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Thursday, 1 February 2018
Learn Mind Stimulating Methods and Enhance Your Performance
Topic: education
Artists, writers and professionals constantly need to improve their skills and enhance creativity. This can be achieved with a creative writing workshop specially designed to meet their requirements. The workshop is conducted by professionals ( ) who use practical techniques that help stimulate the mind and help develop a unique writing style. If you are working on a novel and dealing with a writer’s block, the workshop will help you overcome the same and complete your novel.

The workshop focuses on collaborative writing, guided visualizations, journaling, memoir and drawing and photography. For every creative professional, it is important to learn the latest techniques of writing, journaling and drawing in order to achieve the best results. Creative Writing Classes in New York are a great opportunity to meet likeminded individuals from the field and to grow your network. A number of professionals have attended the workshop in the past and credit their books and memoirs to the workshop. There is a fun and nurturing environment at the workshop which will allow you to think with an open mind and work on your ideas. The different methods used in the workshop will allow you to play and open your mind to focus on your writing.

At the Creative Writing Classes in New York there will be participants from all over the world and of all ages. This will ensure that there is a strong discussion, exchange of ideas and a motivating environment. Every workshop has been carefully curated and you will enjoy an experiential course of experimenting. There will be individual as well as collaborative exercises that will help ignite your creativity. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the workshop will make significant difference to your life and ensure that you can think with a clear mind. Conducted by well-known writers who have worked on famous literary works, the workshop offers a number of mind fuelling techniques to infuse creativity. Explore your creativity under the guidance of professionals and improve your work of art.

The workshop has benefitted a number of professionals in the industry who had been dealing with a writer’s block. Every individual needs to infuse creativity and innovation in their life from time to time and the workshop is aimed at helping you achieve the same. People working across different fields can be a part of the workshop and they will notice significant improvement in their performance. Many participants have described the workshop as a life changing experience. There is fun and playfulness in the workshop in addition to guided visualization and motivation by experts. Individuals from different industries can benefit from the workshop ( ) and achieve new heights in their career. The workshop has a clear plan which is delivered by the instructors.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:35 AM EST
Friday, 7 April 2017
Things you must know before opting for a Korean lesson online
Topic: education
Korean is the official language of both North and South Korea. It is also one of the official languages in some parts of China. Korean is spoken by nearly 80 million people worldwide that make it a largely spoken language. It is always better from the perspective of business communication to know multiple languages. This language is simple and easy to learn. You can simply add an extra edge in your personality after learning Korean.

How to Learn Korean?

Either you need to find a friend who can teach you this language or you can search for a comprehensive language tutor. In this context, you can easily find the best Korean lesson online ( ) that are easily available on the internet. There are many well-versed tutorial sites offering skills of this language. But, you have to choose the right place to add versatility to your persona. An experienced tutorial site teaches every aspect of a language including its expressions, slang, and accustomed speaking.

Here are some of the factors to consider before starting Korean lesson online :

Personalized Teaching Schedule :

Personalized courses are always better than the crowded classes. Online teaching through Skype is one of the most preferred methods adopted by the online tutors. You can connect to your teacher via Skype from anywhere. It is not compulsory to be present at a specific place to learn the language. All you need to have is an internet connection and a desktop to connect and learn your lessons online.

Flexibility to Choose Your Time :

The biggest advantage of such courses is their timings. They are available 24x7 and you can select your slot according to your suitability. When you learn Korean lessons online through a flexible web class, you need not compromise with your daily routine. You can easily learn this language in the spare time that you usually spend in random work. You can choose time and date of your choice for your professor and learn the language easily at your place.

Customized Learning :

Courses at online websites are exclusively prepared in a way that you can learn to speak Korean professionally. A futuristic website provides live private lessons through video chat. Here, you must be given a free hand to learn what you want and enroll for the courses accordingly. With such customized learning pattern, it becomes easy to learn Korean online.

Faster Learning :

With online tutorials, you can easily accelerate your pace of learning. Whether you are a fast learner or slow learner, there is no restriction in these classes. A quick learner can retain more information and learn the language thoroughly. At the same time, if your schedule is tight, you can enroll for additional more Korean lessons during the holidays. In this way, you comfortably learn the language and your daily schedule will not be hampered.

