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Thursday, 12 July 2018
T-Shirt – The Most Versatile Sorority Clothing Item
Topic: Clothing
When it comes to sorority clothing, it is tough to beat the comfort factor of the t-shirts. Sorority clothing ( ) is about representing your fraternity’s letters and proudly displaying them as students move around the campus or go for their social outings.

Now, t-shirts rule the roost when it comes to sorority clothing. A fraternity t-shirt can be the ultimate fashion statement. It can also make the wearer feel empowered with a sense of connection with others while enveloping him or her in comfort and warmth.

The Ultimate Fashion Pairing

What can you not pair with a t-shirt? With the current fashion trends, you can dress up in your t-shirts for both formal and casual events.

Pair a sorority t-shirt in black, gray, or red with nothing but the Greek letters of your fraternity, layer it with a black or beige jacket or a coat and wear them with your dark blue jeans or black pants. A pair of heels and some makeup is all you need and you are all set for a formal or casual event. To keep the look really casual, wear sneakers or flat shoes instead of heels. For daytime casual events, ditch your dark pants in favor of light blue jeans or white cotton pants.

No Matter the Style – It Just Works

True! With t-shirts, you don’t really need to worry about the style as everything can work depending on how it is worn.

A t-shirt with a wider or deep neckline is perfect when you wish to wear a necklace or earrings with it. T-shirts with short sleeves and minimal prints can work wonderfully for someone who loves to wear bracelets – a huge stack of them.

If you are someone who loves to wear sorority clothing just about everywhere on campus then t-shirts can come in really handy. From cropped tops to t-shirts with long or short sleeves; anything pairs well with shorts. Loose t-shirts are perfect to wear with leggings.

For a cool and casual style, nothing helps more than a combination of a short skirt with a t-shirt. Throw in your sneakers and you can be donning the ultimate chic attire for college students.

The Thing about Colors

There is not another item of clothing that works well in any color. When it comes to sorority clothing, you can find cool t-shirts in hundreds of colors depending on the store or the designer. You can find one simple style – say, a t-shirt with Greek letters in white in several different combinations and all of those will look good.

You can wear a t-shirt in any color and not look out of place or be the odd one. Another good thing about t-shirts ( ) is that all the color combinations work so well with jeans and most go well with white as well.

When it comes to sorority clothing, it is tough to beat the fashion prowess of the t-shirt.

Posted by brucem231 at 7:23 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 18 July 2018 6:48 AM EDT
A Handy Guide to Dressing Up Your Sorority Sweatshirts
Topic: Clothing
There is something really exciting about wearing brand new sorority sweatshirts for the first time. Each new design can bring with it a frenzy that is only possible when an item of clothing is somehow also associated with your tribe on campus.

But perhaps you are someone who prefers to add your individual sense of style to the same sweatshirt designs ( ) that your sorority sisters are also wearing at the same time. Perhaps you just like to accessorize your everyday outfits but not sure how to style casual sorority sweatshirts.

In any case, here is a handy guide to dressing up your sorority sweatshirts.

Bring out the colors, sisters!

When you are sporting a hooded sorority sweatshirt, any accessory you might add may look a little out of place with your outfit. So, how do you increase the style quotient when you wear an indigo hooded sweatshirt or perhaps a deep shade of red? With colors, of course!

Paint your nails in neon pink with an indigo or dark blue sorority sweatshirt. For maroon and other red hues, go with golden sparkles or black. Better yet, add a touch of silver or gold sparkling nail paint on top of a black polish. Don’t hold back when wearing colors like salmon pink or peach by keeping your nails painted with shades of understated browns. Go all out with bold and neon shades in contrasting shades.

If nothing else seems right with your hooded tops, go with bright colors on your lips. Choose glossy hues in fuchsia and red with black, gray, and other light-colored sweatshirts. If you are wearing red, orange, or brick then paint your lips in a glossy nutmeg shade for a really alluring effect.

Some jewelry won’t hurt, either.

