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Wednesday, 23 January 2019
Four Most Common Types of Cosmetic Dentistry
Topic: health
Modern cosmetic dentistry can enhance the overall appearance of your smile with various cosmetic procedures. Most of these dental procedures are complicated and require skill and experience. A skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist can give you a complete smile makeover with two or more cosmetic procedures. Let us look at some of the different types of cosmetic dentistry in Springfield ( )

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth whitening

One of the most simplest and common cosmetic dental procedure is teeth whitening. This simple procedure involves cleaning and bleaching your teeth with whitening products. Your dentist will perform teeth whitening at the clinic, or it can be done at home with teeth whitening products that are available over the counter. Teeth whitening procedure is also used to achieve shades that are lighter than the natural teeth. No matter what, it helps to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Dental veneers

Designed to appear beautiful and natural, dental veneers are customized shells made from ultra-thin resin or porcelain. It is often made to match the natural color of your teeth. It is bonded or cemented to the front surface of the teeth. Often called as “Hollywood teeth” veneers can change the size, shape, and color of the teeth. The procedure is quick and painless. Modern dental veneers last for more than 20 years and hardly involve any complex dental procedures. You can work with your cosmetic dentist and choose the perfect size, shape, and color of your veneer. It is also an ideal dental solution for cracked enamel, crooked teeth, and gaps between the teeth.

Dental crown

Crowns or caps cover a decayed or broken tooth to restore its shape and appearance. A dental crown is made from porcelain, and it covers the entire tooth rather than the front surface of the teeth like dental veneers. Crowns are also made of resin and ceramic. It can hold a cracked tooth and cover severely discolored teeth cosmetically. With regular checkup and care, dental crowns tend to last for more than 30 years. Crowns give strength and contour to cracked and misaligned teeth. It also helps to improve the overall appearance of your teeth and smile.

Dental implants

One of the best cosmetic dental solutions is dental implants, which is meant for people with missing teeth. Dental implants are tooth roots made of titanium, which is screwed into the bone socket of the missing teeth. The artificial tooth is placed on top of the titanium screw when it heals and secures in the jawline. This titanium screw forms a perfect and strong foundation for the artificial or replacement tooth. Dental implants appear similar to natural teeth and tend to last for a long time with regular maintenance and care.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry in Springfield ( ), it is essential to find a cosmetic dentist who specializes in specific dental treatments that you are interested in so that you can assure that you have found the right place!

Posted by brucem231 at 3:54 AM EST

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