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Thursday, 12 December 2019
Guide to Select the Best Tattoo Removal Product
Topic: Arts
You are fretting over your tattoo but not sure what you want to do with your tattoo. You thought of laser tattoo removal but avoided it as it is painful. Moreover, you do not want to spend a year and also a hefty amount with repeated visits to your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist for treatment. There are a few alternatives, but they are a lot worse than getting laser treatment. Frustrated, you are ready to give up and live with your tattoo, but then your close friend recommends a tattoo removal product ( tattoovanishmethod/becoming-tattoo-removal ) that works wonders that is tattoo removal cream. A cream that can able to remove your tattoo completely without any pain and this product is also affordable. Sounds too good, and maybe it seems to be true. The below sections cover all about tattoo removal cream and before trying read till the end to know the benefits and what you can really expect.

Tattoo Removal Cream

This product is a topical ointment for fading or eliminating tattoos after repeat applications. They are easily available at any local pharmacy. There are a few common ingredients in this product that you should be aware of – Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), hydroquinone, natural ingredients such as lemongrass, ascorbic acid, and white licorice.

Working of Tattoo Removal Product

Now you are aware of the common ingredients. Basically, there are two types of tattoo removal creams – those peel the skin’s layer and others work as a lightening agent. The hydroquinone – based creams work by bleaching the skin. The melatonin gets reduced thereby aids in fading the pigments in the epidermis (skin’s top layer). Lightening the pigment of the skin means to lighten the tattoo, and then it fades with time. Trichloroacetic based creams do not target the skin’s pigment but the skin and help to remove the skin fully. After the skin’s top layer is removed, it is replaced with a new one.

Effectiveness of the Cream

The fact is tattoo removal creams are not the best solution. Whether you are opting for any natural alternative, a skin bleaching hydroquinone based cream or skin-peeling TCA cream, they target the epidermis that is the skin’ stop layer. The truth is your ink is one layer deeper below the epidermis that is in the dermis. No matter which cream you are using, they never go deep that is actually tattooed. Even with the above considerations, you may try with this tattoo removal product( ). There is a low investment in terms of time, effort, and cost as you can give it a try before looking for a powerful solution like laser removal.


The first step is cleaning the tattooed portion for applying the cream. Scrub your skin to exfoliate and also removing the dead cells, which will be effective for the cream to penetrate the skin properly.

Rubbing the Cream In

Apply the cream on the tattooed portion and then rub gently till it enters the skin. After applying, you do not need to put a bandage on the area. It is fine to get exposed to the air.

Posted by brucem231 at 6:43 AM EST

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