head.

An excellent thing about ice carving that metalworking and basket weaving cannot touch is the availability of materials. Unless, of course, you are between the latitudes of 23.5 South and 23.5 north, ice might be harder to come by. If you are anywhere outside of that region, the availability of ice is huge. It literally makes itself. Rather, the environment makes it for you, but you get the point.

Ice carving has been around for a long time. The earliest known record is from 600 BC, when Shensi warrior-farmers wrote about ice harvesting. But they only used the ice to keep their fish from going bad in the summer months, not for making intricate palaces or artwork. And if attacking a block of ice to create something beautiful is not enough, then how about this: you get to use a chainsaw. That’s right, a chainsaw.

Be very careful with that chainsaw. Especially in ice carving, chainsaws can be very dangerous - even lethal. If you saw Evil Dead II and noticed how Ash knocked the chainsaw back at the headless corpse wielding it, know that that is actual physics at work, not movie magic. Such a thing could happen to anyone. Be careful with chainsaws while ice carving your art. So if you like the cold and creating your own ice cubes, carving is for you.

This article was written by Theron Niewieroski on behalf of ISA Attractions, the ice kingdom is a 15,000 sq foot frozen wonderland made entirely out of ice. Gigantic ice sculptures of buildings, animals, people and places are beautifully recreated by an International team of expert ice carvers. To know more about the tools used in ice carving, visit

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Posted by brucem231 at 1:11 AM EDT
Tuesday, 28 August 2012
Peach Melba and the Origins of Ice Sculpture
Topic: Arts

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see an ice sculpture—or several—on display at many events, including weddings, other parties and banquets at conferences. But how did ice sculpture get its beginnings as a table accompaniment, what are the current trends in this art, and what may change in the future?

Peach Melba: It’s said that the first ice sculpture associated with food events was created in the late 1890s. As the story goes, Dame Nellie Melba, an Australian opera star, was performing in Wagner’s opera Lohengrin at Covent Garden in London. Her performance received praise from audiences and critics. The Duke of Orléans hosted a dinner party in Nellie’s honour at the luxurious Savoy Hotel, and the hotel’s highly-acclaimed French chef Auguste Escoffier created a new dessert— Peach Melba (as we call it in English)—for the occasion. The new creation—peaches over top of vanilla ice cream then topped with spun sugar—was served inside a tiny swan ice sculpture. Escoffier is said to have been inspired by the swan boat featured in the opera.

Practical and Pretty: Escoffier’s ice swan served two purposes. It was both practical as a serving dish and pretty as a presentation piece. Today, the use of ice sculpture at food events still serves one or both of those primary purposes. Today, we see massive sculptures used as decorative displays and also smaller pieces sculpted into serving bowls to keep buffet items chilled or as intricate carvings floating in punch bowls. No matter the purpose, ice sculpture brings something magical to any event, and even when the creations are practical, they are pretty too.

An Art Form:  Regardless of the specific purpose at a given event, ice sculpture is always an art form. Many ice sculptors get their training in culinary schools. There are even textbooks for these courses, including Ice Sculpting the Modern Way, Ice Carving Made Easy and Ice Sculpture: The Art of Ice Carving in 12 Systematic Steps. Some small training schools also exist. Artists in ice sculpting also have special tools of the trade. Some are large-scale tools for larger pieces, such as chainsaws and die grinders; others are smaller for more detailed pieces, such as chisels and picks. The most important tools, though, are imagination and inspiration. Without these, the ice blocks would remain just that.

Current Trends:  In recent years, new trends in ice sculpture have gained popularity in the food serving arena. These are some examples:

·         increasingly large and intricate sculptures

·         coloured ice

·         lights embedded in the ice

·         flowers embedded in the ice

·         sculptured ice furniture

·         ice bars for serving drinks

The Future:  It’s hard to say what new ice sculpture trends the future will bring other than that more and more effort will be expended to dazzle party-goers and to develop new techniques. Because, as with any art, ice sculptors want to be able to present carvings that nobody has ever seen before. The possibilities are exciting and endless.


This guest post was written by Peg Burrup, on behalf of ISA Attractions offering exciting carved works up to 40 feet high in every imaginable colour. To know more about snowball fighting games, you may also visit


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Posted by brucem231 at 11:39 PM EDT
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