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Monday, 10 June 2019
How to Print Customized Shirts
Topic: shopping
Well, when your search online, you will find the word ‘screen printing’ almost everywhere. Screen printing is the most commonly used method for printing t-shirts. But apart from it, there are many other methods that can be used for printing shirts. So let’s have a look at some common methods of printing customized shirts ( ).

Screen printing

It is one of the best methods used for professional printing. It produces a vibrant print of supreme quality at an affordable price. In this method, a stencil and screen made from nylon mesh are used for screen printing. Nylon mesh holds the stencil in place, and a waterproof material blocks the negative space you are looking to design.

Now, you have to spread some ink onto the screen, and then use a squeegee to press down. Ensure that the ink spreads all over your screen. Excess ink will be wiped away. The screen is finally taken off and design is allowed to dry and cure.

This method produces awesome results in terms of quality. If you see a t-shirt that features a printed design of supreme quality, there are high chances that it was screen printed. Screen print designs remain vibrant, soft, and smooth for long, and last longer than other types of printing methods.

Dye sublimation

It is another great method used for printing customized shirts made of polyester. Right, this method works well only for polyester t-shirts. In this technique, a special liquid dye is used for printing design which solidifies when comes in contact with material like polyester. Heat and pressure are applied for the sublimation dry process to take place properly. If you have a t-shirt made of polyester with print all over the shirt, most probably it is printed using dye sublimation. This method gives awesome results and produces a smooth, durable, and high-resolution print that doesn’t fade away or deteriorate easily.


Direct to garment (DTG) printing method is one of the most popular professional printing methods. In this method, the design is directly printed onto the shirt using a printing machine. It is similar to paper printing in the office. You have to upload a design on the computer, and a large printing machine will print a design on a shirt. Your t-shirt is fed on the conveyor belt of the printing machine and gets printed. This method is preferably used for multi-color designs. You can print any design using this method, but for simple designs, screen printing is a better option than DTG printing. DTG printing method gives soft and smooth designs in high resolution.

Apart from these commonly used three methods, vinyl printing and heat transfer method are also used, but they do not produce the prints of high quality and durability.

So these are the different methods you can use for printing your customized shirts ( ).

Posted by brucem231 at 5:42 AM EDT
K1 Visa- Eligibility and Immigration Process
Topic: travel
With a K1 visa, a US citizen can sponsor his/her fiancé to enter and stay in the United States for a period of 90 days. However, the sponsor and the fiancé must be married within a period of 90 days. If marriage and other legal formalities are not possible within the stipulated period, it becomes necessary to apply for an extension.

The K1 visa ( ) is one of the best possibilities of obtaining permanent residency status legally in the United States. After a legal marriage ceremony, the spouse can apply for a Green Card or permanent residency. You can also apply for an AOS or Adjustment of Status and obtain a green card after marriage. All green card holders can live and work in the United States permanently.

Visa Eligibility

While the K1 Visa allows the US citizen to sponsor his/her fiancé and allows them to enter and stay in the country until a period of 90 days. However, both the partners who are engaged must be married within this period. Only a US citizen can sponsor his fiancé and apply for a K1 visa. Another important requirement for applying a K1 visa is that both the partners must be unmarried during the period. It is also important to end any prior marriage legally before applying for a K1 visa. In case the previous marriage is not annulled or the divorce process is incomplete, the sponsor is not eligible to apply for the fiancé visa.

The relationship must be legitimate and the fiancé must be above 18 years of age and not related by blood. You can prove the legitimacy of the relationship by providing photographs, written statements from relatives and friends, wedding engagement photos and so forth. Both the partners should have met in person at least once in two years before applying for the fiancé visa.

Both partners must also sign a statement, which indicates the authenticity of the relationship by intending to get married within a period of 90 days when the sponsored fiancé enters the country. When the visa is approved, the fiancé can enter the country and remain for four months from the approval date of the visa. However, it is to be noted that the fiancé will lose the K1visa ( ) status if the marriage is not legalized within four months from the date of visa approval and the sponsored fiancé will have to leave the country with immediate effect.

Sponsored fiancés can seldom apply for another temporary visa during this period. Once the marriage is legalized, the fiancé can apply for a permanent green card. The sponsor can apply for a marriage green card after the wedding and it needs to be sponsored by the same person who sponsored the K1 visa.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:19 AM EDT
Weigh the Pros and Cons before Switching Over VoIP Systems
Topic: Software
What is VoIP all about? What are the cons and pros of using an internet-based phone service? To start with, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol – a phone service that is used through the internet. Rather using a separate telephone company, if you have good quality internet connectivity, you can make calls over the internet. As you are paying for your broadband connection, you can make unlimited calls from one VoIP ( ) phone to another for free even if the number is not in your country.