If you are wearing sorority sweatshirts with wide necklines, you have more scope to add colors to your outfit with some jewelry. For instance, if you are sporting a gray fleece sweatshirt, fold your sleeves a bit to show off some stacked bracelets. Include colors like fuchsia, leaf green, lemon yellow, navy blue, and of course the good old black.

With wide necklines, you can also add earring to the mix. Choose hoops or dangling earrings in lighter shades with your dark-hued sorority sweatshirts.

Add accessories, but minimally.

Your choice of accessories can work wonders when paired with the right sweatshirt. Choose from headbands to caps, sunglasses, and even a fanny pack.

A bandana can work well with wide necklines while it is best to pair a headband with hooded sweatshirts. Use a tote bag with sweatshirts ( ) without hoods. But backpacks work best with hooded ones. A tote in black or red can add just the right amount of pep to your gray top while choose bright colors for the rest. Go all out with caps in floral prints or two-toned designs.

It is really easy to add zing to sorority sweatshirts with just a little effort.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:18 AM EDT
Tuesday, 10 July 2018
Why Rustic Furniture is a Great Addition to Bedrooms
Topic: Furniture
The rustic trend is one that catches your attention everywhere – on home décor magazines, social media pages, home interior blogs, and many more. Though not a new trend ( ), it has managed to stay extremely appealing to designers and users for a long time. Just any part of the home can be decorated using the rustic theme and one of the easiest ways to do so is by adding rustic furniture. Here’s a look at why adding such furniture to your bedroom is an interesting choice.

#1 - Rustic furniture adds warmth and liveliness

Rustic furniture, adds warmth and coziness to bedrooms. In myriad shades of brown, these wooden pieces complement modern and minimalist spaces and add a welcoming feel. Such furniture can also be used in a standalone manner – pairing wood with metal and topping it with vibrant colors or worn-out finishes imparts a unique twist to the aesthetics of the personal space.

#2 - It can be used a little or a lot

Rustic, though casual, is never understated. In smaller bedrooms for guests or kids, a basic rustic wooden table, chair, or dresser may be all that is needed to give the room a finishing touch. In nooks and corners that lack space, a mini shelf or a reclaimed wood stool can add unimaginable beauty and appeal. You can also never go overboard with rustic. Even if you were to use simple wooden chairs, desks, beds, headboards, armoires, or dressing tables, your bedroom would never look ostentatious or over the top.

#3 - Rustic is easy to mix with other styles

If you aren’t a hardcore fan of the rustic style, never mind. You can still mix and match this casual theme with others like industrial or contemporary for an interesting, crossover look. For example, a reclaimed wooden bed can be placed against a white or pastel colored wall. A barn wood dressing table can be given the edge with a pop of bright paint or distressed finish.

#4 - Rustic wooden furniture boasts of a unique texture

Texture, like color, is an integral part of the aesthetics of a room. Rustic furniture, especially those made from recycled, upcycled, or reclaimed wood, has a very distinct texture brought about by the grains on the wood and by its exposure to changing weather conditions. The beauty of such furniture is hard to beat and can elevate the design of a room manifold.

#5 - Such furniture brings in character and personality
Rustic furniture often boasts of unique and interesting design elements. This makes such objects a favorite among people who like to show-off their prowess at collecting and curating distinct furniture pieces. If you are a lover of things with an antique, historic, or rudimentary touch, this kind of furniture such as armoires passed down generations, or large headboards made using barn doors may be just the right pick for you.

Using rustic furniture in bedrooms ( ) can liven up this space and give it a warm, welcoming feel, even when used in conjunction with other décor styles.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:20 AM EDT
The Most Vital Points to Consider While Buying Wooden Bar Stools for Bar or Home
Topic: Furniture
While planning to procure wooden stools for kitchen or bar, as selection of quality wood, locating a consistent company specializing in wooden bar stools is vital; never overlook measuring the level of moisture, room temperature ( ), as well as ease of maintenance and ways of handling them to ensure their permanence with color and liveliness in place.

