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Monday, 13 May 2019
Four Key Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans
Topic: Business
Medicare beneficiaries in Texas either add up Medigap policy to Original Medicare to fill its gap or switch to Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas ( harringroup/medicare-advantage-plans ). When you enroll for Medicare, you have to make the decision on how to avail your Medicare benefits. Some people seek more value in Medicare Advantages Plans than Original Medicare plus Medigap policy while some prefer latter. However, ultimately the best option is the one that best suits your individual health care needs.

Medicare Advantage Plans offer a wide range of benefits. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Prescription drug coverage

Original Medicare does not provide prescription drug coverage. You have to enroll in stand-alone Part D plan to get the Medicare prescription drug coverage. On the other hand, the majority of Medicare Advantage Plans include prescription drug coverage (Part D) often for no additional premium. Medicare beneficiaries who need Medicare prescription drug coverage prefer Medicare Advantage Plan over Original Medicare.

2. Out-of-pocket maximum

This is one of the key advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare Advantage Plans have out-of-pocket maximum which fixes the cap on your out-of-pocket health spending. Once the limit is reached, your Medicare Advantage Plan pays for all covered expenses. It makes Medicare Advantage Plans an ideal choice for Medicare beneficiaries who have a risk of heart attack or other serious diseases.

3. Additional benefits

Some Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas ( ) offer dental care, hearing aids, routine vision care and other health benefits which are not covered in Original Medicare. These healthcare services are important for complete healthcare. Original Medicare pays for many health services and supplies but does not cover everything. It only provides Part A and Part B coverage. Eventually, you have to fill the gaps in Original Medicare using additional Medigap policies whereas Medicare Advantage Plans cover everything in a single plan.

4. Save money

Medicare Advantage Plans save you a lot of money. Original Medicare requires you to pay the portion of the cost of covered healthcare services all the way which can easily lead you to financial disaster if you have a bad health year. Medicare Advantage Plan not only put a cap on the maximum out-of-pocket spending on but also provides extended coverage on lower monthly premiums. In some cases, Medicare Advantage Plans provide better health coverage at a lower price than Original Medicare plus Medigap policy.

So these are the four key advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans that make it a preferred choice for receiving Medicare health benefits.

If you are enrolling for Medicare or if you are planning to switch to Medicare Advantage Plans from Original Medicare, first carefully assess all the available options and then choose the best suite Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas to avail benefits.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:34 AM EDT
Thursday, 9 May 2019
All That You Wanted to Know About Mt Rainier Tours from Seattle via Helicopter
Topic: travel
Your trip to Seattle, Washington will remain incomplete without collecting a lifetime experience of Mt. Rainier tours from Seattle ( ) via helicopter. Sounds amazing! Well, choose a reputable service provider out of the mass and enjoy the spectacular bird’s eye views of the highest peak of Mt Rainier, with a rock-strewn spanning of 369 miles and bejeweled with profuse waterfalls, glaciers, wildly rivers. The tour has been designed in a unique combination of 35 minutes flying in addition to hiking through the Mt. Rainier National Park. Those who attend full day trip of 8 hours can also enjoy visiting some of the popular tourist spots located in Seattle downtown in addition to 50 minutes flying.

Mt Rainier Tours from Seattle – Highlights

Helicopter Flight

The pilot will take you to fly over the rocky range of Mt. Rainier while having the panoramic close view of the snowy shiny peaks, waterfalls, glaciers, thunderous rivers, and rainforests for nearly 35 minutes before landing for a naturalist hike and ground tour to explore the amazing natural beauty of Mt. Rainier National Park. In Mt. Rainier tours from Seattle, while rising over the world of clouds get your digital camera, ultra resolution video cameras, and smartphones ready to collect the best aerial snapshots of the landscapes stretching over the miles that are just breathtaking.

While soaring, the pilot will narrate pointing to all major landmarks including the highest peak of Mt Rainier, the West face, the Paget Sound, Pacific Northwest, the snowfield areas as well as while being closer of the great Snoqualmie falls and Cascade mountainous range. With a clear sky, you can have incredible sight of Mt. Baker, Mt. St Helens, Mt. Baker, or even the highest peak of Pacific Northwest Organon-5.

