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Saturday, 28 July 2018
Four Interesting Outdoor Pendants by Hubbardton Forge for Your Home Renovation Project
Topic: Lighting
Pendant light fixtures can adorn indoor as well as outdoor spaces. They are a great source of general lighting in areas that are dark and can also be used as accent lighting alongside chandeliers and other fixtures to enhance the ambiance of a living space. Hubbardton Forge ( Crescentharbor/Hubbardton-forge-pendants ), popularly known as the modern American blacksmiths, offers a splendid lineup of pendants light crafted exclusively for outdoor spaces. These damp rates light fixtures can brighten up porches and patios while also mesmerizing visitors with their beautiful designs. Check out four such magnificent Hubbardton Forge outdoor pendants for your next home decoration or renovation project.

Portico Drum

The Portico Drum is a modern take on the classic drum shade. A bare-it-all design, this light pendant showcases a drum-like metallic structure that surrounds upward facing metallic arms. The latter in turn, holds candelabra lights housed within opal or seeded glass tubes. The Portico Drum pendant is available in six finishes specifically formulated to resist some of the harshest environmental conditions – Coastal Black, Coastal Natural Iron, Coastal Mahogany, Coastal Bronze, Coastal Dark Smoke, and Coastal Burnished Steel.

Modern Prairie

Modern Prairie is a large outdoor pendant inspired by the architectural elements of the Arts and Crafts movement. The design features a metallic roof-like top from which extend vertical metal strips that adorn and hold the glass shade. The coastal finishes on the metal combined with a choice of Pearl, Opal, or Stone Glass lend this pendant light a warm, endearing feel that uplifts any outdoor space instantly. Plus, the minimalistic elements add to the beauty without being overwhelming.


The Banded pendent is a medium-sized outdoor light fixture with a clean and sleek design. The pendant features metal bands connected by four aluminum bars rising up through square metal plates. Housed within this structure is a cylindrical glass shade covering an incandescent lamp. Like Modern Prairie, the Banded pendant evokes a warm feel and is available in a choice of six Coastal finishes - Black, Natural Iron, Mahogany, Bronze, Dark Smoke, or Burnished Steel. The glass shades are available in Opal, Pearl, and Stone variants.


Here is an outdoor pendant that’s worthy of all the attention in your outdoor space. This six-light pendant features metallic, rod-like arms connected at angles to each other for a distinct geometrical look. Each arm ends in a frosted globe or Edison tube bulb, which provide distinctly different looks. The Divergence outdoor pendant like others is available in a choice of Coastal outdoor finishes and can fit seamlessly into any theme from contemporary to industrial.

The beauty of Hubbardton Forge outdoor pendants lies not just in their designs and aesthetics but also in the fact that they are not mass produced but handcrafted to order. Skilled artisans in Vermont, USA put in painstaking effort to ensure that they create unique and enrapturing pieces that fetch you praises galore. So, the next time you want to choose a light fixture ( www.Crescentharbor.Com/About-us ) for your outdoor space, browse through the collection by Hubbardton Forge.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:32 AM EDT
Benefits of Using High Quality, Space Saving Ergonomic Office Furniture in San Francisco
Topic: Business
You must be aware of the heaps of survey findings which establish that outdated furniture holds back business productivity while keeping your employees suffer from back pain, spine disorder, headache, and other chronic health complexities. While, today’s employees are mostly working on computers and typically devote 8 to 10 hours at the workplace ( ), they must be provided with the right fit office furniture in San Francisco that enhances their functionality with enhanced ease and reduced health problems. So, how to choose the right furniture for your workplace to make it flourishing? Let us, have a look.

Three Tips to Choose Most Fitting Office Furniture in Francisco


Not all of your officials and personnel work on computer while many remain busier on paper works.

  This makes it essential for you to decide who should be offered with modern desks that come with larger tabletop and adequate storage compartments. Apart from shelving drawers and cabinets, these storage units are available with filing systems, which can effectively be used to store important files, office documents etc. Make sure, all cabinets are prepared with high-class security devices.

  For employees operational on computers, laptops choose matching office furniture in San Francisco like workstations included with wiring holes for needed electrical connections required for systems, printers, and mouse and helps users to keep aside from multiple cords that also impacts on tidiness of the floor. In order to utilize your space optimally, consider using L or U type and oval desks which are ideal for executives and look great in office space.


