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Saturday, 11 August 2018
Creative Ways to Decorate Outdoor Areas Using Lanterns for Sale
Topic: Gardening
Lanterns, when used as outdoor lighting, can add a warm feel or give spaces party-like vibe. These fixtures come in many different shapes and sizes ( ), and can be used in creative ways. Here is how to decorate your exterior with the lanterns you pick off a sale.

Line a pathway

The pathway or driveway are prominent outdoor areas that need lighting. Typically, the illumination is done with the help of wall mount or post lamps. However, lanterns can brighten up this space as beautifully as the other kinds of lights and in fact, add an ethereal touch with their warm glow. Pick sturdy lanterns on sale to line cobbled pathways by hanging them from posts. You could also hang lanterns from porch railings if they exist, or simply place the lights on the ground.

Set up a romantic outdoor dining area

Candelabras and tealight candles can get their well-deserved break when the lantern makes its entry into the outdoor dining space. To implement this out of the box idea, pick rustic hurricane lanterns available on sale and use them to illuminate an outdoor dining table. Not only does it set the mood for romantic evening, but can also be used to get conversations started with your guests when you host a party.

Build up the ambience around an outdoor pool

A water feature outside your home like a pool, jacuzzi, or a pond is another space that can be decorated with lantern lights. Use these fixtures around the perimeter of the water body to add a soothing, relaxing touch to an evening swim or stroll. If you find managing real candles messy, use battery or electric powered ones.

Add a glow to gardens

Gardens are great place to relax in during after-hours, but wiring up the entire area can be troublesome and costly. Instead, use lanterns to add dim yet functional lights all around. Hang them from tall trees or sturdy vines, or simply place them around the lawn for a welcoming appeal. Solar lanterns are a great choice for such needs as they save energy and also don’t need the hassling wiring to be done.

Lend coziness to a porch

The porch is a great place to hang out with friends and neighbors. It’s also a good space to catch some quality ‘me’ time reading a book or listening to your favorite songs. When you use a single bulb or fixture overhead, it takes away the coziness of the space. On the contrary, using a row of hanging lanterns adds soft and subtle lighting, transforming the place into one that you’ll love to spend time in.

Highlight a staircase

Most outdoor staircases use wall mounts or posts for lighting. However, lanterns can be equally functional and look just as stunning when placed on every step or two. If you have children at home ( ), or are worried about fire hazards, use solar or batter powered lights.

So, head to the nearest lantern sale, pick your favorite ones and transform the outdoor of your home like no other.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:16 AM EDT
Which Kind of Wood Mailbox Post is Ideal to Maximize Your ROI?
Topic: Gardening
Who love boasting their outdoor with natural beauty and experience its resilience, wood mailbox post should be the best choice for them when installing or replacing their old fashioned posts. Even though, you can get wooden posts made of stone wood, teak, redwood, and cypress, which are equally enduring, protective to natural exposures and display their stunning look, however, in the category, both mailbox and posts ( ) made of cedar have won millions of mind with their time-honored look, distinctive grain patters and rots resistance capacity.

Why Choose Cedar Wood Mailbox Post?

  Naturally Durable Wood

The natural durability is the foremost factor that attracts people fond of having wood mailbox post in their outdoor. With abundance of innate characteristics, they don’t need prior treatment which often uses harsh chemical. Even in the most intense climate, cedar posts won’t shrink, bend, or get deformed. The most fascinating part of cedar is its steady change and development of natural color and shine that offers it a newer look, and makes it matchless in its group.

  Cedar is Fantastic to Resist Insects and Rot

One of the great innate features of cedar wood mailbox post is their natural resistance to common insect attacks, rotting and decaying. Being repellent, things made of cedar woods can wonderfully keep away destructive pests, carpenter ants, termites, and eventually let your post last through generations.

  Cedar’s Aesthetic Value Is Immeasurable

With highly sophisticated complexion, color tone and rich grains, no two pieces of cedar used in your wood mailbox post are alike. In the era, when more and more homeowners are inclined to possess ‘natural, or ‘rustic’ finishes in interior and exterior, the demand of cedar made posts and mailbox is naturally uprising. In order to accent your valued endeavor to landscaping, it can be a great mix with its overall surroundings.

