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Tuesday, 23 October 2018
Why Should You Invest in Baidu Advertising for Advertising in China?
Topic: Search Engine Optimization
So if you want to advertise in China, you have to advertise on Baidu. And when it comes to online advertising in China, nothing can beat the Baidu advertising.

Baidu advertising is a term used for Baidu PPC advertising. It is a paid form of advertising. Its basic principles are similar to Google PPC. SEO rules search engine marketing on Google. But with Baidu ( ), PPC ads are more preferred than SEO. Baidu PPC offers a wide range of advantages. Let’s have a look at these.

Better Visibility

Baidu cover 95% of the Chinese netizens and boast of 5 billion searches per day. No other online platforms have such deep penetration into the market. Baidu PPC ads have better visibility and allow you to achieve your business goals.

More Control

Baidu advertising gives you the luxury of customized promotions. You can choose the audience according to demographics such as location, age, device, and language. You can also customize the location and time of ads. With the right keywords and showing ads at the right time, you can effectively target your audience. You can easily control the target audience of the ads as well.

Easy Tracking

With PPC advertising, you can easily track your campaign performance. You can use the advanced tools to track the performance details such as clicks, impressions, conversions, and bounce rate. Baidu advertising efforts are measurable and trackable. You can easily evaluate your efforts and results. Depending on that you can make a further strategy to achieve your business goals in the decided budget.


One of the major perks of the PPC ads is that you will get charged only when someone clicks your ads. You will pay only when someone reaches your website. If you choose the right keywords, PPC advertising can enhance sales significantly. No other form of advertising offers you such benefits. However, conversion rates depend on a lot of other factors. To get, maximum out of your Baidu advertising efforts, it is advised to use it with other marketing strategies.

Quick Results

Results of Baidu advertising can be seen immediately. You do not have to wait for months to make a difference. It can meet your urgent needs and allows you sufficient time to implement SEO tactics. And especially on Baidu ( ), SEO efforts take more time to show significant results. Hence, when you are planning to launch the product in the Chinese market, you cannot wait for so long.

There are the five key advantages of the Baidu advertising.

So, if you are eyeing to the Chinese market, investing in Baidu Advertising seems to be a sensible choice for advertising your business.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:48 AM EDT
Tips to Buy Best Wood Vanity Top
Topic: Furniture
Unsurprisingly, wood vanity top is a cozy addition to any bathroom owing to their natural look, distinct color concepts, and great texture. With an extensive range, they can go abreast with your vanity cabinet ( ) nicely especially when you buy countertops for replacing them with an old one.

One of the astonishing contributions of the industry is reclaimed wooden furnishing concept, which has taken the domestic to industrial buyers by storm. Whether you buy the entire vanity or only the top as a standalone part, reclaimed solid wood offers the antique feel and even being sleek and elegant; their naturalness adds a special dimension to modernized bathrooms. However, if you are intended to buy wooden products online, reaching a genuine product can be rather challenging and tricky. Therefore while buying a countertop, consider the following points with diligence.

Don’t Go-by Images

Just as said above, the majority of buyers are habituated to certify a product once they have an eye on the spectacular varieties of online stores. Mind well, that you are not buying outfits, gadgets or household accessories but wooden fixtures. Even a product of inferior quality can be displayed wonderfully with great finishes online when it comes to wood product, in this advanced world of technology, and fake companies are spread all over. So, it would be the nicest choice to go for reputable houses dealing in wood vanity top whereas you can ensure quality, customer service, and competitive price pairing to the industry standard.

Buy Solid Reclaimed

Always go for wood vanity top that are engineered out of hardwoods including teak, oak, maple, cherry, pine, etc. often they don’t come in a single piece or board of lumber while artisans assemble various parts of cut pieces, which then glued and kept tightly with needed mechanisms. Depending on the necessity, you can get them in the right thickness for your kitchen, bathroom, working desk and so on. Whether or not you are passionate of antique furniture, have a look to the profuse variety of rustic vanity wood top which are built to last, aesthetically unbeatable and offers the great natural feel and aroma. Reclaimed solid wood are aged, and their weather-beaten nature makes them best choice vanity tops for wet bathroom condition.

