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Friday, 23 November 2018
Trends for Social Media Marketing in China in 2018
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Social Media Marketing in China is a powerful medium for launching and developing brands. Majority of the users purchase products on the recommendation of other social network users. On an average, netizens of China spend close to an hour on social media platforms ( adstochina.westwin/social_media_marketing ). For increasing your company’s or brand presence, it is necessary to be actively present on social media sites. As Chinese spend more time on social media than other countries, it is essential for firms and brands to have a deep insight regarding social media networks. More than fifty percent users participate in online discussions and these discussions directly influence business strategies. The trend is the users are playing an active role by sharing their valuable feedback on various platforms, which in turn help a brand to customize its services.

We will discuss some trends related to social media marketing in China.

•  Targeting customers with Right Advertising – With the help of social media, the ultimate aim is to generate leads by converting the potential customers. The availability of big data systems helps the social media sites to promote their paid ads for getting potential clients. Top communication tools in China uses official account ads, moment ads and mini program ads for advertising. After determining promotion goal, choose the target group based on regions, population attributes, mobile device, etc.

•  Market having KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) – The power for influencing consumer purchasing behavior has moved from traditional media to individual brand ambassadors. These ambassadors known as KOLs have a lasting influence on purchase demands and they can be hired for a company for promotional events. A research says that the influencer economy in China will be more than 15 billion dollars by 2018 end. Top social media platforms uses a KOL based marketing platform where firms look for specific KOLs for publishing their content. You must choose various KOLs according to your strategy, budget, and target groups.

•  Content should be creative – The more innovative the content is, the more people will engage with your brand. In China, content is the heart and soul where people take high interest in captivating stories, videos and pictures. Many firms use H5 pages in their posts for increasing the quality of the experience of the users.

•  Online Store – After getting quite a number of followers, it is best to have an online store, which helps to flourish social media marketing in China. One can build a store on a popular social media platform and link words or pictures to specific products and purchase web links; Opening an online store is a convenient method and will cost less to the firms ( ). However, only the verified accounts have access in opening a store.

•  Small programs – create some small programs under a social media platform and ojne can create his/her own survey and post in a particular group. One can also provide a service like having a program in English language where people can communicate with the English speaking community.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:07 AM EST
Thursday, 22 November 2018
Know the steps of how Search Engine Marketing in Houston works
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
The Search Engine Marketing in Houston uses many tools. These are:

•  Search engine optimization or SEO – This helps to maximize the search results by driving the traffic to the website and in turn increasing the sales. The vast majority of the results on the search page come from the organic search that is also known as the unpaid search ( Brazosvalleymarketing/Search-Engine-Marketing ). The SEO helps to optimize the website so that it is reflected in the top rank.

•  Social media marketing or SMM- This tool focuses on enhancing the reputation and branding of the business. It helps to enhance the customer service through social media sites. Some of the basic efforts to market through this channel like using paid advertising also helps to reach a number of customers because of the popularity of social media.

•  Paid search - These include the links that are sponsored like banners, sponsored links and ads where the ads are based on the search results that are generated organically.

The steps that are involved in the Search Engine Marketing in Houston are:

•  Defining an effective strategy to market the business- This involves defining the target audience and identifying what their requirements are.

•  Making the right keyword choices-  The Search Engine Marketing in Houston looks for the right choice of keywords as well as the keywords that the searchers are highly likely to search for

•  Optimizing the website content-  It is important that the site is well structured and simple and optimized for search engine

•  Submitting the website for indexing-  This lets the website to be visible to the online clients

•  Adding good quality links to the website – This is an important step and the SEM needs to build the links to other websites from the valued links of some site that is normally visited by the prospective clients

•  Managing the paid search advertisers to optimize the practices of SEM – It is crucial to bid for the keywords that are the most relevant. It is also important that the product that you are selling is useful for your clients

•  Measure the success of the ad campaign- This is an important step to measure  how successful was the Search Engine Marketing in Houston

The main aim of the Search Engine Marketing in Houston is to improve the website visibility in the search engine and achieve a higher SERPS ranking or get a top ad placement position ( ). The higher is the position of the advertisement and the higher is the ranking, the more is the traffic to the website and this increases the sales and the revenue of the business.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:04 AM EST
Here is why it is time to hire an SEO expert
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
SEO is crucial for the success of an online business. With SEO, the business will not show up on the search engine results. Many think that SEO is easy and can be managed by themselves. In reality, SEO is complex and there are certain aspects that only an expert can handle. If you are considering hiring an expert for SEO ( BrazosValleyMarketing/SEO-Expert ), here are 5 compelling reasons why you should not delay the decision.