•  Consider Temperature and Humidity Level

Depending on the state you live in the US, as the climatic condition in terms of moisture content in air and temperature varies, and you also, consider maintaining the right atmosphere within the home or bar, equally, choosing the right lumber types is also vital. Every wood category has its innate moisture content level and thus, wooden bar stools to be used next to kitchen oven table or inside the restaurant cooking room are likely to deform or even split within a few days, if not chosen properly. Talk to the experts of the shop online or offline and get their guidelines to buy the most weathered wooden quality pieces.

•  Choose the Right Wood

By their characteristic, while many woods absorb or impart moisture faster, others boast extra capacity to hold needed moisture that keeps them sparkling for longer period of time. For example, wooden bar stools made of maple, walnut, or ash with smaller veins are not likely to bend in adverse condition similar to oak, which are more porous. Equally, even if pine is an excellent wood but they might not be suitable for certain areas due to its softness, whereas teak is extremely popular and widely employed when it comes to home or commercial bar stools.

•  Decide on Traditional or Trendy Stools

You can get wooden bar stools in traditional and trendy designs. Combined with high class timber and blackened steel structures they look great in pubs, restaurants, domestic kitchens. While choosing them for your home setting, consider whether your kitchen boast a traditional look in terms of its architecture, lighting accessories, or prep table etc, whilst conventional type wooden stools will be the right fit. Trendy wooden stools are available in wide range, and like many others ( Foxdendecor.Com/blog ), you can definitely try contrast of industrial or country type lumber seat on metal base. Wood legs with cautioned seat with or without arm back also feel comfortable for bartenders to serve customer for long hours with smiling face.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:44 AM EDT
Reasons to Use a Cold Therapy Unit for Healing Back Pain
Topic: health
Cold therapy heals orthopedic pain without any side effects. You can further enhance its benefits by using a cold therapy unit to deliver freezing temperatures ( ) over the surgery or injury site.

Using a Cold Therapy Unit for Healing Back Pain

Back pain can occur during the post-operative period. It can also occur due to repetitive muscle trauma from sports injuries, workouts, and certain occupational tasks such as constant bending over machineries. Persistent back pain is also possible due to household chores and general fatigue.

Cold therapy can benefit people troubled by any kind of back pain. Cold therapy hinders nerve impulses, which in turn reduces swelling and pain. So, whether the back pain is due to post-operative trauma or any other reason; use of cold therapy can help speed up your recovery. It can also reduce your dependency on pain medicines.

Traditionally, ice packs have been used to deliver cold therapy. But use of ice packs or even frozen pea bags is not an efficient way to deliver cold therapy. Ice packs can drip water over the wounds, the bedding, and your clothing. Not only this can be messy but dripping water is a risk for infections as well. Instead, use of a cold therapy unit is the best way to deliver cold therapy to heal your back pain.

Ice or vegetable bags can be uneven, which hinders the delivery of optimal cold therapy on the injury or pain site. Cold therapy units such as those from IsoComforter come equipped with healing pads made with patented Iso Tube technology. The ridges in the pad help deliver cold therapy that poses no risk of burn injuries due to freezing temperatures.

It is also easy to use a cold therapy unit for back pain rather than holding an ice pack over the injury or pain area. You can wrap the pad around your back when using a cold therapy unit. You can then sit back to enjoy the healing benefits of cold therapy.

Finding the Right Cold Therapy Unit

It is best to invest in a cold therapy unit that is easy to use. For example, IsoComforter cold therapy units are portable; allowing you to use it anywhere. When you use an IsoComforter machine, you don’t require replenishing ice in the tank often. It helps with uninterrupted delivery of cold therapy, which is essential for optimal healing.

The self-priming pump makes it even more convenient to use IsoComforter cold therapy units. You don’t need to bother with manual controls to start the pump or to maintain proper temperature ranges. You can fill the tank, wrap the pad around your back, and plug in the device to use a cold therapy unit.

