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Monday, 30 April 2018
Benefits of Cold Therapy for Pain Relief
Topic: health
Cold therapy is application of cool temperature on injuries to find relief from pain and swelling. When faced with a muscle or bone injury ( IsoComforter/Cold-Therapy-Machine ), it is obvious to think of using ice packs on it. While ice packs may work on minor bruises, they are certainly not ideal to use after orthopedic surgeries or injuries. Ice packs or even frozen pea packets are not suitable for prolonged use. When recovering from an injury, the last thing anyone would want is to risk infection due to water dripping from the ice packs on the wounds.

The best way to harness the usefulness of cold therapy is through advanced machines that have been designed for the purpose. A cold therapy machine is ideal to use on minor and major wounds and injuries.

Pain Management with Cold Therapy

Pain in the muscles can occur after you sustain an injury or undergo a surgery. Muscle pain and soreness is also common after an intense workout session. In the former case, pain management is essential to hasten the recovery process. In the latter case, healing the muscles is imperative for the effectiveness of the workouts.

Cold therapy numbs the tissues to stop the blood supply to the injured area. The swelling reduces when blood flow temporarily stops in certain areas. With less swelling, pain also lessens in the tendons or the joints. Cold therapy also minimizes or lessens nerve activity, which again helps to reduce the pain.

Swelling and pain are related. Unless the swelling in a joint goes down, you will continue to experience pain in the area. Whether you are an athlete dealing with injuries or muscle soreness or someone managing pain due to arthritis, sprains, fractures, or post-surgical swelling; cold therapy can help speed up your recovery.

With speedy recovery, you don’t need to use pain medication and risk becoming dependent on drugs. Pain medicines are useful at times. But use of pain relievers is not the ideal long-term solution for pain management.

Using Cold Therapy for Reducing Pain

Use of a cold therapy machine on injuries or surgical wounds is quite ideal. If you use cold therapy machines from brands like IsoComforter, you can use cold therapy even more efficiently. Cold therapy machines from IsoComforter are made with patented Iso-Tube technology to provide uniform and safe cold therapy. These machines also come equipped with special pads that can cover the entire treatment area. So, if you need cold therapy on your lower back; you can wrap the pads around your back to deliver cold therapy to the site from all sides.

To benefit from cold therapy, you also need to use it for prolonged periods of time until your injuries have healed. Use of ice packs is not efficient or convenient to use on injuries for long periods of time. Quality cold therapy machines ( IsoComforter/Why-Cold-Therapy-Machine ) are easy to use and are portable to offer convenience to the users. Unless a treatment is convenient, it is difficult for patients to stick with it.

Posted by brucem231 at 3:23 AM EDT

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