Naturalist Hike

During hiking en-route Mount Rainier National Park, you will experience that nature has adorned the land with endless resources. While walking through the subalpine meadows you will view glittering snowfields, glaciers, hilly rivers, striking flora and exotic fauna life and the great rainforest. The whole woodland landscape is surrounded by steep rocky ranges and you will be guided to the astonishing Sun Rise point. Cascade foothills, Ice-fed rivers, etc. All through the trail, you will have myriad photographic opportunities.

Catered Meal

For those attending a full day trip is entertained with a delicious meal while guests joining a half day trip in the morning tour will enjoy their lunch in the midst of the park before returning to Seattle via helicopter. Those who prefer joining Mt Rainier tours from Seattle ( ) in the afternoon session will be treated with a fantastic dish of canapés and tea before starting for Seattle via private luxury transport.

Tour plans are designed for a morning or afternoon session.

Typical duration

Morning tour - 07:45 to 5:15

Afternoon tour - 13:00 to 20:30

Full day tour- it’s extended for 8 Hours and guests can enjoy more comprehensive trips to Waterfront, Seattle city, the Space Needle, Ballard Locks as well as Lake Union in addition to 50+ helicopter tour.

Pick-up/ Drop-off

•  Usually, your Mt Rainier tour organizer prefers pick-up services for guests attending the morning trip from Seattle hotels before 7:45 A.M and you will be taken to Mt Rainier by private transport. The returning trip is organized via helicopter that concludes at Boeing Field at 15:15 hours. It’s around 10 min. drive from Seattle.

•  Those attend afternoon session will be picked up from Boeing Field sharp at 13:00 hours and will be taken via helicopter to enjoy Mt. Rainier. The return journey is set by private luxury transport. The tour concludes nearly at 20:30 and you will be dropped off at your hotel or any location in downtown Seattle.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:35 AM EDT
Three Reasons to Choose Pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD over a Family Doctor
Topic: health
Well, both are qualified to take care of your kids, but who would you love to choose- a specialist or a general practitioner?

Most parents in Silver Spring, MD prefer a pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD ( ) over a family doctor. There are many reasons for it. But before you understand that in detail, first, look at the basic difference between a pediatrician and a family doctor.

A pediatrician is a special doctor who manages the physical, emotional and mental health of newborn babies, children, and teens. A family doctor manages the overall health of all members of the family from infants to adults and old ones.

The basic difference between a pediatrician and family doctor is of education. A pediatrician has gone through a three-year residency program in pediatrics after the graduation from a medical school whereas a family doctor has three years of a residency program in a variety of medical fields in addition to pediatrics, including internal medicine and gynecology after graduation from medical school.

Now, let’s have a closer look at why choose pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD over a family doctor for your kids.

1. Specialization

Pediatricians are specialized child doctor. They treat all childhood illnesses from minor to serious health issues. When you choose a pediatrician, you kids receive healthcare from experts. More importantly, a pediatrician sees hundreds of patients with similar problems that your kid may have. So your pediatrician knows how to deal with kids at their level, and has developed keen eye and experience from treating patients over years which help them to identify the potential issues early on.

2. Dedicated healthcare

As pediatricians see only children, it is easy for them to have hospital facilities geared towards kids. They don’t have to design a hospital to meet the needs of adults. The environment in a pediatrician’s hospital is designed for kids to make their hospital visit less stressful and fearful. Also, pediatrician’s hospital has the latest equipment and technologies to make medical procedures fast, less painful and comfortable. Staff is also specially trained to deal with parents and kids in a helping way which makes comfortable for parents to visit a pediatrician.

3. Special health needs

If your kid has special health needs, he or she needs special attention of a pediatrician. If your child born as a preemie, with birth defects or has other health concerns, working with a pediatrician is the best way to provide the best healthcare to your child. You may have to work with pediatrician specialist with a subspecialty in pediatrics. In such cases, choosing a pediatrician over the family doctor is necessary for providing better healthcare to a child.

So these are the three key reasons why you should choose pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD ( ) for your kids. Rest it is one’s personal call whether to work with a pediatrician or family doctor. 

Posted by brucem231 at 3:45 AM EDT
What are the Top Three Interview Questions for Marketing Position?
Topic: employment
Nowadays, the role of marketing managers has become even more challenging than before. Marketing professionals now need to design and implement campaigns for both online and offline landscapes. So, it is crucial to ask the questions that can help you to give you an idea of the candidate’s full potential for the job.