  Cedar Needs Almost No Maintenance

Due to its inborn resistance to wood insects, decay, and climatic rot, wood mailbox post especially made of cedar demands no kinds of varnishing, waterproofing, or tinting and helps keep its natural look as it is. Unfinished cedar wood collection can effectively sustain its natural oil enabling the post to bead up water and fall away without human intervention. All you need to do is using clean smooth clothes to keep it clean from airborne dust particles and derbies.

Get Your Most Desired Cedar Wood Mailbox Post

Decorative mailbox posts made of cedar, teak, or cypress are available with an array of designs from simple single arms to deluxe standard to grab your wooden mailbox in a highly stylish mode. Based on the need ( ), you can think of buying duel arm posts or stands that incorporate newspaper or flower baskets. With variety, you can get them in budget friendly to costly range as per your financial plan.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:41 AM EDT
Choose a Specialized Company for Email Encryption Services
Topic: Software
Email Encryption Services - Main Advantages

Employing a specialized email encryption service for your organization is not at all a pricey thing. The inexpensive nature is worth mentioning ( Securence/email-encryption-services ), because many think that the process will be costly. Another point to note is that, organizations can enjoy various benefits.

•  There is no need to have any special software for receiving, sending, or replying to secure mails. The mail forwarding facility will be also there.

•  The system will blend in with the prevailing organizational environment. Companies can subscribe ‘per user’ facility.

•  There will be fullest security. The Effective and intense encryption technology will make sure that there is the highest possible email security.

•  Companies can easily access the encrypted communications. The incorporated technology makes the system easy to operate.

•  There will be a concrete defense against any attempts of phishing.

•  The email messages will be easily accessible for the recipients, even though encrypted.

Email Encryption Services - The Security Aspect

The security of the inward and outward conversations is very important to all organizations. Hence, keeping the confidentiality of such communications is of prime importance. However, when the companies use the existing workforce for this, there will be man-hour loss. Companies can hand over this task to a service provider who uses the latest encryption technology to have the various security benefits. This saves the loss of man-hours, which the company management can use for various other productive works.


•  It is possible to manage the viewership successfully. You can opt for a specific ceiling limit.

•  You can set a particular date, or viewership to terminate a specific email communication.

•  Another significant security feature is the setting of limited start and stop time.

•  Likewise, there will be a provision for opening the message and for stopping the forwarding and replying facilities. Thus, the management can enjoy full-control.

•  When the recipient reads the message, there will be notification for the sender. This ensures the safe-delivery of the mail.

•  You can annul the right of any person for viewing the email, at any time, and this prevents unauthorized viewing.

•  The provision for retracting message is another significant security feature.

•  The original sender can stay anonymous.

Email Encryption Services - The Provider Must Be Technically Perfect

You must check the practical experience of the provider before entrusting the task. It’s of great importance that the provider company is well experienced and perfect in implementing the entailed technicalities promptly and flawlessly. The company must have the capacity to provide fullest security to your highly sensitive and confidential email communications. The used encryption technology must be most powerful. Besides, it should comply with the existing regulations ( ), so that there is no disruption as far as your business transactions are concerned. Above all, there must be easiness in operation and must not be any risks of email security violations.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:24 AM EDT
Tuesday, 7 August 2018
Bridal Underwear: Five Tips for Plus-Sized Women
Topic: Clothing
Plus size women have very unique lingerie needs, which become even more evident when they shop for bridal underwear. However, as a full-figured woman ( theconfectioFVnery/bridal-underwear ), choosing bridal lingerie should not be a tedious task if you pay attention to the following.