Save money – Typically VoIP providers have different plans including pay as you go option so that you have to pay for the service only when you need it.

Portability – Built up with potable hardware, if you work in an organization that uses the intranet, still you can access your office from home through VoIP phone service. There are many VoIP providers who allow you to access your VoIP phone system using a smartphone app.

Multiple features – People using a standard telephone company often have to pay extra for specific features but in case of VoIP there are a wealth of features that are included for free like call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting and conferencing.

No requirement of extra hardware for switching to VoIP – It is preferred to buy VoIP phones but VoIP providers provide devices that will convert the signals from your previous telephone to VoIP.

With one access line multiples, calls can be handled – VoIP phone services ( ) allow for setting up a conference with other members. It compresses data packets so that more data can be easily managed by the carrier. These phones can be used for conducting video conferencing thereby reducing travel costs and time. You have the luxury to keep one telephone number ring on multiple devices at the same time which helps the employees to stay connected to the clients as well as each other.

Efficient usage of bandwidth – An estimate of fifty percent of our conversation goes without uttering a word. With VoIP, an user do no gets bandwidth when s/he is not talking and so this saved bandwidth is efficiently used for other users.


Calls during Emergency - No doubt, portability is a big boost for VoIP, calling an emergency number from a VoIP line will only be transmitting the address that you have provided during emergency services. Additionally, emergency calls can fail if there is a power cut or failure of broadband connectivity, so for a back-up keep a mobile phone.

Delay and Quality

The call may drop if there is tight bandwidth or the sound can get scrambled. Due to network congestion, the result can be a delay which means the person you are communicating will take a few seconds more to respond to your answer. In the majority of the cases, these are temporary problems and can be solved by rebooting your router.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:06 AM EDT
What are the Benefits of Using a Cold Therapy Machine?
Topic: health
Cold therapy is one of the best remedies to heal orthopedic injuries and post-surgical wounds. It is often administered using rudimentary ice packs, which is not really the best way to use this useful therapy. Instead, you can use a cold therapy machine ( IsoComforter/Cold-Therapy-Machine ) for it.

Here are the benefits of using a cold therapy machine.

Speedy healing of injuries

Cold therapy works by promoting the speedy healing of patients. The cold temperature numbs the nerves in the site of application; stopping communication between them. Without nerve communication, the blood supply also temporarily stops in the same area. Loss of blood causes inflammation to reduce. The whole process leads to speedy healing of injuries and surgical wounds.

But for it to work well, the cold temperature needs to penetrate deep inside the tissues. Such a thing is not possible when you administer cold therapy using ice packs.

Ice packs are uneven and not the best method for delivering freezing temperatures deep inside the injured tissues. Ice packs can also drip water over surgical incisions and increase the patient’s chances of contracting infections. But there are no such limitations with the use of a cold therapy machine.

Some manufacturers utilize the most advanced technology available to design their brand’s cold therapy machines. For instance, IsoComforter makes use of the patented Iso tube technology for its cold therapy machines. The use of this advanced technology helps with the most efficient and safe delivery of cold therapy. IsoComforter machines also come equipped with a healing pad with ridges for safe skin contact. It helps to prevent burn injuries due to extremely cold temperatures.

A convenient method for delivering cold therapy

Cold therapy works best when patients use it consistently. Consistent therapy is only possible when it is delivered via convenient means. It is simply not comfortable for patients experiencing pain and discomfort to hold an ice pack over their shoulders or hip for their speedy healing.

Patients require multiple cold therapy sessions of minimum 15-20 minutes every day. So, the method of its delivery must be extremely convenient for them. When you use a cold therapy machine, you can sit and relax while the machine does its job. If you use machines from brands such as IsoComforter, you don’t even require replenishing ice in it very often.

Ease of use

Using a cold therapy machine requires minimal preparation. All you need is to first fill the tank with ice and water. Then simply wrap the healing pad around the injured or affected area. Next, as you switch on the machine, the cold water begins to flow from the tank to the healing pad via a tube.

IsoComforter machines come equipped with self-priming pumps for operational ease. You don’t require putting any mechanical efforts for using IsoComforter machines. You can even purchase portable cold therapy machines ( IsoComforter/Why-Cold-Therapy-Machine ) available with the brand. You can then continue using the machine for cold therapy as needed throughout the day; even while you are traveling.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:52 AM EDT
Thursday, 6 June 2019
Signs that You Need AC Duct Replacement in Houston
Topic: Home Improvement
As ductworks are hidden away in our walls and ceilings, we often tend to forget about it. What we seldom fail to realize is that ductworks function efficiently to transfer both cool and warm air from the HVAC systems to different corners of your room. However, as these ducts age, it begins to develop leaks and cracks, making it less effective than normal.