Essentially, while choosing appropriate chairs, the best choice is ergonomically designed products that help alleviate complications like back pain, carpel tunnel disorder, muscle pain and exhaustion all through the team. Depending on the table heights and work platforms, you should rent sleek, stylish, and trendy seating systems incorporated with armrests and backrests.

Filing Systems and Cabinets

Nowadays, commercial renters are more inclined to outfit their office floors with space saving office furniture in San Francisco, which are simply fantastic to transform your restricted work floor specious, easy operational and relaxing. For example, sliding door fining systems are ideally great opposed to traditional cupboards available with doors or drawers. Use of space saving furniture and fixtures smoothen operation within the floor space that adds to employee efficiency, productivity and business yield.


Investing on branded products not only boasts your company’s status but offers best return on your investment. The setting prepared with premium quality furnishing passes on a silent message to your existing and upcoming employees and customers on your outlook, when it comes to quality ( ), consistency, and services. Renting specialist office furniture in San Francisco helps you save thousands of dollars on recurring furniture repairs, renovation, and replacements.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:13 AM EDT
What Makes Acupuncture Amid Best Alternative Medicine in Houston to Relieve Chronic Pain
Topic: health
You must be impressed to know that with the ever-increasing popularity and acceptance of the ancient Chinese medical concept in American medical arena as well as its millions of inhabitants ( ), now acupuncture is covered by all major American health insurance companies. More and more medical settings, physicians and alternative medicine in Houston have found acupuncture a steady, dependable, and safe medical tool to deal with chronic back/ neck pain, arthritis/ osteoarthritis, joint pain/knee pain and migraines.

What Is Acupuncture?

A branch of traditional Chinese medicine, Acupuncture has been in practices for more than 3500 years which is even older than long-established Western medicines. It uses application of needles, pressure and heat to definite points on a human body, while the conception focuses on stimulating and reviving those points and start releasing the body’s natural energy refers to as Chi ( ‘chee’), given that all ailments, health complication and pain is caused due to the blockage or imbalance of critical life energy elements.

Does Alternative Medicine in Houston Works?

As per the research reports of the National Institute of Health or NIH that specially to alleviate issues like chronic pain including joint pain, arthritis, back pain, swelling knee apart from severe osteoarthritis or awful migraine, acupuncture has been proved highly effective. However, in order to fetch its best outcome, people should always think of obtaining services from specialized alternative medicine in Houston that are equipped with veteran acupuncturists, know-how and proven record in the industry.

How Alternative Medicine in Houston Manages Pain

  Reduces Chronic Pain

Chronic pain widely experienced by men and women especially after their 40’s are predominantly the consequence of post-surgery, old injuries and improper workplace postures. Often, pregnancy, poor sleeping habits, and mental stress causing stiffness of muscles, can lead to chronic pain. Contextually, this should be mentioned that the majority of untreated knee pain and back pain is likely to hit you eventually in the form of chronic pain. To get rid of any kind of chronic pain maintained above or else, try alternative medicine in Houston and evaluate how positively and steadily acupuncture can reduce all surgery related, aging, and osteoarthritis paining issues.

  Treats Arthritis

With insertion of needles onto 14 meridians, your acupuncturist at alternative medicine in Houston inspires the nerves to communicate the brains cell and advance release of the ‘feel-good’ hormone endorphins. Combined with normal neurotransmitters, endorphins shape the nerve impulses and gradually reduce and stop your devastating arthritic pain and inflammation. If you have tried all sorts of therapies to get relief from the painful arthritis and have started consuming powerful painkiller, it is the right time for you to see how effectively acupuncture can tackle your problem and bestow enduring relief.

  Relieves Migraines

Another great application of alternative medicine in Houston focused on acupuncture that has received huge recognition is helping patients having chronic headaches or migraines. Studies show that patients who opted for acupuncture for migraines ( ) have had received far better result opposed to all modern and conventional rehab procedures. The biggest advantage of having acupuncture is its 100% safe, natural and equally can deal with many problems.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:13 AM EDT
Thursday, 26 July 2018
Use Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps to Amplify the Ambience Beauty
Topic: Lighting
Benefits of Floor Lamps

You can find varied styles of floor lamps having different designs ( www.CrescentHarbor/Hubbardton-forge-floor-lamps ), sizes, shapes, and colors. Picking the right one for making the interior spaces more attractive will not be difficult.

