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Saturday, 30 November 2019
Top Reasons of Having Regular Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning
Topic: Home Improvement
Every restaurant is supposed to install a grease trap to prevent FOGs (Food particles, oils, and grease) from passing through the public sewer connected to its kitchen. This has been mandated by state authorities and local municipalities. The frequency between cleaning your grease trap depends on the amount of oils and greases produced by your restaurant and the size of your interceptor.

As per schedule, grease needs to be disposed by commercial grease trap cleaning ( http://DraneRanger/commercial-grease-trap-cleaning ) experts. Owners of commercial kitchen should make sure to maintain the uprightness of their grease tap by professionals and not to use their kitchen staff for having effective cleaning and equally stay away from different problems concerning their plumbing, cleanliness of the restaurant, facing a penalty and more. Being the owner of a commercial kitchen, it’s important for you to have an idea of the possible problems which are stated below.

It smells awful

Without proper pumping of the interceptor, the build-up grease in it crosses the limit of its capacity of holding grease that allows them further grease to pass through the main sewer. It equally blocks the pipelines of your plumbing system, and being a food by-product, they become decayed amassed with different food particles and start discharging stink initially in the kitchen, and after that, it can spread throughout the whole setting.

Intense cleaning process

The longer you avoid calling commercial grease trap cleaning ( ) people, the hardened grease build up in the interceptor makes it more intense to clean it. The grease built-up sticks to the walls of the tank often damage the integrity of system functioning and may require you to spend a lot for a costly replacement. With a scheduled cleaning as you can manage the cost of maintaining your restaurant, however, for a complicated cleaning, it may go beyond your budget.

High-cost replacement

FOGs incorporated with solid foodstuff build-up in the interceptor contain various chemical compounds. In case, the grease trap is not pumped or remain untreated according to its schedule, the trapped waste breaks down and discharges hydrogen-sulfer gas which further changes into toxic sulphuric acid. And, it’s intensely damaging for the steel inner walls of the trapper and compels you toward a high-cost replacement of the interceptor.

Damages the plumbing

As the tank is not regularly cleaned and it fails to function properly, the further FOG with food waste passing out of the dishwasher section and kitchen sink freely flow down the kitchen’s main sewer system. Typically, the remaining part of grease that lay in the pipelines of your plumbing and sewer systems stick to the walls and start blocking the channel and damages the entire plumbing system of your establishment.


Almost all States and local municipal authorities in the US are serious on this issue and charge high penalties for not using an ideal grease trap keeping parity with the volume of their sales or improper treatment of FOG. Thereby, your today’s avoidance to maintain your grease trap may be a cause of facing a considerable penalty, postponement of operation as well as cancellation of your operational license.

Business loss

Being involved in a food business, you need to understand the great significance of maintaining health and hygiene in your establishment. After all, earning customer confidence is the main capital of your business. Once it is lost, you can hardly get it back and thereby simply leave this competitive industry.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:11 AM EST

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