Moisture Control

Wood vanity top is porous that absorbs moisture that makes them prone to possible water damaging. Even though you buy hardwood and solid reclaimed wood top, you should make sure that they’re attributed with moisture control feature. An advantage of buying rustic furniture from specialized online shops is that their online support team is attentive to respond your queries for 24x7 hours. Thus, before buying and after having research of the product ( Foxdendecor.Com/blog ), you can interact online to ensure if they offer the highest class of the desired level of treatment and finishing with a view to retaining the natural moisture level of woods that acts as a shield to control moisture damage. Usually, they apply non-hazardous sealants to generate non-porous edge and equally offer the finishing of natural texture.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:20 AM EDT
Five Tips to choose Single Bathroom Vanity
Topic: Furniture
Choosing the right single bathroom vanity is not an easy task. There are so many decisions to be made that one found himself in Catch-22. So, let’s make it easier. Here are the five tips to choose single bathroom vanity.


The first decision you need to make is, choose the right size of vanity. If you do not get it right, even the most expensive of vanities will look flat. Size of the vanity depends on the space available in the bathroom. You do not want your bathroom doors to keep hitting the vanity cabinet. Neither have you wanted bathroom vanity ( ) to be an obstacle in navigation in the rest of the bathroom. So, choose the size of vanity ensuring all these things. Generally, the width of single bathroom vanity is less than 60 inches for a single bathroom. However, it can vary from 20 inches to 60 inches depending upon the size and space available in the bathroom.

Mounting Style

The next thing you need to decide is the mounting style of the bathroom vanity. A single bathroom vanity can either mounted on the wall or free stand on the floor. Wall mounted vanity is mounted on the wall and consumes less space whereas freestanding vanity stands on the floor with legs. Choose the mounting style that you love, and it should resonate with the rest of the design of the bathroom.


This is a very important decision to make. Various materials are used for manufacturing vanity cabinet ranges from rustic wood to particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF), solid wood, and acrylic. Rustic wood vanity or solid wood vanity is built to last for the lifetime and easy to maintain. On the other hand, vanity cabinet made of particle board, MDF or acrylic is less durable and prone to moisture but cheaper than the rustic vanity cabinet. So the choice of material depends on the budget. More you put in, more quality you will get.

Sink Style

There is no wrong choice in this section. Choose the style of sink that you love the most. Various sink styles include under mount, vessel, drop-in, and integrated sink. Each style has its unique charm and characteristics. However, the vessel sink is quite often seen in modern bathrooms.


Choosing a right countertop is as important as choosing the right design, color, size, and material of the vanity cabinet. Stone countertop gives the perfect finishing to the vanity cabinet. Granite and quartz countertops are the most popular ones because of its strength, durability, and looks. But, as they are porous stone, they need the occasional application of sealant. Cheaper alternative like Acrylic countertop is also available ( Foxdendecor.Com/blog ), but they are very rarely used because of its artificial looks.

So, these are the five tips that can help you to choose the right single bathroom vanity for your bathroom.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:52 AM EDT
Monday, 22 October 2018
The Top Six Interior Decorator Trends for Autumn and Winter 2018
Topic: Furniture
The days are getting shorter, the air is growing colder, and whether you like it or not, fall is here! It’s time to enjoy all the comforts of spending a little more time indoors. So why not transform your home into a cozy oasis that you can’t wait to retreat to after a hard day of work. With the help of an interior decorator in Los Angeles ( ), you can incorporate the top six decor trends for autumn and winter 2018 into your home.

1.  Oversized Florals

Floral prints are no longer reserved for just spring and summer. Instead of gravitating towards a sunflower or daisy print, have your interior decorator in Los Angeles choose an arrangement of flowers that are little more romantic. Think roses, tulips, Japanese quince, and winter jasmine. It isn’t just about the type of florals that you feature, but also about the size of the print. This autumn and winter, we recommend going big with large-scale floral prints in rich jewel tones.