You will know when it is time for an AC duct replacement in Houston ( ) when you experience the following signs.

Dusty home

Are you experiencing respiratory problems or unexplained allergies recently? This may be caused due to excessive dust and dirt that is circulating through your AC ducts. High level of dust in the ductwork can affect the indoor air quality adversely and cause health issues. If it has been a while since you have last cleaned your AC duct and you are experiencing poor air quality and allergies, it may be time to call an HVAC professional to inspect your air duct.

Noisy HVAC unit

Generally, the HVAC systems function quietly and if you seem to notice any kind of unusual sounds from the unit, it is a sign that the ducts are not functioning properly. You can also expect a noisy unit if the ductwork is too small. In this case, the HVAC system functions harder to push air through the duct, which affects the system and increases the utility bills.

Smelly indoor air

Humid climatic conditions lead to the growth of mold inside the ductwork when it starts to blow cool air. Leaking ducts can also cause the development of mold and blow unhealthy and smelly air into your homes. Therefore, if you smell mildew, call a professional HVAC technician to inspect the ductwork thoroughly for mildew.

Inconsistent temperature

Are you experiencing inconsistent temperature in some parts of your home? This could indicate that you have a leaky duct system. If there is an imbalance in the ductwork, it could also cause the inconsistent interior temperature in your homes.

These are some of the most common signs that you need an AC duct replacement in Houston ( ). Replacing your AC duct by hiring an HVAC professional is relatively beneficial as you can expect a sharp decrease in the energy bills as the system will now function efficiently. Properly sized, clean, and sealed ducts are essential for healthy and efficient functioning of the HVAC system. It also enhances the lifespan of the heating and cooling system.

The efficiency of the HVAC system depends on the ductworks and therefore it is important to maintain and clean it regularly so that your system functions smoothly and competently all year.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:06 AM EDT
Looking for 24 Hour AC Repair in Katy- Here’s What to Look For
Topic: Home Improvement
But choosing professionals to do so is a daunting task. There are so many AC repair services out there in Katy that one can easily get confused which one to choose. To make it easy, we have listed down the few things that you need to consider while choosing a 24 hour AC Repair in Katy ( priorityacpro/24-Hour-AC-Repair-Katy ).

Start with Basics

Start your search looking at basics like location, availability, and address. Look for a local company which provides services 24/7. There are many companies that claim to be 24 hours AC repair companies, but in reality, do not operate in wee hours. Check the website of the company, and find out whether it works 24 hours seven days a week.

License, Insurance, and Bond

Look for AC repair company with a valid license because only those companies get a license from regulating authorities which are capable of doing the job. A valid license proves the knowledge, skill, and experience of an AC repair company. Also, AC repair is a risky job, and accidents can happen at the site. Look for an insured and bonded company so that you can financially protect your home from damages and protect you from any claims made by workers in case of accidents.


Look for an AC repair company that has some prior experience in the AC repair industry and worked on all type of air conditioning system. Make sure your company has a team of experienced technicians. There is no benefit of hiring an amateur technician for complex repairs. It will do more harm than good. Hire an experienced AC repair in Katy to fix your AC system. It will save both your time and money.


Consider the reputation of the company before hiring it. A well-reputed AC repair firm will have positive reviews, low volumes of complaints, satisfied clients, and recommendation from past clients. Read online reviews and feedbacks of past clients. It will give you a fair idea about the quality of workmanship of your firm. Check the Better Business Bureau website to find if any complaints reported by consumers against the company you are interested in hiring.


Last but not least; compare the cost of services. Get a detailed written estimate from two to five different AC repair companies with the same level of expertise. Because substandard AC repair services are often priced at lower prices than standard market rates. Obtain bids from companies to determine the cost of work. After getting estimates, choose a company that offers the best value, not the best price. And make sure your AC repair company provides warranty for its work and will get back to you if something goes wrong.

So these are the five key things that you need to consider while choosing 24 hour AC repair in Katy ( ).

