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Monday, 12 August 2019
Laser or Non-Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal – Which is the Best Choice?
Topic: Arts
If you’re upset with your distorted eyebrow tattoo, migration of its pigments or partial discoloration, having a non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal ( TattooVanishMethod/Eyebrow-Tattoo-Removal ) is obviously a steady choice. Even though, laser method is still chosen by the largest part of candidates having removal of eyebrow tattoo, it’s intimidating that more than 45% of them experience issues like dull or discolored skin, skin scar, infected skin caused by the extremely damaging rays of laser that basically destroy the most delicate skin tissues surrounding eyes. So, why do invite frustration in your life with a laser when the industry has been prepared with 100% natural, safe, and simple solution of removing cosmetic tattoos. If you’re not aware of the pioneering concept of tattoo removal session, keep on reading the article to decide whether to settle on laser or non-laser

Pioneering Approach

The concept of non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal is based on the simplest de-inking process which is done with the highly sophisticated tattoo gun. After making the eyebrow area numbed with a local anesthetic, the epidermis layer of the eyebrow skin is opened with the tattoo gun. Then the use of the ink eraser cream enters into the layer successfully and gets the ink pigments to the upper level. This forms a scab that continually dries and falls off with dried ink pigments and helps you get the removal with no side effect, possible redness, swelling, skin infection or scar which are some common outcomes of laser removal.

Absolutely Natural

With no use of laser beams, toxic chemicals, or acidic compounds, the simple method of non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal appears 100% natural and safe for your skin as well as an eyebrow. While proximate exposure to direct laser rays often lead to falling off the remaining eyebrows in due course of time as their base becomes feeble, non-laser methods ensure absolute wellbeing of your current eyebrows.

Fewer Treatments

According to customer reviews, those who undergo non-laser removal method typically complete the full course of treatment spending 50-70% less time than laser method which usually takes 5-8 sessions to get rid of eyebrow tattoo.

Effective for All Colors

Laser-based eyebrow tattoo removal ( ) involves penetrating the skin with different kinds of beams which in turn disintegrate the pigments after it’s absorbed by the skin. Typically, while laser works relatively well to deal with black and gray tattoos, it appears taxing for technicians to remove light pigments like pink, white or light blue, etc. However, for non-laser which simply de-inks the pigments from the place, color is not just an issue and thus, it works effectively on all color types.

Less Costly

You will be simply spellbound knowing the cost of removing tattoos, no matter, be it a normal body tattoo or cosmetic tattoo for eyebrow. When considering a laser method, you should be mentally ready to pay at least 10 times, if not more than the cost that you invested in having the tattoo. On the contrary, non-laser is an affordable solution, however, depending on the type of inks used in your eyebrows earlier or its color and solutions desired, the rate is likely to vary with the number of sessions. Only after evaluation of the current status, technicians there can give you an estimate of the cost.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:35 AM EDT
Saturday, 10 August 2019
Top Suggestions to Find Best Tattoo Shops in Miami
Topic: Arts
So you have decided to get inked. But the moment you decided to have a tattoo, questions start arising in mind. Where I should get inked? How can I find the best tattoo shops in Miami ( )? And so on.

Well, it is not hard to find a reliable tattoo shop if you know what to look for. So, we are going to discuss a few key tips that can help you find the best tattoo shops in Miami.

Check the license

The first thing you need to do is ask for copies of license and safety certifications. State and local authorities are responsible for regulating tattoo shops. However, different states may have different requirements. Verifying the credentials give you an assurance that your tattoo artist is properly trained, and knows how to perform the procedure safely. Once you are assured about safety, you can further dig down for choosing the best artist.

Have a look at the portfolio

Have a thorough look at the artist’s work. Check out the artist’s website and social media accounts. Have a close look at the artist's work, and check the lines, shading, and finishing of tattoos. Make sure lines are smooth, solid, and drawn in one stroke and are not jagged or shaky. See the color and shading of the tattoo. Make sure it is consistent with no blank areas. Also, the portfolio of artists indicates the experience of an artist. An experienced artist has a well-sorted portfolio. And when it comes to artwork like tattooing, there is no substitute for experience. More one practices it, the more he or she learns it. However, experienced tattoo artists are most likely to charge you a little extra but worth spending. You can easily see creativity and perfect detailing in their work.