1.  Get professional assistance: SEO is about using different tools and tricks that will help increase the reach of your business. You might not be aware of the same and you might also not understand the algorithms of Google. This is why you need an SEO expert in Houston to help you with the same. The professionals have thorough knowledge of the techniques and tricks that can help achieve excellent results. A trained expert will be aware of the changes in the algorithm and will make the necessary changes in your SEO campaign as well.

2.  See great results: When you hire a creative expert to manage the SEO of your company, you ensure that the results will be seen in no time. With proper SEO, the website will rank in the top of the search engine results and you will gain a higher exposure on the internet. This will lead to higher visitors on your website and an increase in organic results.

3.  You can focus on the primary business : SEO requires time and effort. If you are not aware about the different aspects of SEO, you might need a lot more time to understand and handle the same. With an expert SEO firm doing it for you, it will leave you with more time to handle the areas that you are an expert in. You will be able to focus on the primary business while the SEO will be handled by professionals.

4.  Generate higher revenue: Online businesses run on the website and when you have created a strong SEO plan, you can achieve a higher rank on the search engine results. An optimized website will generate more income for the business and the clients will be searching more of your products and services. It will boost the business in more than one manner.

5.  Enjoy comprehensive services with a firm: The SEO expert in Houston offer complete digital marketing services for your business. They not only assist you in creating an SEO plan but will also help you with online marketing ( ), content management and pay per click. You can enjoy additional services at an affordable rate.

There is no excuse to not hire a professional firm for the SEO of your business. If you have not joined the digital marketing bandwagon yet, you could be losing out the business to your competitors.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:53 AM EST
Five Reasons to Hire Child Custody Lawyers in Houston, TX
Topic: Law
But once parents decide to legally dissolve the marriage, it’s their responsibility to take care of children and make decisions in the best interest of children ( parchmanlaw/child-custody ). Therefore, when kids are involved in marriage, it is best that parents should hire child custody lawyers in Houston, TX.

Working with a child custody lawyer has many benefits. Let's have a look at the five key benefits of hiring child custody lawyers in Houston, TX.

1. Knowledge of Family Law

Your child custody lawyer knows all the rules of family law, but you do not. So your lawyer is in a better position to guide you on how to proceed further with your child custody case. He/she has a vast knowledge of the family law, years of experience in the child custody cases, and knows the loopholes of the system, hence, in a better situation to obtain the most beneficial agreement.

2. Good Negotiator

You will be surprised to know that more than 90% of child custody issues get resolved out of the court through negotiations with the help of child custody lawyers. Your child custody lawyer helps you negotiate with your partner and come up with an agreement that works for both parties, and in the best interest of children. Hiring a custody lawyer increases your chances of achieving the desired outcomes and favorable negotiations with your partner.

3. Calculate Child Support

This is one of the main responsibilities of child custody lawyers in Houston, TX. They have expertise in calculating child support as per the state’s rules and guidelines. Your child custody attorney makes sure you don't have to overpay, and both parents are making their contribution as per the laws. Your child custody lawyer crosschecks the child support awarded by the court for calculation errors and ensures that the court has considered all the factors.

4. Protect your Custodial Rights

A child custody lawyer knows how to protect your custodial rights. If you are not able to come up with a mutual agreement with your spouse or your spouse is denying your parental rights, then the matter goes into the courtroom, and the judge makes the final decision. Your custody lawyer prepares you for the courtroom proceedings and fights for your custodial rights, and helps you in achieving desired results.

5. Make Decision in the Best Interest of Child

Parents can make the child custody plan with the guidance of their respective child custody lawyers to best protect the interests of kids. Your child custody lawyer put you and your children’s interest first, and plans the child custody arrangement in the best interest of children ( ). Hence, this takes off the major burden from your shoulders and helps you make the right decision in such stressful situation.

So these are the five key benefits of hiring child custody lawyers in Houston, TX for child custody cases.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:52 AM EST
Child Custody Lawyer in Houston - How to Display Your Custody Skill
Topic: Law
Child custody is likely to be the central part of your divorce battle. Have control on your sentiment ensuring that your high emotional feelings never guide you the way how you should behave or act. Always work with seasoned child custody lawyer in Houston and listen to their advices ( parchmanlaw/child-custody ) to stay away from various mistakes that often dispossess custody right.