Posted by brucem231 at 2:19 AM EDT
Wednesday, 5 June 2019
How to Choose the Best Grease Trap Cleaning Service
Topic: Home Improvement
But, how to select one out of so many options out there? Well, it is not a difficult task if you use the following suggestions to choose the grease trap cleaning service ( ):

1. License and insurance

The first thing you need to look for when choosing a grease trap cleaning firm is license and insurance. A valid license ensures that grease trap cleaning company you are interested in hiring is knowledgeable, skilled and certified, and passed the state’s licensing test. And an insured company means that you are protected from being held responsible in an event that their staff gets involved in an accident while on your property. Ask your grease trap cleaning to show the copies of license and insurance.

2. Experience

Look for a local grease trap cleaning company who has few years of experience under its belt. Ask your company about their experience in the industry. For how long they have been working at the current location. Do they have proper knowledge about how to deal with collected waste? Hiring an experienced cleaning company gives you the assurance that they’re knowledgeable enough to give you a quality service.

3. Reputation

Usually, best grease trap cleaning services ( ) have positive reviews, better BBB rating, and clients’ recommendations. It rarely happens that a good cleaning company has a bad reputation. So check the reputation of the company. You can read the online reviews and testimonials of clients and check the BBB rating of the company. It will give you an idea about the reputation of the company. You can also ask your grease trap cleaning company for references. By calling these clients references, you can ask about the quality of the work performed by the company.

4. Customer service

How your company communicates with you plays an important role not only before hiring but after the job as well. Check out their level of customer service. Do they respond to your queries? Do they provide assistance if something goes wrong after the cleaning? Do they back their work? These are the few questions you need to ask. Make sure you hire a grease trap cleaning service that values their customers and provide an exceptional level of customer service.

5. Price

Grease traps should be cleaned after every three months so look for a company that provides quality services at affordable rates. If you find a company providing cleaning services at a too cheaper rate than standard market prices, there are greater chances they are not good. Compare the prices of the best cleaning companies in your area, and choose one that offers value at affordable rates.

So these are the five tips that can help you choose the best grease trap cleaning service.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:40 AM EDT
A Detailed Guide to Choose the Best Septic Cleaning Firm
Topic: Home Improvement
How much knowledge you have about the working of your septic tank? How frequently you should clean the septic tank? What is the procedure for cleaning? What information you should gather when choosing the best septic tank cleaning companies ( draneranger/Septic-Tank-Cleaning-Companies ) ? First things first, always remember there is a septic tank in your house. If your tank has not been cleaned for a while, do not wait. It is very crucial for the environment and if something went wrong, definitely you will regret it and so would the community. It is not required just for the cleanliness of everything around you if your tank is not pumping properly but for the overall functioning of the household plumbing as well as keeping the surrounding environment clean. When you are searching for the best firm for cleaning your septic tank, here a few questions that you need to ask.


How popular the septic tank cleaning firm in their area? The best firm will be doing the job efficiently and correctly, so make sure that the company is trustworthy.

Do they have the right skills and knowledge?

A septic tank is not that complicated but there are many things one must know. Therefore, having experience in the cleaning services, the best septic tank cleaning companies ( ) will be familiar with various septic tanks be it old or new and how all parts work separately or together.

Are they able to perform multiple services?

Septic tank does not work alone, there are different other systems like the grease trap and sump pump that also requires cleaning. For the most simplicity and efficient service for you, one question that you must ask the experts whether they are able to work on all parts of the system at once so that you do not have to find other contractors for same work. Once you have zeroed for the best cleaning company, make sure to dial this firm for your similar requirements.


You want a firm who provides quick service when the need arises and comes promptly for the regular maintenance. The best company must follow up on their appointments and do their task efficiently.

Does the firm have positive reviews?

The best and trusted place for getting all the answers and recommendations to all these queries is asking your friends and neighbors. Do not forget to check the reviews online about the firm’s reliability, quality, professionalism, and pricing. If others have high regards about a specific firm, it is likely that a particular firm will also provide you the best services.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:34 AM EDT
Tuesday, 4 June 2019
Why Working with a Vat Consultancy in Dubai Is the Best Choice?
Topic: Business
Starting from 1st January 2018, VAT (value-added-taxes) has been implemented by the UAE government with an objective to reduce its over-dependence on oil and petro/hydrocarbon products as a steady source to generate national income. By nature, VAT comes under indirect taxes or general consumption tax which needs to be collected incrementally according to the valued added on every stage of production phase or sales. In UAE, VAT is imposed on almost all goods and services that are bought, sold, and consumed. Now it has been compulsory for all businesses operating in the UAE region to apply for registration for VAT immediately prior to its impending deadline.

Why Hire VAT Consultancy in Dubai?