Read clients reviews

Reviews and testimonials give you some insight into what clients think about the artist's work. Check online reviews and testimonials. Have a look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating to get some idea about the reputation, and check out the BBB’s website for complaints as well. You will find that the best tattoo shops in Miami have a low volume of complaints, consistent positive reviews, and clients recommendations. Some people are skeptical about the authenticity and credibility of reviews, which in some cases are proven to be right. Therefore, ask your tattoo shop ( ) provide some references from clients.

Get recommendations from friends and family

Getting recommendations from people you know is the best way to find reliable tattoo artists. Ask your family, friends, or relatives if they know any reliable tattoo artist in your area. But it does not mean, you straightway get tattooed from that artist. First, perform your basic research, have a look at his past work, and then see does your tattoo artist have expertise in what you are looking for?

So these are the four key tips to find the best tattoo shops in Miami.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:55 AM EDT
Tuesday, 2 July 2019
All That You Wanted to Know About Natural Eyebrow Tattoo Removal
Topic: Arts
A recent survey reveals that more than 45% of women who opt for cosmetic eyebrow tattoo removal with laser come across wearisome skin scar, faded skin, and absolute damage of eyebrow as a potential upshot of damaging dermal skin cells caused by powerful beams of the laser. If you’re one of them looking for a 100% safe eyebrow tattoo removal ( TattooVanishMethod/Eyebrow-Tattoo-Removal ) procedure, why not choose the non-laser method that has already been in the mainstream due to its effectiveness, faster healing ability, and cost-effectiveness. Feeling curious to know more? Well, continue reading the article to know everything about the pioneering tattoo removal procedure and its benefits:

How does it work?

The best part of non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal procedure is that it’s 100% non-toxic, non-acidic and non-invasive and therefore, absolutely safe for your silken skin. Using the same tattoo machine, here, a certified technician aims at extracting the ink pigments right from the dermis layer. For this, first the area is numbed and the layer is unlocked with the tattoo gun. Use of the ink eraser successfully penetrates the area and pulls the ink pigment to your skin surface. The scabbing, dropping, and healing of the eyebrow areas continue for nearly a week. With the dropping of scabs containing the dried ink elements and healing, you get back your normal skin condition without any kinds of scars, redness of skin, infection which are possible causes of laser removal.

Who are the right candidates?

Choosing non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal method can be the best fit for anyone

•  With a plan to replace her old fashioned eyebrow tattoo with ‘something’ trendy;

•  Get rid of her inferior quality tattoo;

•  Dissatisfied with the shape of the eyebrow tattoo;

•  Unwanted migration of pigments that makes it unsightly;

•  Change of pigment colors (mainly caused due to poor quality ink and from extreme UV exposure);

•  Social causes/ operations;

Is it a painful Procedure?

Well, since numbing cream is applied before using the gun, so it’s relatively painless. However, depending on your skin type, inks used earlier, and the extent of pigment migration or other issues, if it feels painful in course the procedure, feel free to speak to the technician. They will use an extra anesthetic to make the session absolutely relaxing for you.

How many sittings are required and what is its duration?

Depending on the factors like your health status, skin type, the depth, type and amount of ink used earlier during micropigmentation or microblading, it may require 3-4 sittings for complete removal of the tattoo. All reputed clinics keep the second sitting after 30 days that helps grow the fresh and reinforced skin to continue the next session. Secondly, keeping a bit longer waiting period is a sensible choice, which allows your skin more time for healing and eventually it ends with a satisfying result.

What is the chance of skin scarring or damaging of existing hair?

Most importantly, with no more laser beam exposure that basically burns the soft skin cells and result in falling off remaining normal hair,  in this safe and secured eyebrow tattoo removal ( ) you don’t have to worry for even a single hair loss afterward. Furthermore, in this process, only the epidermal layer is affected as happens in the case of incising which never damage skin cells. The skin cells automatically regenerate as a natural phenomenon so there is no question of skin scars.

What are its advantages?