# 1 - Bank on support

Support is the single most important thing to look for when you choose bridal bras. Large and heavy breasts can sag or be unsightly if you do not have the right lingerie to hold them in place. At the same time, you do not want your bra to show through the gown that you are wearing. A simple and practical solution is to invest in longline, underwired bras, which not only support breast weight but also give a well-rounded look to your breasts. Seamed cups offer better hold, but you could also pick seamless bras if your smooth fit gown warrants them. If your gown is of the strapless kind, pick a strapless shaping slip instead of a bra as the former holds together better and offers greater support.

# 2 - Pick high waist designs

Thongs and G-strings make really sexy choices for wedding lingerie, but may not be the best bet for plus-sized woman. A high waist brief or hipster panty is a better choice as the design holds your abdomen in place for better fit and a smoother look. Most gowns have shapely silhouettes around the waist and you need suitable underwear to go with them.

# 3 - Use shapewear

It’s a great thing to love your curves and your body, but love handles and flab can play spoilsport under your gown on your wedding day. To sport a better-toned and defined figure, pick a shaping underwear. From corsets to bustier and shaping slips, the options are aplenty for curvy women. Look for bridal underwear in light, breathable fabric for all-day comfort. For serious shaping needs, like when you need to get a few inches off your body under a fitted-dress, use a strong hold girdle.

# 4 - Pick laces

Laces add a sensual and luxurious touch to lingerie, especially the bridal ones. Bridal underwear made of laces are capable of enhancing the beauty of plus-sized lingerie, making them a great fit for those romantic after-sessions. Laces are also light in weight and feel extremely comfortable on the skin.

# 5 - Don’t forget garter strings

No matter the kind of bridal underwear that you pick, ensure that it comes with garter belts. Stockings flatter plus-sized women as much as they flatter others and garter belts keep them in place without rolling up or curling down. Lingerie sets usually include separate suspender belts ( ), but you could also pick designs where the belts are attached to the bustier or slip itself. This prevents you from adding one more layer under the gown and hence gives you a smooth look.

Make a note of these tips when browsing for bridal underwear and you’re sure to find the right one with ease.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:42 AM EDT
Five Must-have Features You Need in a Call Center System
Topic: Business
A call center is the backbone of a customer service-centric business. The call center is the first point of contact between customers and your business. Though there are multiple ways to connect with customers ( ), a phone call continues to remain as a customers’ preferred way of connecting with your business.

If you are looking to purchase a call center system, make sure it has the following five crucial features necessary to deliver exceptional customer service.

1.  Call Queuing

Since the call volume keeps fluctuating, it is not always possible for your reps to answer incoming calls immediately as they could be busy with helping other customers. The call queuing feature ensures the customers do not receive a constant busy tone which can negatively influence the customer experience.

The call queuing feature helps inform customers about the approximate wait time and their number in the call queue. This helps reduce the numbers of missed calls and improve the experience.

2.  Call Monitoring

Sophisticated call centers have multiple tiers of customer support teams and full-time supervisors. If your business has such a call center, you would want a feature that would help supervisor monitor calls for quality control and training.  The call monitoring feature allows supervisors to protect or help customer service reps confront abusive customers.

3.  Interactive Voice Response

Interactive voice response capability helps the call center system route calls to the right team of CSRs. The purpose of the IVR is to take input from the customers, process it and return results.

4.  Call Recording and Call Tagging

Call recording is an essential feature that allows organizations to listen back to any calls when they feel the need to. For example, financial institutions need to record all communications with customers to demonstrate compliance.

Also, recorded conversations can be used as an evidence to settle disputes. Call recordings also help in maintaining a positive relationship with customers by helping the management take the right decisions based on evidence and not on speculation.

Your call center agents might answer hundreds of calls every week. The call tagging feature provides an easy way to sort calls and help supervisors in follow-up with the agents. Using the tagging feature, supervisors can add notes to the calls while monitoring that can be useful for analysis.

5.  Robust Search Function

The robust search feature is a time-saving function that can help supervisors scan through recordings and find tagged calls. It can also help in sorting calls by caller id, agent name; number dialed, station number, or by time called. The ability to pull call recordings from the database gives supervisors more control over the feedback process.