Never Ignore Paying Child Support

Often, till the finalization on child custody, court can advice divorcing parents to follow certain temporary arrangement, whereas you can be instructed to pay child support money as decided by the court. Paying child support should be your first priority and any negligence on this part can affect the future outcome. In case, you come across a financial crisis due to job loss or business collapse, talk to child custody lawyer in Houston who will appeal on your behalf and reduce the financial pressure on you.

Never Be Judgmental

It is agreed the complexity of your family battle, disagreement of your spouse on various factors and antipathy make you feel that she/he is the worst individual to live with. However, whatever you feel, it’s completely your personal views and thus, do not judge he/she cannot be a good parent while you’re the ‘best’. Often this feeling make spouses outburst during the trial which is taken negatively by the family court.

Never Focus on Your Interest

Instead of fighting with your spouse on various factors like custody, asset allocation, alimony etc. spend time to study through internet how children all over the globe are victimized during you battle. When you have put a petition for divorce as well as custody right with child custody lawyer in Houston, then have faith on their insight and expertise to hand you an outcome which is beneficial for everyone. Show positive enthusiasm to work your spouse. Don’t make various alibis to stop your partner from visitation right. You can be punished in terms of custody, if it’s reported by your spouse in the court.

Never Be a Bad Parent

As you should not boast of your great guardianship ability, don’t do anything that establishes you a careless parent and unfit for having custody. During working out the custody arrangement ( ), the court may have an intense eye on your parenting skill. Follow some of the guidelines below that prove you to steady to win custody.

•  Choose a babysitter with due care;

•  Avoid coming home late night continually;

•  Stay away from consuming limitless alcohol;

•  Drug Addiction can rob your custody right including visitation;

•  No kinds of domestic violence and child punishment.

Never Misuse Visitation Time

As you should not restrain your spouse from visitation right, equally, if you are offered visitation, make the best use of the time you spend with your kids. Spend the entire time with your kid, take him to nearest park after informing your spouse, and drop him at the right time without fail. Children are often evaluated by experts to know their views about how they enjoy your involvement.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:36 AM EST
Friday, 16 November 2018
What are the Main Benefits of Using a Height Adjustable Desk?
Topic: Furniture
Majority of us spend a greater part of our waking hours sitting which has a huge negative effect on our body in the long term. Although a good quality office chair offers all the support and comfort that you require ( ), it is essential to understand that sitting for a prolonged period causes more harm than good. Sometimes you are so engrossed in your work that you often end up sitting longer than recommended, ultimately leading to back pain and other ailments.

A height adjustable desk can help you to work in comfortable postures as it gives you the opportunity to move around as you work. Movement increases blood circulation and energies your muscles. According to recent surveys, your health deteriorates when you sit for an extended period.

Important advantages of working with a height adjustable desk

Office workers find a wide range of benefits using a height adjustable desk and some of these include the following

  An increased level of energy

  Ability to stay alert and active all through the day

  More flexibility and increased productivity

  Reduced backaches and neck pains

  Keeps obesity in check

Alternating Between Sitting and Standing Position

Height adjustable desk allows you to alternate between sitting and standing position, which paves way for regular body movement. Studies reveal that you can burn 340 calories a day by standing two hours a day at work, which is impossible when you sit all day. Prolonged sitting causes spinal shrinkage, unhealthy cardiovascular system, and weakened muscles. However, when you stand, the weight of the body distributes evenly to the ankles, knees, and hips, thereby reducing physical ailments.

Office workers who use adjustable height desks have reported a decrease in pain and other illnesses associated with prolonged sitting at work. Today modern offices have incorporated the use of variable height desks to reduce discomfort and injuries.

What Makes Height Adjustable Desks so Popular?

Sit- stand desks give employees the flexibility to move from the workstation, which is otherwise not quite possible. True, variable height desks are different from the conventional workstations, and it takes time to adapt to the new work scenario. However, recent surveys prove that 5 out of 6 people enjoy working on sit-stand desks due to its beneficial features.

Another notable advantage of using these desks at workplaces is that it promotes team building. Employees can move freely and connect with one another, creating an interactive work environment.

There are so many benefits associated with the use of sit-stand desks, which explains why it is becoming increasingly popular in most of the modern office scenarios. You can find a plethora of height adjustable desks with different attractive features to complement your requirements ( ). Some of the top-notch sit-stand desks make a perfect transition to standing and give you the time to adjust to the new work scenario.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:41 AM EST
Monday, 12 November 2018
Why should You Choose a ‘We Buy Houses’ Company
Topic: Real Estate
‘We buy houses’ companies are in the business of property investments. Homeowners can greatly benefit by choosing these home buyers when selling their properties.