2.  Gold

Gold is another big trend that interior decorators in Los Angeles are loving for this season. Although there is definitely a focus on gold during spring and summer, it pairs beautifully with the dark and sultry color palette of fall and winter. Make a statement by incorporating different forms of gold into your home. Instead of focusing on accessories, branch out and choose something a little more unique like gold carpet or a gold couch!

3.  Bold Shapes

This fall and winter, look out for different shapes in bold and loud colors. This trend is very playful and happy, and is perfect for boosting your energy during the winter months. Mixing stripes and spots with geometric prints and blocks makes for a unique and loud statement. While there are no rules to this trend, ensure your interior decorator in Los Angeles takes a modern approach by incorporating clean lines and neutral space.

4.  Retro Scandinavian

Mid-century decor has really been in the spotlight during the last year, and the nostalgia of the 1950s isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, interior designers in Los Angeles are blending vintage decor and modern Scandinavian design together. Vibrant pops of color, like yellow and deep aqua blue, and light shades of wood are being combined with post-war designs for a simple yet classic look.

5.  Feature Walls

When your interior decorator in Los Angeles says “feature wall”, they don’t mean color blocking. This season it’s all about taking it one step further. So instead of painting one wall in a room a vivid color, add a textured element to your space with wood, tile, or stone. You can even work with your interior decorator to create a stunning one-of-a-kind mural.

6.  Black Cabinetry

Kitchens are undergoing a major change as more and more people steer away from the traditional uniform style of matching units, countertops, and backsplashes. If you are a fan of monochrome looks, than you are sure to adore this trend. Black cabinetry makes a dramatic statement ( ), and it is a trend that falls under a much larger decorating scheme. Work with your interior designer in Los Angeles to mix and match different textures, colors, and styles to create a kitchen that is totally your own.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:13 AM EDT
The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is over? What’s next?
Topic: accounting
When it comes to reporting overseas income there are always options in place to help American citizens report their foreign income and foreign bank accounts to the IRS. The most familiar was the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program which has recently been discontinued ( ), as of September 28, 2018. There are still options available for those who have not filed and still wish to voluntarily report.

Some history

The OVDP began in 2009 as a way of recovering lost tax revenues. The United States is one of the few countries that does require all of its citizens to report their revenue even if it was not earned, spent, or banked in the United States. Many citizens do not realize the extent of their reporting requirements and other citizens deliberately do not report. When the program began it brought attention to these obligations, and there were about 18,000 submissions per year, but since 2017, as more and more people have disclosed, the submissions had dwindled to 600. The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program recovered about $11 Billion in revenue for the IRS; the program option was popular because there were no criminal prosecutions for non-disclosure, but penalties were high. The program was overhauled in 2014 into a streamlined option, which was simpler and had lowered penalties.

So now what?

Now that the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program has ended, what can people do who wish to voluntarily disclose their unreported income? Requirements to be in compliance with FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act are still there, and there are a number of options available for people to file delinquent foreign assets and international information returns.  As a result, the IRS will continue offering the streamlined program, the IRS Criminal Investigation Voluntary Disclosure Program, delinquent FBAR submission procedure and Delinquent international information return submission procedures. These four programs remain in effect.

What’s the difference?

There are many differences, and some may not be obvious at first, and it can be difficult to know which option is the right one without expert advice. The programs have different needs and outcomes and are designed for different circumstances and it can be difficult to understand which one is the right one for you. In fact, the world of international taxation does require having an expert tax firm to guide you through it. A do-it-yourself method of reporting is not a good idea, nor is seeing a private tax attorney without experience in filing taxes for people living, and working overseas. There are numerous ways which a more in-depth look at your taxes can save you money and help you avoid penalties or even prosecution.

One of the reporting requirements that are still in effect even for those who have correctly filed their income statements is the necessity to correctly report all bank accounts they hold, including the foreign bank accounts containing foreign income. These regulations differ and citizens may not be aware of their obligations. The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program ( ) may have ended but its obligations are still in place. If you are an expat, then see an expert for help with your taxes.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:31 AM EDT
Thursday, 18 October 2018
How to Find the Best Recruiting Firms in San Francisco
Finding the right talent is of crucial importance for companies as it can impact their day to day work operations as well as their projected future growth. Increasingly, many companies are willing to avail of the services of recruiting firms to find high-qualified executives and other personnel. It makes more sense time-wise, and effort-wise.