The ideal cold therapy unit must also prevent any condensation from appearing while the machine is in use. If you want to use a cold therapy unit to speed up recovery after a surgery ( ), condensation can cause infection risk on the surgical wound.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:09 AM EDT
Tuesday, 3 July 2018
Importance of Hiring a VAT Consultant for Your Business
Topic: accounting
The indirect tax rates change from time to time and it is important to meet the necessary requirements of the board. Hiring the services of a VAT consultancy in Dubai ( ) will help you meet your business goals and save ample of time. The experts have professional knowledge and are abreast with the latest changes and developments in the industry. They will help you file the returns on time and make the payment within the due date. You do not need to hire specific employees to manage the indirect taxes of your organization, you can outsource the service to an expert who will manage everything for you at for small fees. Considering the global opportunities for your business, it is important that you focus on the areas that need your attention and leave the taxation in the hands of the experts.

It is expected that VAT will be introduced by the government at the rate of 5% and it is important to entrust your financial management and taxation services to a professional expert who knows where the rates are applicable and how to make the payment for the same. VAT consultancy in Dubai will also provide you with additional services like auditing and assurance, bookkeeping and corporate finance. The experts can help you make the right decisions when it comes to deduction and payment of VAT from time to time. You will be required to adhere to the given deadlines and make the payment due to the government. The consultancy will handle everything for you and will ensure that you do not have to pay a penalty for late payment. The returns will be filed on time and you will be able to prepare the financial statements with ease. It requires professional knowledge and expertise to understand the details and applicability of VAT for a business. Based on the same, the consultants will be able to determine whether VAT is applicable for your business or not. If yes, they will help you with the entire process of filing and updating the books of accounts.

You need to hire a VAT consultant mainly because the tax is recently introduced and there is not much clarity on the same. The consultants will gain knowledge and understand its applicability to as to ensure that you are on the right path. You will not need to spend a lot of time trying to decipher the laws and interpret the same. The consultants will handle everything for you and will also advice you going forward. Hiring VAT consultants ( ) will be the best business decision you make.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:52 AM EDT
Thursday, 28 June 2018
Tips to Sell your House Quickly
Topic: Real Estate
When you need to sell your house fast, the right buyer and the right approach are both paramount to the success of the process.

How do I sell my house fast? How do I find a genuine buyer quickly for my house? Is there a hassle-free process to sell my house fast? ( Housebuyersofamerica/Sell-My-House ) These are the questions most homeowners consider when needing to sell a house fast.

Consider these tips when you wish to sell your house in the quickest way possible.

Work with a ‘We Buy Houses’ Company

We buy houses companies are investment firms that buy house fast and for cash. When you want to sell a property quickly, you may simply desire a hassle-free process for the same.

Homeowners may also need to sell their houses fast for other reasons. The need for emergency cash is one big reason for using the property sale to arrange it. Perhaps you inherited a property and wish to sell it quickly without spending any money on its maintenance or upkeep. The elderly may wish to downsize and move quickly to a more comfortable housing situation. Sudden or unexpected change in peoples’ personal or professional lives also at times urges them to sell their houses fast for a fresh start.

When faced with a situation when you have to sell a house without delay, the best option is to work with buyers who are in the business of buying properties fast and for cash.

We buy houses companies purchase properties As-Is, which means in any good or bad condition. It means you don’t need to delay the sale due to repair work on the house.

Select an Authentic Buyer

When you wish to sell your house without any hassels, it means working with genuine buyers. So, select a we buy houses company that actually has extensive experience in buying properties fast and for cash.

Look for a local company with a proper office and website. Call them to initiate the process of selling your house. Authentic companies will always respond to your call quickly and professionally. They will also arrange for an in-person visit to your property as soon as possible at your end in order to make you an offer. They will also not force you to accept their offer. Genuine companies always make an offer, which you are under no obligation to accept.

Study the Contract

When you work with a genuine ‘we buy houses’ company from the outset, there is rarely a reason to delay signing the paperwork unless you have changed your mind about the sale. But take your time in considering the offer ( Housebuyersofamerica/How-We-Buy-Houses ), examine it from all angles, and only then accept the offer if you need to make sure of the right decision from your side.

Complete the formalities of transferring the title and sign the contract. Your house is sold, and you can collect the money immediately.

With cash house buyers, you can speed up the process of selling your house exponentially.

