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Thursday, 18 October 2018
Six UI Developer Interview Questions to Ask
Topic: employment

The responsibilities of a UI developer are many, therefore, the candidate needs to be proficient in modern programming languages and framework such as AJAX, .NET, XHTML, PHP, and Ruby.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of good UI Developer interview questions to ask all candidates.

What Is Semantic HTML?

Semantic HTML introduces meaning to the webpage and makes it more than a presentation. For example, a <p> element indicates the enclosed text inside the element is a paragraph. Semantic Tags are important as they provide additional information about your document and clarity about content is communicated to the search engine that helps in better indexing.

Semantic tags are important from a development point of view, and the candidate you are interviewing ( ) should have a good knowledge about it.

What Are the Debug Tools Used to Resolve Any Issue with a Webpage?

Some common debug tools used by developers are Chrome Dev. tools, W3C validator, and Firebug

What Is Position Property and What Are Its Three Attributes?

The position property specifies the positioning method used for an element. Its main attributes are static, relative, fixed, absolute, or sticky. It is necessary for the candidate to know about position property as it is specifically used to make complex layouts.

What Are the Limitations for Serving XHTML Pages?

The poor browser support for XHTML is one of the most significant factors that limit XHTML capacity. For example, Internet Explorer 8 and lower version cannot parse XHTML into XML, and they show a download box for unknown file types.

According to a browser market share report, there is still a large number of users using Internet Explorer 8 or lower versions. The candidate you are interviewing should have this knowledge as browser compatibility is an important factor in user interface development.

What Is the Difference Between Linking a Website, Image, and an Email Address?

It is one of the important UI Developer interview questions ( ) that help you check the candidate’s knowledge of fundamentals. The right answer is to link images, you should use <img> tags. You need to specify the image in quotes using src in the opening tag. For example, < img src=”XMLrocks.jpg”> < /img>

For hyperlinking a website, you need to use the <a>tag with a href attribute to indicate the address of the target page. For example- <a href="">. If you want to link to a page on your website, you need to simply write this <a href="page3.html">

What Is the Difference Between Include () and Require () When an Error Is Encountered?

The right answer is Include () will raise a warning if it fails while Require () will raise a fatal error.

These are only some of the UI Developer interview questions you should ask every candidate. You can add more deep knowledge questions related to Ruby, AJAX, HTML to gain an understanding of the expertise of candidates in UI development.

Do you have any questions?

Posted by brucem231 at 3:06 AM EDT

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