Consider these reasons to choose a ‘we buy houses’ company.

For Fast Transactions

There are times when homeowners need to sell their houses fast. For some, it may be the need to arrange for urgent funds. For others, it may be the need to do away with an inherited property that needs extensive repairs or maintenance (requiring time and money) or simply the need to downsize. Some people need to sell their houses fast for family reasons ( ) or to take up work opportunities that present themselves all of a sudden.

‘We buy houses’ companies purchase properties As Is, which means in any good, bad, or ugly condition. So, you don’t need to waste any time in repairing or renovating your house. These companies also make you an offer within a few days of your initial contact. The actual time may vary depending on the companies. However, it is way sooner than what you can expect when dealing with real estate agents. It’s just the process. We buy houses companies work differently than real estate agents. Realtors require listings, repairs on the properties, staging, lining up buyers etc. So, the process invariably takes longer.

For Immediate Cash Transactions

We buy houses companies pay homeowners in cash in lieu of their properties. As you complete the formalities related to property transactions, you receive your payment in cash.

When you deal with ‘we buy houses’ companies; you are not dealing with another homeowner buying a property. You are instead dealing with property investors with ample funds in place for conducting their business. So, when you need or want cash for your house fast, it is best to consider a reputed ‘we buy houses’ company as the buyer of your house.

For Hassle-Free Property Transactions

Offers without delays, cash payments, and purchasing properties As Is; now where is the hassle in such a deal?  If you are a homeowner wanting to sell your house without any stress then it can be helpful to choose a ‘we buy houses’ company as the buyer.

Consider this (when you choose a ‘we buy houses’ company) –

You won’t need to deal with endless potential buyers showing up at your house to assess the property. You won’t need to pay commissions or fees to your real estate agent ( ), which can be quite steep. You won’t have to wait for a slow economy to recover to find people willing to buy houses. You can complete the transactions of selling the property in a short amount of time. There are simply no hassles to deal with when you sell your property to a ‘we buy houses’ company.

Choose a reputed we buy houses company in your local area for a smooth experience of selling your property without any stress or problems.

Posted by brucem231 at 11:38 PM EST
Add volume to your lips with lip fillers in NYC.
Topic: health
Lips are not just the part of one’s facial features but their shape and size affects the overall appearance of the face a lot. In recent years, there have been an increase in the way women want their lips to look, and many of them with the smaller lips are opting for lip treatment for lip augmentation ( ). Lip fillers in NYC, is one such cosmetic procedure that women are picking up on. Some other processes involve surgeries as well. It is now even getting attention of even men who either want to boost their confidence by improving their appearance or to get fame in the glamour industry. Social media is even flooded with the young girls performing temporary lip augmentation by sucking on to the glass.

For those who are seriously looking for lip augmentation, lip filler can be an ideal choice which is safe unlike the glass trick and lasts longer for about 8 months. It is little like the Botox, where needles are used in the procedure to inject various fillers in Hyaluronic acid (HA) base, is injected in the lips with the help of fine needles. Hyaluronic acid is a substance which is naturally present in the body to provide nutrients to skin, eyes and joints.HA also keep them moisturized and soft. This is what lip fillers do with the lips when injected; making lips to retain more water and stay hydrated achieving that fuller and plumper shape. Juvederm, volbella, boletero, restylane are some of the common lip fillers used with hyaluronic acid. Among them juvederm tops the list for plumper natural looking and soft lips, whereas volbella adds volume to the vertical lip lines. Restylane, is another popular filler used for lip augmentation. It is known for improving the lip definition and adding plumpness. These are also known for their longer effect and minimum bruising during the process. Lip fillers in NYC is used for wrinkled lips, drooping lips, flat and asymmetrical lips, oversized upper or bottom lips, undefined lip edge, lip lines, aging lips, reshaping of lips and smile lift.

Ideally lip fillers in NYC, has a cost per syringe and it depends person to person that how many syringe will be required to achieve the desired volume. People who are on anti-inflammatory or blood thinner medication should not undergo lip augmentation using the fillers. The procedure does not require any special recovery as there is no surgery but only micro needles ( ). Patients are only advised to wait for few hours before they eat anything. There is swelling and redness that sustain for around 24 hours after which lips show the actual injection volume with swelling and redness gone. Most of the lip fillers also contain lidocaine which is a pain reliever.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:55 AM EST
Saturday, 10 November 2018
All you need to Know about Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning
Topic: Home Improvement
So, what is restaurant grease trap cleaning, how to do it and what are its benefits? Today we will find answers to these questions.