•  Floor lamps are handy for providing extra brilliance across the space. Precise augmentation of the indoor beauty is possible by using them.

•  You can fix the same in all areas of a residence. For example, the lovely nature of the living room becomes all the more perceptible when you place an appropriate floor lamp. Likewise, it is possible to augment the existing attractiveness of places like the dining room and bedrooms. You can control the light within the dining room so that the area is even more pleasing. The soothing light that flows from a floor lamp will make bedrooms more tranquil and cordial.

•  The adaptability is another key benefit. You can move the lamp from place to place; this gives you the leeway to change the position in line with the requirement or your own will.

•  By using a floor lamp, one can add the visual beauty of the related space greatly. The only thing that you must make sure is to buy the suitable one.

•  If it is a bit dark in any corner of the room, you can cut off that dimness by placing a floor lamp at a suitable position.

Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps

These are marvelous floor lamps, which will be enough to create a mind-cooling brilliance within the interior areas of all types of buildings. Because they are hand-forged, all of the pieces will be highly unique in appearance and no two pieces will look alike. The base material used for the creation of Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps is wrought iron, and hence, the design will look extremely beautiful. These lamps come into the market with a cute-looking finish, which is so alluring. You can phase in an exciting exclusivity wherever you want. Moreover, wrought is tough by nature and will not succumb to smash ups soon. One will be able to use wrought iron floor lamps for a long time that can stretch to decades.

Online Purchase Is Recommended

Various models of Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps are available, and it will not be possible to see all the models in a traditional shop. On the contrary, by visiting the online portals of reputable merchants, you will be able to see all the models, including the old and the latest ones, under one roof. You may need different styles and sizes of floor lamps ( CrescentHarbor/Hubbardton-forge-outdoor-lighting ) for placing at different locations within your residence. Online stores offer you this possibility. You can select in line with your actual requirement. Besides, you can do the shopping at your own convenience. There will not be any need to travel; the ordered floor lamps will reach your house before the agreed final date.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:21 AM EDT
Minka Aire Fans are Popular for Functionality and Fashionable Designs
Topic: Lighting
Why You Need Ceiling Fans?

Proper ventilation and flawless air circulation are extremely essential within all types of buildings, whether it is a residence or a commercial structure. This is a must for healthy living. The significance of ceiling fans arises here. Ceiling fans will spread out air evenly within the space ( ) where they are fixed. However, the fans you install must be functionally efficient and must consume only very little power for proper functioning. Only by fixing such practically utilitarian ceiling fans, you can phase in these two factors inside buildings. In short, it is imperative that you must buy quality fans like the Minka Aire Fans. Moreover, you must look for the latest models that have a technological edge over the earlier versions. This is possible only when you shop from the stores of established merchants. You will get an opportunity to choose from a plethora of the most recently launched models.

Minka Aire Fans Are Popular

You can see a matchless blend of shape, size, functionality, and designing efficacy in Minka Aire Fans, and this makes them truly special. As regards the style, customers are sure to get the specific style they want. Whether you would like to have the classic style, which will project the distinctive royal elegance, or the current all the rage models that will make the space stylish in the modern way, there will not be any problem at all in obtaining them. Besides, you can also find the captivating designs that belong to the transitory period. Just visit the website of a reputable merchant who deals with Minka Aire Fans and search for the item. The selection process will be rather easy, because, this company launches varied sizes of fans. This includes petite-sized hugger fans, which you can install in the small areas.

The Research & Development wing of Minka Group works hard and diligently, in order to create innovative fans with unparalleled functionality. They try to fix the working-efficiency level at the topmost level so that the air circulation becomes very much effective, regardless of the size of the room. Hence, you can find perfectly fitting fans for the smaller rooms and the larger rooms.