Affordable Courses :

Affordability matters the most when you spend your hard earned money on learning a new language ( ). Prefer a website that provides effective learning at cheaper rates. You must be charged only for the course you choose.

These are some of the important features that you must check before enrolling for a Korean lesson online.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:26 AM EDT
Thursday, 5 January 2017
How Etiquette Trainers Help Teens
Topic: education
Teenage is a period in life that is similar to a roller coaster ride, and being the parent of a teenager is even more challenging. As they slowly and gradually mature from children into young adults, teenagers go through myriads of situations and are introduced constantly to peer pressure and messages that don’t necessarily portray civil behavior. As a result, their interactions in public and private gatherings are often inappropriate. However, like any age group, teenagers too can be taught good manners. It is in this regard that an etiquette trainer ( Socialskillscompany/Trainer-for-teens ) comes in handy. He/she is a person who is qualified and certified to impart necessary social skills to teenagers, which in turn gives them confidence to lead on positively in their academic, personal, and professional lives.

A few broad areas that are covered by etiquette trainers for teenagers are as follows.

•  Communication skills - communication is one of the most important skills important to a teenager. Through a social skills program, the trainer introduces these young adults to good manners or basic practices that are to be followed when conversing with people in private and public. These include how to introduce oneself well to a new person, striking conversation in a group, addressing people in formal and informal contexts, developing good listening skills, avoiding inappropriate or smarting vocabulary when speaking, and so on.

•  Team etiquettes - while in school, or outside, teenagers are introduced to many situations where in they are required to work as a team. In the pursuit of personal or academic achievement, many teenagers miss out on the importance of functioning as a cohesive unit, and hence display behavior that is inappropriate in such a setting. A certified etiquette trainer helps them understand the value of teamwork, and teaches them to carry on with other team mates by helping and respecting each other in collective tasks.

•  Self-respect and respect for others - at an age where they are bombarded with pressure from peers and what they see around, teenagers often fail to realize the importance of respect for self and others. A good trainer helps them correct their attitude, and cultivate respect for themselves, and others around, be they friends or family, young or aged, familiar or unfamiliar people.

•  Etiquette in public places - At times when even adults lack proper etiquette in public spaces, it isn’t surprising to see teenagers getting carried away. Trainers help correct this behavior of teenagers in public places, and introduce them to norms that are acceptable in such spaces. These include switching off or putting phones in silent at a movie hall, talking audibly and not too loudly, cheering on without causing nuisance to fellow members during a game etc.

•  Email and Social Media Etiquette - Emails and social media are part of any teenager’s life as an adult’s. In using them, teenagers need to be aware of acceptable norms and set limits that ensure their safety and responsibility. This includes basic etiquettes ( Socialskillscompany/About ) for personal and professional emails, not using offensive or vulgar vocabulary or images when posting online, respecting others’ privacy, and so on.

In addition to the above, etiquette trainers also help teenagers with learning host and guest’s duties, table manners and dining etiquettes, leadership skills, and the like.

Good etiquettes and acceptable social behavior isn't about putting up a show to impress others for their benefit. Rather, they help teenagers understand standard norms of what is expected from and accepted by the society. In turn, it helps them respect others and cultivate a genuine concern towards them, so that everyone feels valued and comfortable. Etiquette trainers help them precisely with that.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:37 AM EST
Monday, 3 June 2013
Creativity Training: To Put that Spark in Your Work
Topic: education

We all remember that one teacher who made his or her class really interesting by using creative teaching methods. The teacher used music and collages and art to make an otherwise dull subject fascinating- she may have undergone creativity training. It was fun and we managed to learn something in the process. We usually think about those classes with fondness.

Then there are those classes where the teacher droned on and on, without pausing to see if we were actually with him. Some of us slept through that class, some of us doodled in our books and ignored the teacher. Our marks definitely reflected how fun those classes were! With a little bit of creativity training and a little more effort, that teacher could have made his classes interesting too. But, lack of initiative…

Creativity is almost always thought to be related to the world of art and not science or business. Indeed, many seem to think that creativity has nothing to do with ‘real, hard-working adults.’ But, take a moment and think about those presentations you had to sit through. Some of them were interesting, many of them made it hard for you to keep your eyes open. You probably thought, ‘Couldn’t he be a little more creative? Does that presentation have to this boring?’