Here are three top interview questions for marketing position you can ask the candidates.

Question 1 – How would you balance offline and online activities for the marketing campaign of a new product launch?

Answer –

Do they frame the answer by starting with the nature of the product itself? One expected response can be that they will design the strategy based on the product and the target market. Do they use real examples from their own past campaigns or choose a popular product to illustrate their points?

Do they choose the example related to the industry of the company? Do they clearly divide the campaign into offline and online activities? Do they state the social channels they will use for the campaign and why? Do they tell you about the content strategy and the offline store promotions you will plan?

See if they structure the budget for each activity. It is useless to simply mention the action steps without showcasing their ability to manage budgeting for the campaigns.

Prepare to ask any follow-up question on it.

Question 2 – Can you name a marketing campaign in our industry that failed and how would you improve upon it?

Answer –

See if the candidates use their response to showcase to you their knowledge of the industry and the dynamic field of marketing.

Do they mention the reasons for the failure of the campaign? Do they provide solutions or ideas that could have made a difference to the campaign and made it a success?

Question 3 – What is your favorite thing about your marketing career?

Answer –

The candidates’ response must clearly state why they chose marketing as their career. The ideal response must involve them telling you about their passion for marketing and why are they are in it for the long haul. See if the candidates use this interview question to convey to you why and how they can make a difference to your company with their skills and talent.

You can even ask them some follow-up questions. For example, you can ask them if they like the creativity involved in the campaigns. Ask them to use examples to illustrate their point. If they like the challenge of a new product launch across multiple channels; ask them how they handle the pressure of carrying out the various tasks involved in the process.

The right questions for marketing positions need to be formulated depending on the nature of the job. For instance, if the position involves extensive digital marketing, you will need to ask more questions related to this field. The ideal candidate will need to be current with all the latest digital marketing trends.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:02 AM EDT
Wednesday, 8 May 2019
Three Common Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Creative Teams
Topic: employment
Successful creative teams are the ones that are led effectively, work together towards a creative purpose and delivers consistent successful results. However, managing creative teams ( ) is different from managing other teams.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of common mistakes to avoid when managing creative teams.

Mistake One – Not Providing Creative Brief for the Project

It is a common misconception in the creative field that a blank slate is an ideal scope for a creative team but that is not true. You need to look at a different aspect of this misconception- Limitless scope can actually harm creativity as it gives way to too many possibilities.

This can lead to project delays as your creative team member would be spending too much time on exploring different possibilities. A creative brief sets constraints and boundaries for the project. With a clear set of objectives in their mind, your creative team can move fast in finding a creative solution as expected by your client.

Mistake Two – Having a One-Size-Fits-All Attitude

Business processes are established for a reason, and every member is expected to follow those processes. The benefit of this strategy is saving time and money and increasing productivity. However, sadly, this approach does not work when managing creative teams.

Imposing a strict creative process on a team can have a negative effect. By forcing your creative team to follow one creative process, you are limiting their creativity for which they were hired by your organization.

Creative processes are unique to every individual, and every creative person knows which way works for him/her. You should allow them to follow their creative process in finding the solution.

Mistake Three- Not Providing Effective Constructive Criticism

Creative material is highly subjective. What appeals to you may not appeal to others. This makes feedback on creative work a tough task for managers. After the entire creative person has not only invested his/her time and efforts in work but they might also have emotions attached to it.

When feedback is not delivered in the right way, it not only kills the relationship but also hampers creative thinking. When creative people invest their emotions and put in hard efforts, harsh feedback can hurt them, and they will respond negatively by investing less in future projects that will affect the quality.

Constructive criticism is the right solution to deal with such things.  It involves starting with a positive aspect of the work done and then progresses to aspects that could be better. As a manager, you should avoid using harsh words like “hate” or any other words that might hurt their emotions.

At the end of the feedback, you can revisit things that you liked which would boost their confidence in their work and also help them take the feedback positively.

Avoid these three mistakes while managing creative teams ( ) and you will see the creative team works with a renewed vigor.

Did we miss any important mistake to avoid in creative team management?