Use the Online Portals of Leading Merchants

In our time, you can find a lot of online stores that sell lighting fixtures. Hence, you must find out the reliable nature of the merchant before buying from them. If you find that a particular merchant has vast experience, then you can take him as a dependable trader. Only trustworthy traders will be able to receive the approval of customers, and only when they get this, they will be able to continue in business for longer periods. Moreover, you can find even the latest model fans of all brands ( ), including the Minka Aire Fans in their professionally maintained online stores, which gives you the chance to pick the hottest designs.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:36 AM EDT
Wednesday, 25 July 2018
How a Construction Attorney in Los Angeles Can Help You
Topic: Law
Construction projects can be complicated processes, ones that balance multiple budgets and companies who are all coming together to literally build something great. For these kinds of projects, legal representation is key ( ), and that is why most people and companies solicit the services of a construction attorney in Los Angeles. Armed with knowledge and experience, a construction attorney can help you with a number of aspects of your construction projects. Here are just a few ways in which they can help you.

1.  Drafting and Negotiating Construction Contracts

One of the major duties for construction attorneys is drafting and negotiating construction contracts. These documents, whether they are for a relatively small renovation or a brand-new condo development, are extremely complicated documents.Drafting them up and negotiating on their terms requires someone who is familiar with local building practices, local construction laws, permits, worker’s rights, and more. Without an experienced and professional construction attorney in Los Angeles, your contracts may not be as air tight as necessary, or they may leave out important stipulations.

With solid contracts, it is also easier for you to challenge any defects or issues that arise before, during, or after construction, and having legal representation can ensure any oversights or mistakes are corrected in a timely fashion. Without the right contracts and the right representation from a construction attorney in Los Angeles, however, you could end up with a project that isn’t what you expected and no available recourse.

2.  Recover Unpaid Sums

Sometimes, those who owe money try to get out of their bills. In the construction industry, it’s more than spotting a friend money for dinner when they forget their wallet. This can be substantial amounts of money. In those instances, it pays to have a construction attorney in Los Angeles who will take the right action to ensure you are paid what you are owed.

3.  Help Draft Construction Proposals

Before your project gets underway, you will need to submit a proposal to a number of different bodies, ranging from fellow investors to governmental bodies. A construction attorney in Los Angeles can help you draft proposals that touch on everything everyone needs to know, all while respecting the guidelines and expectations of each body. This can lead to better proposals that get approved with fewer changes or hassles.

4.  Representation in Court

While most construction attorneys in Los Angeles spend more time at their desks and negotiating tables than in court, they are able to represent and fight for you in the court of law. They will do everything they can to ensure that your case is the best it can be, and that it is presented in a way that is compelling and convincing. They also understand how the courts work and can help you ensure that your case has the best chance of winning possible.

A construction attorney in Los Angeles is a legal professional who can help you with a number of issues related to construction, renovations, workers’ rights, and more. They can help at almost every stage of your construction project, from drafting up initial contracts to gathering final unpaid invoices. If you are looking for a construction attorney ( ), be sure to find a professional, experienced firm that can handle your case and help you in your future construction legal matters.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:42 AM EDT
Friday, 20 July 2018
Silver Spring Pediatricians Tell you why Well Child Visits are Necessary
Topic: health
You think of a pediatrician ( ) as someone who comes to the rescue when your child is unwell. While it forms the primary role of a children’s doctor, there is another important reason for you to take your child to the pediatric – a wellness visit. Typically, such a routine checkup helps your little one stay healthy and lead a quality life without ailments. Pediatricians in Silvers Spring, MD explain why wellness visits are crucial to growing children.

How wellness visits help your child

Routine checkups and visits are advised for babies, infants, toddlers, and young children up to a certain age. Such visits often involve screening for different bodily functions and are vital in the early detection of potentially serious health problems including deformities or life-threatening conditions and diseases. The checkups are designed to occur at frequent intervals, especially in the first few years of your little one’s life. During a well-child visit, your pediatrician also assesses your child for developmental milestones to ensure that he/she is growing as needed. If there is a concern, the doctor addresses the same and helps resolve the issue through suitable treatment including medication.

What comprises wellness visits

A routine check-up with your child’s pediatrician usually involves monitoring the following in your child – height and weight, blood pressure and heart rate, lungs and heart functioning, vision and hearing, speech, reflexes, and musculoskeletal functioning. Many visits of this type may also be coupled with immunization shots that protect your child from serious and potentially life-threating health problems. Pediatricians in Silver Spring, MD advise parents to follow the comprehensive vaccination schedule set by the American Academy of Pediatrics to ensure that your little one gets all the immunizations that he/she needs.