 Well, that person probably thought that he didn’t have a creative bone in his body! However, that is just not true. Everybody has that creative spirit within them. Remember all those doodles in your notebook throughout high school? Remember drawing and coloring when you were a kid? It’s all there inside. It just needs a bit of coaxing to come out.

This is where creativity training comes in.

Creativity training is specifically designed to unleash that creative spirit within you. Creativity does not always involve drawing or painting. It could also be creative writing or speaking well for an audience or arranging your report or presentation in a way that makes it interesting for your reader.

Businesses these days are resorting to hiring creative trainers or planning a retreat to a creativity workshop in the hopes of putting some spark into their employees. After all, nobody really likes doing a dull job or working in a dull office. Besides, creativity training for businesses helps them come up with great ways to expand their business or design a creative way to handle an issue and so on.

Creative trainers use several techniques and exercises to stimulate creativity in participants. In fact, ‘facilitators’ is probably a better word than trainers, since they facilitate the creative process for us. The exercises and games are completely non-competitive. Creativity is not about you being better or worse than others. It’s like a sense of humor- everybody has their own brand. These games are designed to loosen up the participants and to help them tap into their creative self.

Some of the games and exercises involve collaboration- working with a partner. This not only helps foster a better relationship with your co-worker, it is also fun to do. Some of the exercises include word games- like random words, analogies, role plays and random pictures among a few.

So, try taking a few creativity training classes. Maybe the next time you give a presentation or teach a class, you won’t have to worry about putting everyone in the room to sleep.


This article was written by Aaron Hubbell, on behalf of The Creativity Workshop, a leading source of creativity workshops for businesses and companies in several countries. For more information on creativity, visit Wikipedia.

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Posted by brucem231 at 6:52 AM EDT
Friday, 24 May 2013
An Online Preschool Curriculum is a Great Choice
Topic: education

Are you considering teaching your child all of the basics of preschool from home, but don’t know where to start? There are many parents who think that preschool is not a necessity when it comes to their child’s education, and there are others that think it is vital, but are not ready to send their child out into the big bad world of ‘educational structure’ yet. There are still some options for both of these situations and others when it comes to the education that is necessary for a child of preschool age, there is a solution that meets the needs of all parents, no matter the situation with their child. An online preschool curriculum can be just what you need to teach your child from the comfort of your home.

A preschool aged child will be fully involved with a curriculum that is challenging, yet interesting at the same time so they do not get bored. Sitting and doing basic worksheets and books is not all that is included when it comes to teaching early childhood development. The curriculum needs to be designed in a way to ensure that they really grasp what they are being taught, and if you can find an excellent online preschool curriculum, you will discover that short lessons, hands on learning activities, games, music and videos are all part of it, as to encourage the best absorption of knowledge through a variety of repetitive learning games and activities.

The most important thing about online preschool curriculum outside of ensuring they are including all the lessons that need to be learned is the entertainment factor for your child. If the games and activities they include in their daily lessons are boring then your child is not going to want to spend any time playing and learning. Some of the best online preschools are going to offer plenty of ideas for reinforcing the lessons away from the computer as well. It’s a fact that preschool kids learn best when they are able to apply what they have learned to real life situations and this is where you must be involved. An online preschool curriculum that encourages these activities is going to be much more successful than something without.

Many parents are intimidated by the idea of teaching their child with a full day of school. Choosing the right online preschool curriculum makes the whole process easy with short lessons that can be done at your convenience. There are online preschools that give you the option of accessing the program from your smart phone or tablet too. Since the type of curriculum you should look for includes repetitive learning this means that if you have to miss a day here or there it’s not a huge ordeal.

There are many websites out there that offer free preschool games and activities that are very good for what they are but when you are considering choosing an online preschool curriculum as an alternative to the traditional preschool then you want to find a program that helps you keep track of exactly what your child is learning on a daily basis. There are good programs that record what your child is learning and what they are struggling with so that you can be sure they are getting the jump start that they need to their education.

