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Saturday, 18 May 2013
The Straight Facts on EMF Protection
Topic: science

Public hysteria grows in waves and recedes suddenly, only to be replaced by another mass fear. The same is true of the public alarm over EMF radiation emitted from cell phones. One way to protect yourself from EMF radiation and opinion is to learn the facts of the subject.

What is EMF?

EMF stands for “electromagnetic field.” So far, the topic is innocuous enough. An EMF is a force field around an object, created by an electric charge. This electric charge, a combination of electricity and magnetism, affects the behaviour of objects within its field. However, the term EMF is quite broad: there are actually two types of EMFs! EMFs are split into two categories: ELFs (extremely low frequency) and EMRs (electromagnetic radiation).

Devices in the EMR category include mobile phones, computers, and tablets. EMRs are then divided into two types: non-ionizing (like microwaves and radio waves) and ionizing (like x-rays, ultraviolet light, and gamma rays). Non-ionizing is considered to have a neutral effect, but the ionizing type are extremely unsafe—which explains why you wear EMF protection, like a lead vest at the dentist when they take an x-ray of your teeth.

EMF and Your Health

The main concern over EMF is whether or not it is harmful to humans. Carcinogenic, reproductive, and neurological side-effects are what make the issue worrying, since our society depends so much on electronic devices. Taking preventative action against the potential harm of EMFs is a smart step move; and it’s a platform on which many companies are developing new products.

Better Safe than Sorry: Use an EMF Shield

EMF protection works best in the form of a shield, or a barrier. These shields deflect the EMF radiation away from your body, therefore preventing contact. There are plenty of retailers online that sell EMF protection products, such as computer monitor screens, TV, or laptop screen shields. Other products are for smaller devices, like mobile phones. Then there are products that are worn over your clothes, such as aprons, face- and eye-shields. Some companies have even developed EMF shielding paints and bed canopies.

EMF protection in the retailing world also includes detection devices that assess work or home environments for unsafe levels of EMF presence. These include EMF meters that detect electronic, magnetic, and radiofrequency fields. All of these devices are geared for making you informed of your surroundings and for bodily protection.

There are also a few tips on how to decrease your exposure to EMF radiation. First, keep your electronic devices a safe distance away from you (at least a foot away), or off of you (don’t rest your laptop on your lap). Second, limit your time spent on electronic devices. Third, use some sort of EMF protection, such as laptop shields or monitor screens. Limit the exposure to EMFs and you limit the potential damage caused.

EMF protection is a topic growing in strength and public opinion—but your best way to deal with it is not by throwing away your cell phone and eschewing radio towers; but, by taking other preventive measures.

This article was written by Shad Rowen, on behalf of DefenderPad, a leading source of solutions for EMF Protection. For more information on cell phone radiation, visit HowStuffWorks.  

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Posted by brucem231 at 3:32 AM EDT
Tuesday, 8 May 2012
Join a Food Handling Course for Exciting Job Opportunities
Topic: science
Today, the world has become very competitive and to stay ahead in the job market, it is important to do some kind of training to upgrade your knowledge in every field and industry. Not doing any formal training, your job search can become challenging and limit your opportunities as well. There are numerous degrees and certification programs for individuals, thus making it difficult for them to make the right choice. Moreover, it is recommended to choose the right training program that can help them find good opportunities. However, there are training programs that are expensive and can be fruitless as well for not having enough opportunities in the real world. Additionally, there is no denying the fact there are training programs that mostly concentrate on textbooks rather than enhancing the knowledge of the individuals. However, this is not always the case with a food handling course especially if it is done from a reputed institution. The increasing job opportunities in the hospitality industry have made it easy for individuals searching for jobs. Therefore, doing a food handling course can help one find a job during difficult times and provide job security as well.

After completing a food handling course, you can come across several job opportunities available in the hospitality and the retail industry and there are numerous opportunities for those willing to work in this field. There are businesses and institutions in food service in various parts of the country looking for aspiring and knowledgeable individuals to work with them. Therefore, individuals who complete a food handling course have several opportunities knocking their door, and there are small establishments too looking for skilled workers. On the contrary, there are reputed restaurants in need of energetic professionals who can handle the task of food preparation and packaging diligently. It is interesting to know that there are hospitals and schools in need of qualified professionals having good knowledge of preparing food and handle the task proficiently. Moreover, as the retail and the hospitality industry is always growing and expanding, it is important for reputed places to hire individuals having advanced knowledge also with the necessary skills. Completion of the food handling course and gathering knowledge on food preparation can help individuals find several job opportunities and get a nice job with a decent salary.

Individuals in Australia should complete a food handling course, as it helps them work in a professional setting and know how to handle their tasks with ease and comfort. After the completion of the food handling course, an individual develops the confidence in the retail and hospitality industry and works hard to create a positive impression on his or her employee. Additionally, they are scared of doing their job and try hard to deliver their best. Therefore, individuals who are interested in food preparation, as well as enjoy working in the food environment, can give an extra edge to their career with a food handling course. With a food handling certificate, one can come across exciting job opportunities and work in restaurants and similar places.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:09 AM EDT

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