With the right features, your call center system can optimize call center operations and also help your organization deliver exceptional customer service ( ) that will go long way in building your brand.

Do you know any other features important in call center telephone system? Please feel free to comment.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:47 AM EDT
Friday, 3 August 2018
How to Select the Best-Suited Bounce House from a Party Rental Company in Sugar Land
Topic: Business
Bounce houses, moonwalks, bouncing castles are all names for inflatables structures that add fun and frolic to a party ( Partykidsamerica/bounce-house-rentals ), especially those that involve kids. From birthday parties to carnivals, any kind of celebration can be made more fun with bounce houses. Whether you are a professional organizer who plans and conducts events on behalf of clients or a parent who wants to host a party for your child, you can bank on a party rental company to help you set up a bounce house at your party venue in Sugar Land. In doing so, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Choose a bouncing house that suits the party theme

Almost any party conducted these days comes with a theme. Party rental companies understand this perfectly and hence offer myriads of bouncing castles with different themes to suit different age groups. Cartoon characters and movie based themes are extremely popular with kids. If your party involves teenagers or adults, you could even opt for generic themes like tropical, pirate, boulder and springs, and so on.

Pick a suitable size

Bounce houses come in varying sizes and can accommodate small or large groups accordingly. To select a suitable one for your party in Sugar Land, draw an estimate of the number of kids or adults who would use the inflatable structure. Know where you will prop up the structure – is it in the backyard for a private group or an open space for a community event? Discuss this with your party rental company to select a suitable design and size that can hold the given number of attendees. The age of the users also matters because you don’t want a design that’s too small for the kids or one that is too big and fills up your backyard completely.

Look for added features

While a good part of the fun in using bouncing castles lies in jumping up and down, many inflatables also carry added features likes slides and obstacle courses. Simple bounce houses with a large jumping area are suitable for young children. Those with climbing walls, dry or wet slides, or obstacle courses appeal better to teenagers as well as adult groups. Ask your bounce house rental company in Sugar Land for the best feature that suits your crowd.

Double check on safety and other measures

Any professional party rental company that offers bouncing castle for parties would ensure that their equipment is clean, tidy, inspected, and safety-checked before use. Discuss this with your vendor to make sure that you can conduct a party that is safe and hazard-free. Also, check on others like delivery, set up and take down costs – some of they may offer this free of cost while others charge for these services.

When renting out a bounce house for your party in Sugar Land ( ), also check with your vendor for other equipment like food and beverage vending machines, seating, and power back options so that you can conduct a party end to end without worries.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:25 AM EDT
Selling House As Is in San Diego is Now Possible
Topic: Real Estate
Selling your house is not as difficult as you think so. With a professional house buying company in San Diego ( reefinvestmentgroup/sell-your-house ), all you need to do is take a few steps to ensure that the right people are buying your house. You need to fill up an application form for the sale and provides details with regard to the location and the current condition of the house. The professional house buying company will come visit the property and take a good look at the same. Based on the location, the condition and the market rates prevailing in the area, they will offer you a purchase price in no time. You are free to accept or reject the same. If you feel that the price is not up to your expectations, you can choose to reject the same. They will purchase your house as it is and will not ask you to make any changes to the same. If you try to sell the house through a broker, they might request you to paint the house or repair the draining or change the flooring. This means you will be expected to incur additional expenses only to sell the house. Even if the broker does not ask you to make changes to the house, you will have to incur expenses in the form of the brokers commission and fees. Selling a house without incurring any expenses is almost impossible.

The professional house buying company strives to change the face of the real estate market and aims to make it easier for you to get rid of the house without having to take the stress of the same. You do not need to advertise for the sale nor do you need to contact a broker for the sale. The professional buyers understand the troubles that you have to go through and offer you to purchase the house for cash. Why think about an option when you can receive cash for the same in an instant?