This article was written by Torrie Cotnoir, on behalf of Chalk Preschool, that makes learning the basics of Literacy, Math and Science fun! To understand the difference between a preschool and a nursery school, you may also visit

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Posted by brucem231 at 4:26 AM EDT
Thursday, 9 May 2013
Accredited Online Colleges Vs Traditional Classrooms
Topic: education

Accredited online colleges have become one of the most convenient and popular options among students all over the world. Even some of the top universities and colleges in the world are offering online courses every calendar year.

However, in spite of that there are some misconceptions or myths associated with accredited online colleges. Here we shall discuss those negative propagandas that tend to damage reputation of accredited colleges and consequently discourage the potential students from applying them:

•    Accredited Online Colleges are Expensive:

Most of the applicants scare away because they believe that online courses are expensive. The fact is, as far as the higher education is concerned, they are very reasonable.

The price for a single credit in an online school is comparable to the credit at a traditional school. This gives impression to the students that accredited online colleges are expensive. In reality, online students incur no expense for boarding and for rooms and this way they end up saving a lot of money. Online students can save on their day-to-day living unlike the students attending regular classes.

•    Accredited Online College Degrees are not So Valuable in the Job Market:

This is another misconception or myth that students have about online courses. The fact is, in today’s world, online courses have become extremely common. Employers in the market are familiar with online degrees offered by accredited institutions. The alumni databases are growing very fast and many employers themselves are online graduates.

•    Professors in Accredited Online Colleges are not Accessible:

Since online education takes place “virtually”, there is a common misconception that professors are not easily accessible. In reality, the online universities and colleges have done their bit to ensure all students easily get chance to interact with their professors.

You can email your professor and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours. However, every brick and mortar institution may not offer you these facilities, but accredited institutions, to maintain their standards offer plenty of other interactive measures so that students don’t feel lost at any point.

Many institutions conduct discussions and class seminars in the virtual classrooms. Teachers are also available through message boards and discussion boards.

Choosing the right online campus or university is a very important decision that will have a direct bearing on your career. Online courses offered by accredited institutions are not only flexible, less expensive and offer different ways to open up channels of interaction with teachers.

Students from different countries can now enroll in one course and share useful knowledge about their respective countries. Students can benefit from the usual traditional school environment offered through academic chat room discussions. The best thing about online classes is absence of issues like racial discrimination, gender issues, which enable students to concentrate on their studies better.

So, if you are too looking for an online degree course from reputed institutions, you can browse through the Internet and look into the different available courses.

This article was written by Noma Dobrich, on behalf of Simple Degrees, helping you choose the right career. To know if online master degrees are respected, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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Posted by brucem231 at 12:21 AM EDT
Thursday, 25 April 2013
How to Find and Utilize the Right Pre School Activities
Topic: education

Preschool is widely accepted as an educational standard these days. It is an important factor in helping to set your child or children up for future success in their schooling. Pre school activities are of great importance chiefly because of this preparation that occurs in the meantime.

There are plenty of pre school activities options for parents who want to ensure that their kids get the very best of the very best. Parents have an obligation to their children's educational futures, so determining what sort of pre school activities should be engaged in is their responsibility. Choosing the right activities that their children will engage in can be incredibly stressful though because it can have a significant impact on children.

Often, individuals want to take the pre school activities into their own hands. They want to be able to prepare their own children for their future and be personally involved. Parents feel that being involved in the education of their children is better than entrusting that responsibility to others for forty or more hours each week. Teaching at the preschool level can be done capably by parents, even without teaching credentials or higher education degrees. All that is required is a rubric or curriculum that has been proven to be effective.

Finding the right pre school activities curriculum can be tricky, though. Parents are often not aware of the proper procedure to follow in order to create a successful preschool education for their children. A parent that wants to education their children in preschool personally should take their search for effective curriculum online. Why online? Simply because it offers a wide range of options to parents who are in need of a preschool curriculum to follow. Paying close attention to the pre school activities curriculum is the key—you want to look for certain attributes.

Every pre school activities curriculum needs to meet a number of important criteria that the parents deem necessary. Usually this means that it needs to be highly educational, affordable, and also engaging. Pre school activities should be interesting to young children, otherwise it simply will not hold their attention in any way. A good curriculum will allow even the most untrained parents to prepare properly for the challenge that is ahead of them. Everyone should know, too, that it is indeed hard work. However, it can also be extremely rewarding to engage in hands on learning with your children.