Posted by brucem231 at 5:59 AM EDT
Staffing Agencies Can Help You Find the Best Temp to Perm Talent in Town
Topic: employment
Hiring temporary workers is a growing trend in many companies across a range of industries. First of all, it is viable for companies to hire temporary workers for specific-length projects. They can also hire them to replace permanent staff that is on leave of absence. In some cases, if the company is pleased with the temporary worker’s abilities, they may extend their temporary contract. They may also give them a permanent work position.

Most of the top companies do their hiring through temp to perm agencies ( Vitamintalent/What-we-do ). Let’s look at some of the main advantages of doing so:

Hiring through temp to perm agencies saves time

Rather than divert staff from current projects to interview candidates, it makes more sense for companies to hire through temp to perm agencies.  A reliable temp to perm agency has skilled staff to gauge candidates and match them with the right positions. Many agencies also have pre-screened and qualified candidates on their roster, which allows for quicker hiring decisions.

Hiring through temp to perm agencies reduces cost

For most companies, it is cheaper to hire temporary workers than to keep permanent staff. The agency pays to screen, interview, and carry out background checks for the workers. It is also the agency that pays the workers and takes care of their tax and health insurance matters. The company can hire workers only for the project and pay the agency fee for that duration only. Furthermore, they save on paying the necessary benefits for permanent staff.

Hiring through temp to perm agencies offers more flexibility

When new projects loom up, a company may need to hire extra staff and fast. By hiring through a temp to perm agency, the company can get skilled workers without many delays. They also won’t need to hold up the project to train the staff.  The temp workers will already know how to do the work, and they will be able to get things moving fast.

On the other hand, when business is slow, the company may need to reduce staff. It is easier to do so with temporary workers since they are hired only for a brief duration. With permanent staff, however, the company may have to deal with wrongful dismissal lawsuits or pay compensation for work termination.

Hiring through temp to perm agencies allows companies to assess candidates

While some candidates look great on their resumes and do fine in interviews, they don't fare as well in real-world work situations. Given the time and expense that goes into the interview process, this can adversely impact the company’s profit margin. However, the company can avoid the risk of such bad hires by getting temporary workers through an agency. They can assess their skills for a brief period of the project. If they do well, the company can extend the contract or even offer them a permanent job.

Temp to perm agencies ( Vitamintalent/Temp-to-Perm-Agencies ), thus, offer plenty of perks for companies when it comes to hiring skilled candidates for a range of work positions.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:45 AM EDT
Monday, 6 May 2019
Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning – Why It Is So Essential?
Topic: Home Improvement
Having one or more grease trap integrated with the plumbing system is mandatory for every restaurant that prevents grease and solid oily matters from entering the drainage system of the business as well as a public sewer system. This has been mandated by states all over the US since rotten grease build up is extremely noxious not only for the sewer systems but tolls severely on overall public health as well. Restaurant grease trap cleaning ( www.draneranger/grease-grit-traps ) services recommend everyone involved in the food business to consider cleaning their grease trap once in every three months with experts with a view to avoiding grease from accumulating up in the inner pipelines resulting in an absolute drainage system collapse.

In fact, the gap between the cleaning sessions varies widely depending on the type of food products it produces, it's business volume, season time of the business while personal preference also plays a major role. Thanks to the inventors of grease interceptor which is a brilliant device to separate and seize FOGs from wastewater and thus keeping your sewer system smoothly functional. However, users need to remember the complex device has a certain capacity to keep the FOGs accumulated in it, and once that capacity is over, their efficiency fails causing you to face a number of problems. Just have a look at the potential consequences

Stinking Smell

While a grease interceptor continues accumulating FOGs in it, over time the buildup (since they’re all food byproducts) starts rotting and diffuses a putrid foul smell. Anyone can understand how foul-smelling that becomes airborne and spreads throughout the establishment can be bothersome for the customers while disrupting the reputation of the business.

Intense Cleanup

A regular cleanup keeps the interceptor 100% hygienic, however, it remains untreated for a longer time, the more you delay in cleaning, the more intensifying it will be for restaurant grease trap cleaning company to serve you. They need to scrap and clear the extremely hardened grease from the base of the device employing a more advanced device which will make the job more comprehensive, time taking and naturally cost you more in all terms.