Whatever the reason behind selling the house, the buyers will not ask you about the same. They will give you a cash offer based on the prevailing market rates and will ensure that you are satisfied with the same. They have catered to many clients in the industry and are well versed with the market rates. If you have any queries ( ), you can speak to them before you make a decision to sell. The house buyers are easy to get in touch with and they will respond to your application within a couple of days only.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:22 AM EDT
Five Top Advantages of Swiss Machining That Makes Them Essential in Manufacturing
Topic: Business
Swiss machining finishes have been rather a fundamental need, when it comes to high-volume fabrication of tiny complex precision engineered elements made of various metals or fiber parts used in industries. The unique facet of Swiss-style CNC machine is its sliding headstock which feeds bar stocks in guide bushing mode. In essence, the characteristic enables Swiss machine in producing precise, huge amount of machinery parts ( ), especially of small diameters. The capability of machining so multifaceted tiny parts is virtually unapproachable to average lathe, which minimize your entry in many industries being in manufacturing or fabrication business.

What Makes Swiss Machining Peerless to Manufactures?

Capacity to Create Most Complex Smaller Machining

Imagine, Swiss machine engineered parts can produce elements that require 0.02 to 2 inch diameter finishes including tiny machine screws, bolts or fasteners  with a 1:1 length/width ratio back-to-back up to 12 inch long metal elements. As industries go through continuous upgrading of various applications to ensure safety, security and services to people, supplying to aerospace, automobile, medical or electronics requires you to cater their volume needs up to Swiss machining standards.

Less Machining Cycles Helps Maintain Deadline

One great advantage of Swiss machines is they can perform turning and milling simultaneously and seamlessly to produce net product just in single process. The capability to single step finishing can effectively reduce time of cycles to a greater extent. Depending on the need and program that has been fed, a Swiss CNC can accelerate process setup allowing machine man to finish a high volume work in a short period. This eventually, helps you making faster delivery or accept rigid delivery deadline.

Helps Maintain Tight Machining Tolerance

Being in the industry, you’re aware how clients are becoming more and more tolerance conscious. In reality, whether the elements are used in highly sophisticated medical devices, aerospace parts, or automobile security systems, the value of maintaining tolerance is easy assumed. Choosing Swiss machining jobs helps you grasp superior product tolerance since its turning operation is conducted through guide bushing. This can eliminate the chance of vibration and deflection allowing the Swiss produce product finishes with tight tolerance.

Saving Machining Cost and Brings Versatility

This is because; the Swiss Mechanism is used to generate minor work pieces, the setup needs having reduced bar stock which is less costly. This helps save a lot while getting required supplies from Swiss machining services evenly reduces cost per finishes due to the volume. Equipped with comprehensive machining tools Swiss machine offers range and versatility of product finishes.

Reach Wider Market

Prepared with Swiss machining, being in manufacturing, the best advantage that you enjoy is increased productivity ( ), reduced overhead and a positive attitude to accept the most challenging bids of big clients and increased market.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:14 AM EDT
Application of CARC Paint
Topic: Business
CARC paint is known as a camouflage and is used on military vehicles. It helps the vehicles from different threats and is an ideal form of coating. There are multiple advantages of using the paint on different vehicles ( ) apart from camouflaging them.

1.  Easy decontamination: The paint is non porous which means there will be less contaminants going to adhere to the surface of the metal or vehicle on which it is applied. This helps in decontamination in a cheaper and faster manner. It also neutralizes the threats more efficiently. Most importantly the CARC coating is cheaper and more durable than any other standard paints. A lot of businesses deal with chemical agents which cause contamination and use CARC coatings to protect the equipment and make it easier for them to sanitize.

2.  Chemical resistance: Another major advantage of the coating is that it is chemical resistant. Any vehicle which is painted with CARC paint will be highly resistant to chemical agents due to its non absorbent nature. It also protects the personnel who are using the vehicle since the harmful chemicals will be prevented from transferring to the people who use the vehicle or are in direct contact with the vehicle. Additionally, the paint can protect against radioactivity.

3. Helps in camouflage: This efficient paint has been developed by the military to serve their main purpose. It includes pigment packages which are capable of confusing the infrared technology and allowing the vehicle to hide from enemy weapons to infrared cameras. This allows the vehicle to blend in with the environment in a better manner and protects the vehicle as well as the occupants.