What is Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning and how it happens?

It is the process of removing the solid waste and grease accumulated in the grease trap. Wastewater from the kitchen collects into the grease trap though inlet drain ( ), and in the grease trap, fats, oils, and grease are separated from the wastewater. Then treated water is disposed of to the sewer system through outlet drain.

Wastewater flows gradually in a grease trap which allows fats, oils, and grease to float on top of the water and solid waste to settle down on the bottom. This accumulated grease and solid waste need to be cleaned about every 1-3 months.

Grease trap is cleaned with the help of sucker. All the solid waste is pumped out from the grease tank and cleaned thoroughly. If you have not clean grease tank for months, there might be chances of clogged drains. Your grease trap cleaning company clean drains as well.

Benefits of Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap of commercial kitchens should be clean about every 1-3 months. It offers many benefits. Let's have a look at the key benefits of grease trap cleaning.

Prevent Clogging

If FOG is not removed, it can clog drains. Grease accumulated in drains restricts the flow of wastewater and lead to overflowing kitchen sinks. Regular cleaning of grease trap prevents clog and backup of wastewater. It avoids plumbing problems and eliminates the risk of overflowing sinks and other fixtures.

Avoid Penalties

You might have seen the ugly pictures of the grease coming out from drains. It can happen to any grease trap if does not clean for months. Grease could start to escape via outlet tee. Grease trap and drain pipe could flood out if left untreated for months. This leads to shutting the operations of the kitchen by sanitary officials, and you will be fined as well. Hence, regular cleaning avoids such circumstances and protects you from penalties and keeps your grease trap in good condition.

Maintain Healthy Environment

Timely cleaning of grease trap prevents bad odors and backup of wastewater. It creates a hygienic environment for employees to work. More importantly, poorly maintained grease trap does not treat the wastewater properly. And when improperly treated wastewater disposed of to the sewer system, it causes health hazards ( ), kill vital bacteria and clog sewer system. Grease trap cleaning prevents all these and protects the environment.

So this was brief about restaurant grease trap cleaning. You should regularly clean your restaurant's grease trap for its proper functioning.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:24 AM EST
When Does Your Wastewater Lift Station Need Professional Assistance?
Topic: Home Improvement
Sewage lift station is the most significant part of the modern sewage system. Lift stations need regular maintenance and cleaning as it constantly pumps raw sewage from lower to higher elevation so that it flows along the sewers ( ). The functions of a lift station involve complexity and therefore it needs regular maintenance.

Understanding the Basics of a Wastewater Lift Station

You can find a sewage lift station below the sewage drain or septic tank of a building. The lift station helps to evacuate the waste from below with a number of components. It uses a pump to lift the sewage upwards, a receiving well to collect the wastewater and a control panel with an alarm.

Lift stations function accurately when it is clean and maintained regularly. However, problems can arise even if there is regular maintenance. There can be problems with the pumping system, water alarm, septic lift pipes, and other components.

Problems with the Wastewater Lift Station

You will know it is time to seek professional assistance for your wastewater lift station in Houston, if you face the following problems with the sewage lift station.

Water or sewage backups

When there is a blockage in the sewer pipe, it can lead to overflowing sewage. Pump failure is another reason that leads to sewage blocks.

Strong foul odor

When the drains are blocked, it causes a strong foul odor from the basement and bathrooms. This is a clear indication that you need to call in professionals to check for the underlying problem and solve it as quickly as possible.

High-level alarm

Another important sign that indicates problem with the wastewater lift station is the sound of the high-level alarms. This indicates that the water level in the sump is rising and the pumps are not functioning accurately.

Slow drainage

Over a period, drainage of water slows down which indicates an underlying problem. It is important to choose the services of a professional to solve the issue.


Septic lift components tend to deteriorate over a period, as sewage materials are particularly corrosive. Most of the hardware fittings and even the receiving well tend to corrode in due course of time. It is therefore essential to check the status of these components from time to time.

Apart from these five important signs, you can also check for worn out motors, corroded pipes, and problems with the pressure switch, check valves and so forth. You can also check for the runtimes of the pumps. Any changes in the functions of the pumps could indicate lack of efficiency or other problems that need quick attention. Sometimes, the pumps can also create vibrations and excess noise indicating the need for maintenance.

Sewage lift stations ( ), which have complex designs, require a team of professionals for troubleshooting. You can find an array of professionals to maintain your wastewater lift station in Houston.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:41 AM EST

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