If you are in the San Francisco area, contacting some of the best recruiting firms in San Francisco ( ) and having them tap into their many resources and contacts to find the right people for you will prove to be more of a money-saver in the long run, over anything you might try to manage on your own. The higher the recruiting firm’s profile, the more qualified talent it will have on its roster. How do you go about finding a recruiting firm that is right for you though?

Here are some points to consider when selecting the right recruiting firm:

Wide Expertise

Ideally, the recruiting firm will have the knowledge and expertise to fill positions from mid-range to the topmost tiers, both for new startups as well as for well-established organizations across a wide range of industries and business sectors.

Good Network

An extensive and updated network across San Francisco is a must. The recruiting firm must know who the best people are in any given field, if they are available for hire, and, if already employed, if they might be interested in switching careers.

Successful Track Record

Does the recruiting firm have a high placement rate with some of the best companies in San Francisco? That is a clear indication that they know what they are doing and have the requisite experience. You want to work with them in that case.

Agile and Responsive

Most companies prefer to fill their open positions as soon as possible with appropriately qualified candidates. The recruiting firm should be positioned to cut back delays in the hiring ( ) process and to speedily adjust to any reasonable changes in the client’s requirements and to respond to them as soon as possible.

Client Feedback

Recruiting firms generally tend to have long-term relations with their clients, since recruiting talent is not a one-time event and satisfied clients will be requiring their hiring services again. The best recruiting firms in San Francisco will have glowing testimonials across the board and, in every likelihood, enough work to not actively need to scout for new clients.

Promotion and Marketing

Whether they are seeking new clientele or not, the top recruiting firms remain cognizant of industry events and continually promote their expertise with industry-relevant content. They will have plenty of informational resources such as articles, eBooks, white papers, case studies, podcasts, and videos on their websites, aimed at both clients and candidates, and they will give you a clear idea of how they screen and match the right people with the right job to bring about a winning business combination.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:15 AM EDT
Six UI Developer Interview Questions to Ask
Topic: employment

The responsibilities of a UI developer are many, therefore, the candidate needs to be proficient in modern programming languages and framework such as AJAX, .NET, XHTML, PHP, and Ruby.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of good UI Developer interview questions to ask all candidates.

What Is Semantic HTML?

Semantic HTML introduces meaning to the webpage and makes it more than a presentation. For example, a <p> element indicates the enclosed text inside the element is a paragraph. Semantic Tags are important as they provide additional information about your document and clarity about content is communicated to the search engine that helps in better indexing.

Semantic tags are important from a development point of view, and the candidate you are interviewing ( ) should have a good knowledge about it.

What Are the Debug Tools Used to Resolve Any Issue with a Webpage?

Some common debug tools used by developers are Chrome Dev. tools, W3C validator, and Firebug

What Is Position Property and What Are Its Three Attributes?

The position property specifies the positioning method used for an element. Its main attributes are static, relative, fixed, absolute, or sticky. It is necessary for the candidate to know about position property as it is specifically used to make complex layouts.

What Are the Limitations for Serving XHTML Pages?

The poor browser support for XHTML is one of the most significant factors that limit XHTML capacity. For example, Internet Explorer 8 and lower version cannot parse XHTML into XML, and they show a download box for unknown file types.

According to a browser market share report, there is still a large number of users using Internet Explorer 8 or lower versions. The candidate you are interviewing should have this knowledge as browser compatibility is an important factor in user interface development.

What Is the Difference Between Linking a Website, Image, and an Email Address?

It is one of the important UI Developer interview questions ( ) that help you check the candidate’s knowledge of fundamentals. The right answer is to link images, you should use <img> tags. You need to specify the image in quotes using src in the opening tag. For example, < img src=”XMLrocks.jpg”> < /img>

For hyperlinking a website, you need to use the <a>tag with a href attribute to indicate the address of the target page. For example- <a href="">. If you want to link to a page on your website, you need to simply write this <a href="page3.html">

What Is the Difference Between Include () and Require () When an Error Is Encountered?