  100% natural

  No skin scar, no hair loss or affect on hair growth

  No skin infection

  Less painful / faster solution and recovery

  Less expensive

Posted by brucem231 at 3:23 AM EDT
Finding the Trusted Tattoo Shops in Miami
Topic: Arts
From conventions and conferences to magazines and television shows, tattoos continue becoming more popular not just in pop culture but throughout the world. Once you have inked your body, you will start noticing them everywhere – workplace, lineups at grocery stores and in coffee shops. But you will also start noticing that every tattoo is not created equally. You might hear some horror stories on a show or from your friends. After all, cover-ups and removal of tattoo are two profitable businesses. But, you have the opportunity in avoiding all the red flags and sporting a great tattoo by knowing what to find in a trusted tattoo studio. We will be discussing 3 tips for getting the best tattoo shops in Miami ( ).

Take help from you Social Circle

There is nothing better than able to witness a healed tattoo in person for deciding whether or not a studio is perfect for you. Ask your colleagues, friends and family members about their favorite tattoo shops or if anyone has done a tattoo recently. If you adore a friend’s tattoo or they have a few suggestions, make sure to know about their experience. The best tattoo shops in Miami will make you feel respected, comfortable and welcomed. Please understand that your tattoo will remain forever so it is not only vital that the tattoo artist is highly skilled at their craft but also behave in a hospitable and professional manner. If you have a feeling that the boundaries are being crossed or the artist is not paying attention to you, stop continuing with the appointment.

Some Research from Online is required

Long before the invention of the internet or electricity, people have been getting inked for thousands of years. But review websites, online forums, and video sites make it much convenient for finding the best tattoo shops in Miami. You will be able to read unlimited testimonials, watch finished tattoo and learn about various red flags with just a few clicks on the internet. Please avoid shops that have a gross or unusual smell and visibly dirty. Just like a restaurant, you can walk in and feel comfortable immediately in the environment. Avoid studios with negative reviews about hiding portfolios, bullying or pressuring you into changing your idea and reusing needles.

Check the Portfolios

Before booking your appointment with one of the best tattoo shops in Miami ( ), make sure that you have a detailed look at the portfolio and this you can do this through online or visiting the shop. There are several tattoo styles from Neo-traditional to Sailor Jerry and everything-in-between and every artist are not familiar with each technique. If you are looking for bold colors, make sure the artist you have contacted is not practicing only blackwork. It is vital to know an artist’s term for tattoos. Some artists will b preferring only book flash while others love custom pieces. The artists can work only on particular projects like bigger pieces instead of a small tattoo and knowing beforehand will save enough time.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:00 AM EDT
Tuesday, 14 May 2019
How to Remove Your Permanent Tattoo Fast
Topic: Arts
Only a few tattoo removal treatments really work. And out of those, few can be considered as fast tattoo removal ( ) treatment. Rest all take several months to remove a tattoo. However time your tattoo will take to vanish completely depends on the size of a tattoo, location, ink and skin type.

Do you want to get rid of your unwanted tattoo fast? Here is the list of top five fast tattoo removal treatments:

Plastic surgery

It is the fastest way to get rid of your permanent tattoo. In this procedure, your surgeon will use the skin grafting technique to cover the tattoo permanently. Skin grafting involves removing a thin layer of skin form a healthy part of the body and transplanting it to the desired area. Plastic surgery is one of the costliest tattoo removal treatments and has all the side effects of the surgery, but it is effective and covers the entire tattooed area permanently.

Surgical excision

It is another surgical method of permanent tattoo removal that can get you rid of your unwanted permanent tattoo within one session. In this treatment, tattooed skin is cut out using a scalpel and stitched back using sutures. Your surgeon will numb the area before starting excision. This treatment has lesser downtime but leaves a visible scar. Also, this treatment works well only for small tattoos. For large tattoos, you have to find other treatment.


Dermabrasion is a non-surgical method of tattoo removal. In this method, a tool similar to a rotary sander is used by your dermatologist to scrape off the tattooed skin. Your dermatologist will use the numbing cream to numb the tattooed area, but you will still feel the sensation during the treatment. And after the treatment, it requires a week to heal the skin. It is a painful procedure, and your skin will be raw for one week following the treatment.

