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Wednesday, 7 August 2019
Top Reasons to Use Baby Bottle Mixer
Topic: shopping
With the arrival of your little bundle of joy, you tend to spend a lot of time nurturing and feeding your baby. While breastfeeding is the best nourishment that you can give your little one, it might not be possible at all times. Once you have chosen to bottle-feed your baby, you might need to spend ample amount of time preparing the bottle. The entire process of mixing formula milk is simplified with the advent of baby bottle mixers ( ). These machines mix the formula correctly with the right amount of water and milk powder.

Most of the formula mixers are ingrained with a number of attractive features such as storage capacity, automatic mixing abilities, reheating, warming, and so forth.

Benefits of Buying Baby Bottle Mixers


Formula mixers are easy to use and convenient. There is hardly any need to take measurements or shake the bottle to mix the formula. This mixer functions automatically and mixes the formula milk in the right consistency and measurement. It features calibrations and measurement cups so that the right amount of water is mixed with the powder.

Temperature control

Bottle mixers also feature settings for temperature control. Therefore, all you need to do is set the temperature for mixing the formula precisely and the mixer will do the task for you. You can also reheat or warm the milk whenever necessary.

Limits the number of air bubbles

The use of formula mixers limits the amount of air bubbles in your baby’s milk, which is one of the most common issues when you mix formula milk by hand. These mixers are specially designed to limit the flow of air bubbles and foaming and thereby prevent colic and gas.

Quick and time-saving

Mixing formula milk by hand is time-consuming and a cumbersome job when you need to prepare 4-5 bottles or more in a day. A bottle mixer saves time and effort as all you need to do is push the button, and your baby’s milk is ready.

Easy to clean and maintain

Baby bottle mixers ( ) are quite easy to clean, although there are sophisticated machines too that take a bit of time to clean. Nevertheless, it is safe, hygienic and prepares formula milk and cereals within a few minutes in the right temperature and consistency.

Formula mixers are available in a range of features these days, owing to its widespread popularity. Some of these machines have Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to control the mixer from another room. It is perfect for late-night feeders as it can prepare baby milk quickly without any hassles. You can find the battery and electrically operated mixer units on most of the online stores these days.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:11 AM EDT
Thursday, 1 August 2019
Four Things to Consider While Choosing a Yoga Mat Bag
Topic: shopping
The more durable a yoga mat is, the thicker and heavier it is. A yoga mat bag ( livewell360/yoga-mat-bag ) is a requisite if you choose yoga as your lifestyle. All kinds of yoga mats do require a bag so that you can carry it around easily along with your other accessories. With the number of yogis on the rise, you can easily find a plethora of mat bags online with different kinds of features, which might leave you a bit perplexed. However, you can consider the following aspects before you choose to buy a yoga mat bag.


Most people choose eco-friendly yoga mats, which are prone to bacteria and molds unless it is stored in a bag made of breathable material. You need to choose bags with nets or air holes so that your mat can ‘breathe’. Choose organic or natural material for your bag. Cotton and canvas bags are ideal, as it is washable, lightweight, and easy to fold.


Perhaps the most important aspect to consider before buying a yoga mat bag is its size. Choose a bag that can accommodate your yoga mat comfortably. There is no dearth of mat bags these days so you can easily choose a perfect bag for your yoga mat. In addition to your mat, your bag must also accommodate other accessories such as towels, clothes, water bottle, mobile phone, and maybe a laptop.

Type of bag

Yoga bags are also available in an assortment of sizes and shapes. Tote bags and long tube-shaped bags are perfect as it is easy to carry. You can find bags with different compartments to store all kinds of accessories such as towels, clothes, and so forth. Some of these bags have special straps located at the exterior surface of the bags whereas some of the straps are located in the interior. However, there are simple style bags too for those who carry minimalistic accessories.