Costly Replacement

More surprise is waiting for you. FOGs and chunky food waste contains chemical compounds when left untreated, they break down into hydrogen sulfur gas and eventually turns into sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid is extremely hazardous and damages the steel internal body walls of the trapper. Thus, it may end up with costly replacement too.

Blockage and Backup

Without having restaurant grease trap cleaning on a timely basis, as the trap goes beyond its capacity of grasping FOGs, they flow down the sewer pipes freely with wastewater. The remaining parts in the lines eventually settle down and clog the pipelines in addition to the drainage system. This will finally result in sewer backups and overflowing the sinks, wash basins and all other plumbing systems. This needs to be included that clogged pipelines with FOG build up equally damages the inner walls of the water pipes and other plumbing systems since they are all made of steel.


Every municipal authority has imposed strict rules and regulations for food businesses to maintain the standard of health and hygiene in the establishments. Not having a grease trap, or untreated grease trap with restaurant grease trap cleaning ( ) will be panelized with heavy fines including suspension of operation to revocation of operating license and so on. Finally, you cannot stop the market rumor which spread like fire while throwing you out of your business.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:17 AM EDT
All About Septic Tank Cleaning
Topic: Home Improvement
Those who are having a septic tank installed at their residence understand the vital role that the tank plays in treating the wastewater generated at their properties. This also made septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas ( www.draneranger/septic-tank-cleaning ) as vital due to a poorly maintained system will do more harm than good. The septic tanks deposit the solids at the bottom for some time and every system has the capacity for holding the liquid waste.

Why you should clean the septic tank?

The time period when a septic tank needs to be cleaned depends on the tank size and the waste volume generated by the house members where it is installed. Septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas ( ) is done by a team of experienced technicians who provide commercial cleaning services. The team will be examining the whole system and inspects the deposit levels that get accumulated at the bottom of the tank. After that, they will be preparing a report where the next cleaning cycle of the tank is mentioned for smooth functioning. In the report, it is also mentioned that where and how the waste will be disposed of.

Process for septic tank cleaning

•  After the cleaning cycle of the septic tank is finalized, now get your septic tank cleaned every time before it is due. Let us look at the steps for the cleaning process.

•  When your tank becomes full and due for cleanup, the field above the tank needs to be cleared from any unwanted thing.

•  For pumping out the water from the tank, a high-pressure pump is used. It is crucial for properly disposing of the pumped out water and not leaving in an open area as the area can get contaminated that is harmful to the surrounding community.

•  Once the water is drained from the tank, the solid waste that gets accumulated on the walls of the tank and at the bottom is cleaned with scoops.

•  As the water flows through the tank pipes, few solids get accumulated inside the walls of the filters and pipes. So, other parts and the pipes are also cleaned. If it is necessary, then the team will also replace the filters.

•  Like the drained water, the solid waste also properly gets disposed of and then collected in heavy-duty plastic bags and then it is disposed of.

•  After the cleaning is completed, the tank undergoes a run test and water is allowed through the whole tank before declaring fit for next use.


•  Blockage and clogging can be avoided or else there will be permanent damage.

•  The foul odor is prevented that causes due to leakage or overflowing.

•  Protects your property from any harmful contamination

•  By cleaning at regular intervals you need to shell out less money than the emergency repairs during the breakdown.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:31 AM EDT
Friday, 3 May 2019
Six Ways Commercial HVAC Companies Help You Cut-Down Energy Consumption
Topic: Home Improvement
In different studies, it has been revealed that HVAC systems solely account for more than 40% of energy consumption in commercial buildings in summer in the US. Consequently, with an aim to lower the energy consumption, cost and greenhouse gas emissions both the government agencies and commercial establishments are now activated to improve the efficiency level of their HVAC systems with expert commercial HVAC companies ( ). Since HVAC systems consume the largest part of energy usage in any commercial place, it’s vital for business owners to avail improved energy with significant cost savings on utility bill by needed analysis and improvement of their HVAC operations in the setting.

Let’s have a look at how differently a well-versed commercial HVAC service provider can maximize the efficiency level of your workplace HVAC system with superior planning, maintenance, and control devices.