  No surprising that VAT is a more complicated tax approach and similar to most businesspersons it might appear quite confusing or even intimidating to you. Don’t sweat! To help you out throughout the process, get in touch with VAT consultancy in Dubai ( ) that will take care of everything related to your VAT obligations from business evaluation to VAT registration and submission of needed documentation, tax computation, to return of VAT and more. They are specially trained and registered tax professionals who will understand your type of business, its volume and accordingly perform the needful joint efforts depending on whether or not you will require having a VAT registration with a pre-assessment.

  While sales tax is mainly implemented at the end part of closing a sales deal and consumers pay that tax, the basic difference of VAT is that it’s imposed on every step connected to the production chain. Even though the tax is eventually paid by consumers, however, in this case, the business or production companies collect the taxes for the government as their tax collectors and pay to the tax authorities. The standard tax is levied @ 5% on nearly all goods and services while a few are being exempted. If the revenue of your business is AED 375000 or more, you are supposed to get immediate VAT registration in Dubai. According to the Federal Tax Authorities UAE, that all businesses fall under VAT registration should submit their financial transactions in the prescribed format while applying for VAT registration to avoid penalties.

  Whatever taxes you pay on all your purchases ( for production or sales) that are called as input taxes and after production of the goods, as you sell them to consumers, the tax you collect from them is output tax. Thereby, there is a provision of tax refund also which applies when it’s found that you’ve paid excess tax to your suppliers. The team of vat consultancy in Dubai will compute all your input tax and output tax that you have paid and received from your invoices. After computation, if it’s found that input tax in more than output tax, you’re eligible to get a tax refund and they will take the responsibility to carry out the things as per the regulations.

  A professional VAT Consultancy in Dubai ( ) will undertake the responsibilities such as submission of relevant documents, filing of previous year business revenue, calculation input and output taxes and preparation of final documentation. Importantly, some businesses come under 0% tax also such as medical devices, healthcare services, crude oil, and others. And depending on the business types, the procedure of documentation varies.

  Even though VAT is completely a new concept and every business is not accustomed to its formalities, however, never take your obligation to VAT lightly, since avoidance of VAT return filing is likely to attract hefty penalty. Therefore, to assume all hazards of your VAT obligation, obtain immediate support of VAT consultancy and carry on your business peacefully with full concentration.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:17 AM EDT
Healing Back Injuries with Cold Therapy
Cold therapy is a natural remedy that helps to heal orthopedic injuries and trauma. You can use it for speedy recovery post back surgeries or injuries. Cold therapy ( IsoComforter/Why-Cold-Therapy-Machine ) can also help to relax the tired back muscles. It is best administered using a cold therapy unit.

Cold Therapy for Healing Back Injuries

Cold therapy works by numbing nerves in the area of application. The freezing temperature hinders nerve communication, which temporarily stops blood supply in the same area. Due to the lack of proper blood supply, the inflammation on the injuries or wounds begins to reduce. As the swelling goes down, the pain due to injuries also begins to reduce.

You can use cold therapy on the back post surgery or any kind of injury. If you are experiencing pain in the back muscles due to excessive fatigue, you can utilize the benefits of cold therapy to find relief from your discomfort. Cold therapy is also useful for aiding muscle recovery post an intense workout or physical training session.

When you use cold therapy after back surgery, you can speed up your recovery. Often, you need to begin physical exercises as a part of your post-surgical recovery program. But it is not possible to start your rehabilitation work until the pain in the back has lessened enough for you to do it. Consistent application of cold therapy can help reduce the pain in the back and aid your recovery.

Administering Cold Therapy

To administer cold therapy properly, it is best to use a machine designed for the purpose.
A cold therapy unit is a device that helps in the delivery of freezing temperatures over injuries in an efficient manner. For instance, IsoComforter utilizes the patented Iso tube technology to manufacture its cold therapy units for the most efficient and safe delivery of cold therapy. The ridges in the IsoComforter healing pads help with optimal skin contact with freezing temperatures.

For delivering cold therapy on the back, you can purchase a machine with a healing pad designed specifically for the back. You can even use a multipurpose healing pad. If you are using cold therapy for surgical recovery or on open wounds, it is best to use a sterile healing pad. You can also purchase a machine that produces no condensation such as those available from IsoComforter.

To use a cold therapy unit ( ), you need to fill its tank with ice and water. Then you need to wrap the healing pad around the affected back area and switch on the machine. The water will then begin to flow from the tank to the healing pad with the aid of the pump. You can purchase a machine with a self-priming pump to reduce any mechanical efforts required to use the unit.

You will need to use it multiple times a day for 15-20 minutes at a time or as your doctor recommends. You will need to be consistent with the therapy for it to show quick results.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:50 AM EDT

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