The right answer is Include () will raise a warning if it fails while Require () will raise a fatal error.

These are only some of the UI Developer interview questions you should ask every candidate. You can add more deep knowledge questions related to Ruby, AJAX, HTML to gain an understanding of the expertise of candidates in UI development.

Do you have any questions?

Posted by brucem231 at 3:06 AM EDT
Wednesday, 17 October 2018
Important Things to Look in Top Restaurant POS Systems.
Topic: Software
Achieving success in the food business is not easy. You have to pay attention to several things like the staff, kitchen, décor, menus, and many more things. A POS system can reduce some burden and help you focus on growing your business. Here are some tips to select the top restaurant POS systems.

Is the System Fast?

Speedy service is one of the important aspects of a restaurant business as you cannot keep your customers waiting. If you keep your customers waiting for too long ( ), you won’t have any repeat customers so the speed of customer service is important.

Hence, the POS system you select should also be blazing fast and easy to use. When your staff gets acquainted with the POS system, they would be able to serve customers much faster and efficiently.

If you are planning to buy some established restaurant POS, you need to ensure it allows for new integrations.

Can the POS System Track Inventory?

Inventory is the main element of almost every business and the ability to track inventory is an essential part of success. The right restaurant would have the ability to track inventory in real-time as dishes move out of the kitchen. This will help the kitchen staff to schedule timely orders and ensure the customer always get their favorite dishes.

Some top restaurant POS systems have the ability to track ingredients order and usage and lets you decide whether it is the right time for re-ordering. In fact, some advanced restaurant POS order items automatically after the stock reaches a certain threshold level.

Can the POS System Process Credit Card Payments?

Today, most customers prefer cashless payments such as through a credit card. Before selecting any restaurant POS system, you need to ensure it can process credit card payments. If you ignore this factor, you might need to purchase a separate credit card processing system and it would be hard to track financials due to different systems.

Does the POS System Have Reliable Customer Support?

Imagine your restaurant operations centered on a POS system and it goes down during the rush hours. In such a case, everyone will be annoyed including your restaurant staff and most importantly customers. You might have an experience of using a POS system for years but fixing some problem in a POS system is a different thing altogether.

You need to look for a restaurant POS system which offers 24/7 support. The software vendor should have a tech person to fix any problems in the POS system at a short notice. The support system isn’t just necessary for the crisis. It is also helpful during installation and training period as well. The software vendor should also provide timely updates to ensure the POS system functions efficiently without any issue.

There is no doubt running a restaurant is a challenging task. The tips given above will help you choose top restaurant POS systems which will make operations easier and less time-consuming.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:25 AM EDT
Advantages of Buying Kappa Kappa Gamma Apparel Specialists
Topic: Clothing
Different surveys demonstrate that Greek sorority participation among college and university students in the US reaches as high as 80-85% over the last few years. No wonder, joining an esteemed Greek sorority just not enable you to find a home away from your adoring parents ( adamblockdesign/kappa-kappa-gamma ), but they let you learn the great values of Greek life and outcome of embracing sorority and fraternity. Students become benefited in academics, funding assistance, networking, as well as the scope of involving them in philanthropic activities which eventually add toward their personality and career development.

With a view to showcasing your organizational value, preparing your college wardrobe with Kappa Kappa Gamma apparel fitting to your college days, campus, outdoors, Greek week, celebration parties, or rush events is a must for you to get going comfortably at all times without humiliation. Mind, even if you join the college in a warm climate, you may require attending college trips beyond of state where you may need jackets or hoodies. Therefore it would be a sensible choice to undergo needed research to find your sorority outfits from t-shirts to hoodies, sweatshirts to jackets and jeans to caps printed with logo and letters by expert hands.

Why Buy from Specialists

  Wide Range

Whether you look for custom sorority tee shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, crewneck tops, half or full zip hoodies, jeans, or accessories from a water bottle to backpacks, specialist online shops can meet all your need with an amazing range of products.

