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Tuesday, 14 August 2018
Is Cold Therapy Good for Shoulder Injuries?
Topic: health
Shoulder pain can occur due to injuries or surgeries. Surgeries such as shoulder replacement or rotator cuff repair require extensive rehabilitation programs for complete healing of the tissues. Shoulder pain ( ) can also occur due to injuries or tension in the muscles. People in occupations involving wall painting, writing etc. often develop shoulder pain if they don’t use any therapeutic remedies to heal the oft-used shoulder muscles.

One effective way to heal or manage shoulder pain is through cold therapy. Using an ice machine for shoulders is the best way to administer cold therapy to these overworked muscles in our bodies.

Managing Shoulder Pain with Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is beneficial to heal shoulder pain – be it due to surgeries, muscle ache, or injuries.

Cold therapy is use of freezing temperatures to heal orthopedic pain. When cold temperature is applied on specific muscles, it hampers nerve impulses in and around that area. Without nerve communication, blood supply to those muscles and tissues becomes restricted. The body’s natural healing mechanism kicks in due to this process. It helps to reduce inflammation, which is the cause of pain.

With consistent cold therapy, you can find relief from any kind of shoulder pain. Cold therapy is completely safe to use even on surgical wounds. If you are healing from shoulder surgery, you can utilize cold therapy to speed up your recovery. Regular use of cold therapy can ease up knots of pain in the shoulder muscles. Repetitive tasks such as typing, use of the same machines, painting etc. can lead to stress in the shoulder muscles. If left untreated, the pain in the shoulders can even increase in intensity with time.

Using Ice Therapy Machines

The best way to administer cold therapy on shoulders is through machines designed for this purpose. Ice machines for shoulders are cold therapy units that are easy and safe to use.

These machines come equipped with healing pads that you can wrap around the shoulders. The rest of the mechanisms are also comfortable to manage. You need to fill the tank in the machine with ice and water. As you plug in the device, the water begins to circulate through the tubes to the healing pad. Brands such as IsoComforter have ice machines for shoulders with self-priming pumps that work seamlessly to provide consistent cold therapy. The use of patented Iso Tube technology in IsoComforter ice machines ensures that the delivery of cold therapy is absolutely perfect for the users.

With ice machines, you don’t need to worry about any water dripping on your shoulder wounds unlike ice packs traditionally used for cold therapy. Water can cause infections in the surgical wounds and complicate your recovery.

Use of ice machines also speeds up recovery and helps patients commence their physical therapy ( ) sooner than expected. It also negates the use of medicines to reduce or manage the pain.

Cold therapy, especially with the help of ice machines, can be extremely useful to heal shoulder pain.

Posted by brucem231 at 2:14 AM EDT

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