Laser surgery

It is the most popular method of permanent tattoo removal but certainly not the fastest. Laser surgery involves using Q-switched laser that direct laser light at your tattoo to break up the ink in the skin. It is a painful procedure, and many people avoid this procedure because of the pain. But, it shows the best results among all tattoo treatments. It removes the tattoo completely permanently but requires 6-8 laser sessions and between each session gap of 4-6 weeks is required.

Tattoo removal creams

It is the least painful permanent tattoo removal treatment and removes or partially fades away a tattoo within 3 to 9 months. In this method, tattoo removal ( ) cream is applied to the skin in order to erase the tattoo completely. Depending on the size and color of tattoo and skin type, a tattoo may take 6-12 months to remove.

So these are the top five methods of fast tattoo removal.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:48 AM EDT
Five Points to Consider While Looking for Piercing Shops Near Me
Topic: Arts
While so many ways are out there to change your look and express your personality and status, nothing could compete with the fashion trend of having a body piercing in keeping you stay ahead. In reality,  the practices of body piercing have been linked with the human culture for thousands of years, however, rather than using them to as a fashion symbol, people those days opt for various kinds of body piercing with certain intent to reap the health benefits of the piercing. In recent years, it has emerged in a more popular way as a form of fashion for ornamenting body among men and women similar to tattoos.

With the development of techniques, tools and fashion concepts instead of keeping it limited to merely ear lobe piercing, nowadays people love piercing different body parts such as upper ears, nose, cheeks, lips, eyebrows, tongue, nipples and genitals from piercing shops near me ( ). Jewelry that are mainly used in piercing include rings, dumb-bells, hoops, bars, and others. Keeping in mind that, poor practices in piercing procedures can lead to varieties of blood-borne diseases, cause severe nerve damage and skin infections, when planning for a body piercing, always look for a recognized piercing shop working with experienced piercers sticking to best practices. Check five essential factors:

Licensing and Experience

Mind carefully that piercing is a complex work and therefore, go for an only specialized piercing provider who is registered with the local authority. Make sure that all certifications concerning licensing, procedure codes, updated sterilization reports, etc are found in the waiting hall for client information. Verify if the shop or provider has a presence on the web, check the qualification, experience, portfolio, specialization area, and ranking. Don’t feel hesitated to ask questions, on anything that has relevance to the services, which a professional should reply confidently and smilingly.

Health regulation

The shop right from the reception, to its procedure rooms, toilets should be kept fresh and hygienic. It should have healthy ventilation and lighting. Floors, benches, shelves, and all fixtures and furnishing surrounding should be sparkling and odor-free while every technician should be working with their own washbasin beside them. Needles, Instruments, and jewelry used for piercing must be well-sterilized with Autoclave machines before using them. The operators should be outfitted with clean clothes and must provide all relevant information on how the procedure works before the session begins.

Piercing procedure

Keep an eye to check procedures followed by the operator during a session and make sure:

•  They wash their hands with non-toxic cleansers before beginning and completion of the procedure. The rule should diligently be followed if they take any kind of break in the continuation of the session.

•  Should be fitted with disposable gloves on both hands all through serving a client;

•  Use sterilizing machine before using needles and jewelry to be pierced;

•  Should stay away from taking foods, drinks or smoking during the session;

•  Must be caring enough to avoid potential infection;

Guns Vs Needles

Mind well, that even though using ‘needles’ may sound scary but all professional ‘piercing shops near me’ ( ) prefer piercing with needles since that is more convenient, minimize healing time and less painful than employing guns. If you see the shop uses guns, just look for the next.


Depending on the body part that is being pierced typically the healing period varies from nearly 2 weeks to six months even. The service provider should be well-served about the aftercare procedures and suggest their clients about the methods take care of their piercing at home.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:08 AM EDT
Thursday, 4 April 2019
Become a Tattoo Removal Technician with Tattoo Removal Training
Topic: Arts
As there is a change in people lifestyle, sporting a tattoo has become a common thing for every person. But as more people are getting inked there are customers who want to get rid of their tattoo. There are aspirants who are into the creative field but have the passion to make a career in the tattoo industry, especially a tattoo removal technician. However, many tattoo removal training ( ) schools offer training courses that you can get confused easily for choosing the best institute. Here we will be discussing how to choose the right one.