  Superior Quality

Buying from focused designers and marketers of Kappa Kappa Gamma apparel ensure you 100% quality, no matter whether its tee shirts, hoodies, sweatpants or casual jeans. For example, tee-shirts and sweatshirts come in a combination of 50% high-class cotton and 50% polyester. You get high-class cutting, knitting, the finishing of outfits.

  Amazing Designs

Equipped with an expert team of Kappa Kappa Gamma apparel designers, the shops can supply you with the finest class of designs integrated with embroidery work, screen printing, twill Greek letters that boast your taste, personality, and sorority esteem.

  Special Offers

Check out special offers that come with heavy discount not only during festive times but throughout the year before the appearance of fall, winter or as special summer offers. As a member of the retail group, you can get loyalty discounts, free shirts, various giveaways and more.

  Easy Procedure

The buying procedure is made simpler than anything; once you choose the outfits and decide the type of design, you can get through online chat with most welcoming customer service cell open for 24X7 days for your assistance. Experience the easiest process of online buying that you ever had.

  Guarantee

All attires and accessories that you buy from reputed Kappa Kappa Gamma apparel makers are guaranteed about the quality ( ), consistency, and durability. You get free shipping and delivery at your doorstep.

  Affordable Prices

Whichever product or standard of quality you pick, your trusted online retail group offers you a full range of items with unbeatable price tags that make you feel breezy when it comes to your funding.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:40 AM EDT
A Consistent Way to Choose Custom Horse Barns in Stafford
Topic: Gardening
While choosing a barn builder and custom barn type, it appears crucial for you to make sure that the shelter for your horses would be ideal to keep them lively, healthy, and sparkling. Consideration of hiring professional horse barns in Stafford ( ) is undeniably a great choice since they’re specialized in the area and consistently advice you on various solutions, concepts, and mechanisms to help you have a superior class of custom barn you are looking for. Make a lot of questions to the builder to understand their expertise and knowledge in the domain and ensure you’re working with a right professional.

The Visual

As choosing a barn design out of photo album/ brochure or considering a customized barn according to your need, it’s is vital to ensure how it will look like. After all, aside from constructional excellence and uniformity of horse barns, their appearance on your property is likely to boast your self-esteem, personality, and status to its neighboring. Ask what kind of roofing and siding, they like to accommodate within your budget, what other options are and ask the type of materials to be used. You should be equally serious to know regarding their after sales services and tips on barn maintenance depending on the climatic condition of your area. For example, a metal roof is ideal to let snow shed faster and less damaging than shingles, however, it would be noisier within the stall unless your builder suggests for having proper insulation underside the roof.

Natural Light

Regardless of whether you choose a sash window, pane window or any custom type window design, you should essentially make sure that the stalls and interior would be well lit and airy to keep your horses healthy and energetic. Barn windows if come within the reach of horses must have protective grill to restore them from damaging. What does the builder of horse barns in Stafford suggest on this? What about the need of maintaining windows and what should be its frequency as well as the procedures of cleaning? Windows not only pass on light and air but also minimizes on your utility bill, whereas adding skylights can be a great choice to bring natural light that also looks great.


Windows act to add natural air from the outside and help in air circulation within the shelter when they’re kept open. Addition of a cupola is a fantastic choice that helps in air circulation, and supply added ventilation within your barn. What do they suggest? Use of fans in a combination of cupolas can work amazingly to boost air movement throughout the stall. Equally, the inclusion of a weathervane on the top can add to its beauty.


Ask about how the stalls will be partitioned? Do they suggest you for full wooden walls or half walls with grill above which is also a popular and economic choice? Visit a few nearest stalls made by them and check the finish and quality of wood and metal grills? Use of hardwearing metal chew guards is a consistent option to guard all exposed wooden surfaces since most horses often chew and damage wood portions.


Depending on the number of horses, your Horse Barns in Stafford need a lot of storage place for grains, hay straw, and other food supplies. Storage of blankets, bridles, saddles are also essential. Whether you should go for a loft storage unit or a ground storeroom is also a determining factor since wood floor of barns ( ) usually bare dirt and dust particles and can make supplies unclean.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:13 AM EDT

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