No matter how you use your yoga bag, it is susceptible to wear and tear in the end. Therefore, it is important to choose bags, which are durable and resistant to the vagaries of nature. It should also have enough space to accommodate your mat appropriately so that it does not slip out of the bag. In spite of everything, the bag must protect your yoga mat, otherwise, it will be deemed useless.

A yoga mat bag ( ) must be a perfect combination of function and fashion. Apart from a stylish appearance, ensure that the bag has all the features of a perfect mat bag. Finding the perfect bag for your mat will definitely be effortless if you ponder over the above aspects.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:53 AM EDT
Monday, 22 July 2019
Renew Your Bag Collection with the Gym Bag That Can Accommodate All Your Essentials
Topic: shopping
Is it the social media, health awareness or just expression of the statement, everything is under style transformation. Gym bags for women ( ) have recently added to the list where women are no longer compromising with anything. Women are now expressive about their needs and requirements that make it easy for manufacturers to produce bags by considering those needs and requirement.

Features of women’s gym bags

Different women have different needs, but there are certain common features that the gym bag must have:


Women have a list of gym essentials which most of them often carry. From shampoo to wet towels to perfume to skin moisturizer, a woman needs all of them in her bag and gym bags are no different. Therefore small pockets, separate wet clothes sleeves and compartments for a water bottle, laptop and shoes help in carrying multiple things in an organized way.


It is inconvenient to make a frequent purchase for something, which is used daily, and therefore long-lasting gym bags for women are everyone’s favorite. The material of the bags and the small things like hooks, belts, zippers, and buttons must also be long-lasting for they are frequently operated every day.


It is not just about durability, strength and the partition in the bag but also the design of the bag. Women want their bags to look pretty and compliment their style statement. It I, therefore, these gym bags are available multiple colors, prints and sizes providing something for everyone.


Gym bags for women are even travel-ready and can be accompanied by adventure or short weekend trips. They are also ideal to carry items for outdoor activities such as running, cycling or even swimming

Various styles of women’s gym bags

Gym bags are not limited to a particular type or style; instead, women can choose from the following options of styles:

Gym tote bags

Tote bags are an all-time favorite among women because of their size and style to carry a number of belongings in one bag. Gym tote bags come with additional features of yoga mat holder, laptop and shoe compartment, and small sleeves to store the valuables, wallet, and keys. The biggest advantage of tote bags is the functionality, which makes it convenient to operate the bag.

Gym backpacks

Some women prefer carrying gym essentials in backpacks because of the ease they provide in carrying the bag. When a bag is stuffed with a number of items, the combined weight of the bag is best to carry on shoulders. The cushioned and air padded shoulder belts reduces the pressure on the shoulders and distribute it evenly on the back and the shoulder.

Duffle gym bags

Duffle bags have been present since long and duffle gym bags for women ( ) have additional features like an external compartment for shoes and the water bottle, and even the small wheels at the bottom. The zipper running across the entire length of the bag makes them most convenient to operate.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:37 AM EDT
Tuesday, 2 July 2019
Four Tips to Find the Best Baby Bottles to Prevent Gas
Topic: shopping
As baby bottles to prevent gas are a relatively new addition to the market, parents don’t have much information about these bottles. They do not know how to choose the best baby bottles to prevent gas ( babyblendybottles/Best-Baby-Bottles-to-Prevent-Gas ). Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss how to choose the best baby bottle for your baby to prevent gas.

1. Check the venting mechanism

The first thing you need to do is to check the venting mechanism of the bottle. There are many baby bottles out there marketed as anti-colic, but only a few are effective in preventing colic. Some bottles have straw-like components that fit into the bottle and prevent ingestion of gas-causing air bubbles. Some baby bottles have venting systems built into the nipple or at the bottom of the bottle. Experts suggest buying a bottle with air vents at the bottom of the bottom because it is more effective and allowing the milk to pass through the nipple smoother, separating air from the milk.