Accurate Planning

No matter, whether you’re equipped with a centralized, packaged, or decentralized system, mind well that its structural plan goes hand-to-hand with the building or floor architecture. Thus, deciding on the exact design with professional commercial HVAC companies ensures that the set of laws imposed by the Department of Energy have been met to stop energy loss. Remember, that efficiency of your commercial HVAC system is intimately related to your employee's comfort level, safety concern, and wellbeing. On the contrary, with needed modification of your faulty outdated HVAC designing, an expert can help you save a lot on utility charges every month and lessen its greenhouse emission.

Tuning/ Maintenance

It is highly recommended that you should maintain a bi-annual maintenance plan for your commercial HVAC system which is fairly complicated and large-scale device and needs to be maintained by licensed commercial HVAC companies. Make sure that the maintenance team adheres to the most essential maintenance tasks as stated below:

  Replacement of compatible air filters;

  Inspect, cleaning and repair of fan motors and air ducts

  Checking ducts and entire pipeline works to avoid potential damages and leakage;

  Regular cleaning of transfer coils present in air conditioners, heat pumps, and chillers;

  Inspection of furnace systems;

Efficiency Settings

Commercial HVAC companies know the best techniques to optimize the system operation which is the best way to reduce your energy consumption on HVACs. During the periodical maintenance, they adjust the temperature set up points as higher set-point during the summer and lower in the winter time leading to a substantial saving.

Programmable Thermostat

Typically, in a commercial place where load distribution of HVAC system varies in different parts of the floor all through 24-hours, use of a programmable thermostat has been proven worthwhile to avoid energy loss. With automatic control mechanisms and sensors, it will automatically switch on and supply air in departments or rooms which are occupied and equally switch off or set to the desired point depending on the need of supply after office hours or during recess time.

Installation of Energy Management System

More and more commercial establishments now consider equipping them with Building Energy Management Systems or BEMS as recommended by commercial HVAC companies. It’s a unique computer controlled device that monitors and controls the entire building’s HVAC systems. While controlling the heating and cooling systems, it alerts if the HVAC system is not running efficiently or any fault is detected.

System Upgrading

In case there is considerable energy loss due to the ageing of the heating and cooling system, commercial HVAC companies ( ) can support you by upgrading your HVAC system, instead of its complete replacement, whereas possible, with latest energy efficient mechanisms and tools as a long-term solution.

Posted by brucem231 at 8:43 AM EDT
How to Find the Best HVAC Contractors?
Topic: Home Improvement
Your cooling and heating system is complex. Therefore, it is important when you are finding and planning to hire residential HVAC contractors from a company, choose those technicians only who are highly trained to deal with safety problems like electricity, oil, and natural gas for your furnace. Besides this, they can also deal with AC units that use toxic refrigeration materials like Freon. If you type HVAC contractors near me in Texas ( ) area in the search engine you will get thousands of results. Ultimately all these results will not work for you as you have too many options thereby making it difficult for you to find the correct result. In this article, we will provide you some tips for finding the best residential contractors in your locality.

Take help of your Zip Code for Searching – When you are searching for HVAC contractors near me, it would be wise to add the zip code of your area in the search bar. It will show the entire contactors list in your area with business information or their websites posted online. In this way, it will narrow down your searching process that will make it easier to focus on the vital stuff that comes next.

Safety and Experience come First – Without a doubt, knowledge is compulsory, however, there must be strict licensing requirements and HVAC contractors must undergo a certain kind of on the job training. A long time ago, when the residential air conditioners were not popular, the job title for the contractors was “Furnace Repair Technician”. From that time the ventilation has become a new technology. These contractors must have deep knowledge about airflow through electrical wiring, refrigerant systems, combustion and heating ducts. After searching for the residential HVAC contractors ( ), check whether the company has proper work and safety guidelines. Injury or death can occur anytime from situations like carbon monoxide poisoning from an improperly maintained exhaust system and ventilation.

Bonding and Insurance – Besides armed with licensing requirements, on-the-job work experience, and education, an organization that you are looking for residential services must have a minimum level of bonding and insurance. Generally, any professional working at your house must have liability insurance for providing you protection in case of accidental injury or damage.

Reviews – After shortlisting some of the contractors according to your choice, please go through their websites. Check their “About” section that contains all the important details like licensing and education and the testimonial section also where customers have provided feedback about the company’s services. There are third-party websites available where you will find the ratings and the customer’s experience of each company.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:04 AM EDT

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