The role of parents in a well-child visit

A routine checkup is helpful not just to the child but also to the parents. These visits are a forum for you to discuss all your queries and concerns with your child’s doctor. From their food intake and sleep habits to activity levels and vaccinations, you can discuss anything concerning your child openly with the pediatrician. An open conversation of this kind not only helps you address your concerns but also take the necessary steps to ensure that your child stays healthy and happy. To make the most of a well-child visit, list down all your queries well in advance so that you can discuss all of them quickly and openly with the pediatric during the next checkup.

A child’s health and well-being are the topmost priority for any parent. Once your child is born, ensure to take him/her to the pediatric in Silver Spring, MD for routine checkups and immunizations as scheduled. Preventive care any day is a better choice than treatment rendered after your child falls sick. Also, wellness visits enable quicker detection of illnesses ( ) before they aggravate so that your little one can be given the right treatment straight away.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:22 AM EDT
Determine How Get Back Your Lost Child Custody with Guidance of ‘Custody Lawyers Near Me’?
Topic: Law
Unsurprisingly, the task is hard-hitting, however as said above it is possible, if you have that attitude and willpower to make things done. What is most vital for you is to establishing in the eye of law that there’s been a considerable change in your abilities ( ), attitudes and circumstances toward the wellbeing of your child, prior to putting a petition for further evaluation of custody right with ‘custody lawyers near me’.

Six Tips to Get Back Child Custody Hiring ‘Custody Lawyers Near Me’

Study the Episode That Went Wrong

In a divorce case, typically, the interest of the child is given the first priority. Therefore, if the judge together with the juries have considered you in poor shape to have custody of the child and awarded your partner with sole custody, there is no mistake. Discuss every point of the setting with 100% honesty with ‘custody lawyers near me’ who will study the things and accordingly let you know the mistakes that you made in the process behind such decision.

Discover the Possibilities

Once your ‘divorce lawyers near me’ understand the negative aspects of your defeat in the custody judgment, they will guide you all through the process to help you establish your changes to the court after a while. For example, if you were drug addicted or used to consume alcohol, most possibly you have been advised to obtain needed counseling. This means, this is the stipulation made by the court to earn the ability to get back custody right once again. So why worry! Your good attorney will help you find therapy specialists and now have determination to quit your abuse and prove your fitness to have child’s custody right, before the court.

Utilize Your Visitation Scope

Well, if you are given access to visit your child, never forget a single day and maintain the stipulated time of your visitation right. Spend healthy times with your child, take him/her to the nearest park, get the child good books, toys, or refreshments that the kid likes. Meanwhile, if you partner start making alibis to deprive you from visitation, talk to your ‘custody lawyers near me’, which will be informed to the court.

Appeal for an Evaluation

Don’t hurry, once the ‘custody lawyers near me’ understand with their insight, that you have really changed, they will work in combination with you to appeal the court for an on-site custody evaluation.

Keep Your Home Tidy

Typically, once you put a petition, the court sends its representatives who will come at your home to evaluate its safety concerns, hygiene, and atmosphere for the upbringing of the child. Equally, they talk to the therapists to assess ( ) how far you’ve achieved the challenge of quitting drug or alcohol.

Keep Patient and Attend the Court’s hearing Day

Your custody lawyers will represent you in the court’s date of hearing. Never forget to attend the day. Keep patient and listen to all what the court suggests. Now it’s time for you to enjoy the child’s shared custody.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:38 AM EDT
Hire Best Divorce Attorney in The Woodlands, TX to Settle Your Divorce Battle Out-of-Court
Topic: Law
Even if, you enjoy trials on movies, in real life, a legal dispute tastes extremely bitter, wearisome and taxing especially when the setting is a divorce and issues like custody, property sharing, debt division, or alimony are being stapled. As per version of best divorce attorney in The Woodlands, TX, that in the fast-paced way of life ( ), the vast majority of couples choose quick settlement on divorce through alternative dispute resolution without having to enter into the long term court case.

If you are on the path of a divorce and both of you are intended to settle the dispute out-of-court, your learned divorce attorney can explain, guide and help you to get through the tricky voyage without much hassle, faster and in a cost effective way. If you are not aware of ADR or alternative divorce resolution, first of all, understand that opposed to a court room settlement, it is the most easy and popular way via which you can access to lawful custody, fair sharing of your joint property, settle dues and thus, get back to your individual life. ADR procedure offers three distinct options which include mediation, collaborative settlement, and arbitration.

