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Tuesday, 27 November 2018
Is Cold Therapy Useful for Healing Shoulder Pain?
Topic: health
Cold therapy is extremely helpful in healing all kinds of orthopedic discomfort including shoulder pain. Pain in the shoulder joint can be due to surgeries, injuries, and sore muscles ( ). Cold therapy can help to reduce shoulder pain due to these different reasons.

About Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is a healing technique using freezing temperatures. It involves the application of ice or extremely cold water over the injured site to heal it. The cold temperature helps in the reduction of swelling and pain by temporarily reducing blood supply in the area of its application. The cold temperature first stops nerve communication in the injured area when applied, which then prevents the blood flow to the same site.

So, whether you need to heal pain resulting from shoulder replacement surgery or rotator cuff repair, cold therapy can be helpful for you. Cold therapy can help patients recover movement in their shoulder joints faster than without it. When patients can gain a range of motions in the healing joints sooner, it then enables them to commence their physical therapy without any delays.

You can use cold therapy to heal pain resulting from sore muscles in the shoulder joint. People who use machine tools, paint brushes, and computers can experience shoulder pain quite frequently. It is also possible for shoulder muscles to become sore after an intense workout involving the joint. One or a few sessions of cold therapy can help these tensed muscles to relax and become free from any pain.

Use of cold therapy can make it unnecessary for patients to resort to pain medicines to resolve it. Cold therapy is a safe healing technique, unlike pain medicines that can lead to dependency on them.

Using a Cold Therapy Machine for Healing Shoulder Pain

Cold therapy can be administered using ice packs, but it is not the most efficient way to deliver it. Dripping water from the melting ice packs can also increase your risks of getting post-operative infections if you are using it over your surgical wounds. Using an ice machine for shoulders is the best way to benefit from cold therapy for pain relief.

A cold therapy machine consists of a tank, which you need to fill with ice and water. The machine also comes equipped with a healing pad to wrap around the affected area. Brands like IsoComforter also make healing pads for specific areas. The IsoComforter shoulder pad provides healing from all sides. It is primarily designed to use on the shoulder joint ( ). Once the healing pad is in place, you can switch on the machine to begin the circulation of cold water. It reaches the healing pad via a tube and through the action of a pump used in the device.

IsoComforter machines are also designed using the patented Iso Tube technology for the most optimal delivery of cold therapy. If you use IsoComforter machines, you also do not need to refill the tank with ice very often. You can sit back and relax while the ice machine works for you.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:28 AM EST

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