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Thursday, 18 May 2017
Developing a Brand Strategy
Topic: Marketing and Advertising
Maintaining a successful business can be a delicate balance. The most successful companies build their reputations by having familiar traits that their audience can clearly and immediately identify as belonging to them. They are recognizable, unique and trustworthy. However, in order to stand the test of time, the most successful companies also must keep their offerings and their communications fresh, exciting and contemporary. So how does a company find that perfect balance between familiarity and freshness? It's all about having a strong brand strategy. A brand strategy ( KeltonGlobal/Brand-Strategy ) is essentially the company's public identity. Once that identity is established, it provides a framework through which the company can make decisions about what they're going to offer and how they are going to reach out to their audience.

The Big Picture

Though a brand strategy can involve elements and details like logo, brand colors, and product lines, it's so much more than that. A brand is about the big picture, the tone, and the overall image you want to put out into the world. Once that brand is established, elements like logo, packaging, and ads can be created to reflect it and reinforce the bigger picture you're trying to paint.

Companies who focus on elements of their brand one piece at a time without a broader brand strategy run the risk of lacking cohesion and never being able to make a big statement. A brand strategy is the umbrella under which all marketing and communications efforts should fall, and it will serve as a guide for all of those smaller elements.

Your Brand as your Company's Personality

Still a little unsure about what a brand strategy entails or what its purpose is? Here's another way to look at it: your brand is your company's personality. Your brand is the overall way it looks, feels and sounds. Your brand is the impression your company leaves, regardless of what ad campaign you're running or what products are in your current line. A brand personality can be sharp, sophisticated, witty, rugged, caring, or just about anything else. Just remember that it needs to speak to your audience to be effective.

Communicating with your Audience

A well developed brand is important because it's your means of communicating with your audience, even when you don't appear to be saying anything directly to them at all. A strong brand creates a presence, a mood, a tone, and lets everyone know exactly what you're about. This is important at a time when, more than ever, people make purchasing decisions based on values and image more than on the product or service itself. A solid brand strategy will help you to determine who you are, and it will allow you to communicate that to your audience. Once you have a good brand strategy in place. The other pieces will follow for a strong, cohesive and reliable market presence. A brand strategy can stay in place for years, and it can yield multiple marketing ( KeltonGlobal ) campaigns that are each unique, allowing you to attract new audiences while still maintaining that thread of consistency, keeping your current audience interested. A brand strategy is all about striking that perfect balance, keeping your company fresh yet familiar, new yet reliable.

Posted by brucem231 at 12:18 AM EDT

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