Certification – The first thing is the school you will be chosen must provide a certificate after completion of your course. This is required because unless you gave legal authority for practicing, your training has of no value. Having the certificate will help you land a job in a tattoo studio and work under an experienced tattoo artist. You can also expand your present business by adding one extra feather to your cap. After your training is successfully completed, the certificate you will get must hang on your office so that clients feel that they have come to the right person.

Training Curriculum – Check the institute’s website to have a detailed look of the syllabus. Generally, the courses include hands-on training, monthly newsletters, online training video courses, extended support by tattoo artists and sales brochures. The extended support provided to you by the artists is crucial for you as most of the problems you will not encounter during training rather when practicing on the clients. In that situation, you will not search online for a solution. You need someone whom you can trust and ask your queries without hesitation. Therefore, make sure your tattoo removal training school has collaborated with industry experts so that you do not face any problem in the future.

School – Please do your research and find a reputed institute as all schools are not the same. When checking their site look for the contact information, name of the institute, course details, license, certification, total cost, address, student’s testimonials, privacy policy, and student portal. There are various online career portals where students are providing honest reviews about the school. It will give you an idea about the training quality of the school. Do not blindly trust the testimonials provided on the school’s site. A reputed school will always be having consistent client’s recommendations and positive reviews.

Cost – After going through the training program, you need to compare the fee structure of different schools that are providing the same training. Never ever go towards a school that is offering the course at the cheapest price. Usually, these programs will cost you approximately 500 to 2000 dollars. Another thing is all schools do not have the same program. Some offer laser tattoo removal training ( ) while others offer different methods. The popular schools are costly that does not mean they provide the best training. Take your decision smartly after comparing every aspect.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:17 AM EDT
Tuesday, 2 April 2019
Removing Your Tattoo – Some Points to Keep in Mind
Topic: Arts
Tattoos are in existence for thousands of years and love towards them is not showing any signs of showing. Although ten years ago, tattoos came with a certain stigma but nowadays, it has become a fashion symbol. This does not mean every person loves his or her tattoos. For some souls there comes a moment where they wanted to find parlors for tattoo removal in Miami ( ). Are you living in the Miami area and want to remove your tattoo. Before making an appointment for removing your tattoo there are few things that everyone should know.

Taking Months – Tattoos just don’t vanish after a while with the laser technique. Six to eight seasons are required for complete removal of the tattoo. It takes a longer period for completion as each time the laser is focused on the skin, particles are broken down, and they are digested by the immune system. The regeneration period takes up to two months and while visiting next time, the laser will be breaking down new particles of pigment.

Expensive – Tattoo removal in Miami is more expensive than being inked. The cost of removal depends on the complexity of the tattoo. However, the top dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend that the average cost per session will be around 500 dollars. But, it is worth doing it.

All Ink can be Removed – An old belief that light colored ink was difficult to remove, but due to the cutting edge technology, even the greens and yellows can be removed which were earlier difficult to get rid of.

Ready for Needles – Prepare yourself mentally that tattoo removal in Miami ( ) is more than just an easy and quick moment. It takes close to one hour for the whole procedure for a single session. Photos are clicked, areas are cleaned, for freezing the area is injected with lidocaine, icing them ad finally bandage the area. Sometimes you can also feel a sensation when the laser hits the lidocaine and it is normal. So, no need to worry about that.

Pain – After the treatment, there will be a pain for several days. After some days blister will appear on the tattooed area, cover it with a salve, and bandage the area for a few days. After a few days, the skin will start depuffing, scabbing, peeling, and regenerates. The truth is if you are opting more several treatment session then there will be less aftercare (since there will be less ink reacting with the laser).

Lightening the Ink – If you are not interested in fully removing the tattoo, one can simply lighten the ink and have some good cover-ups that will complement the previous tattoo.

White Scars or Patches can be seen – If you want that the ink is totally removed from the skin, then you must know that the skin you will get after treatment may not be flawless like the natural skin. If you are going to be treated by an expert then the skin pigment can be lightened.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:05 AM EDT
Wednesday, 13 March 2019
Offbeat Careers – Tattoo Removal Technician
Topic: Arts
Whether you have experience as a makeup specialist or a tattoo artist or a professional in the medical field, becoming a tattoo removal technician is the best way to start a new career path or expand your career. A survey conducted by a leading firm that a quarter of Americans who have tattoos regret at least one of them which means there are plenty of people who are regretting about their tattoos and want to get them removed. With tattoo removal training ( ), you will learn the right methods and help the people in removing their tattoos safely and effectively.