Posted by brucem231 at 4:15 AM EDT
Wednesday, 27 June 2018
Tips for Hiring a Video Production Company in NYC
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
According to a report, online video is 600% more effective than other communication channels which speak for itself that video is the best way to engage customers.

Video production is a professional’s job and there are several video production companies in NYC who can do justice to your project.  But, how to hire a video production company ( ) that can deliver results. Here are a few tips to help you choose right video production studio to help you develop a corporate video production strategy.

1.  Strategy & Professionalism

The right NYC video production partner will be able to not only provide a technical solution but help you to identify a strategy for fully leveraging corporate video production for your organization.

Additionally, you want to find a partner that is experienced, professional, and capable of working with your team to execute the project. The ideal partner should be able to provide quality counsel and work with your team members in a professional manner to produce the project with a pleasant demeanor.

2.  Relevant Experience

Video production companies in NYC have may different kinds of experiences and capabilities. You want to find a partner that has the attention to detail, production process, and creativity to bring your project to fruition - and within the budgetary ballpark that you are working with. It doesn’t do you any good if the company you select can do what you want for 10 fold the budget you’re working with - so finding the right partner and the right balance is an important part of the equation.

3.  Get Multiple Quotes

Check quotes from several video production studios to identify the pricing trend in the market. It can be a time-consuming process but worth it. The pricing for creative work varies widely and once you understand the pricing structure, you can determine the right price for the project.

You don’t necessarily want to hire the video production studio offering the lowest quote though; you’re looking for the right balance between experience, creativity, and professionalism. The right partner will likely be able to offer you a flat-rate; which will make budgeting easier and alleviate any budgetary concerns once you have started on the production process.

4.  Production Flexibility

As you embark on finding a corporate video production partner in NYC you want a production company that can be flexible depending on the requirements of your project(s). So, whether you want to shoot in-studio, or shoot on-location, you want a video production company in NYC that can deliver quality work regardless of the needs for any particular initiative. Additionally, while your organization may be based in the New York City area - you want a video production company in NYC or elsewhere that can work with you to capture and produce video content anywhere. So, look for an NYC video production company that has the production flexibility to meet your needs whether you’re based in NYC or need to capture a testimonial in Tulsa.

5.  The Creative Team

Lastly, the creative team is as important as the infrastructure. You need to spend a considerable amount of time with the team working on your project.  You should be able to relate to them and both parties should be able to communicate their ideas and viewpoints freely.

Creative teams in organizations have specific profiles that tell you about their skills and lot about the tone, style and production values of their work. These things are worth checking out.

The tips given above will help you select the right company from long list of video production companies in NYC. It is necessary the video production company ( ) you select truly understands your requirements and is committed to listening and being your partner in video production.

Do you have a helpful tip for selecting right video production studio? Feel free to share.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:25 AM EDT
Tuesday, 26 June 2018
The Key Factors to Be Considered Diligently While Buying Robert Allen Upholstery Fabric
Topic: Furniture
With profuse variety of Robert Allen upholstery fabric available online ( ), determining the right kind of upholstery fabric is likely to be confusing and challenging. To make your endeavor effortless, seamless and consistent, due consideration of factors like where the piece of furnishings will be positioned, the extent of natural light those locations experience, the purpose of their use, who will be using them, presence of little members and pets in the house needs to be pondered. Another major determining aspect is ease of maintenance and cleaning of the fabrics that keep them hygienic, shiny, and long-lasting.

Key Points to Consider Robert Allen Upholstery Fabric Types

If you’re planning to locate upholstered fittings for spaces where family gathering is somewhat regular like halls and dinning place with high risk of water and beverage spills, always go with easy-cleanable, heavy-duty, solid shaded Robert Allen upholstery fabric like microfibers. For welcoming drawing room or guest house that deserves cordial stunning look, items like velvet, silk or satin can be super choice whereas rooms that get higher contact to sunlight, some great options include fade-resistive acrylic, polyester, and synthetic upholstery fabrics.