The application of CARC Paint can be divided into four steps. The first step begins with the surface being thoroughly cleaned before being painted. It should be cleaned with the cleanest bond possible. The second step involves the surface going through a pretreatment process where it is prepared for the paint which will be used on it. After this, a primer is applied which ensures the bondage with the surface and gives maximum protection to the equipment being treated. Finally, the surface is painted with epoxy base for the interiors and a polyurethane topcoat for the exteriors. This process is complicated and requires expert professionals to do it. Only those with extensive knowledge and skills can handle the process of applying the paint. If you wish to apply the paint on your vehicles, it is best to contact experienced and expert professionals for the same. Consider the type of vehicle ( ) you need the application on and then ask for a quote for the purpose of application. It is worth the money you put into the application and will enhance the durability of the vehicle.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:52 AM EDT
Saturday, 28 July 2018
Four Interesting Outdoor Pendants by Hubbardton Forge for Your Home Renovation Project
Topic: Lighting
Pendant light fixtures can adorn indoor as well as outdoor spaces. They are a great source of general lighting in areas that are dark and can also be used as accent lighting alongside chandeliers and other fixtures to enhance the ambiance of a living space. Hubbardton Forge ( Crescentharbor/Hubbardton-forge-pendants ), popularly known as the modern American blacksmiths, offers a splendid lineup of pendants light crafted exclusively for outdoor spaces. These damp rates light fixtures can brighten up porches and patios while also mesmerizing visitors with their beautiful designs. Check out four such magnificent Hubbardton Forge outdoor pendants for your next home decoration or renovation project.

Portico Drum

The Portico Drum is a modern take on the classic drum shade. A bare-it-all design, this light pendant showcases a drum-like metallic structure that surrounds upward facing metallic arms. The latter in turn, holds candelabra lights housed within opal or seeded glass tubes. The Portico Drum pendant is available in six finishes specifically formulated to resist some of the harshest environmental conditions – Coastal Black, Coastal Natural Iron, Coastal Mahogany, Coastal Bronze, Coastal Dark Smoke, and Coastal Burnished Steel.

Modern Prairie

Modern Prairie is a large outdoor pendant inspired by the architectural elements of the Arts and Crafts movement. The design features a metallic roof-like top from which extend vertical metal strips that adorn and hold the glass shade. The coastal finishes on the metal combined with a choice of Pearl, Opal, or Stone Glass lend this pendant light a warm, endearing feel that uplifts any outdoor space instantly. Plus, the minimalistic elements add to the beauty without being overwhelming.


The Banded pendent is a medium-sized outdoor light fixture with a clean and sleek design. The pendant features metal bands connected by four aluminum bars rising up through square metal plates. Housed within this structure is a cylindrical glass shade covering an incandescent lamp. Like Modern Prairie, the Banded pendant evokes a warm feel and is available in a choice of six Coastal finishes - Black, Natural Iron, Mahogany, Bronze, Dark Smoke, or Burnished Steel. The glass shades are available in Opal, Pearl, and Stone variants.


Here is an outdoor pendant that’s worthy of all the attention in your outdoor space. This six-light pendant features metallic, rod-like arms connected at angles to each other for a distinct geometrical look. Each arm ends in a frosted globe or Edison tube bulb, which provide distinctly different looks. The Divergence outdoor pendant like others is available in a choice of Coastal outdoor finishes and can fit seamlessly into any theme from contemporary to industrial.

The beauty of Hubbardton Forge outdoor pendants lies not just in their designs and aesthetics but also in the fact that they are not mass produced but handcrafted to order. Skilled artisans in Vermont, USA put in painstaking effort to ensure that they create unique and enrapturing pieces that fetch you praises galore. So, the next time you want to choose a light fixture ( www.Crescentharbor.Com/About-us ) for your outdoor space, browse through the collection by Hubbardton Forge.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:32 AM EDT

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