2. Choose the bottle material carefully

There is nothing more important than the baby's health. And when it comes to choosing a plastic baby bottle, you have plenty of options available. Some cost you a little extra while some are extremely cheap. The difference in cost is due to the quality of the plastic. Look for a plastic baby bottle made of high-quality PVC free, BPA free and phthalates free plastic. You have glass and metal alternative also available, but plastic bottles offer the best features and value. Plastic bottles are durable, easy to clean, and light in weight.

3. Look for a bottle with ergonomic design

It is very important that your baby likes the feel of the bottle. Well, there is no exact science behind which shape of bottle will be ideal as every baby is different, but still, you can look for bottles that are easy to hold. Look for the best baby bottles to prevent gas ( ) with ergonomic design. Make sure the bottle is non-slippery and easy to grip by your baby’s little hands. To find out what your baby likes, you have to try various shapes of a bottle. Choose a bottle that can be held easily by the baby’s hands.

4. Choose a nipple that offers a similar experience to breastfeeding

Choose a nipple that is designed closest to the mother's natural nipple and offers a similar experience to breastfeeding. Some babies like flat-topped nipples and wide nipples while some prefer traditional nipples shaped like a bell or dome. In order to figure out which shape of nipple works best for your baby, try different types of nipples. Once your baby picks a certain shape, you can buy the nipple of the same shape with different flow rates.

So these are the four key suggestions that can help you in choosing the best baby bottles to prevent gas.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:16 AM EDT
Friday, 21 June 2019
How Gym Tote Bags Makes Your Workout Easy
Topic: shopping
It is impossible to buy a perfect women's gym tote ( livewell360/womens-tote-bag ) by looking at only parameter. There is a bunch of features that gym bag requires for making it as functional and fashionable as it needs to be. This quick guide will help to pick the perfect gym tote for you.

The perfect bag is the one that has storage for everything you require for taking with you for your gym session. You must remember, one women’s gym tote never fit every woman’s essentials. It is recommended to choose the feature that works best for your lifestyle and workout needs. For example, is yoga your daily routine? Make sure your gym bag has space for storing your yoga mat. Is hockey more your preferred thing? Then you must have a bag that has space for putting all your gear. Do you head to the gym after class or work? You hate carrying two bags, so find a bag that has a secure and separate compartment for your documents, notes, and a laptop. There are other features that you must check like:

•  Separate and easily accessible pockets for laundry and gym shoes

•  For keeping jewelry and glasses look for small fleece-lined pockets

•  Secure and easy to find a place for your phone, wallet, keys and other fast-accessible essentials

•  Water bottle pockets

Fabric Quality

After checking all the features you have to properly stow all your essentials, you need to check the material of the fabric. As you are buying a women's gym tote which should be cute and stylish, you have to make sure the fabric is of premium quality like ballistic nylon. The gym bag should be

•  Durable enough to stand for a longer period especially if you will be carrying any heavy equipment on a daily basis

•  Reinforced where it is required

•  Lightweight to carry at every place especially if you are planning for hikes

•  Fitted with adjustable, padded and comfortable shoulder straps

•  Odor and water resistant

•  Easy to clean


Once you got the perfect feature for keeping you organized and the quality for keeping your item safe, easy for carrying and easy for stowing, now you can think for a stylish design. You are not looking for any ordinary gym bag but a women's gym tote that is trendy enough for carrying at all places. Worried that the above-mentioned features are hard to get within a budget? Need not worry; there are quality brands where everything is covered for a different workout. If you are looking for substance, quality and style and a gym tote that will make your peers red with envy then choose from a series of high-quality and stylish gym bags. Whether you like the functional and fun look of a particular brand or prefer the hand bag-chic aesthetic of another brand, the women's gym tote ( livewell360/products ) helps you leading the revolution in tote fashion at your gym studio.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:22 AM EDT
Four Reasons Why You Should Purchase Gym Backpack with Shoe Compartment
Topic: shopping
The idea about fitness is changing every day and the present generation loves the idea of “Health is the real wealth”. Therefore, people who rise before the sunrise and are already on the mission of earning their health, gym backpack with shoe compartment ( ) is the must-have. It is not just the gym that one carry these bags to but while traveling, adventure sports and more. Discussed below are some of the reasons that one should invest in these bags:

Suitable for a daily workout routine

While one hit the gym for everyday workout routine, one carries many things to the gym. While gym bag includes shoes, towel, and water bottle, no one would like to have a bag that smells like trash and everything that comes from it smells the same. One cannot drink water from the water bottle that smells stale and cannot use the towel that does not feel fresh. It may happen if the dirt and the smell of the shoes spread in the whole bag. While, the gym bags with separate shoe compartment, have a waterproof lining to separate the compartment from the rest of the bag and mesh to air out the smell. The shoe partition in some bags is removable and foldable so that space can be used for other things when not carrying shoes.

Suitable for hiking

With fitness on its peak, people often go hiking, trekking, and camping. Gym Backpack with shoe compartment got you cover. The separate compartment keeps the trekking shoes separate from the rest of the things. The traveling necessities along with the shoes add a lot of weight to be carried on which is why the shoulder strap are padded and cushioned to reduce the pressure on shoulders.

Suitable for commuting

While commuting from one place to another, the bag suffers a lot of wear and tear is kept on different types of surfaces including rough and uneven. Therefore, these bags are made from abrasion resistant durable nylon material to stand all the wear and tear. Some manufacturers also provide metal buttons at the bottom to provide extra durability. In addition to extra durable material and strong material, there are separate small pockets to carry chargers and headphones so that their cords are not stuck up with other things in the bag. Nobody likes to untangle these cords every time they take out something from the bag. In addition to the above reasons, the bags with shoe compartment are suitable for work as well.

Suitable for sports training

For those who play some sports and go to the gym, the gym Backpack with shoe compartment ( ) prevents them from the hustle of changing bags while switching between sports and the gym. The separate compartments, small organizers and sturdy straps are ideal for both gym and sports. The shoe compartment can store running shoes, basketball shoes or soccer shoes all the same.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:36 AM EDT
Monday, 10 June 2019
How to Print Customized Shirts
Topic: shopping
Well, when your search online, you will find the word ‘screen printing’ almost everywhere. Screen printing is the most commonly used method for printing t-shirts. But apart from it, there are many other methods that can be used for printing shirts. So let’s have a look at some common methods of printing customized shirts ( ).

Screen printing

It is one of the best methods used for professional printing. It produces a vibrant print of supreme quality at an affordable price. In this method, a stencil and screen made from nylon mesh are used for screen printing. Nylon mesh holds the stencil in place, and a waterproof material blocks the negative space you are looking to design.

Now, you have to spread some ink onto the screen, and then use a squeegee to press down. Ensure that the ink spreads all over your screen. Excess ink will be wiped away. The screen is finally taken off and design is allowed to dry and cure.

This method produces awesome results in terms of quality. If you see a t-shirt that features a printed design of supreme quality, there are high chances that it was screen printed. Screen print designs remain vibrant, soft, and smooth for long, and last longer than other types of printing methods.

Dye sublimation

It is another great method used for printing customized shirts made of polyester. Right, this method works well only for polyester t-shirts. In this technique, a special liquid dye is used for printing design which solidifies when comes in contact with material like polyester. Heat and pressure are applied for the sublimation dry process to take place properly. If you have a t-shirt made of polyester with print all over the shirt, most probably it is printed using dye sublimation. This method gives awesome results and produces a smooth, durable, and high-resolution print that doesn’t fade away or deteriorate easily.