Using pre school activities curriculum is only effective if the activities keep the attention and engage the imagination of the young pupils. Remember that these are children first and foremost, which means education has to be tailor made to them. These activities should utilize videos, crafts, and songs in order to engage different parts of the brain, too. The right online curriculum for pre school activities will not only contain many of these sorts of engaging activities, but will also be more affordable for the average parent or would-be preschool educator than many others.


This article was written by Mozell Rippon, on behalf of Chalk Preschool, helping preschoolers learn through online educational games. To know how you can find educational games for your preschoolers, you may also visit

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Posted by brucem231 at 7:04 AM EDT
Wednesday, 10 April 2013
RSA Course Online is an Easy Way to Set One�€™s Career
Topic: education

A lot of high school graduates are not sure what they want to do with their lives after they graduate, particularly when it comes to what career path they will choose. Rather than just enrolling in whatever college course looks appealing, students need to take time to figure these things out. Taking a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course online is one option to help students work, while they plan their goals for the future.

An RSA course online prepares graduates to join the work force so they can take the time they need to make these important decisions and still make money.  As well, how convenient the course is to take, makes it a quick and easy way to get an education to start earning money right away in the hospitality industry. Students can quickly become eligible to get a job as a steward, host, bar attendant, etc. This industry is a popular one for young people.  Not only is it a way to have fun socialising as they work, the industry is always hiring and there are different types of jobs, with various pay scales. Currently, an RSA course is mandatory in Australia for anyone who wants to work where alcohol is sold.

Convenience and Benefits of an Online RSA Course

�ƒ˜    The RSA course online only requires an internet connection. There is no need to physically attend classes, no traffic to deal with or any parking problems. It does not matter where in the world the student is either. They do not have to physically be in Australia to take it; they can take on holidays.

�ƒ˜    Students can work at their own pace, and it is possible to complete the RSA course online in under 3 hours if necessary. However, if a student needs to take a break, they can simply log out and log back in when they are ready to get back at it. The online system even remembers where the student left off.

�ƒ˜    There are no annoying interruptions or classmates to deal with when a student takes the RSA course online.

�ƒ˜    Enrolment and payment is also quick and easy. The only information needed to complete enrolment is the student’s name, gender, birth date, email address, phone, postal and billing information.

Once a student has successfully completed the RSA course online, and have received notification that they passed, they can download their National RSA certificate instantly. All they have to do is print it. As well, the certificate is also sent by email. If a student does not have access to a printer, they can ask to have their original certificate sent by mail. This option is chosen at time of enrolment.

An added benefit to taking the RSA course online from an accredited online school is that it can be taken together with other courses. Schools offering the alcohol service course, usually offer other courses in the service industry too.

By taking the RSA course online together with another course such as the food safety certificate, students open up even more opportunities for employment. It may even turn out that a job in the service industry will become their chosen career.

This article was written by Jacob Schrotenboer on behalf of CFT International Pty Ltd, we are a registered training organisation that delivers training courses to the hospitality industry. We focus on “what you need to know“, backed up with excellent customer service. To know more on why FDA authority will not improve food safety standards in U.S., visit 

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Posted by brucem231 at 6:54 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 6 June 2013 1:43 AM EDT
Tuesday, 26 March 2013
How to Do Preschool Online Learning Properly
Topic: education

A lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of sending their children off to preschools. They want to more tightly control what their children are learning at preschool and help to prepare them for the future. Parents have a vested interest in ensuring that their children are prepared for success, which is what preschool is about.

The first thing that a parent should do if they are considering replacing traditional preschooling with preschool online learning is to understand how much work has to be put into it. Doing preschool online learning is not easy, but is rewarding. You get the opportunity to watch your child learn and instruct them personally. If done right, it will lead to a rewarding start for the child's education too.

Having fun is an important part of preschool online learning, not because it serves as a distraction from learning, as so many think, but because it serves as a vehicle for it. Having fun keeps a child or student engaged, which means that if the material they are asking to learn is educational, they will have a better chance of actually retaining that information. Having fun is about more than just entertaining them, and is about training children to learn through games and keeping their attention even when they are learning new lessons.