When it comes to upholstery textile features, think about facets like extent of resistive fitness to normal stains, scratch, sunlight, moths and mildew. These are very common issues occur in home environment. Also, check their rating on fire resistance. While buying online, explore the wide-ranging Robert Allen upholstery fabric categories in terms of type, color, texture, and special features. Study the specs of items that you can access from the product details.

Five Popular Robert Allen Upholstery Fabric Varieties

Silk and Artificial Silk

Available in innumerable colors, designs and textures, faux silk and general ones, when used on upholstered pieces, they look simply brilliant in drawing places or living room. Due to standard resistive strength to stains, never choose them for dinning place or outdoor gardens.


One of the top demanded Robert Allen upholstery fabric classes in the global market, with their fantastic SUV resistance and stain resistance features plus ease of maintenance. For anyone in search of budget based upholstery fabric, Acrylic is a great choice and is available in myriad colors, designs, and textures.


With high class resistance to sunlight, stains, abrasion, mold, and mildew, polyester is a consistent non-allergic synthetic fiber and best alternative for upholstered furniture and fixtures used in outdoor patio and yards.


Upholstery woolen fabrics are found from fibers of sheep, alpaca, and mountain goats and often unified with organic or synthetic threads while weaving. They offer fantastic feel ( ) and look with durability and scratch resistance. Just dry cleaning makes them easy to maintain.


Cotton Robert Allen Upholstery fabric is widely popular due to their wide range, relaxing feel and easy maintenance. They boast average potential to resist sunlight, scratch, and cut, hence, choose them wisely for needed places.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:51 AM EDT
Monday, 25 June 2018
Determine the Class, Elements, and Size of Minka Lavery Chandeliers Fitting to Your Space
Topic: Lighting
When it comes to the selection process of highly sophisticated chandeliers adored from the historical era, for the vast majority, it becomes challenging to decide on the exact set which would go with their entryways, living room, dining area or kitchen seamlessly. No wonder, the attention-grabbing lighting fixture ( Crescentharbor/Minka-lavery-chandeliers ), whether dangling in the foray, bedroom or drawing room, it happens to be the focal point for your visitors and guests boasting your class and taste. With radical modernizations in element, tools, and features, incorporated now in Minka Lavery chandeliers, it tends to be confusing to determine the right piece for your home. To overcome this, go through the following tips stated below:

The General Décor of the Setting

In order to make it complementing to the entire design of the room, its geometric shape, wall color and accessories spread across the set, consider all aspects wisely and creatively. If you feel important, it is the best choice to obtain suggestion from interior designer experts. Remember, you are investing adequate to own this much-desired asset of your home, so if paying something to experts helps get the right product, that’s always wise.

If the room is equipped with ceiling fans, scones, or pendants, your chandelier should definitely match with them in terms of color, elements, and stylists. So, when buying Minka Lavery chandeliers, always look for one-stop shop, rather than buying them from different places.

Get the Room Dimension

Keep in mind, the collection of the appropriate size of Minka Lavery chandeliers suiting to the measurement of your room is the key to get the best outcome. Therefore, always go with the universal thumb rule to determine the chandelier size.
Add the length and width of the space (in feet) to derive the size (diameter/width) of the chandelier (in inch). For instance, whereas your hall measures 18 ft long and 14 ft wide, you should ideally go for a chandelier having diameter of 32’’. (18ft + 14 ft) = 32 ft and should be simply converted into inches.

Dining Hall or Bedroom

If your target area is beautifying your dinning place with Minka Lavery chandeliers ( Crescentharbor/Minka-lavery-flush-mount-fixtures ), the lighting system should be centered based on the seating space while you must not focus on the room size. In that case, what you have to judge is the length and width of the table top. An alternative ways is to find the gap among the walls in ft from the table both in length and width and to multiply the outcome by 2. With this, if the gaping from one wall is 10 ft and another is 8 ft, the fixture diameter should be (10 ft + 8 ft) x 2 = 36 ft, now convert in inch so 36 ‘’ should be the ideal diameter of the chandelier. This applies to bedroom also; however, considering whether you like to hang the light over the bed or in the middle of the room, you should find the size. In fact, both styles are in vogue.

Posted by brucem231 at 5:56 AM EDT

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