Know More about Alternative Dispute Resolution

If the legal jargon makes you confused to decide whether ADR is an ideal choice for you, understand simply instead of involving in continual stressful disputes concerning child custody, spousal support, or property allocation, ADR has become the most popular choice among new generation to have a legal share and cut off a marital relationship faster. In the process the best divorce attorney in The Woodlands, TX can assist you, no matter, whatever the disagreement you have with your spouse, provided both are willing to work together with the legal representative.


The biggest advantage of mediation is that, in the intervention of your divorce attorney you and your partner enjoy the scope to perform an active role in entire decision making process. As you can share all your opinion, and issues relating to your counterpart without any hesitation, being in the role of a legal advisor and mediator, the best divorce attorney in The Woodlands, TX listen to all concerns and accordingly prepare a detailed agreement through shared discussion and legal procedures.


In collaborative arrangement, both spouses hire their own attorneys who listen, advice and help clients to different agreements. Typically, both attorneys take part in negotiation and thus, the divorce agreement counting custody, property distribution, and alimony is documented. The procedure often requires hiring legal reprehensive and property appraisers for correct settlement.


Arbitration has less demand; however, the procedure is settled outside the court. In that case, you have to look for a private judge ( ), whereas both couples hire their attorneys who settle the subject in conjunction with the arbitrator by sharing their views.

To conclude, whichever way you go, once the agreement is made, that would be finally verified by the judge to make sure everybody’s interest and rights to law has been well protected retaining the child’s interest at the top.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:28 AM EDT
All About Expat Taxes in the US
Topic: Taxes
Turn Your Foreign Dreams Green:

Expat Tax in the US

If you are an American citizen living abroad, or if you are a green card holder living abroad, which is to say someone with permanent residence in the US, then you may consider yourself an expat ( ), and you may be worrying about the expat tax in the US. Truth be told, however, the legal definition of expat, under the aegis of the IRS, is a former citizen or permanent resident of America who has since renounced their citizenship. If you fall into this conception of expatriate, then the following will only be relevant to you if you have forfeited US citizenship after the latest Form 1040 file date (generally April 15th, if you are a calendar year filer); this is because you will owe back taxes from the time you were living in the US. This distinction between the colloquial and legal understandings of expat are important to understand since ‘colloquial expats,’ foreign nationals in the country in which you are living, are still beholden to the exigencies of the IRS.

Instances of Obligation

Although you may have moved for work, retirement, or with a spouse, and though you no longer receive tax-funded American amenities, a foreign national with US citizenship will nonetheless have to pay taxes on any number of assets and incomes. Indeed, even if you moved for your spouse’s work, you may be beholden to expat tax in the US. However, if you yourself do earn wages or salary abroad and are taxed within the purview of that state’s laws, you will still have to file taxes in the US on your income as long as it is excluded on IRS Form 2555. If it is not excluded, then you can apply for a foreign tax credit. The amount of reduction to your overall taxes depends on the ratio of excluded income to total income. As a rough estimate, in some cases, while earning over $110,000 abroad, the foreign tax credit can be used to deduct as much as $1400.

Otherwise Than Obliged

That said, there is another means of reducing the weight of expat taxes in the US on your foreign earnings; though, as with all business involving the maintenance and management of taxable assets and capital, the process can be seriously eased with the help of a tax lawyer. There are two key methods of attenuating the strain the IRS will put on your foreign earnings.

The first, and likely the one you will have read about, is FEIE—the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. This exclusion, as per the rate for 2017 earnings, is $102,100. This concretely means that, if you earn more than the above amount, you can deduct said amount from your US taxable income and incur expat taxes in the US only on the remainder. Due to the stacking rule, the remaining taxable income will still be taxed at the unreduced, original amount, from which you deducted the $102,200. (Refer to the filing thresholds that correspond to your grouping option—whether you are filing jointly, separately, are a senior or not, &c. Last, be sure that, when considering your taxes abroad ( ), you pay attention to all of both active and passive modes of income—from capital gains to alimony. And don’t fret too much about that April 15th deadline—expats get an automatic extension to June 15th.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:19 AM EDT

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