It is important for children who are this young to be able to learn with a hands-on experience. Their ability to memorize material is pretty limited but experiences will stick with them much better. There are many preschool online learning curriculums out there that can help parents and homeschooling preschool teachers to fully understand how to implement such lessons in their daily activities. One just has to look around for them.

Many parents think that they can just sort of “wing it” and make it just fine. They soon find that there is more to this preschool thing than they originally had thought. It is necessary to pick out a curriculum for preschool online learning. When picking out a curriculum for preschool online learning, be sure to check the credentials of those who created it and the effectiveness. The curriculum ought to be able to point a number of success stories, either in the classroom or from testimonials. Any successful curriculum should be able to point to experiences with students in the past that has worked out. Ideally these curriculums will also integrate media, too, in the form of engaging videos, songs, or art projects.

The best preschool online learning curriculum programs continue updating online. They answer questions for parents within a decent amount of time, cost very little, and offer large rewards in the form of substantial pre-kindergarten education. It is best to go ahead and prepare your young student for the Monday through Friday education system, giving them off for the weekends, because this will make the adjustment to later schooling much easier on them. However, things do come up and most preschool online learning curriculum will provide flexible lessons and time-schedules.

This article was written by Yukiko Patka, on behalf of Chalk Preschool, offering age-appropriate lesson plans that differ each day for the length of an entire school year.  To know more about e-learning you may also visit

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Posted by brucem231 at 6:32 AM EDT
Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Encourage Creativity in the Classroom with Teacher Professional Development Workshops
Topic: education

For many years, the education system disregarded creative methods in the classroom. This means, children were exposed to a linear ideology of how to behave and what was considered acceptable. There was little room for self-expression, and diversity was often met with discipline. Today, the value of creativity is realized in most educational venues, but still lacked in the majority of classrooms. The teacher, who runs the class, should be a proponent of creativity, urging students to discover their unique strengths and talent. Teacher Professional Development Workshops are designed to inspire personal creativity and provide the tools and techniques to boost creativity in their own classroom.


Though support for creativity has grown, still there are  outdated curriculums in place. Academic measurement is often achieved through standardized testing. A student’s intelligence is determined through tests. This means those children who thrive in music or art have a “lesser intelligence” than those who show a higher aptitude in math or science, because the education system places math at the top of the academic paradigm and music at the bottom. This way of thinking started during the Industrial Revolution when students went to school to become factory workers. Students who were conformists did well, while those whose work did not match the standards, were deemed unintelligent. What schools and teachers overlooked was the creative value and diversity of intelligence that embodied these students. Those who were weak in math often had talent in other subjects. The “factory approach” to teaching puts students in a one-size-fits-all category, which discredits students with divergent thinking and rare creative gifts. What a child may be good at, is not necessarily what is valued. As the leader of the classroom, the teacher acts as the mentor to his/her students. By attending Teacher Professional Development Workshops, the teacher can encourage individuality in students and nurture them for a future of innovation.

Education often focuses on control and establishing order as well as conforming to social norms. While following rules is important for student development, methods of restriction and pressure squelch creativity. Both Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were known to be disruptive and challenging during their adolescent years because of the lack of creative outlets available to them. A balance of order, exploration and innovation can provide the encouragement a child needs to explore his or her own interests. Instead of cultivating a fear of mistakes, mistakes should be celebrated for the courage it took for a child to pitch the idea or solution in the first place. To facilitate creative thinking, teacher’s Professional Development Workshops demonstrate what it means to excite personal creativity as well as stimulate it in their students.

Fostering creativity in children starts in the classroom. Creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson says, “Communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a singular conception of ability.” If the latter was true, society would see no art, music or creative outlets and thinking would be restricted, with no new or original ideas. By focusing on each child’s unique ability, the world would see more people enjoying what they do and more children will feel free to express their ideas. Register for one of our Teacher Professional Development Workshops to learn the importance of your own creativity and how to inculcate it in your students.

This article was written by Florentino Pasternak on behalf of The Creativity Workshop, started in 1993 by educator and writer Shelley Berc and multimedia artist Alejandro Fogel, our creative courses can help you improve your creativity through the use of memoir, mind mapping, storytelling, free form drawing and guided visualizations. To understand the differences between fiction and nonfiction writing, visit

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Posted by brucem231 at 6:17 AM EDT

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