Direct to garment (DTG) printing method is one of the most popular professional printing methods. In this method, the design is directly printed onto the shirt using a printing machine. It is similar to paper printing in the office. You have to upload a design on the computer, and a large printing machine will print a design on a shirt. Your t-shirt is fed on the conveyor belt of the printing machine and gets printed. This method is preferably used for multi-color designs. You can print any design using this method, but for simple designs, screen printing is a better option than DTG printing. DTG printing method gives soft and smooth designs in high resolution.

Apart from these commonly used three methods, vinyl printing and heat transfer method are also used, but they do not produce the prints of high quality and durability.

So these are the different methods you can use for printing your customized shirts ( ).

Posted by brucem231 at 5:42 AM EDT
Thursday, 23 May 2019
A Handy Guide for Shopping a Smart Yoga Mat Bag
Topic: shopping
In a nutshell, having a yoga mat bag ( ) is essential for any yoga enthusiast using a yoga mat since that helps to transport the burdensome mat quite easier while protecting it from all possible damages on the road and absorption of dust and dirt. Regardless of whether you use public transport, a bike or simply walk to reach your yoga school, with a durable mat bag, all you have to do is to roll your mat, place it inside, and get started while slinging it over the shoulders or jointly with your gym bag.

Rather than choosing a mat strap that grips the mat and then carrying all your gears including towel, mobile, purse, and other things separately, using a mat bag is quite a steady choice especially if you’re a dedicated yogi. However, never buy anything without proper research while consideration of a few factors helps you procure the most matching product.


When it comes to deciding the size of your mat bag, you should apply different math. Considering that you like to invest in a high-quality mat that tends to be bigger, thicker, and wider as well as weighty, the size and durability of your bag should be proportionately higher. Carefully go through the product details while buying online and check the mat holding capacity of the bag ( usually found in terms of thickness and width) that you choose.

Style/ Colors/Straps

Would you prefer shopping for a minimalist type or a versatile yoga mat bag that has high demand in the market? In fact, the vast majority nowadays opt for multipurpose ones that come with multiple in-built pockets and pouches to fit all your belongings like a costume, towel, yoga block, water bottle and more. With the rising demand of mat bags, you can get profuse designs with fantastic color options including black, navy blue, gray, cherry, pink apart from stylish prints as well as items with eye-catchy embroidery work.

Secondly, you need to decide how you like to carry your mat bag? Chances are, you may prefer carrying it separately tossing in a backpack-style vertically across your back (ideally best for those who use bike or cycles for traveling), or over the shoulder horizontally or together with your backpack, tote, or duffle bag. While backpack, tote, or duffel bags are available with easy-to-carry straps on their body to accommodate mat bags when carrying it independently, depending on whether you will take it upright or parallel, choose the correct strap length for your carrying convenience.

Material/ Construction

Always go for natural cotton, linen or canvas that are breathable, durable and easily washable. Typically, during you involve in a yoga session, you sweat a lot which is very natural and ideal too. Perfectly, this is the reason why you should have a preference to get either a yoga mat bag ( ) made of breathable material or else a mat bag which has small pores all over its body. Both of these types offer needed ventilation not only for the mat but equally for clothes and things inside and thus prevent them from bacterial growth and foul-smelling.

Also, make sure that you buy the mat bag of waterproof quality to protect your mat and belonging from possible drenching, in case of rain. Considering the heaviness of your pricey mat, think of buying bags with hardwearing construction containing re-reinforced stitching, high-quality full-length brass zippers,  quality Velcro in closures and padded robust straps.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:24 AM EDT
Wednesday, 22 May 2019
Things to Consider While Buying Women’s Gym Backpack
Topic: shopping
So here are the few key things you need to look for in a women’s gym backpack:


When you are looking for gym backpack, only look for backpacks that have multiple compartments design. A multi-compartment design allows you to break up your belongings into smaller sections and create your own organizational system which makes easier to access and find the stuff when you need. Look for a gym bag that has a dedicated compartment for shoes and laundry. It will make your post-exercise transport, laundering, and storage of fitness apparel and gear easier and hygienic, and protect the rest of the items from getting soiled.


