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Tuesday, 10 July 2018
Reasons to Use a Cold Therapy Unit for Healing Back Pain
Topic: health
Cold therapy heals orthopedic pain without any side effects. You can further enhance its benefits by using a cold therapy unit to deliver freezing temperatures ( ) over the surgery or injury site.

Using a Cold Therapy Unit for Healing Back Pain

Back pain can occur during the post-operative period. It can also occur due to repetitive muscle trauma from sports injuries, workouts, and certain occupational tasks such as constant bending over machineries. Persistent back pain is also possible due to household chores and general fatigue.

Cold therapy can benefit people troubled by any kind of back pain. Cold therapy hinders nerve impulses, which in turn reduces swelling and pain. So, whether the back pain is due to post-operative trauma or any other reason; use of cold therapy can help speed up your recovery. It can also reduce your dependency on pain medicines.

Traditionally, ice packs have been used to deliver cold therapy. But use of ice packs or even frozen pea bags is not an efficient way to deliver cold therapy. Ice packs can drip water over the wounds, the bedding, and your clothing. Not only this can be messy but dripping water is a risk for infections as well. Instead, use of a cold therapy unit is the best way to deliver cold therapy to heal your back pain.

Ice or vegetable bags can be uneven, which hinders the delivery of optimal cold therapy on the injury or pain site. Cold therapy units such as those from IsoComforter come equipped with healing pads made with patented Iso Tube technology. The ridges in the pad help deliver cold therapy that poses no risk of burn injuries due to freezing temperatures.

It is also easy to use a cold therapy unit for back pain rather than holding an ice pack over the injury or pain area. You can wrap the pad around your back when using a cold therapy unit. You can then sit back to enjoy the healing benefits of cold therapy.

Finding the Right Cold Therapy Unit

It is best to invest in a cold therapy unit that is easy to use. For example, IsoComforter cold therapy units are portable; allowing you to use it anywhere. When you use an IsoComforter machine, you don’t require replenishing ice in the tank often. It helps with uninterrupted delivery of cold therapy, which is essential for optimal healing.

The self-priming pump makes it even more convenient to use IsoComforter cold therapy units. You don’t need to bother with manual controls to start the pump or to maintain proper temperature ranges. You can fill the tank, wrap the pad around your back, and plug in the device to use a cold therapy unit.

The ideal cold therapy unit must also prevent any condensation from appearing while the machine is in use. If you want to use a cold therapy unit to speed up recovery after a surgery ( ), condensation can cause infection risk on the surgical wound.

Posted by brucem231 at 1:09 AM EDT

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