Cost – If you are a licensed tattoo artist with some experience, you can become certified by taking a few days training from a reputable institute. The total cost would be two to three thousand dollars.

Background – One needs to have a proper background for becoming a tattoo removal technician. In many states, you need to be certified and trained for performing laser tattoo removal. However, some states have different requirements that we have stated below.

New Jersey – You must be a physician

Florida, California – Must be a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse or a physician

Illinois – before a technician starts the procedure, a physician or their delegates need to evaluate the patient.

Learning in the Tattoo Removal Training Program – There is online training that is required for trainees from all backgrounds. In the course, one will learn how to use a tattoo machine, setting up the machine properly, learn treatment contraindications, pre, and post-procedural care, tissue interaction, hands-on training with real tattoo clients and exposure to different tattoo and skin types. Besides these, you will also learn wavelengths and laser selection, clinical observation on real clients and clinical experience within a retail medical spa environment. Lunch will be provided during the course and outstation candidates will enjoy discounts while staying at local hotels.

Learning Materials – Besides the on-hand practices, one will have access to the training manuals that will acts as a reference during the training as well as in the future when needed. People trying to open a new business can get benefit from the course. For any business, marketing plays a crucial role, and one will have access to various amazing graphic artwork so that one can strategically market his/her business. Before a client commits in removing their tattoos, they want to ensure that they are getting a genuine service. Therefore, you will get plenty of before and after pictures to understand how the process works. You can also place these images on your website or marketing materials. The newsletters one will receive will help being updated on the latest industry news, as it is necessary for knowing the latest techniques and equipment as well as remaining competitive in the business. One will get an official certificate that is helpful for the clients that they have come for tattoo removal ( ) at a certified clinic.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:33 AM EDT
Tuesday, 12 March 2019
Five Tips to Choose the Best Tattoo Shops in Miami
Topic: Arts
So how to choose the best tattoo shops in Miami ( ) when there are so many options out there and everyone claiming to be the best? In this post, we will find out an answer to this query.

Here are the five key tips to choose the best tattoo shops in Miami.

1.  Get real recommendations

Getting real recommendations from people you know is a great place to start. Ask your family, friends or relatives for references. Ask them if they know any reliable tattoo artist in your area. Or if you spot someone who has a great tattoo, you can also ask him or her for references. People having great tattoo usually love talking about it. There are probable chances that you will find some good references.

Even if you don't, at least you might be able to know about the artists to avoid.

2.  Look for experienced artist

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to art. Tattooing is also an art. More you practice it, more you learn it. Look for a tattoo studio that has a team of experienced tattoo artists. Experienced tattoo artists are most likely to charge you little extra but worth spending. You can easily see creativity and perfect detailing in their work. Look for a tattoo artist that has a few years of experience.

3.  Check portfolio

It is almost criminal to choose a tattoo artist without looking at his or her work. Check pictures in the work portfolio of an artist. Have a thorough look at the artist’s work. Check the artist’s website and social media accounts and have a close look at the artist's work. Check the lines. Make sure that lines are smooth, solid and drawn in one stroke. It should not be jagged or shaky. Have a look at the color and shading of the tattoo. Make sure there is consistent color work with no blank areas.

4.  Read online reviews

Read online reviews and testimonials of past clients. It will give you deep insight into what they think about the artist’s work. Do not rely only on testimonials. Check online reviews on various online business directories. Have a look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. You will find the best tattoo shops in Miami ( ) have consistent positive reviews and clients recommendations.

5.  Visit studio

Visit the tattoo shop and then make your final decision. Check the cleanliness and hygiene of the tattoo shop. Meet your tattoo artist and ask questions on hygiene and safety practices. Make sure they use sterilized tools and single-use needles, wear gloves and follow proper hygiene and safety measures to avoid infections and diseases. Do not go to an unhygienic and disgusting place just for the sake of saving a few dollars.

So these are the few tips that can help you choose the best tattoo shops in Miami.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:20 AM EDT

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