‘Bigger is better’ approach does not work well when choosing a gym backpack. Too big backpack, you have much extra weight to carry around, and too small backpack will never fit all your stuff. Therefore, look for a gym backpack that can accommodate all your stuff without being too empty or too full. Look for a womens gym backpack ( ) that can easily fit in your gym or office locker. But make sure your gym bag should be roomy enough to store your gym essentials, workout gears, clean clothes, toiletries, laptop and the things you want to carry with you.


A good gym backpack is made of highly durable and water & odor resistant material. Make sure gym backpack you are using is made of high-quality ballistic nylon, canvas cotton or polyester. These are the highly durable material which can easily resist wear and tear and last for years. Also, look for women’s gym backpack made of water-resistant material so that everything doesn’t get wet in the drizzle. However, most backpacks come with a rain cover which you can put them over in case of a severe downpour.

Padding and zippers

Check the padding of a backpack. Choose a gym backpack with padded shoulder straps and back. It makes comfortable for you to carry your backpack, and put less pressure on your shoulders and lower back. Also, make sure that the laptop compartment of the backpack is padded. Check the quality of the zippers. Look for a backpack with lockable zippers. Most manufacturers will provide you some guarantee or warranty. Check the guarantee provided by manufacturers.


For some style is not a big deal while others may value style as much as functionality, performance, and durability. Look for a gym backpack that you feel proud to carry on your shoulder. Because if you don’t like the look of your gym backpack ( ), most probably it will find a place in the home only. Look for a gym bag that expresses your style and blends to your overall personality.

So these are the five things you need to look for in a womens gym backpack.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:23 AM EDT
Tuesday, 14 May 2019
Why Should You Consider Buying a Baby Bottle Mixer?
Topic: shopping
Parenting can be a daunting task for first-time parents. Feeding and taking care of your precious little one is an incomparable experience but it can also be quite overwhelming and tiring. Although most doctors often recommend breastfeeding, there are times when you might not be able to breastfeed your baby. Preparing formula milk in the right consistency and temperature can also prove to be a challenge for many mothers. This is precisely why you need a baby bottle mixer ( ).

Hassle free

Mixing formula milk by hand might not yield the best results. There can be clumps and air bubbles in the milk, which can upset your baby’s stomach. A bottle mixer negates most of the problems that parents run into while mixing formula milk. There is hardly any need to measure or mix the milk. The mixer heats water at 98 degrees and mixes the formula powder and water with precise consistency.

No more air bubbles

One of the main causes of colic and discomfort in babies is due to the ingestion of air bubbles in milk. Air bubbles are formed when you mix formula milk by hand. Bottle mixers are ideal as it minimizes the formation of air bubbles in milk while mixing. These mixers blend the formula perfectly without any clumps.

Easy to clean and maintain

Bottle mixers are dishwasher safe and it is relatively easy to clean and maintain. It is also free from BPA, which is another added advantage of these bottle mixer machines. Apart from that, you can also mix a considerable amount of formula milk at a single time and store it in the refrigerator.

Portable with sleek designs

Baby bottle mixers are portable and easy to operate. All you need to do is press a switch and your mixer is all set to prepare milk with the right temperature and consistency. It also includes a sleek design that can accommodate all types of bottles easily.

There are various kinds of baby bottle mixers ( ), which are recommended by doctors. Most of these bottle mixers include anti-colic features, which is ideal if your baby is colicky. These mixers are designed to relieve the hassles of mixing baby bottles by hand as it helps to mix not just formula milk powder but also breast milk, which segregates into layers when it is stored for a while.

Formula mixers are available in different sizes and styles. You can also find machines with a range of features such as separate storage compartments for water and formula milk, battery operated, lightweight, and portable. You can also preset the amount of milk and its temperature on these mixers to give your baby the perfect feed every time it is hungry!

Posted by brucem231 at 2:46 AM EDT

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